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tv   WBZ News  CBS  August 29, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news. first at 5:30. breaking news. a man charged with stockpiling weapons, threatening to burn down a mosque, bomb a police station, and assassinate the president. good evening, i'm paula evans. >> he told investigators he wanted possible. testifies in federal court when agents raided his home. they found parts of a rifle, chemicals, and threatening notes. an acquaintance said he was about to snap. the fbi found materials threatening violent attacks against members of the islamic
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dangerously close to a mother and her children. the bullet flew right in there bedroom. >> the shooter remains on the loose. >> robben -- traces the path of a bullet. a shot that tore through gist after robben's southerly was sleeping with her 4-year-old daughter and 4-month-old baby boy. >> the car drived here and then right back. she started to cry and called
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>> her brother was on the front porch. police say the vehicle can't be identified. >> i'm kind of shocked. it's been here for 30 years and sounds like there's a turnaround in what kids are doing. >> the -- he doesn't know why the house would be targeted. >> now we got scared. my brother and my sister-in- law, they left. they wake up and crying and
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morning, flamesser to through a home on lafayette avenue. three people made it out safely but have to look at a new place to stay. to fires are not connected. no word on how that started. and a fire at a home street. a lowell level will go -- eric wayne was charged with vehicular manslaughter. he crashed into another vehicle head on, killing a lawrence man. two week -- boston police had to cut the man and woman
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they were blocking the entrance to the for for -- they believe the pipeline could be dangerous. >> this man bobbed a cvs as -- officers released a picture of a car that might have been involved. you can look on the driver's side and maybe a missing hub cap might be a good car, just call police and do not. heavy -- firefighters say there's no power connected to the building which cuts the chances this was just an
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check out a church fire in west. it partially collapsed and no one was hurt. panic after a false report of gunshots there. passengers races on the streets, trying to get to safely. >> police detained a man dressed as zorro, wearing l black and carrying a plastic sword. they got scared i id it was over, so no charm or nothing like that. they said i was clear.
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at l.a.x. this month. pilots were arrested over the weekend and accused of trying to fly drunk. jonathan vigliotti has the details. >> reporter: they were arrested shortly before their trans- atlantic flight was scheduled to a cbs news transportation. >> we have heard on occasion where write one of the pilots but to have go -- this is extraordinary. >> it's unclear who or what tipped authorities off. the flight was scheduled to
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morning. the flight was delayed for 10 hours by neated lack t if with -- the faa resume, eight hours from bottle to throttle protects everyone. >> the affects of the alcohol are exaggerated when you're canadian pilots were also arrested at glasgow airport, charged with trying to fly under the influence. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news, london. how does this sound? work fewer hours and keep your bets. we'll have a giant re--- how an ipad could help
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and a french fry master inspiring everyone she meets. and it's been a dry stretch and not a lot of relief ahead
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tonight's money watch; part- time work, full-time benefits? amazon is now expecting with a 30 hour workweek. the online retail few dozen employees will work monday through thursday. >> they'll get 75% of the pay but the same benefits as full- time workers. when it comes to work schedules, one size does not fit all. amazon -- you can sign up for a free 30 day trial. a few days after insisting
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will not change, the manufacturers announced there'll be a chaper generic soon. lawmakers have been highly critical of a massive price hike for this lifesaving medicine. gas prices have jumped -- the average is 11 cents less college students get ready for the first day of classes. and millennials are more likely to get cheated than any other generation. the irs phone scam tells students they owe a federal tax that does not exist. and the irs never calls to collect money.
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you're assessing the official site if you're applying for financial aid. go to for more information on how to protect yourself. a special woman who provided service with a smile for decades. the community is helping her celebrate. and a car smashed into a restaurant people. tonight the new safety features to prevent that from happening
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today marks 11 years since hurricane katrina devastated
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1 million homeless. fema called it the most catastrophic natural disaster in u.s. history. the mayor of new orleans took part in a prayer service and laid a wreath at the hurricane katrina memorial. >> glad gaston is weakening. >> we're watching the tropics. and gaston was the first cat three of the season by. it stayed away from land. and there's a pict gaston. and you can see the eye very evident. again, the most powerful hurricane to form so far in this season. and the peak is around sent 10th. 105-mile-per-hour winds, and a nice buffer zone between the hurricane and bermuda. it will not directly impact
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the wavers have started to increase and they'll increase more tomorrow. and it will be an elevated risk for rip currents as well. so warm outside and so many going to the beach. if you're jumping in the water, the surf could get rough. the warmest august on record and possibly the driest summer on record. the only thing that could stop it from happening. >> there's no threat from tropics. and early outlook is spectacular. looks like a gorgeous stretch of weather for us. looking at the temperatures tonight. 85 in boston. and 80 in worcester. and nashua at 82 degrees. and mount washington at 45. and there's not a lot of cooler air on the map. and tomorrow, even though we had a cold front. we'll be back in the 80s. the change in the wind direction and the air. the dew points are lower now and drier air in place.
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night. and clear skies this evening. and a beautiful day tomorrow. feels like southern california and sunrise at 6:08. and we'll rise from the 60s to near 80s by lunchtime. beautiful and plenty of sunshine. and localized sea breezes. 70s at the coast during the afternoon. and 83 degrees for the ride home tomorrow evening. highs generally 80 to 85 degrees. a warm summer day and great weather at beautiful this evening. and tomorrow night 78 and sunday. it gets hotter and more humid. and that's an afternoon game. a lot of heat if you're out in the grand stands. and all these systems around us but with minimal overall impact. we'll get a few showers. lifting up the coastline late on wednesday and into the first
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clouds, a few scattered rainfall. and the front will keep it offshore. and our rain chances, i'm not expecting every town to see rainfall. and towards the weekend, looks like the same map but this is td 9. this is the storm in the gulf of mexico. it's expected to kind of pop out across the carolinas and head out to the atlantic. but i think it's going to get friday, saturday, and into the weekend. >> we'll get dry air and the direct tropical impact will stay out to sea. and it will still be warm but a little bit like fall is here. 90 on wednesday, thursday, 80 degrees and muggy. look at that stretch.
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>> you might have noticed we have a new set here. we have a new show we want to tell you about at 8:00. 20 minutes of nonstop news and eric will have the full forecast. >> and 8:00. >> we'll see you then. we have a warning about children and concussions. if your child suffers a head injury, them on the sidelines for a while. kids who do not take a break after a concussion take twice as long to recover. and french researchers just conducted a study on children who needed surgery. and half were given a sedative ahead of the anesthetic to calm their nerves.
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ipad 20 minutes before the operating room. the kids did just as well with their procedures. massachusetts just handed out $900,000 in grant money to two dozen public schools. the grants expand a program that offers free or low cost college classes to some high school students. 3000 are expected roll. there was a one of a kind retirement party. >> a local woman has overcome big challenges. >> reporter: for 32 years, he has answered yes to the immortal question fries with that? since 1984.
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later. and now he's hanging up her apron. >> reporter: and those friends from the restaurant turned out to wish her well. >> she started making fries and says hi, hi, sweetie. >> she lives in an agency that helps her did the job. >> her big hart, strong work thick more than prove the point. >> people with disabilities can be integrated into the community and learn new skills and learn new interesting so that they can give back to the
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the counter, fry ya will now become a customer and the early ins on the house. mcdonald's handed out fro french flies. >> and so many people in the community pouring in there today. alyssa is ahead with what are -- >> uc crash. but this one is particularly bad. in this case, it was a duck boat. tonight, the new details on the weekend crash. and turns 56 several players came home from football practice with blisters on their
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a new honor for the the most decorated athlete in olympics history. >> michael phelps has 24 medals. he was 15 in the 2000 summer games. and no one can tell me he's not going to compete again. >> and probably just as
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box. >> breaking news at 6:00. a localston man charged with stockpiling weapons and making threats to the police and the president. >> why austin? why austin? it's a terrible loss. >> a mother looking for comfort visits the place her son died. the 18-year-old killed in a drunk driving crash. several students hurt during high school football practice. what happen an investigation field was too hot to handle. and keeping an eye on the active tropics. live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news at 6:00. and we begin tonight at 6:00 with breaking news. a localston man under arrest, accused of threatening people from our local commute all the way to the white house. >> investigators say he was stockpiling weapons and
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attacks on the president, homeland security. and muslims. his court appearance was brief but joseph gargulo had very little to say. >> joseph gargulo accused of weapons, ammunition, bomb making materials, and threats to use them. federal agents searched his home after receiving a ti target to a criminal complaint by the fbi, they found parts of assemble rifles, chemicals that can be combined to create explosive compounds, and materials threatening the commission of violent attacks. in recent days, gargulo said he wanted to plant bombs in police stations and kill as many homeland security officers as he can before they kill him.
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closed and burn it down. and when president obama was on the golf course -- he says he should have taken the opportunity to kill him. >> he denies all the allegations. and he denies making threats to anybody. >> reporter: ed davis says the fbi reacted at the right time. >> it seems to me this particular threat was real. and this individual was amassing a significant amount devices that could have been a problem. looks like the police moves just in time of stop a fatal assault. >> and the charges could carry a maximum prison sentence of up to 10 years. chantee lans, wbz news. a frightening accident and rescue on a bridge in ports mouth, rhode island.


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