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tv   WBZ News  CBS  August 25, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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both nuns are also nurse practitioners. investigators are not sure if their religion had anything to do with the crime. and at 5:30, friends say she was an innocent victim, a teen girl shot in dorchester and not the intended target. the 18-year-old is in the hospital. >> officers rushed to the mcclellan street home to find the wounded teenager. beth germano has more. beth? >> next thing you know, shots were fired. >> reporter: bullet vehicles and windows and pierced homes on mcclellan street in dore -- dorchester. when it was over, dashaye mizhari was critically injured, an innocent bystander as police try and determine who was behind the shooting. her aunt did not want to be identified. >> she ran home and ran inside screaming i'm shot.
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>> reporter: a trail of blood on the sidewalk where she ran, terrifying the neighborhood and her family. >> the wrong place at the wrong time. we should be sit and walk where we want and not be worried about being hit by a bullet. >> reporter: a friend said they were sitting outside before they heard an argument and multiple shots rang out. >> i thought she would run behind me and she didn't. >> reporter: she the crossfire? a dog was shot in the leg and transported with the help of officers who paid the admitting fee to the hospital to help his owner. while mizhari is fighting for her life, neighbors want to know who's responsible. >> it's not that common. >> reporter: leaving residents pulling for one of their young neighbors. in dorchester, beth germano,
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15-year-old boy in new bedford. a 21-year-old man and a 16-year- old boy are charged with accessory to murder and assault and bat reach the before 6:30, mataeo morales was stabbed to death and two other boys stabbed at the scene are expected to recover. a message of hate at marblehead. police don't know it was written by a softball field. someone threw a rock through a school window, and both incidents believed to have happened a week ago. it seems scammers will go after anyone, including police. oxford police posted this picture of a package sent to their headquarters. inside, a large check and a phone number to text or call about what to do with the money. police warn it's a fake and you
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department. survivors of the orlando nightclub shooting will not have to pay for medical care. two hospitals have decided not to bill dozens of patients sent there after the attack. instead, the two hospitals will call on insurance companies and the orlando victim's fund to pay the cost. the number of zika cases has grown to 43, the latest case in north of miami, florida, and there is one case near tampa bay in pinellas county. the maker of the epipen will help to expand the program to help to pay for medicine. a 2-pack costs more than $600, more than six times the price about 10 years ago. in response, the company plans to double the number of people eligible for a discount program
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actual price will not change. some senators calling for an investigation say this is a public relations fix and nothing more and doesn't address the real issues. starting this fall, prince fans will have a chance to tour the late singer's home. the iconic paisley park estate will open for public tours in october. prince's sister said that prince's plan was always to open the 65,000 square foot complex to the public. studio where he worked and awards and even his concert wardrobe. campaign 2016 tonight. >> more and more it seems as though his real message seems to be make america hate again. hillary clinton putting the spot line on donald trump's reporters. >> clinton said that trump is trying to ride their political connections to the white house.
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made an effective case? >> reporter: i do. but in an earlier speech, david, trump tried to turn clinton's charges into an unfair indictment of all of his supporters. but it will be hard for trump to brush off the line of attack because he has a history with the car right from questioning president obama's citizenship and that in on today. >> a man with a long history of racial discrimination who traffics in dark conspiracy theories drown from the pages of supermarket tabloids and the far dark reaches of the internet should never run our government or command our military.
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moderate people who don't like extreme rhetoric and bigotry. trump loses this particular argument. look for his recent appeals for black and latino votes to have been a waste of time. strategically, this is good for hillary clinton. it puts the spotlight on trump in a negative way and puts him in a corner where he is trying to protect s the spotlight off her problems with e-mails and the clinton foundation. >> i have to be honest. i cannot wait to debate. watching the two of them make speeches back and forth, i want to see them on the same stage and issue that out. >> reporter: this could have been on a split screen. one month until they meet on the first debate. all the marbles are riding on that. >> jon keller, thank you.
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allegiance, a mother's outrage after her daughter came home with a surprising permission slip. >> and making the grades, a new look coming to boston restaurants. >> and the one app on your phone creating a big lure for hackers. what it could mean for your money. >> the summer is going nowhere fast. if you like the warmth, we have that and a little bit of rain. >> and coming up on the wbz news at 10:00 on and found, a connecticut widower's wedding ring, lost at sea. how one man's selflessness helped to end heartbreak, and the news at 10:00 will be moving to 8:00 p.m. and kickoff the newscast with 20 minutes of news with no commercial with the same great coverage and team at a time
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on the bz feed, it's official. before long, we'll be seeing letter grades in boston restaurant windows. >> the city council just approved the system so health inspectors will give the restaurants an a, b, or a c based on the number of violations found and how bad they are. similar programs are in place in new york and california for years and years. we could see the letter grades in boston in the next voluntarily for the first year. so if you get something below an a -- >> just put that up? >> really think you will put it in the window? >> gives you time to improve. >> it does. and on the first dave school, students come home with paperwork, supply lists and permission slips. >> students in one florida district got a letter asking their parents if their son or daughter should recite the pledge of allegiance and that
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dumbest thing i have ever read. the district said that florida law requires schools to let students know that they have the right to opt out. >> it's all so exhausting. >> it really is, it really is. dogs and tennis balls go together like kids and candy. >> so what happens when you put a dog in the middle of dozens of tennis balls? fortunately for you, we have video. there is the dog and there is balls. does he look happy? the dog's name is chris, which i find funy, fun -- funny, and he was at doggie daycare and could not be happier. well, tracking where sharks are born, the research that started off cape cod and led to
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a few years ago, we introduced you to the shark researchers who pulled great whites out of the water to tag them and now their work has led to an incredible discovery, the nursery where the baby >> after 26 of these expeditions, this is the breakthrough they have been waiting for. and we have the story. >> it's a baby white. yeah. >> reporter: the shark is put on the hydraulic lift and scientists and researchers rush in. by now, the process of tagging is routine for osearch.
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science. when we started this in 2012 and 2013, the real question is where was the sharks giving birth? that's when they are most vulnerable. >> reporter: for researchers, finding the north atlantic birthing site with lead to better protection policies and knowledge. why is this spot so important? >> this is a unique population of animals with a life >> reporter: she says actual fact remains scant. >> this is my first time seeing a white shark, ever, very exciting. >> found it. >> reporter: you think you found the birthing site? >> likely, the most significant discover we have made. >> reporter: they will determine if this is the
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that ocearch first encountered on cape cod. >> when you get a to go on a big female and 18 months later, she leads you to the holy grail, the birthing site. >> if we thought we were hurting the animals, we wouldn't do what we were doing. the fact of the matter is we have to get tracking devices on a handful of these animals so key can help them all thrive. >> this week tagged and released 9 great white sharks including a female aptly named gratitude. >> we have done so many stories on ocearch and their work, and is it looking like they're working? it looks like they are having the best time. >> and it's like boom, boom, boom, a well-oiled machine but that discovery? incredible. >> and the last couple summers,
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the water. 88degrees and we're getting to that time of year where the upper 80s is 10 degrees above average for this time of the season and not too far away from the records. most of the records are still in the 90s this time of the season. we talked about the drought and how about the heat? we are on pace for the warmest ever recorded in boston beating out 1988. with the forecast, plenty of heat over the next cou chance of holding on to the number one spot before the month comes to a close the middle of next week, and your completely random and weird weather stat of the day, in case you were wondering, thursday, the driest day of the week. a look back over the summer, to the a lot of rain in general but we had the most rain on sundays, but it hasn't rained at all on a thursday in the city of boston. we have to go back to may 5 to
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see when we can break the streak. temperatures, upper 70s to middle 80s, warmed and humid and dew points climbing and will continue to climb tonight with steamy conditions until tomorrow evening before the humidity drops off again. take a look at the satellite picture. clouds moving across and rainfall trying to get into new hampshire but just a few scattered sprinkles and maybe a brief shower in and around concord and no significant rain, here and there. the kind that hits you on the shoulder and you say, is it raining? is it raining? you can't tell. in the middle of the night, warm and humid and temps in the low 70s. looking at this hour by hour, a little disturbance that crosses the region tonight. we would like to squeeze out any rain we can, and tomorrow,
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and downpours. i don't think it will be a severe weather day. but our best chance of rain will be areas east of worcester heading into the afternoon and everything drying up heading towards 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. so not expecting the widespread rainfall, not a drought buster but it's some rain with a lot of humidity and heat and back to 90 for tomorrow. when it comes to humidity, the dew points tomorrow near 70 and tomorrow night if you plans, we are still on the humid side south and east of boston and we'll bring in the drier air and feel that on saturday and the lower dew points will be here for the whole weekend. the high pressure is firmly in control and moving across northern new england, it will shift the winds on shore. the coastline will be cooler and really beautiful. we'll look at the mid-80s on saturday and sunday, sunshine and upper 70s to around 80 at the boast both days.
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great weather for anything. the countryfest with kenny chesney coming to town and a slight chance of an early storm tomorrow. by 6:00, everything will be moving out. not an issue, and saturday night, dry and warm and 84. and we have gaston, a tropical storm, and the latest track keeps it east of the island of bermuda next week. we'll keep tabs but is it is not looking like it threaten the island, just bring high surf. next week, upper 80s to near 90 on monday and 80s nearly all of next week and the warm weather will stick around into september. so no big changes from the last couple of months. >> not a lot of rain. >> not a lot of rain. monday, maybe a thunderstorm. >> eric, thank you so much. and apple is upgrading the operating system world wide after hackers tried to take advantage of weaknesss.
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sophisticated they said they have ever seen. apple said it fixed the vulnerabilities as soon as it learned about the problem. and the wall street journal journal said that malware programs are focusing on mobile banking apps. the software will create a dummy app to grab your user and password. only a third of users aspect-malware virus installed. the consumer product safety commission said there is a risk that a baby could fall out of that safety first step and go travel system stroller. the front that supports the infant car seat can come loose on one side and this microwave, also recalled. the whirlpool hood microwave can spark a fire.
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best buy. unplug them and contact whirlpool. all the details online at >> hopefully you don't have the microwave and stroller. a lot of work. today was the first day of classes for students at the neighborhood house charter in dorchester. the mayor was there to welcome the kids, and the school offers longer days. coming up, owning a from an infamous couple's crime spree. >> the message from bonnie and collide. >> and we have the latest on a young boy pulled in a pool after he nearly drowned and was raced to the hospital by a helicopter. two nuns found killed in their home in mississippi and one of them grew up here in massachusetts. those stories and much more
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a letter from bonnie and clyde will hit the auction block. >> the 4-page letter written in april, and on the last page, see the signature there.
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expects it to bring in $40,000. >> he has nice handwriting. >> got his name in at the end. much more still ahead. >> the news at 6:00 starts right now. want to start right away with breaking news at 6:00. skyeye is over a pool in chelmsford where a young boy nearly drowned. >> police tell wbz that the 5- year-old is pulled from the pool water. chantee lans is live at the scene. >> reporter: david and lisa, the boy was pulled from the water, semi conscious according to police. you can see the in-ground pool. you can see the children's toys surrounding it. this home is on gorham street. the call came in at 2:30 this
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noticed that the boy drifted under the water and pulled him out. the child was semi conscious and breathing on his own. authorities made the decision to fly him to a boston hospital. back out here live i spoke with the homeowner's dad and he said that the boy pulled from the water does not live there but the child is a family friend. for now, live in chelmsford, chantee >> thank you, chantee. two nuns murdered in mississippi, and one of them was born and raised here in massachusetts. >> and there are signs of a break in. liam martin has more. liam? >> reporter: we just learned that the two nuns suffered stab wounds, and sister paula merrill moved in massachusetts to mississippi in 1981, believing her calling was to help the poor in the deep
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mississippi for the poor. their bodies were found after they did not report to work at a nearby hospital. officialssay there were signs of a break in at their home and their vehicle was missing from the driveway. it is unclear at this point if that attack was at all motivated by the nuns' religious mission. a fuel investigation is underway in durant, mississippi. that's about 60 miles north of jackson. sister paula from massachusetts once said that, quot simply do what we can wherever god places us. we will keep you posted on this investigation. lisa and david, back to you. >> liam, thank you. and also tonight, igniting a call to action, a fast-moving fire that damaged several buildings in lawrence has officials looking at a bigger property problem. the mayor satisfied he was fighting for years to have the abandoned building where it started torn down. >> and city officials promise that does they will prevent


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