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tv   WBZ News  CBS  August 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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from live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news at noon. #. >> breaking news at noon national weather service confirms a tornado touched down leaving behind a path of damage in concord and in the middle of the night. >> a lot of people didn't realize the storm was happening because there was no lightning or thunder. >> a tornado the night is care here-- rare here. our team coverage starts with barry burbank you are business- - were busy. >> we saw a band of rain no thunder or lightning as kate mentioned. so that sometimes cab clue if there's frequent lightning but it had none so anyway the national weather service did a damage assessment survey and completed it less than an hour ago and it did of course occur in concord massachusetts around alcott independence and lexington roads.
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3:20 the strength of the tore mido called an -- tornado called a ef1 it was a half mile length and width 400 yards. in terms of the scale an ef1 contains winds between 86 and 110 miles an hour and the national weather service says winds of 100 miles per hour as they look at as they assess the damage and that's moderate damage. we know that 39 homes were damaged but one with major structural damage and there were no injuries as far as we know. so that's very good news indeed. this morning, we just had the band of rain coming along but we get the classic hook echoing of the radar return here. this is a precipitation near moral marlboro. the national weather service not going to assess that don't feel the tornado touched down but there was stronger winds causing some damage then it moved towards concord and a classic hook here as it moves
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apparently when that storm did happen and it moved off to the northeast and weaken so we had returns on the radar showing there was a lot of good rotation in there and what we call gate to gate sheer indicating pretty good rotation and that started to weaken and tornado warning expired around 4 this morning so a good job by the national weather service to get the warning out early and we have had copious amounts of rain in a short period of time causing quick flooding in some locations and but that's all cleared up. so nothing for the next several days. back to you kate and chris. >> thanks very much. as barry mentioned the storm left behind a path of damage from marlboro to concord. >> nicole jacobs is in the hardest hit area where cleanup is underway. any comb. >> reporter: nicole. >> reporter: a massive cleanup underway like the one behind me. the massive tree uprooted earlier this morning within minutes of the today's ino -- tornado passing through and
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the tree out of the yard. the national weather service took into account how trees like this one fell whether or not there was twisting involved determining the tornado had upwards of 100-mile-per-hour winds a half mile lon and-- long and 400 miles wide. >> reporter: under the cover of darkness. >> i never seen anything like this. >> reporter: storms rolled through the northern part of concord. >> that's not good. >> reporter: a line of next treatley littering yards -- trees littering yards. >> i don't think my heartbeat that fast ever. it was insane. >> reporter: jena was asleep around 3 a.m. home alone here on hawthorne lane. >> i can see the trees for the lightning hits and it crashed into the window where i was sleeping and that is what woke me up. >> reporter: trees made a mess of the backyard and porch. a few miles away where daylight brins the sun over millbrook
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for sal. >> just heard the wind and it was atrocious. i heard a few things banging around you know and i says maybe it will be all right. >> reporter: he was not so lucky and uprooted tree crash on the greenhouse a few days of cleanup means just as many without business. >> it will take a couple days to get all cleaned up and it cost money. >> reporter: emergency crews are still assessing the damage here. the national weather service determining what with this it's the main cause the main damage path which was basically about 400 yards wide and about a half mile long was caused by a ef1 tornado. >> reporter: throughout the town branches have pierced roofs downed power lines and shut roads. crews are now left with a pain staking task of cleaning up. and taking a live look on
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the mema officials say that's because of the emergency alerts and what calls the early warnings as result of this storm. i can can tell you that the clean -- i can tell you the clean upprocess will take sometime as they continue -- you the cleanup process will take sometime and they will continue to clean up and will are power outages because crews cut power to then treat the power lines and reinstall poles. so a massive take some hours and days to come. live in concord nicole jacobs wbz news. >> in marl borrow the storm brought down a massive tree which -- marlboro the storm brought down a massive tree. neighbors heard a bang around 3 in the morning and one man told us he felt his house shake. >> i heard a big crash and loud rain and i woke up ran up to my
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tornado warning close by. >> we have a skylight right over our bed and i thought the skylight was going to collapse on me. when you are in the dark and it's raining like crazy and you get the notice you don't know what to do. >> witnesses say the storm was over in a matter of minutes. the storm left behind damage in huffington. part of the tree was left on wires and crews were in the area working on the issu get weather warnings right when you need them download cbs boston weather app. it's free in the google and apple app stores. more breaking news a dcr park ranger faces charges for setting up a camera in a unisex bathroom. it was in staff bathroom at hoton's bath -- hotoa's bath house. he set up it -- he set it up on
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being held on 50,000 dollar bail. new at noon twosomerville women face charges for robbing a nun in quincy. police say they approached the nun and tried to steal a bag out of her hand. when the nun explained she was carrying rosary beads and a key police say one of the suspects pulled a knife threatened the nun and demanded the rosary. we are following more breaking news this noon. this time out of the statehouse. the building was evacuated after an alarm went off an hour ago. state police just announced accident. this was nothing hazardous in the building after about 20 minutes everyone was allowed back inside. in winchester police are investigating the death of an elderly woman. officers responded to a home on edgewater place sunday afternoon where a woman was found unresponsive. her name has not been released. and a man described as a violent felon will be charged today with stabbing another man outside a sports bar. police say 36-year-old james
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the neck friday morning outside jake and joe's. two young children will survive after being pulled from a lowell pool during a backyard birthday party. both were unresponsive when they were pulled out of the pool. but a neighbor who is a registered nurse revive the girl and didn't want to show his face on camera but told us what happened. >> checked the pulse and gave hear couple breaths and did a few chest compressions and did breathing and i had a pulse and turned her on her water that was left in the lungs came out. she was crying on the way-- on the stretcher. >> the children a boy and a girl were airlifted to hospitals in the boston area. a new development the ryan lochte scandal speedo will dropsponsor hip of lochte donating part of the fee to children in brazil. he has been under fire for embellishing a story about a
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other swimmers damaged a gas station bathroom and were questioned by armed guards. the somerville says it will no longer fight the construction of the wynne casino in everett they were challenging the permit because of concerns about potential traffic and health impacts of the casino. the mayor now says the city will no longer appeal. this comes weeks after wynne was cleared to officially begin construction. boston police officers the department's body camera pilot program. 100 officers of all ages and races were assigned to theprogram but the mayor doesn't expect any problems with the officers wearing the cameras. >> you won't hear about large protest about wearing them. i think it's the unknown and uncertainty what the camera means and what it will do and i think what will happen this week is they will get an understanding of what the cameras are all about.
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they will evaluate the results and decide the future of police body cams. it could be the end of theroad for toll booths. today massdot will discuss plans to demolish the toll booth and implement an all electronic tolling system. the agency hoping to have the new system operating october. the gantry is being installed at a dozen location recording tolls from ez pass trance poureders. those without the transponders will be build after after a picture is staken the license plate and they will have to pay a surcharge. bait rots -- patriots running back dion lewis needs a second surgery on his left knee he store his acl last november and missed the season and practiced with the team in the last spring workout in june but has not been on the field since the pats opened camp. the second operation on the knee is considered more of a cleanup procedure so the recovery time may be shorter. and we have got you covered
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game of the preseason against cam newton and panthers on friday. patriots game day starts at 7 kick off 579:30. and -- at 7:30 and the 5th quarter is after the game all new on wbz. tunneled trump changing his mind on illegal immigration -- is donald trump changing his mind on illegal immigration? >> the speech on top of a nationwide list no one wants to be. the problem for authorities when it comes to school security. >> and we are following break news national weather confirmed a tornado touched down in concord this morning. nearly 40 homes were damaged. barry burbank will have much more on the severe weather
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donald trump once again insisting he is not flip- floppinga a weekend vend raised questions about his proposed immigration policy. >> weija jiang has more from washington. >> reporter: donald trump tried to chair fies phi his position on immigration monday morning. >> we have -- clarify his position on immigration monday morning.
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seemed to indicate he changed his mind by deporting 11 million people. >> i am not flip-flopping we want a fair but firm answer. >> reporter: on sunday, his newly appointed campaign manager kellyanne conway add to the speculation of a shift in his deportation stance. >> will that plan include deportation. >> to be determined. >> reporter: the latest cbs news battleground tracker survey finds hillary clinton with a 6 point lead in ohio. clinton to and trump are ti controversy over clinton's use of a private e-mail server continues to follow her on the campaign trail. this time a result of comments made by former secretary of state colin powell. people magazine quotes powell as saying her people have been trying to pin it on me. the truth is she was use the private e-mail server for a year before i sent her a memo telling her what i did. the fbi says it has uncovered tens of thousands of previously
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the justice department will release them in october. clinton is fund raising on the west coast this week after a weekend of raising money in new england. weija jiang, cbs news washington. the future of president obama's order on transgender bath rooms in schools is in question. a federal judge in texas put a hold on the policy which allows transgender students to use the school bath rooms or locker room of their chosen gender eye dente. tax and 12 other policy -- texas and 12 other states questioned the legality of the policy. massachusetts has more bomb threats to schools than any other state. state police say it's probably a low estimate. official say school threats increase nationwide and robo calls allows them to reach multiple schools at once. police and schools says it's
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resource. >> we know the wild weather overnight was a tornado. >> i crazy it happened that time of day it's unusual. >> dangerous. >> and very dangerous and because there was no light nipping and thunder you might be awaked -- lightning and thunder and you might be awaked wake nd by that -- awakened by that and there wasn't any. we had torrential rain in the middle of a drought. we could use the rain but the rain came down so hard it didn't penetrate into the ground a lotand it was a big run off. but there was no thunder. that's so rare no hail at all. and as far as we know right now we are investigating this and looking at a lot of data and think it's the first tornado during night nocturnal tornado so to speak since august 25, 1958 in the boston area. that's a record. if it was not 1958 we are looking into records of 1970 as well. but that is crazy to have it in the middle of the night here. recent tornadoes in massachusetts of course the one which happened in concord this morning around 3:15 in the morning.
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year two tornadoes ef0s the one today was more powerful in concord ef1 but ef0 inwestminster and 2014 there was an ef0 in worcester and bigger one the ef2 tornado which did a lot of damage an revere on july 28 -- in revere on july 28, 2014. torrents of rain some reports from the wbz weather watchers. doug in tewksbury ned charlton 1.52. up in southern new hampshire they got some. don says 1.15 and in barre mass a inch and boston ended up with 9/10 as well. we have not had that much in a long, long time. these are the current temperatures close to 80 southeastern massachusetts. with that patchy if youy clouds and nothing to worry about the rest of the day or all of this week of the as cool dry air comes out of canada. dew points have been dropping
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the low and middle 70s. yesterday we knew the system would pack punch in the early morning hours but never suspected it could produce a tornado. it was going get a shot of energy in the atmosphere and did do that and got energized this morning. dew points in the 40s. it's going to feel refreshing this afternoon watch dew points go down and time stamp and down in the 40s and stay in the 40s tomorrow. and may go bag up to the 50s getting into wednesday and that's how nice it is going to be. hi maybe higher to the south but look at the low temperatures tonight as they fall down to the upper 50s around boston and many of the suburbs low a middle 50s but some of the places in the deeper valley areas may go down to the 40s coming up for tonight. here's my 7-day accu-weather forecast and even though we had the problems this morning. we have a wonderful week ahead for especially those on vacation as we warm up to near 80 or so tomorrow and then go well into the 80s in fact 85 to
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scattered thunderstorms on friday and maybe somewhat cooler next weekend. but looks like we have fine weather ahead. chris and kate back a you. >> thanks very much. -- back to you. >> thanks very much. paying up at the pumpp. >> a government of a gallon is going up -- a cost of a gallon may be going up and why you still may be happy about it. >> here's what's happening on
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a south carolina airport is becoming autism friendly. myrtle beach international introduced a sensory rope for families with autistic loud main portions of the airport. the room is filled with cubies and pillows and gives the families a space to relax for a little bit. major move in the biotech world fieser is buying a cancer drug company for 14 pill -- pfizer is buying a cancer drug company for 14 billion dollars. it has a late stage prostate cancer treatment medication. both companies approved the deal which is spec to close in the 3rd or 4th quarter. gas prices are going higher
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place than last year at this time. right now the national average is to 2?.16 a gallon which is 50 cents less -- 2.16 a gallon which is 50 cents less than last year. up next on wbz news at noon, practicing their doggy paddle. >> the newest swimmers at a pool and their fun day out. narrator: let's put this political promise to the test. ayotte: i've been an
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kelly ayotte still support donald trump for president? independent minded republicans across america put principle ahead of party and said no to trump. but not kelly ayotte. she says she still supports trump. ayotte: an independent, strong voice... narrator: if she's so independent, why is she still supporting trump? disclaimer: independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. i worked years to get my medicare
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committing medicare fraud... it made me so mad i wanted to give them the old one-two one, never give your medicare number to get a free offer or gift two, always check your medicare statements for errors these crooks think we're clueless, they don't have a clue it's your medicare, protect it
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coming up today at 5, you buy a new car and expect it to be trouble free. but a new report shows more and more newer cars are breaking down. why technology may be to blame ahead on the wbz news at 5. the ymca pool is really go >> it is. just before the y in redding drained the pool for the end of summer cleaning dogs are allowed to hop in and practice the doggy paddle. throughout the day yesterday 65 pups played in the water. owners were asked to gave $25 donation at that goes towards -- that goes towards the annual fund and it's the second year. but if you swim with the dogs be careful because you are in a bathing suit and they may scratch you right? no hugging in the water. >> no hugging in the water.
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>> an ef1 tornado again confirmed by the national weather service. damage assessment survey this morning about 3:15 or so it hit concord in the alcott road inpens road and lexington road vicinity where most concentrated damage was. ef1 the path length watts a half mile and -- was a half mile and which had 400 yards so ex-- width was 400 yards. we reel come the rain but a lot just ran off and this. most unusual and fast arwas know -- as far as we know the first nocturnal tornado since august 25th, 1958 but no worries the rest of the week will be lovely. very cool and warming up so we will be back to 85 to 90 the second half of the week a couple thunderstorms on friday. >> look better. >> it does. >> thanks very much. >> that's it for us today at noon. next newscast saturday 5. see you tomorrow morning at 4:30.
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? >> thomas scott: the show started in 1973. i didn't come in till '79. ? [ crowd cheering ] >> braeden: victor was nothing but a bad guy, and i played bad guys for years and years. >> victor: nothing like a little nap after a big meal. my, my. what a dumb animal i have in my cage. >> braeden: two months later, i do a scene with melody thomas scott. >> thomas scott: i actually never thought i would work with eric because he was involved in some other story line, and that was so far away from my stripping story. [ cheers and applause ] i don't think we realized we would be beginning decades-long relationship. >> nikki: merry christmas, victor.


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