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tv   WBZ News  CBS  August 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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and we start with breaking news from lowel. we just got off the phone with police. two kids around preschool age were found unresponsive about 8:30 tonight. you can se still floating from outside that house. again, 8:30, an unresponsive child in the school. we're told both children affected are preschool age, a boy and girl. they were flown to boston area hospitals. if we get any update during this newscast, we will bring it to you. we also have breaking news out of west roxbury, where a brush fire is now up to 4
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and the smoke from 128. now firefighters tell us, those flames are just a few feet ray way from the street, and they tell us, they need more manpower to find it. >> extremely difficult to get to, because, of course we have no roads, and no hydrants iny the fire is. so right now, we have 4 alarms with the fire apparatus here. basically, a 4 alarm fire, and it's for manpower. the firefighters have the hose, hundreds of feet, up feet, through the brush, it's just very labor intensive. >> firefighters say the fire is contained, and right now, no homes are threatened, but they do expect to be there for several more hours. the conditions really are ripe for brush fires, as we've been talking for weeks about the drought, and how we desperately need rain. >> there is some wet weather in forecast though. much needed rain, looking to move in sunday night into
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dry conditions out there, and the severe drought has turned into extreme drought conditions over boston, where 8.2 inches of rain below where we should be from the first of this year. from boston, salem, and concord, you're all under extreme drought conditions. temperatures now, in the 70s and 60s. we had a mostly dry boston. 67degrees with the suburbs right around 60 for tomorrow. back to summer with the humidity ranking up. a high of 85 degrees. a chance for showers prior to our heavy rain. this is the cold front we're tracking. it moves in sunday night into monday morning. how much rain we could see coming up in just a little bit. >> pamela, thanks. a good samaritan came to
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started taking water off gloucester. >> reporter: ken, this was a very serious situation in the port of gloucester this afternoon. now everyone is safely back into port. >> there were a couple of minutes, it was pretty hairy. >> reporter: a cape back to shore. the end of a frightening situation at sea. it began taking on water with 34 people onboard. >> just cruising along, engine died. taking water. hoped get some water out of the boat. people getting scared. some people getting sick. >> reporter: sea water was
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gallons per minute. >> waves were crashing over. we just took on water, and saltwater, cut the engine. i used to do some commercial fishing in high school and stuff and i've been on boats thousands of times, but that's probably the closest i've ever been to actually sinking. >> reporter: the coast guard rushed to the scene. the captain of the lisa and jake saving the day. tugging the tour boat back in. >> after assessing the situation, we asked if he needed a tow, 34 people waved said please, please, please. they were dying to get out. >> reporter: everybody got savely back to shore, nobody hurt. one of the youngest passengers onboard summed it up. >> they pulled us back to the harbor. >> they pulled us back to the harbor. we got off, and are we safe now? >> yep. >> reporter: that's what you like to see. tonight, everybody safe, the
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a teacher in templeton now under arrest, accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a student. matthew kacavich was arrested yesterday. it led to similar allegations involving a current student. police raided his worcester home yesterday, and he is jailed on charges including sex trafficking. a double shooting overnightn be random. mayor walsh is calling on witnesses to speak up. >> a deadly night in dorchester after two people are shot on dudley terrace, early sunday morning. >> we had two individuals shot. both in their 30s. the 36-year-old male passed away. i think the he female you know, thank god, i think she's going to make it. >> police do not believe the shooting is random. >> clearly targeted.
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multiple shots at two individuals. up close, and hopefully we can get who is responsible for this. >> neighbors say the area was not this violent many years ago. they believe the people involved in the shooting don't live on this street. >> do you feel safe in this neighborhood? >> not really. not really. like i say, you you know, like what happened last night is crazy. i've got a 15-year-old kid that lives here with me. so you know, it's a point. >> speaking at a keeper event in dudley square, mayor walsh says the city needs people to come forward in these crimes. >> we had 100 people talking about black and brown boys and trying to lay down good foundations and last night with the shooting, it just shows you our work's not done. >> reporter: her mission, end the violence, and speak up. >> i think we should start
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something. we can't continuing the cycle. it has to stop, and it has to stop today. >> reporter: police hope surveillance cameras help id the suspect. anyone with information is asked to contact police. many people that live in this neighborhood are hoping for a stronger police presence. boston police arrested an 18-year-old for stabbing a man to death. darius berry is accused of murdering a 23-year-old early wednesday morning. officers say they were involved in a street in east boston. the twin sister of the ruburn toddler who died is now in police custody. noah john died thursday. the 15-month-old and his twin sister were taken to the hospital. the little girl is still there. dcf says it had no prior involvement with noah, but is now taking custody of his twin sister, and two other children
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no charges have been filed yet. a dorchester man has been charged with a nasty crime at the back bay t station. that's where transit police say taha hameed pulled down his pants, exposing himself to a woman in there. he then urinated in the sink and told her, this is a man's bathroom now. >> i think that's a little disgusting. i don't understand why he would go knowingly, and also urinate in the sink. >> pretty gross. >> he could be arraigned as early as monday. a bad date has prompted a broad crime. they got into a fight and she called two friends. ron el harvey, and a 16-year- old boy are accused of breaking into a home they mistakenly you
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harvey is charged with breaking and entering, and destruction of property. campaign 2016 now. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is on nantucket, attending a campaign fundraiser. her plane touched down today. she got into an suv to head the event. the fundraiser is not open to the media. >> donald trump spent the morning reaching out to a demographic that embraced by him so far. >> reporter: republican presidential candidate, donald trump held a round table discussion with hispanic leaders on saturday. the leaders from 12 states will serve as advisers to the campaign. forming the new national hispanic advisory counsel for trump. it's an attempt to reach out to a demographic that trump has not won over. a fox news poll shows clinton
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discussion here at trump tower, before heading south for more events. he's moving forward after making changes to his campaign staff, and offering regrets for some of his previous comments. trump spoked to a packed crowd of several thousand enthusiastic supporters. >> a trump administration will end the government corruption once and for all. >> reporter: a small group of protesters outside, including one in a condemn straighted against -- demonstrated against his decision not to release his tax returns. hillary clinton arrived in massachusetts saturday for a series of fundraisers. they will continue to raise money for the next couple of days. holding events with cher on sunday, and magic johnson on monday. wendy gillette for cbs news, new york. still to come on wbz news, you new concerns over the zika virus. >> it has extended to another
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concerned about this news. >> also ahead, a father and his young daughter go to a fair in washington state, and wind up in intensive care. >> plus flooding in louisiana has caused an impact at a cemetery. >> it's been a beautiful afternoon. the humidity was low. we crank up that humidity for tomorrow, plus, tracking our next chance for rain. how much rain we could see in
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four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes. of students who don't attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few.
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we continue to follow breaking news in lowell. two kids flown to a boston hospital after nearly in a backyard pool on freeda lane. >> live in lowell now with the very latest. >> reporter: katie and ken, i just got off the phone with lowell pd and they pretty much say those two children, a boy and a girl with are around preschool age. police are still here, you can actually see police tape up. officers are actually behind this blue truck right here. now let me take you back a little bit further. the call came in around 8:20
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for an unresponsive child in the pool. when they arrived, it turned out to be two children. a boy and a girl. they were rushed in critical condition to lowell general hospital, then flown to boston area hospitals. out here now, police say this is a single family home. there was some sort of party going on. and at last check, the police say the children were in critical condition, and they still have alive. for now, live in lowell, wbz news. a man and his 4-year-old daughter are in in washington state. that's where a spooked horse bolted into the crowd and trampled them. both are in intensive care after being flown to a hospital yesterday. they were among five people injured when the horse pulling an empty carriage galloped through the crowd at the southwest washington fair. officials are hopeful, they will make more progress against a massive wildfire in the mountains east of los angeles.
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contained. about 7,000 people remain under evacuation orders, but that number is down from 82,000. as louisiana struggles to recover from devastating flooding, some are trying to rebury their relatives. they have unearthed caskets by the dozens. at least 15 seen graves literally float away. florida governor rick scott reported the zika zone has expand today that area. the governor is trying to be truthful about the situation, without scaring potential tourists from the area. let's talk about the weather here. >> we're going to get some rain tonight, but it's not going to wreck the weekend. >> the timing pretty good, actually. we're happy to see that we're
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so that's good news here. the rain, much needed. soaking rain, looks like maybe a quarter of an inch, up to three quarters of an inch through monday morning. but here, we want to show you the pollen report. it's ragweed season, and i think we're starting to feel it. it's going to be moderate to high with the pollen counts, the next few days, and it doesn't get worse. tuesday into wednesday. as we anticipate some drier monday, it does go down just a bit, because we anticipate some of that rain early monday. temperatures right now in the 70s. it was a dry day for most, although there was a spotty shower that developed in the heat of the afternoon. 71 in boston now. 66 in worcester. 60degrees in taunton. we keep it dry overnight with areas of patchy fog developing, and that south breeze starting to pick up by tomorrow morning.
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you're heading out to the road race, 9:00 a.m. sunday, 75 degrees. breezy, humid conditions, that wind picking up from the south- southeast between 10 and 20 miles per hour. then as the sun gets higher in the sky, it's definitely going to be another beach day here. we'll have plenty of opportunities for some sunshine before the clouds roll in later in the day. air temps, 78 to 80 degrees. water temperature, comfortable. the farther south you go in high tide low tide a little bit later in the day. high temperatures tomorrow, low 80s along the coast. mid-80s once you get inland, that southeast breeze, helping to pump in more humid conditions too, which looks to hold off for that concert at fenway park. zac brown band. the rain is going to healed off until late sunday night into early monday. here's the timing. hour by hour. sunday, starting you off here,
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start to see more clouds roll in, and the humidity goes up. it gets a little oppressive with the dew point temperatures. 6:00p.m., overall dry, 0 -- other than a spot shower, then the real show arrives. 11:00p.m., a cold front moves into the burke sheers. we could be talking about strong storms. then the cold front is out of here already by 8:00 a.m. monday morning. prior to that, we could pick up a quarter of an inch, to 3/4 check out our dew point temperatures sunday afternoon into monday morning, prior to that cold front, right around 70 degrees. very uncomfortable, and oppressive, but the dew points after that cold front, pushing through, very dry. upper 40s and lower 50s. that's why we mean a little bit of a taste of fall, because we're so used to the humidity and the 90-degree temperatures. down to 80 on monday, with gusty wind, and dry conditions. hint of fall there. into tuesday too.
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>> look at that week. that's a nice week. this was a good day for this, with the weather. the freedom trail turned into a scavenger hunt. families got location based clues, they also had a photo and fitness challenge to complete the hunt as well. it was sponsored by avit and watson adventures. the sox are trying to squeeze
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mom: i'm a mom, not a millionaire.
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i can give hugs... but i can't give millions of dollars to a campaign. narrator: but that's the way to get kelly ayotte's attention. corporate special interests like the koch brothers have spent millions helping ayotte's campaign and she voted with them 90% of the time -- supporting tax breaks that help millionaires and oil companies. mom: in washington, kelly ayotte listens to too many millionaires... and not enough moms. narrator: women vote is responsible for
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?[ music ] ? the red sox players wanted to rest any injuries during the game tonight, they certainly have a lot of opportunity. >> danny, did they get the game in? >> their getting it in. two and a delays plus the game. we mentioned, the red sox now in the 7th inning, 3-1 they lead it. a two hour plus rain delay. just over two and a half hours, separate delays. ortiz, his 97th rbi. now over 1500 in his career with the sox. joins yaz and ted williams as
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more. the blue jays and cleveland tonight. they jumped out to a 5-0 lead on the indians, but this three run home run tied the game at 5- 5 in the 4th. perhaps more heroics from the indians who had that inside the park walkoff home run last night. edwin encarnacion launches this one to the bleachers. number 35 for him. that was the difference. right now, they hold a one game lead on the rick porcello picked up his league best 17 wins on the season. the last time a red sox player had 17 wins, 2010. he has pitched 13 times this season following a loss. he's won 8 of those games, and the sox have won 10 of them. >> that's nice to be recognized like that. i think at least in my mind, i
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i rye to do what i'm capable of doing. i don't think, we lost yesterday we've got to have a win today. i don't try to put too much pressure on myself. another day off for the patriots, they will return to work tomorrow in foxborough. they battle the 1-1 panthers in carolina. new england improve today 2-0 with a win over the bears at gillette stadium. u 65, the bears probably did too. anthony johnson with a half sack, a tackle for a loss, and a batted pass. he's played for miami and washington, but was out of football most of last year. johnson's down from 325 pounds to about 280. his lightest since middle school, and wants to make the most of his chance in foxborough. >> you've got to stay persistent.
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rhythm. just be ferocious. >> good stuff. the patriots play that first road trip, taking on the panthers down in carolina. the game day is at 7. 5th quarter, right after the game here on wbz. mls, hosting the columbus cruz tonight. the revs turned it over in their own end, and they would pay. he wasn't going to one. the revs fall 2-0, the final in foxborough this evening. the u.s. women's basketball team won its 6th straight gold medal today. beating spain by almost 40 points. it's the 49th straight olympic win for the american women, who are 66-3 of all-time. the u.s. men's team faces serbia for the gold medal tomorrow in rio. >> thanks so much. still to come, there was quite a sight to see in boston. >> taking on the challenge of
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on the charl.
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? ? ?
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anyone with dreams of flying a whacky machine got to take their shot in boston today. >> it was the flutog competition. teams of five designed and built their flying machine, then dive them off the charles. red bull has held this event for the past 25 years. the teams were selected to try and beat the 285-foot record. did they succeed?
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glider, and we're launching from a big plot. we're going to hope we fly. >> it makes perfect sense. teams are judged on creativity, showmanship, and flight distance. did they beat the record? well no. team flight ryan from brain tree won with a 69-foot flight into the river. >> yeah, they all wind up in the same spot. wet. one more look at your weekend forecast. >> today was gorgeous. temperatures were in 80s. we're going to add the humidity onto those mid-80-degree temperatures tomorrow afternoon. so a little uncomfortable from time to time, and a few afternoon showers. but the main event doesn't move in until after midnight sunday. showers and storms will sweep through. getting here after the monday morning commute. after that it does become dry, gusty, cooler temperatures, almost a feel of fall, then back to summer for the end of your seven day. >> the phantom gourmet is
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massachusetts public charter schools are among the best in the country. our charter schools are public, and we have longer school days with more personal attention. we have a proven record of helping students
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and result in more funding for public education. every parent should be able to choose the public school that's best for their child. announcer: vote yes on question 2.
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. >>coming occupy on the phanton gourmet, a local brewery opens a jaw-dropping new restaurant. >>people with come in and see the entire brewing process from inside a restaurant great food pairing with a great meal. >>frees down, melt the cheese -- press it down, met the cheese, tomatoes, pickles. >>hardy pot roast poutine, a trio of shepherd's pie. adult ice cream float. you deserve it as the phanton gourmet is here to help you find


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