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tv   WBZ News  CBS  August 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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president, tonight a local man with dozensover weapons -- dozens of weapons accused of making dangerous threats. >. and a daring rescue to get people back to safety. plus a tiny stow away hitching a ride in a woman's car. the strange place he was found hiding. live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is channel police find dozens of dangerous weapons and threats inside a local man's home. the targets? police, muslims and the president. >> the police moved in after getting a tip on this. we're live right outside the suspect's home. >> reporter: lisa and david, neighbors say the man lived in the house about a decade, and because of his hostile
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tweet grass lane. >> reporter: a street turned -- sweet grass lane. >> reporter: the street turned upside down after the police raided this home. >> they're taking out computers, things you make bombs with. >> reporter: the suspect appears in federal court monday for allegedly making threats to kill president obama, police, and muslims. his neighbors are not surprised. >> to me he was a walking time bomb, nature that i stayed away from him. >> reporter: court documents obtained by wbz reveal further details. a tip off said he wants to plant bombs in buildings, and kill many before they can kill him. neighbors heard what sounded like explosives just a few weeks ago.
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off. >> reporter: his attorney spoke today. >> he's distressed over this, and denies this allegations and making threats to anybodiful he's the father of -- anybody. he's the father of two great children. >> he would never do much with the kids. and hasn't seen them in years. >> it looks like the police moved in just in time that stop what could have been a fatal assault. >> reporter: and remains in jail tonight, due back in court wednesday for his detention hearing. wbz news. tonight two workers have an incredible story of a daring rescue in rhode island. they're crane collapsed leaving them dangling beneath a bridge. they are inside the bucket -- they were inside the bucket examining the crane when it fell. liam martin is here with me.
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with more. >> yes, they had to bring in a truck after they spent an hour suspended over the river. >> reporter: in the bucket, dangling over the river, the truck threatening to break the railing. >> it tilted to the right. >> reporter: the works were inspecting the bridge when their truck gave way. the two workers injured, and the rush on to get them out. >> h in and secure the truck so it wouldn't tip further. >> reporter: then a second boom truck brought in, carefully moving to the workers, tying cables to them, and they make it into the new bucket and back up to safety. now an investigation underway into why that contractor's truck failed. >> we'll leave no stone unturned and get to the bottom of this. >> both the men were brought to
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traffic on the bridge was shut down for hours, but it's back open ahead of tomorrow's commute. and we're tomming a developing -- following a developing story from new hampshire. a concord man drowned trying to save four children. it happened at profile falls. the victim was 39 years old, and jumped into the water when he saw the kids struggling. he went under and never resurfaced. in the end good samaritans pulled the four kids to safety. >. and e tropics right through. several storms spinning in the atlantic, and we're watching them closely, they could effect us. we go right to chief meteorologist eric fisher. we don't want big storms, but we want rain. >> yes, we want a tropical connection to ease the rain fall. a lot of activity across the atlantic. there's gaston, a pair of tropical depressions, and a new wave off the coast of africa that will be one to watch. it's about eight days away though.
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of bermuda, bringing us higher wave action, but that's all. this one along the outer banks is not looking impressive, but it could spawn a few showers wednesday night into thursday, and tropical depression 9 looking much more impressive, and should become a tropical storm into the day tomorrow, it's going to do a little hook, move across florida into thursday, and then we'll watch this one toward the tail end of it's expected to pop out across the east coast, and stay just to the south, but close enough to keep a close eye on it for the labor day forecast. the first depression will bring a few showers though, and we'll track them out coming up. and the dry conditions fueling this brush fire in wilmington. firefighters had to shut down a
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contain the flames, and investigators trying to determine how it started, but the good news is no one was hurt. tonight a local mother is trying to find meanings in a devastating loss. prosecutors say joseph capp was driving drunk and crashed into several trees, killing his passenger, former lunenberg high school football star austin robins. at the crash scene today carol robins said she felt compelled to visit the site, and his death reminds everyone it's never a good idea to drink and drive. >> it's hard to lose a son. >> the suspect's attorney says the client is distraught over losing his best friend. and the man that crashed
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has been fined. he says he was only detoured because of protesters on the bridge. and new tonight, targeted by vandals, a fed up homeowner set up cameras to catch the person that chemos destroying a political -- keeps destroying a political sign. it's been vandalized multiple times, but it's not stopping were point across. >> reporter: if you approve or find the sign provocative, the family says their property, their right, and this election just keeps pushing people to the edge. >> and you can see the first incident which was the paint thrown on the sign. >> reporter: in the last few months his brooklyn lawn sign as taken a beating. negative reaction to the banner
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has the family feeling like prisoners on their own property. >> i feel like they invaded by territory. i feel they have no right to come on my property. >> reporter: but the marine core vet was prepared. >> smile at least when you commit the crime. >> reporter: security cameras rolling when a strange man drove up and did this. >> he tries slashing it. >> reporter: sadly incidents like this have plagued campaign season, only some of them caught on camera, and political analysts don't expect it to get better any time soon. >> reporter: in massachusetts alone signs have been stolen, defaced, even burned. >> this is a level of invective and viciousness and ugliness and anger, certainly right up there with anything we've ever seen. >> reporter: this family is
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thanks to a sloppy criminal. he dropped his cell phone. >> they were selfies on there, and it looked like the person doing the damage to the sign. >> reporter: the family has reached out to the police department, and say the police have been very helpful, and they're just hoping to nab the guy. tonight an uber driver is accused of exposing himself to girls, and he the weekend, and held without bond tonight. he was also charged in a similar incident in boston from last year. uber has now banned him from driving. >. anthony weiner has done it again. sexting photos to another woman, but now he's losing his job and marriage. his wife, the top clinton aid, says it's over. >> reporter: this photos in the
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her husband in his underwear with their 4-year-old son next to him. she announced the split with a statement from the campaign trail, saying we remain doing what's best for our son. >> i'm deeply ashamed of my terrible judgment and actions. >> reporter: the first scandal in 2011 forced him to resign from congress. another undermined his bid for mayor of new york city. donald trump praised his wife to attack clinton. >> her aid has classified information. how hillary clinton got away with that one, you never know, and it's likely that much of this information her husband would know about. >> reporter: trump offered no evidence to support the claim. >> i suggest it has no bearing on the clinton campaign. >> reporter: clinton herself hasn't commented on the personal matter.
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out about the latest round of sexting yesterday. he was reportedly sharing photos and texts with the woman for the past 19 months. >. and tonight hollywood is remembering the life of gene wilder, a gifted actor that charmed fans for decades. his family says that he died in connecticut from complications of alzheimers. he was well the gunman who fired shots into a home in lynn, just missing two children inside, may not have realized there was a baby boy in there. the bullet pierced the bedroom window and left a hole in the ceiling. the family woke up panicked, but no one was hurt. there's grainy surveillance video, but police can't identify the car.
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horrible. now we're scared, and my, my daughter and sister they wake up and crying, crying, they don't know what to do. >> police are analyzing the bullet they recovered in hopes of helping them find the shooter. killer whales, great whites, and now manatees? yes, that's the latest unusual visitor to new england. the endangered animal is common off the it's the third sights of one since 2008. keeps getting more strange. >> i want to see one of those. >> i do too. well trouble on the turf. >> the problem on the field that left local football players blistered and burned. and a cheaper alternative to life saving medicine. and a local rower celebrating her final olympic games. how training in the waters here in boston helped her bring home a medal.
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for rain fall in the forecast
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framingham football players back on the field now that the school figured out why they got blisters during practice. it was a bad combination and a tough exercise on a football field too hot. during the practice, several players got burned on the bear crawl. >> everybody got medical help, and you know, we just had no idea. never seen it before in 26 years of coaching. >> the good news, they have identified the problem. practice is on, and players and coaches are all back on the field. new at 11:00, a special homecoming for a local olympic athlete. her training on the charles river helped bring home a silver medal for her, the perfect ending to her olympic
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the future. julie loncich is live with the story tonight in cambridge. >> reporter: stone got better faster as she got older, but even debbie admits she didn't get much sleep the night before the games. >> it's been great the last eight years. it can't be better. >> reporter: debbie stone spent so much of her life in this boat house, in this boat, on maybe, one day she'd spend a few minutes up here. >> stepping onto the podium was unimaginable. yes, you imagine it, but it's really a dream come true. >> reporter: in her second olympic games this newton native surpassed even what she thought possible. earnings a silver medal, but getting there, even the day of was as much a mental game as a
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sleep or eat breakfast, feeling horrible, and i got an e-mail from a guy you train with, and he said this race is for you, we're proud no matter what happens. >> reporter: the 7 minutes and 22 seconds were perhaps the most important of her career. >> i'm not one for big celebrations in the boat, but i know i had a huge grin on my face. i felt on top of the world. >> reporter: but at 31 years old, rio was stone's last ym also a doctor, and residency is her next summit. >> i'll never walk away from it completely. maybe be a team doctor one day. >> reporter: she'll compete one final time right here in october. live in cambridge, julie loncich, wbz news. great story. congratulations to her. >> yes, she says she doesn't celebrate in the boat, but i hope she's celebrating now.
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from the head of the charlies, usual -- charles, usually there's steam coming off the water with the cool air. >> yeah, is it changing any time soon in it's been hot. >> yes, endless summer. it's warm into september, october as well. affirms start to -- averages start to drop, so it's real tiff, so today -- relative, so today was 90. the calendar filled up with red and august is easily going to be the warmest august on record in the city of boston, and be the 1st or 2nd in providence, worcester and hartford, but a warm month for us here, and that continues into the future into september. otherwise, quiet tonight, the drier air moving in, allowing to us to fall back into the 60s tomorrow morning. guess what, another beautiful day.
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sunrise at 6:08. maybe getting ready for school tomorrow. midday upper 70s to around 80, and most of us into the 80s tomorrow afternoon. 70s at the coastline and a light sea breeze develops. otherwise it's a warm day, humidity in check, not high. and high temperatures ranging from 79 to 85, so little above average for this time of year. yet another beach day. highs at the but watch out for the elevated risk of rip currents tomorrow, and bigger waves. we had the large surf today, and the offshore wind and up welling, so water is cooling off a little over the last 24 hours. fenway park forecast, upper 70s, gorgeous night there tomorrow evening. afternoon game on wednesday, muggier and hotter toward the middle of week. and here's what we're tracking wednesday and thursday. cold front moving down from the north and west, and at the same time what may be a tropical
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a tropical depression moving off the shore. this will help to generate at least a few showers and downpours wednesday night into the day on thursday. this is the one chance for rain fall, so we're hoping to squeeze out some decent rain. i don't think it's going to be a widespread soaking rain fall, but some is better than none. and then watching tropical depression 9 on the northwest side of cuba into the holiday weekend. right now friday and saturday same system. and the question is will high pressure move a little farther east and then try to rope this back into the coast or will it anchor over new england and keep the system out to sea? right now going with that solution where it stays out to sea, and for us that means a lot of sunshine and a beautiful holiday weekend, but we'll continue to watch it closely and update the forecast through the course of this week. right now the seven-day, showers and downpours on
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and dry air right through labor day. david and lisa, over to you. >. all right, thank you. a new development in the soaring cost of the epipen, facing criticism, the drug maker will offer a cheaper generic version for $300, half of the $600 price of the brand name. the generic version will be available in the next several weeks. the red sox facing the rayings at fenway park -- >> and mookie betts is making the case for mvp. steve burton has more coming up
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wbz sports is driven by bmw. test drive a bmw today at your massachusetts bmw center or visit our website. steve was teasing honest, i'm getting a little nervous about the red sox, but tonight was good. >> don't you feel better? >> here's the thing, just keep the faith, that's all i'm saying. say what you want, but it's time to give the red sox some credit. mookie betts 30 home runs on the career. sox torched the rays 9-4. in score in the 2nd, mookie betts,
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second and third for chris young. doubles down the 3rd baseline. sox up 4-2. later in the inning. holt to deep center. filling in for pedroia with a death in the family. and we move along to the 5th. more mookie. he doubles to left, score. 96 rbi now for betts. if he doesn't win mvp i don't know who will. rick had a good outing, and sox wins 9-4, and he gets his major league leading 18th win, 13-0 at home. and patriots nation, the pats said good bye to patrick
11:26 pm
getting ready to play against the giants. i doubt we'll see brady. jimmy g. was asked if he wants to and needs to. >> it's really not my call. you always want to be out there with the guys. it's just the nature of the beast, but whatever coach asks me to do i'll do. >> and new linebacker mingle practiced with the pats for the first time since co from the browns wearing number 51. as a kid he knew about the pats from playing video games. >> you grow up, you played madden, probably wanted to play with the patriots. it was very exciting. this team is stacked at every position. we have guys making big plays, so just excited to be a part of it. >> and so are we.
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thursday night at7:00 right here on wbz, and the red sox are two games behinds toronto. that's sports for now. guys, over to you. >> all right, keep the faith. her engine purred so she called police. >> the tiny snow away found hiding in a -- stow away found hiding in a local woman's car. golden outside or fluffy inside. deep pockets or delicious ridges. tasty egg or savory bacon. experience dunkin's new belgian waffle breakfast sandwich.
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through beverly. >> he was rescued from the engine of a car! the driver heard purring coming from the engine, and called police. the cat is being treated for heat stroke, but the little guy is expected to make a full recovery, and may be up for adoption. >> like other animals, wanted to get warm. >> yes, apparently just ran up into the engine. >> up next one last look at the forecast. >> we'll be right back. marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! s?? polo! marco...! polo! scusa? ma io sono marco polo, ma... marco...! playing "marco polo" with marco polo? surprising. ragazzini, io sono marco polo. s?, sono qui... what's not surprising? how much money amanda and keith saved by switching to geico. ahhh... polo. marco...! polo! fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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so just when you think it's going to cool off a little. >> yeah, not so much. near 90 tomorrow, and near 90 wednesday, and then a bit of a cool down, so at least returning to average temperatures for this time of year. friday, saturday, sunday. in terms of holiday weekend we'll get nights in the 40s and 50s, and that will feel good. >> even when we're hitting 90
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>> it's different now. >> and the sox won [ cheering ] >> see you tomorrow! >> i tried to make a home out of you. >> i was the floor boards and the sheetrock. >> but doors lead to trap doors, a sai >> i had to climb up the window just to get to work this morning. it's ridiculous. (cheers and applause) ?


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