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tv   WBZ News  CBS  August 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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a mother is mourning the death of her son and wants his death to be a lesson about the devastating cost of drunk driving. the driver was in court earlier today in fitchburg. >> the driver, a boston university student, had a blood alcohol level 1 1/2 times the legal limit and his attorney says he austin robins' mother stopped by the highly decorated spot where the grad was killed 2 1/2 days later. >> the kids have put a lot of effort into this. >> reporter: there was a show of support for the driver in court, packed with teenagers as
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crash that killed robins and injured another friend. >> his best friend was with him and he's obviously very upset. >> capp bragged to the police that he had a fake i.d. that never let him down. >> he admitted to drinking at a party. and he admitted to having four to five whiskey -- he admitted off. >> back at the crash scene, robins' mother can only home that the teens affected by the tragedy will take the lesson to heart. >> when you're a parent and your kids are in cars, you lay in bed thinking about if you ever got that knock on the door. and i got that knock on the
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why austin? a terrible loss. and here capp faces four very serious charges including negligent motor vehicle homicide. for that he faces a maximum possible 19 years behind bars if convicted. christina hager, wbz news. david back to you. more breaking news at 5:00. this man charged with stockpiling weapons, threatening to burn down a mosque, and then bomb a station. investigators say the localston man told them he wanted to kill as many officers as possible. >> agents found parts of a rifle, ammunition, chemicals, and threatening notes. chantee lans is live outside the courthouse. >> reporter: his court appearance was brief but he had little to say. joseph gargulo accused of
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materials, and threats to use them. court documents obtained by wbz reveal further details into the alleged plot. according to a criminal complaint by the fbi, they found parts to assemble rifles, chemicals to create explosive compounds, and materials threatening the commission of violent attacks against members of the islamic faith. a tipster told the fbi that gargulo said as many homeland security officers as he could before they killed him. and when president obama was on the golf course, he should have taken the opportunity to kill him he said. his attorney defended him. >> he's very distressed about this. he denies all the allegations, and denies making threats. >> reporter: gargulo didn't
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stockpiling food and water and an acquaintance of his believed he was about to snap. ed davis says the fbi reacted at the right time. >> this individual was amassing a significant amount of weapons and incendiary devices that could have really been a problem. looks like the police moved just in time to stop what could have been a fatal assault. >> reporter: and this type of charge carries a federal prison sentence of up to five years. a man from gloucester was charged with attacking a disabled woman in rock port. the 22-year-old grabbed the woman from behind, knocked her down and tried to rip off her clothing. he told police a different story. he said he was following the woman to give her help because he thought she was on drugs. he got angry when the woman
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he shoved her. an uber driver is accused of exposing himself to girls. today he was charged with incidents in everett and malden and was facing charges for an incident in boston from last year. we asked uber if they did a background check on him before hiring him but they have not responded. hundreds gathered in mississippi to remember two nuns murdered in they served as nurses in one of the poorest communities in mississippi. she and her sister were found stabbed to death last week, discovered when they failed to show up at the clinic where they worked. investigators are saying very little about this man. rodney sanders confessed to the crime and he could face the death penalty if convicted.
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sex scandal involving anthony wiener and this was last straw for his wife who just announced she's leaving him. liam martin is here with the story. >> reporter: and his wife is hillary clinton's top aide. tonight, lewd photos were published and this was the tipping point for his wife. the sexting life of anthony weiner was front page news in to have photos and texts. one photo is him aroused with his toddler next to him. in a statement she says after long and painful consideration and work on my marriage i have made the decision to separate from my husband. wiener deleted his twitter
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sexting scandal. after the second he abandoned his bid for new york city mayor. >> i loved him. i have forgiven him. i believed in him. >> reporter: donald trump praised the choice to separate and said i worry for the country. hillary clinton was careless and negligent allowing wiener to have such close proximity to classified information. who knows what he learned and who he told. it's another exactly of bad judgment. >> how this will resonate with the average american remains to be seen. >> reporter: trump, the republican nominee for president has tried to tie the marriage to clinton's judgment before. abedeen has worked alongside clinton for 15 years.
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organizations that used wiener for political commentary have cut ties with him. we're tracking three storms in the tropics, and one is a hurricane. eric fisher is here with a closer look. >> it's extremely busy in the tropics. we have a couple of tropical depressions and those are closest to the u.s. shore. we have gaston, and a tropical wave is exiting africa. a hurricane this week. and a pair of major hurricanes, this is madeline and behind it is lester. and both of these are heading to hawaii. the one closest to us at the moment is just producing waves. if you're heading to the beach, it's a rougher search and a chance for rip currents. and then we have tropical depression number 8 just off the outer banks. and this is the one that could
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showers late wednesday into thursday. not really drought busting rain. and in the gulf of mexico, one that is expected to become a tropical storm. a lot of activity and only a few showers in the forecast. we'll take a look at that coming up in a few. one preseason game left for the patriots. and one question remains. who will play at quarterback for the preseason finale. normally, the fourth preseason game -- not a lot of drama. >> except for th bubble. there's plenty of questions surrounding the team. and thursday night's starting quarterback is one. garoppolo could start by belichick may want to sit him out. it's hard to predict what belichick might do.
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yet. >> you never know. i can remember back in my rookie year it was a weird thing not knowing. and you get used to it frail. you learn guys' tendencies and how they play and you react to it really. pa >> patriots wrap up the preseason thursday when they play the giants in new jersey. kickoff is 7:00. we have a back to school warning. the health risks your child may face with the wrong backpack. and who would fire a bullet into the window of a sleeping
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kids are headed back to school but do they have a new backpack? tonight some homework for you to make sure it's not a health risk. pay attention to the type of bag you buy. >> specifically, just how much weight that bag can carry. >> 9-year-old jackson montgomery is getting ready to start the 5th great with a new picking the right one. >> there's no doubt that once you put in the lunch things and other things, they are carrying a decent amount of weight. >> this one is designed to carry more weight and evenly distribute it. 5400 kids are treated each year for backpack injuries. pediatricians recommend that kids avoid messenger bags, use
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straps to distribute the load. >> take the child's weight and do 10% or less if you can. that's a good approximation. >> reporter: the american academy of pediatrics suggests adjusting the backpacks to the bottom sits at the weight. >> try to pack the heavier items. it big books that you carry back and forth. >> and he's using one that he and his dad feel good about. >> consider a backpack that rolls. but they still have to carry them up and down the stairs. kate merrill, wbz news. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. so, eric fisher, belly up to the bar.
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something? >> it's after 5:00. >> we are talking back to school. it's going to be pretty warm. >> how about a nice cold lemonade or an arnold palmer. a very warm august will lead to a very warm september. we haven't had a below average since the third. it's going to be the warmest august ever recorded in the city and that goes back to 1872. so a long way back in history. and not even close. we're ahead of second place by a degree. a degree is the difference between the climate in the boston area, and augusta, maine. out there this afternoon, temperatures, upper 70s to middle 80s. and we have the drier air moving in on northwesterly breezes and gusting 20 miles per hour from time to time.
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after the muggy morning. the dew points falling through the 50s. we'll be in the 40s late tonight and tomorrow. and clearing skies will make for a beautiful evening albeit a warm forecast. when we get a cool shot it tries to return us to average. tonight we're in the 50s, lower 60s in the city of boston. and a beautiful morning tomorrow. sunrise at 6:08. and the big difference is the ol dew points not a big concern for us. plenty of sunshine. light sea breezes will develop and all told, another dazzling day. feels like we live in southern california. 82 in boston, and 85 in bedford. and fitchburg up to 84 degrees. and hyannis, 81 before the sea breeze kicks in. if you're headed to the shoreline, 77 to 82 for highs and then cooling off a little
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gaston, big hurricane in the atlantic, producing swell and a chance for rip currents. waves right now not too big but they should increase as we head into the day tomorrow. heard some great breakers because of the northwest wind. we have gaston which is moving away from bermuda. we have td 8 which could help to bus us a couple of rain showers. and td 9 co tropical storm over the next 24 hours. as we head to late wednesday and thursday, this is a chance for a couple of rain showers. wednesday evening, wednesday night, and thursday morning. getting kicked out to sea by the cold front. we squeeze out a chance for a little rain. and then a big area of high pressure moves in. this is no longer td 8. this is
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as that moving offshore it gets deflected by the high. that storm stays away. we don't get the rain but we get a beautiful labor day weekend. temperatures near 90 on wednesday with a chance for a late day shower. and 70s, really dry, lots of sun. campaign 2016, donald trump planning a ma immigration this week. he's been wavering a bit. and trump just released a new ad, talking about the nation's economy. jon keller, you promised you'd be looking at all the campaign adds. you have to read the small print on this one. >> is it possible i could break my promise? no, no. you have to read the fine print
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cited in the ad. let's start with how this spot claims trump's economic plans will play out. >> in donald trump's america, working family get tax relief. >> sounds great, doesn't it? but let's take a closer look at the last two claims based on tax foundation. they say large tax decreases fuels economic growth. the tax foundation analysis predicts trump's plan would lower a hole in the government. now back to the trump ad. >> in hillary clinton's
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crushed. sending goes up. taxes go up. hundreds of thousands of jobs disappear. it too is based on a tax foundation analysis. they're model predicts clinton's tax hikes would raise $380 billion in new revenue. but also depress wages and oil spill more than 300,000 full- time jobs. admits that their model does not estimate the affects of changes in government spending in sectors like the military, research, and healthcare. and as you know, those of us around here know those sectors are crucial in driving the economy. how you can omit those from the model raises question marks.
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clinton ads when they come out. >> agree, i'm afraid so. >> someone has to do it. >> it's a dirty job. and hillary clinton has headlined 31 fundraising events. she's on track for the best month since the campaign started. she raised $11 million this week. we have a performance for you for the ages. ? [ music ] ? ? a, b, c -- ? >> oh, the emotion. it's the alphabet song like never before. and the fry lady hanging up her mcdonald's apron.
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so many lives. and the price of the epipen cut -- sort of.
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on the bz feed, a teenager who escaped from officers in australia was not too happy with her mug shot that was posted online. >> so she decided to send in what she considered a better picture. officers were looking for 18-
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custody. she left a comment asking police and the media to use the nicer picture. the post, you can use this photo. please and thank you. no one has caught her yet. and if you, wouldn't you put out the picture. >> it's a nicer picture. and she hasn't been caught yet. a young for her closeup. >> take a look. ? [ music ] ? ? q, r, s, t, u, v. >> the 2-year-old jumps on the stage to perform. you can see her on broadway in
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here's liam with a look at what's coming up at 5:30. college students targeted by scam artists. how crooks are trying to con kids out of their money. tonight we're hearing from a man dressed in a zorro costume. and a bullet fired into a house, missing a couple of kids
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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news. first at 5:30. breaking news. a man charged with stockpiling weapons, threatening to burn down a mosque, bomb a police station, and assassinate the president. good evening, i'm paula evans. >> he told investigators he wanted possible. testifies in federal court when agents raided his home. they found parts of a rifle, chemicals, and threatening notes. an acquaintance said he was about to snap. the fbi found materials threatening violent attacks against members of the islamic


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