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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  August 22, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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>> reporter: the superintendent of schools helped hand out protective uniforms consisting of long sleeves and pants. >> better safe than sorry. i know on the way to school it may be once in school, it's going to be comfortable. >> reporter: the back-to-school push comes days after authorities identified five new cases of the virus in miami beach, apparently spread by local mosquitoes. the area is just across from the original zika zone in the wynwood arts district. federal authorities say other states on the gulf coastf coast at risk. >> i would not be surprised if we see cases in texas and louisiana, particularly now when you have the situation with
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linked to devastating birth defects in pregnant women. the carbon dioxide is advising women who plan to get pregnant, expectant mothers and their partners, to postpone travel to the two florida areas at the center of the outbreak. president obama is gearing up for another battle with congress over funding to fight zika. so far, the administration has put $600 million toward the cause. the cdc says it needs more like now to politics on. the trump campaign is throwing cold water on reports that donald trump may be wavering on his wall for the mass deportation of 11 million undocumented immigrants. the headlines follow trump's weekend meeting with hispanic leaders but mixed signals. in a broadcast interview, trump's new campaign manager when asked about the deportation plan said, to be determined. errol barnett has more on the
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african-americans made in front of a mostly white audience was meant to boost his support. >> you're living in poverty. your schools are no good. you have no jobs. 58% of your youth is unemployed. what the hell do you have to lose? >> reporter: critics say it was a bleak picture of black life in america. his new campaign manager explained those remarks. >> he is trying to tell americans that we can do better, that maybe as u.s. voters and takes you for granted. i look at you as people. >> reporter: trump's recent slide in the polls is triggering a new minority outreach. on saturday his campaign in new york to serve as an advise re council but there is no visible change in policy. trump's pledge to build a wall and have mexico pay for it is
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website. also clinton's campaign manager denied foreign donors to the clinton foundation got special access. >> we have republicans in congress and right wing groups doing everything they can to try to make something out of nothing here. >> reporter: as the race heads into the final months, campaign cash is crucial. last month, clinton hauled in more than $52 million and trump abou abou errol barnet cbs news, washington. coming up on "cbs this morning," frank luntz looks at what it will take for trump and clinton to win the all-important undecided voters in a crucial battleground state. overseas now. turkey's president says isis was likely behind a sued bombing carried out by a child between 12 and 14 years old. saturday's attack on a wedding party near turkey's border with syria killed at least 51 people,
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at least 22 of the victims were under the age of 14. nearly 70 others were wounded. iraq executed 36 men convicted in the killing of hundreds of military recruits at a former u.s. base in 2014. they were hanged yesterday. the massacre was carried out by isis fighters who released graphic images of gunmen shooting the victims. the attack helped mobilize iraqi militias in the fight against isis. the brother of the 5- aleppo has died. the video and photo of the boy made headlines around the world. he was rescued from a partially collapsed building along with his family. his 10-year-old brother died from his injuries yesterday. more heavy rain and possible flooding in the forecast for southern louisiana today where folks are trying to recover from devastating flooding. up to three more inches of rain fell yesterday. flash floods have killed at
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president obama visits the area tomorrow. manuel bojorquez has our report. >> reporter: at this distribution center in baton rouge, national guard troops have already handed out more than 4,000 meals and 7,000 bottles of water to flood victims. tyra pollard is one of them. >> emptying out the stores with water. >> reporter: there is no water around unless you look for it? >> yes. water, water, water. >> reporter: the scope of the disaster is revealed more and the number of damaged homes jumped to 60,000 this weekend and applications for federal aid now top 100,000. troops are not only providing relief supplies but also, in some cases, comfort. >> i have one lady, for example, just fall in her arms and cry. she had no words but none were needed. we knew how much she was grateful for the items we were giving her. in southern california, more
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wildfire have been told it is safe to return home. the blue cut fire near san bernardino is mostly contained but 300 buildings destroyed. it is one of several wildfires burning in the state. in northern california, the clayton fire damaged or destroyed 200 homes and chimney fire is threatening this castle. ryan lochte made an apology to brazil but claims were xrags exaggerate radiations a -- the chief of the u.s. olympic committee says his statements were not true, adding the case is far from over. >> we are going to have further action on this when we get back to the united states, so i don't want to say anything about the specifics of the case. >> brazilian police say lochte and three teammates vandalized a gas station and were asked to
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with flare and fireworks, the 2016 becomes came to an end in rio last night. the closing ceremony celebrated the past 17 days and served as a nod to the next host of the summer games, tokyo. japanese prime minister surprised the rio crowd dressed at super march row. a rain shower extinguished the celebration but continued. galen rupp won bronze in the men's marathon. earlier in the day, the u.s. men's basketball team won its third straight gold medal in an easy win over serbia. after the 96-66 win, u.s. star carmelo anthony announced the end of his olympic career. so there you have it. the u.s. is taking home 121 medals from rio. a whopping 46 gold and 37 snrver
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medal count is the fair play for american sportsmanlike. abbey was honored alongside new zealand's han land. daggestino injured from her fall and helped to her feet and the women finished the race together. coming up on the "morning news." life after the olympics. we tell you find a career on stage after the games. and possible mislabeled drugs. new evidence in the death of singer prince. this is the "cbs morning news." beyond has a natural grain free pet food committed to truth on the label. when we say real meat is the first ingredient,
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and new details in the death of singer prince. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. the star tribune says pills containing the drug that killed prince were found at his home in minnesota. police seized pills marked hydrocodone at paisley park after the singer died in april, but they actually contain fentanyl. prince had no prescription for it. reports the filing of a man against a massacre. derrick dearman is a mississippi jail and accused of killing three men and two women saturday in a southwest alabama home. one of the victims was pregnant. the "chicago tribune" reports discipline against two notre dame football players who were arrested over the weekend. max redfield faces marijuana and drug charges and kicked off the team. senior cornerback devin butler is suspended indefinitely.
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virginia left their waitress a hate message instead of a tip. on their receipt, the diners wrote we only tip citizens. the father of the 18-year-old server posted it on facebook. the girl is of honduran and mexico descent but born in the u.s. the "los angeles times" reports the death of lou perlman. he died in prison where he was serving 25 years for a ponzi perlman launched' n sync and the backstreet boys. still to come, a quirky piece of basketball memorabilia. how much would you pay for steph curry's mouth guard?
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glass bridge just opened in china. you can stare down into a valley a thousand feet below, if you can stand it. on the cbs "moneywatch," your next flight to mexico may be a bargain. and a steph curry super fan gets a "mouth full." jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the federal reserve meets this week at jackson hole. investors will be watching if any clues about when the fed could raise interest rates. yesterday, the vice chairman stanley fisher said they are close to a rate hike this year is still on the table. for the week, the dow lost nearly 26 points. the s&p pretty much finished where it started. the nasdaq gained four points. lower air fares between the united states and mexico could be coming. most restrictions limiting the number of airlines from each country that could fly a particular route were lifted yesterday.
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the border this year. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg sole about 95,000 worth of stocks to fund the family charity. he sold them in december. he promised to give 99% away of his wealth but limit his donation to $1 billion per year the next three years. re at the box office, the 100 dollar remake of ben hur was a bust. over 11 million dollars in its debut weekend. "suicide squad" held the top spot for the third straight week. the animated comedy "sausage party" was second and "war dogs" came in third. this is something to chai on. someone paid 1,390 for one of steph curry's mouth guards. it was sold during an online sports memorabilia auction
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it and, of course, the case that it comes in. >> a few other things from steph curry on it too. that just leaves a bad taste in my mouth, jill. >> i like that. literally! >> jill wagner at the new york stock exchange, thanks a lot, jill. still ahead, blind luck. we will show you how firefighters rescued a bulldog with no eyes who fell down a hole. what body aches? what knee pain? what sore elbow? nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. anything meant to stand needs a stable foundation.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. firefighters in california rescued a bulldog who was missing his eyes who wandered into a 10-foot hole.
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his owner thought he might have crawled away to die. >> obviously, he is not on his last leg, like i thought he was! >> reporter: after a neighbor spotted the hole, a firefighter was lowered into it head-first to save angus. another famous left-handed guitarist in the jimi hendrix tradition debuts. >> play a little tune 45-year-old cocoa strummed the bass borrowed from the red hot chilly peppers. the rocker visited her last week at the gorilla foundation in california. i see the name of the band right now. cocoa has fleas. you can have that one for free. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," basketball legend kareem ab dull
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the paralympic games next month in rio. athletes from 176 countries are gearing up. jamie yuccas has the story of an american paraolympian who is inspiring the next generation. >> reporter: wheelchair basketball is sprints and three-point shots. >> just because you have some type of physical limitation or disability, you still can achieve or even compete at a high level. >> reporter: for 27-year-old brian bell, this year is the beginning of a new journey. the alabama native will represent the united states in his first paralympic games. bell lost his leg after a train accident when he was 10.
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bell began to play wheelchair basketball. >> try to bunch different types of sports, basketball, football, track, all types of things and i just fell in love with the basketball. >> reporter: and now before going for gold in rio, bell took a break from practice to give back to those who made his childhood dream possible at shriners hospital for children, an organization that helped him 17 years earlier. >> you're welcome. hopefully, being a ser child as well, kind of shows them that life is not over. i want to kind of work for the kids with disabilities or even kids without disabilities and hopefully coach them and help them get into sports so they have, you know, an extra avenue for something to do when they are younger. >> reporter: amanda hogle is a recreational therapist. >> it's great cardio exercise and helps with strengthening
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socially for our kids. >> i always look forward to doing it here at shriners. >> reporter: brittany broke her car in an accident when she was 10. in addition to occupational therapy, she has been dancing and playing wheelchair basketball to get back on her feet. >> when i saw him, it motivated me to do more stuff that i can do because there is not very many olympians that have a disability like he does. >> reporter: pushing himself while carrying the hope of future generations of actually, i'm going to take it to rio with me. >> reporter: yajamie yuccas, cb news, rio de janeiro. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," a look ahead to the 2014 games. the mayor hoping to bring the olympics to his standpoint. plus basketball legend kareem abdul-jabbar joins us in the studio about his new book and live out the dream of a woman
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for this monday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green.
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pouring rain and damaging severe weather in parts of the region. the forecast is coming up. >> we are following a developing story in winchester. police investigating the death of an elderly woman. >> and taking await toll booths on the pike. electronic tolling is on et cetera way but there are privacy concerns this morning. studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good monday morning everybody i am kate merrill. >> i am chris mckinnon. thanks for joining us august 22nd we will check in with barry burbank a lot of weather out there this morning. >> it's been happening the last few hours. we had a band of rain moving towards the east and what we have let's look at that right now. we have got heavy rain which is in eastern massachusetts. this warm and humid corridor in


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