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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  September 2, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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concerns over a pop har online service and the message police want all parents to hear. >> lasers pointed at threeplanes in massachusetts. investigation underway this morning. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston.this is wbz this morning. >> good morning it's 5:00 thanks for waking up with us i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kate merrill it's friday september 2nd. her ca making landfall along the gulf coast of florida overnight. store roared ashore around 1:30 and it's the first hurricane to hit florida since 2005. >> let's check in with barry burbank tracking the storm and how it could impact our holiday weekend here. >> good morning, everybody. happy fridaych holiday weekend is here and here is hermine -- friday. holiday weekend is here and here is her mean. spiral bands of rain spinning around that thing and nasty
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central florida right now. it's 50 miles to the northeast of tallahassee. it what bad storm surge of 6 to 8 feet down here near cedar key and other locations here to the east of the storm center as it came onshore. so what's it going to do for us? it has winds of 70 miles per hour and we have tropical storm warnings on east coast through north carolina and a tropical storm watch into new jersey. that storm is moving to the north northeast at 14 it will be fine today and tomorrow but it's going to kick up the seas and i will have high seas and most of the rain and wind will be here on monday on labor day when the spiral bands move into southern new england and not much in northern new england. cool weather and pleasant indeed. 50s in the suburbs. skies clear out and there are patches of clouds in southernmaine and we will see patches ofclouds eventually. we start out this morning with
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- and sunrising at 6:11. midday 74 to 75 and 75 to 78 this afternoon with a little breeze coming in from the ocean with the patches of clouds around. >> reporter: we are seeing lots of green and it's great. you are not going to have trouble getting into city no matter where you are coming. from to the south route 3 and 24 are wide opened. from the north route 3 is clear and th yet. it's just a smooth drive. >> thank you very much. we have breaking news overnight, hurricane hermine now tropical storm hermine makes landfall over the florida coast as a category one storm pounding the area with heavy rain. there's concern it could trigger tornadoes there. don champion has more from florida. >> reporter: hurricane hermine
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with heavy rain and forceful winds shortly before making landfall overnight. in the coastal community of pasco county last night people tried to enjoy the scene before the boardwalk was inundated with water. >> i hope everybody is safe and all right but other than that i am here to play. >> this is life-threatening. >> reporter: earlier in the day, the state's governor warned people to take the storm seriously. as hermine shreded up roads and eroded beaches coast. in the hard hit town of ache lasha cola some -- apalachicola some stocked up on food. >> it's nerve-racking you see the trees building. >> reporter: others boarded up businesses and got out. >> for the safety of our employees and for the safety of the business we are going to close up. >> reporter: in low lying areas, hundreds of residents were told to evacuate ahead of the storm. >> my wife wants to get some of her valuables out and stuff
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it out. >> i -- my property will likely not flood but my neighbors will. >> reporter: florida had not been hit by a hurricane in over a decade. don champion, cbs news along the florida panhandle. >> and stay with wbz and the weather team for the latest on tropical storm hermine as it makes its way north you can get updates through the cbs boston weather app and check out facebook and twitter and website where you get video forecasts and our weather teams blogs. developing news from new hampshire. attorney general's office confirms they are investigating a suspicious death in dunbarton they are not releasing more details at this time. and new this morning, a fast moving fire destroys a home in attleboro. et flames broke out at a duplex last night. neighbors heard what they thought were several explosions but the glow is reporting the
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dioxide cartridges from a pellet gun were burn in the fire. the fire appears to have started in the garage. investigators are trying to figure out the cause. lasers pointed at three planes in massachusetts. >> this morning the faa and state police are investigating. anna meiler is live at logan airport with more on this story for us. anna. >> reporter: and chris this can be extremely dangerous for pilots because the lasers can temporarily blind them while they are flying. all three incidents happened wednesday night less than 30 minutes apart. the first incident was just before 9:00 and a green laser pointed at a small plane in north adams and then 9:17 an american airlines plane coming into logan was hit by a green laser and two minutes later a delta plane reported the same thing. tw planes landing at logan were 10 miles northeast of the airport when they were illuminateed. the faa says this were no injuries and state police are
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morning. >> thank you very much. also this morning a. tractor trailer driver is being questioned by police. he is accused of hitting a milford woman and leaving her to die. police say 64-year-old barbara clement was head by a truck on main street yesterday afternoon and died almost instantly. investigators released surveillance images of the truck and two hours later they say the driver turned himself in. >> barbara was our maid honor. we are celebrating our 35th anniversary on tuesday. the day after labor day. that is tough news that we received from my nephew. >> clement was a millford -- milford town constable and a long time member of the national guard. so far no charges have been filed against the truck driver. a local woman accused of being drunk and high baby- sitterring a toddler and the incident is racing concerns about popular online service. nicole jacobs is live in arlington with the details.
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they also smelled alcohol on the woman and found empty alcohol containers in her car. they are using this incident to encourage parents to go above and beyond the company's protocol. it's not -- if not for an alert resident. >> a resident noticed a woman stumbling. >> reporter: susan devereaux action may not have been reported. >> someone saw her and knew it was not right and contacted police. >> reporter: she this. >> she had been attempting to enterer's home that -- enter a home that was not the right home. >> reporter: arlington authorities arrived and determined she was drunk and high on prescription medication while caring for a 3-year-old boy she was baby-sitting. >> they used this person multiple times in the past and i don't think they saw anything like this prior to it. >> reporter: the 51-year-old has a past police record the latest is stolen property and
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through and the company lee reese -- released a statement saying the incident is disturbing and when any incident occurs it hits us hard. it's unclear what poet caws the company used but police say there's more parents should do. >> do your due diligence and a website or just a referral by one person really is not enough. >> reporter: the boy was not hurt and he wa his mother. even still, dcf has beener in the fied per protocol. i can tell you she face as charge of reckless endangerment of a child. live in arlington, nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> thanks very much. boston police commissioner may have to testify in the hearing over body cameras. a lawyer for the city police union tells the hareld he bless bill evans will be called to the stand as a -- herald he believes bill evans will be
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the start date for officers wearing body cameras has been pushed back. cvs will pay massachusetts 795,000 dollars for the way it a handles opioids. the pharmacists didn't have access to the online prescription monitoring program which was designed to catch and avoid drug abuse. cvs will retrain pharmacists and revise policies. s 2016. hillary clinton bringing in big money. her campaign raised 143 million in august, the best fund raising month yet. state department will turn over a detailed daily schedule from clinton's time as secretary of state by next month. this is in response to an associated press request how much access show gave major donors to her charitable foundation. and donald trump says the trip to mexico raised more than 5
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was meeting with mexico's president. several of his hispanic advicers are leaving his team over his latest immigration policies. -- advisers are leaving his team over his latest immigration pole glis boston starts school nextweek. the superintendent tells the globe that the district is expanding a special tap card system to keep better watch on students riding buses. the dit strict will -- the district will flush pipes to prevent in the drinking fountains and bubbleers. there's no -- bubblers will. there's no plans to close schools but there are 125 buildings in immediate of re-- in need of repairs. >> cash compliments and free pizza. unique -- the unique plan to motivate work are. >> reporter: this is this is jon keller and to the new neighbors we say welcome but you better know the rules. more when wbz this morning
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>> hi everybody. we are looking at temperatures across the nation. mostly in the 70s and 80s a few 90s but we will have maybe mostly 70s here over the weekend. hermine down south we have a lot to say about how that storm may affect us later on. all that coming up in just a few minutes as wbz this morning
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kelly ayotte: thanks, buddy. hampshire... i'm up against a political machine that plays dirty -- throwing millions in false, negative ads... i'm out here knocking down every lie... because new hampshire deserves better. that's why i'm batting for good-paying jobs, to protect social security and medicare... ...and help families pay for college... i approved this message because no matter what they're throwing at me...
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need extra motivation at work. extra cash just won't cut it. >> no a study finds praise and pizza are better at increasing productivity. workers building computer chips was offered one of three rewards a vouch he for prepizza a text from the boss or 30 dollar cash bonus. at first the pizza group the biggest productivity but the praise group passed them and the group offered cash dropped in productivity. i just want someone to say you did a good job i appreciate you. that's all i want. >> aappreciate you and-- i appreciate you and here's free coffee. >> that works too don't want your money i do but i don't. >> don't want the money but i do but i don't. >> just tell me how awesome i am right barry. >> kate you've been doing a awesome job this morning fantastic.
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morning show with chris. >> thank you i love you too barry you are the best. >> thank you. what am i chopped liver? >> not bad chris not bad at all. anyway let's see what's happening this morning. good morning, we have temperatures now in the 50s in the suburbs and lower 60s around. oh, man, it's friday and great to be having it friday. isn't it. down to the south we have 50s here too. and 60s on cape cod. a beautifu dried out nicely and we have the dew points in the 50s now. and it's fantastic. it would be nice to stay nice and sunny all weekend long as much as we need the rain, but a lot of people have plans for the weekend but you may have to change some plans for labor day. there shouldn't be rain around until sunday night or monday. so these are the current temperatures. the highs for today should be mostly in the mid-70s. between 75 and 78 should do it in many locations a couple coastal spots might be lower.
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basically clear and once we have sunrise at 6 and 11 in an hour sunshine this morning and we will have patches of clouds developing and there could be some scattered very isolated showers this afternoon. can't rule it out. so when i say rain i mean most places not getting much rain today. and rain from the storm wouldn't happen until late sunday and monday. tomorrow high cloudiness will come up from the south. we will see some of that trying to thicken northward but most of it is going to be thin just a few streamers here in boston area north. but thicker high cloudiness to the south during tomorrow that's the outskirts of the storm to the south. so the storm is down here near tallahassee and it's about 50 miles to the northeast of tallahassee and now it's now a tropical storm and it's been downgraded and it's now you can see a pretty good signature with the spiral bands of rain spinning around and thunderstorms as well. this is all moving in
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across the east coast through north carolina. then a tropical storm watch from there up through new jersey. but nothing in new england to be concerned about right now. there's going to be that plume of heavy rain coming all the way up in the eastern seaboard and then hobbing offshore and a lot of rain just offshore as the storm spins and spins and spins like almost like forever for three or four days it's going to be wobbling and looping around and rotating and some of spin into southern new england and that's most likely to happen monday. as it comes up we get a spiral band and periods of heavy rain on monday of the leftover showers on tuesday and we will have certainly high seas rough surf and northeast gales of 20 to 45. periods of rain sprinkles and light showers in spots but other places gets some of the shafts of rain coming onshore. so the main will be rough seas and erosion and less of a impact is heavy rain.
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extreme southern new england but not much boston to the northwest of boston. and damaging wind and coastal flooding. we impact that with a number one on that as opposed to three for the coastal erosion. the rain will be monday, leftover showers tuesday warming up next week. one week from today it may be 90. and that's it. back to you with traffic breana. >> reporter: we are not expecting it to be a busy morning traffic wise. it's holiday weekend and people probably already took the day off. we are cheg it's smooth sailing into boston. route 9 is wide open as well and so is route 2. to the south no problems on 24 north or route 3 and nothing to slow you down on the expressway. and the t and commuter rail are running on time. kate. >> looking good thank you. move in madness as manycollege stood us -- students are getting into the news apartments. inspectional services were out in full force handing out pamphlets and informing renters
5:19 am
written yesterday. the commissioner of inspectional services tells us there have been less problems this year than in past years. and while all the college students are getting settled in jon keller has advice on how to best adjust your life to boston. >> reporter: good morning. and a hearty bostonian welcome to all students returning to school or moving here for the first time. okay. i probably shouldn't be addressing you directly because there's little chance any of you are up this early and watching tv. maybe a getting in. but as we reach the height of the annual student invasion, it seems like the right time to offer some helpful advice on how to smoothly assimilate into your new hometown. despite what you see in the pictures, the city streets are not a garbage dump. nor is your neighbor's property a suitable substitute for a bathroom even in an emergency. if you show respect for your
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from local police. secondly, rest assured we want you to have a good time while you are here. the money you pour into local bars and restaurants is a boon to our economy and we encourage you to spend freely. however, with freedom comes responsibility. don't drink and drive and balance your partying with the needs of your hard working neighbors for a decent night's sleep. less they be prompted to balance it for you. and a few he bostonians love sports teams and we encourage you to cheer on your schools athletes but if you insist on wearing your yankees hat or canadiens jersey be warned these may be considered provocations. and by all means, keep your out of towner opinions of tom brady to yourself. follow our rules and you will surely enjoy your time at school. here in the nation's best college town. ignore them, at your own risk.
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mail at or twitter at keller at large. 5:21. the mspa angel dog park is closed and baby bunnies are to blame. >> they closed down the park this week to protect newborn bunnies from dogs around the neighborhood. the park leash -- is leash free and is popular but don't worry, the park will open in the next two to three weeks and they can all play happil >> yes. coming up next, taking a stand by sitting down during the national anthem. >> how things went for colin kaepernick when he protested on military appreciation night. >> and tom brady taking the field in the pats preseason finale. how he looked and what he says
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wbd sports is driven by bmw. test drive a bmw massachusetts bmw center or visit tom brady deflate gate suspension begins tomorrow. >> he did take the field in the pats preseason if i fally last night. steve burtin has -- if finale last night. steve burton has it all. >> the preseason is over patriots lost to the giants by a score of 17-9. and jimmy garoppolo didn't play tom brady did play and played the-tire
5:25 am
enough to hit martin on the roll out for the 7-yard touchdown. brady went 16 for 26 but 166 yards a score and interception. as we told you this is the last game action brady sees until october. >> as far as you know you will be gone unchartered waters for you how difficult will it be for you. >> yeah, i think that's a good word unchartered so we will do the best we can do. >> tom brady not with the team when the team opens up the regular season in arizona against the cardinals. that's the story here at metlife stadium. back to you. >> you should grow your hair out like the beaver like tom brady. >> get the swoop thing. >> looks good. colin kaepernick will continue to take a stand by not standing during the national anthem. >> a move earned him boos last night. >> heavy boos here.
5:26 am
a tribute to the military kaepernick and teammate kneeled while the national anthem was sung and it's. says it's a protest against racial injustice and oppression of minorities. >> want to make sure the message that we are trying to send is not lost with the action that is coming along with it. >> kaepernick is in battle for the job as starting quarterback for the 49ers and lost it last season as he struggled with injuries and performance. 5:26. still to come in the next half- hour a. flight mixup. >> two kids put on the wrong planes and sent to the wrong cities. how their families are reacting. >> drought conditions in the state more widespread a closer look at the problem. good morning barry. >> good morning kate and everybody. we have tropical storm hermine now moving up into southern morguess -- portions of georgia. what effect it will have on new england and the all important
5:27 am
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or swallowing. do not take invokana? if you have severe liver or kidney problems or are on dialysis. tell your doctor about any medical conditions and medications you take. using invokana? with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. it's time to turn things around. lower your blood sugar with invokana?. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana?. breaking news at 5:30. tropical storm hermine was downgrade after making landfall as a category one hurricane. >> a woman accused of baby- sitting a toddler while drunk
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>> and two five-year-old boys put on the wrong planes by themselves. families now speaking out about the mistake. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> welcome back. i am kate merrill. >> i am chris mckinnon it's friday september 2nd and all eyes are on tropical storm hermine. >> we are looking a at three- day weekend and the end not so good. >> the end doesn't look that great. it will be wet and windy southeastern part of the united states right now kate and chris. we have got strong winds and tropical storm force winds and very heavy rain. a couple spots we noted down there have had 17 to 19 inches of rain. can you believe that? flash flood warnings and watches are up from portion of florida northeast through georgia and portions of virginia. a tropical storm warning is through north carolina and a tropical storm watch from
5:31 am
coast. the max winds sustained 70 miles per hour will continue to weaken somewhat. and it's going to take a track move up towards north carolina and move offshore and whirl there for days giving high seas and rough surf and northeast gales. we will get the strongest windsunday night and through monday and periods of heavy rain in parts of southern new england likely out of that. today it's wonderful. and cool out there too. we have 50s in many of the suburbs. 64 in boston right now. and mostly clear skies. we are getting read our paps of clouds on the main -- paps of clouds on the main -- paps of clouds on the main -- patches of clouds on main coat. mix of clouds and sunshine as temperatures starts off this morning in the mid-50s to low 60s and we have got midday partly cloudy skies and this afternoon varying amounts of clouds and sunshine going from 74 up to as high as 77. traffic and weather together. >> reporter: good morning. so far so good. an easy friday morning commute. usually around this time we see
5:32 am
down as you approach the split. and then route 3 north follows but they are wide open right now. there's no traffic on the expressway either and your drive time from the split to downtown is still a quick 10 minutes and the t and commuter rail are running on time. i feel like we are the only ones left in the city chris and kate. >> thank you. checking top stories this morning, and breaking news, hermine making landfall along florida's gulf coast. the storm roared ashored around 1:30 as a category one hurricane. it has been downgraded tropical storm. it's the first hurricane to hit florida since 2005 and parts of the state are under mandatory evacuations as the governor declared a emergency in 51 counties. this morning a baby-sitter is facing child endangerment charges. police say she was drunk and high on prescription drugs while baby-sitterring a 3-year- old boy. -- baby-sitting a 3-year-old boy. someone called to say she was stumbling down egerton road.
5:33 am
for evaluation. the family says they found her on the website a flight mixup for two little boys on the wrong plane and sent to the wrong cities. one landed in boston and the other in new york. anna meiler is live at logan andthe parents can't be too happy about this one. >> reporter: one of the families are speaking out demanedding -- demanding an explains from theairline. you can imagine the mother's anxiety when she went to pick up her son from the jfk and waited several hours before learning he landed here at logan instead. cell phone video shows 5-year- old andy martinez in the black hat passing throughout boarding gate at santiago airport on august 17th. when the plane's was supposed to be -- the plane he was supposed to be on landed at the jfk he was not on it. >> when i went to pickp my son he was not there. i was given another boy. >> reporter: a passport mixup
5:34 am
year-old boy to jfk. >> and i am told he is not there and i say oh my god what did you do to him where is he at. >> she goes to see him and it's not her child it's another child with her son's passport. 5-year-old boy. for three hours she believes her son may be kidnapped. >> reporter: three hours passed before jetblue located her son at logan and connected them over the phone. >> oh mommy i was placed on another airplane. >> reporter: later that day andy arrived at jfk reunited with hispanic strictened parents. >> and croid because i then had him in my hands -- and cried because i then had him in high maunds. >> reporter: jetblue -- him in my hands. thank got. >> reporter: jetblue refuned -- thank god. >> reporter: jetblue refunded both families funds. the family says they will never fly with that airline again. reporting live from logan
5:35 am
morning. three lasers pointed at three planes in massachusetts this morning the faa and state police are investigating. two of the incidents happened at planes that were arriving at logan airport. the pilots of an american airlines flight and delta flight reported green lasers pointed at them wednesday night. the third incident happened in north adams around the same time but all the planes landed safely. an unusual sight in peabody a helicopter forced to make an emergency landing. the pilot touched down ar after reporting a mechanical problem. there were no injuries and the chopper will be removed today. a kateing report key tailing sexual -- a scathing report details sexual abuse. one out of every five female students at st. georges was abused by the athletic trainers in the 70s. he was fired and has since passed away. 10 other school employees abused at least 51 student in the 70s and 80s.
5:36 am
reasons. 5:35a federal judge is refusing to drop extortion charges against four teamster union members accused of intimidating the crew of topchef. it could send the case to a jury trial. members of teamsters local 25 demanded union members be hired as drivers and threatened the show's crew. the four plead not guilty. despite rain yesterday more of ac extreme drought. new estimates extend the extreme conditions to cape cod which until now has only been considered moderate. in fact only nantucket and a small part of berkshire county are not under a drought. although conditions there are considered abnormally dry. still ahead on wbz this morning, safety concerns over samsung's smart phone. >> closer look at the job market and how it could impact the fed's decision on interest rates.
5:37 am
drunk and high while on the job. i am nicole jacobs live in arlington with what police are encouraging parents to do. payday presents: salty covered sweetness. i was clearly here first, buddy. you know what's clear? our budding friendship.
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walmart is cutting 7,000 positions. the retail giant says the jobs in question concern account canning and invoice positions. at stores across the country. the cuts come as they introduce a modernized system for bookkeeping and inventory tracking. those affected by the cuts will have the option in working in
5:40 am
samsung galaxy 7. >> and a closer look at the job market. hena daniels is live from the new york stock exchange with today's money watch. good morning hena. >> reporter: good morning. happy friday. investors will closely watch the economic data. the monthly jobs report is out later today. strong job numbers for august could make it more likely the fed will decide to raise interest rates this year. possibly even this month. samsung is note 7 phone after reports of the battery exploding while charging. those who bought the note 7 can exchange for new phones. they have sold more than 1 million phones since the launch two weeks ago. more americans are hitting the road for this labor day weekend. trip advisor says the travelers are leaving today with more than half driving. more flyers are taking off over the weekend. plane travel is up 6% and
5:41 am
just last year. back to you. >> hopefully hermine will not ruin too many of the plans. >> seriously the barbecues. >> barbeques. hena thank you appreciate it. coming up, a shark rescue off the cape. >> hermine downgraded to a trop scale storm. heavy rain pounding parts of florida right now. and a closer look at the storm's track. . >> reporter: plus three planes in massachusetts are targeted by green lasers. the state police
5:42 am
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incredible video of a great white shark off race point beach. in provincetown and one point the shark went into the water that was less than 5 feet deep. the atlantic white shark conservancy shared this video from tyler mccallister. the great white that was ta >> wild. also a shark rescue here on wednesday. you can see the shark seems to be stuck upside down on some rocks. the man claimed down and tried to push it away and he grabbed a fishing rod to help roll the shark over-and once upright --over and once upright it swam away. this was a shark. >> it was not dead because when they die they note upside down.
5:45 am
>> it was just sleeping barry don't wake the shark up when it's sleeping that's not good. >> that's not good. don't wake it when it's sleeping. good morning. here's what we have for temperatures and they are in the 50s and 60s. it's a beautiful morning out there. no question about it. mostly clear some spots even down near 50 degrees. off to the southwest we have upper 50s and middle 60s. dew points dropped and the air is nice and dry and it's going to be a fab friday around here. but it's not going to stay completely sunny because isolated shower. afternoon high temperatures should be around 75 to 78. not all that much cooler at the coast compared to what it is inland even though the wind had come if from the ocean. it's not a strong wind around 10 miles an hour. that should be about it. and we will watch for the patches of clouds popping up this afternoon and look like some will be here by noontime. but an isolated shower can't be ruled out just inland a bit this afternoon. but nothing like yesterday's isolated downpour that is happened in the afternoon.
5:46 am
up from the south. that feathery type stuff which filters the sun. mostly across extreme southern new england up north it will be wonderful up in the mountains this weekend. and up in lakes region for activities up there mountain climbing and hiking and so forth. camping out. high pressure will come across and the r.j. across northern new england. as we watch tropical storm hermine. florida had 19 inches of rain can you location anded. >> warnings and watches are extended up the coastline to virginia so far. you can see the radar signature of the spiral bands of rain which are pummeling parts of florida and now georgia where the center has moved up into southern and central georgia as it moves to the north northeast. maximum sustained winds 70 but it's weakening further to a tropical storm and look where it's going to be as of wednesday. it's actually going to
5:47 am
again. monday through wednesday, just going to be spinning in place here. and it may become when we call an extra tropical storm and may be a tropical storm and then it may be minimum hurricane status again. who knows but the heavy -- plume of heavy rain comes up the coastline and it's going to spin out there. i don't thinkive he's seen anything quite like -- think i've seen anything like this. it churns the seas and whirls and wobbles and spins and rotates and just doesn't spin into the northeast and that is likely to happen during late sunday night and certainly on monday. after that, we could still get additional showers coming in from the east. we will have northeast gales just like a nor'easter basicallyswot snow of course with rain. periods of heavy rain and we are going to get wind as well. not too much wind tomorrow and it will be picking up later in the day. by sunday morning around 20 to
5:48 am
down at martha's vineyard and 40 to 50 sunday night into monday and around 30 to 35 to 40 miles an hour on the coast in boston. my 7-day accu-weather forecast for a beautiful day today, the clouds will start to pop up and there might be a isolated shower. nice mostly cloudy sunday rain doesn't start until at night and certainly a wet and windy labor day and leftover showers on tuesday but one week from today maybe not close to 90 breana. traffic anwe >>reporter: looks nice. turns out some people are actually going to work today. 128 south in braintree is picking up and it really picks up once you get on the expressway. traffic is at the split and then look at that solid line of red from braintree to the milton granite avenue exit and it's a 20 minute delay. there's a slightest bit of traffic on 93 south in andover at exits 42 and 41. it's not bumper to bumper but
5:49 am
lasers pointed at the three planes and a local baby-sitter facing charges. >> and hurricane hermine makes top stories. hermine has been downgraded to a trop scale tomorrow. -- tropical storm but it's packing a hunch. heavy rain and winds up to 70 miles per hour. coastal flooding is anish in you parts of florida. officials in high water vehicles are working right now to make rescues there. this is the first hurricane to hit reporter: this morning state police are investigating why lasers were pointed at three planes in massachusetts wednesday night within 30 minutes. the first incident was just before 9. a green laser pointed at a small plane over harriman airport in north adams. then at 9:17, an american airlines plane coming into logan was targeted by a green laser and two minutes later's delta plane reported the same
5:50 am
the airport when they were illuminateed. the faa says no injuries were reported. reporting live in logan airport anna meiler wbz this morning. the da office confirming an 11-year-old boy in abington was shot in the face but another 11- year-old boy the investigators believe it was an accident. the gun was legally registered but police are trying to determine if it was properlsecured. victim is in stable condition atchairman's -- >> reporter: i am nicole jacobs live in arlington war baby -- where a baby-sitter is accused of performing her job while high and drunk. police responded to the egerton road area wednesday afternoon after reports of a woman stumbling in the street. they arrived to find 51-year- old susan devereaux. police say she was disoriented so disoriented she tried to go into the wrong home.
5:51 am
family initially hired her through a baby sitting website she was arrested and the boy was not hurt but her protocol dcf was notified. coming up at 6, arlington police are using this case to give parents some words of advice. i will have that for you coming up at 6. live in arlington nicole jacobs wbz this morning. a massive fireball on the launch pad at cape canaveral. the unmanned spacex rocket exed facebook founder says he is deeply disappointed. the 195 mill yb dollar saturday -- million dollar satellite was meant to bring the internet to parts of the world that doesn't have it. no injuries reported. georgetown university trying to atone to the path in 1838 they sold 272 slaves. now georgetown will give descendents of those slaves preferential treatment if they apply for enrollment. georgetown also plans to offer
5:52 am
build a memorial. irs wants to give taxpayers a heads up there may be a delay in your refund. it affects those with the earned income tax credit and child tax credit. a law requires them a hold refunds until february and extra steps to check for identity theft in returns may result in slight delay. on the "healthwatch" this morning, compared to the rest of new england, maine is tipping the scales a new report by the finds 30% of adults in maine were obese in 2015 followed by new hampshire rhode island and massachusetts had the lowest rate at 24.3%. when bruce springsteen rocks gillette concert goers will get an extra long show. they extended the curfew by 15 minutes to 11:30. springsteen has been playing 3
5:53 am
september 14th and tickets are available. >> long shows. >> should be drinking coffee instead of beer. >> stay away for the four hour show. another week come and gone. >> still to come we are looking at the biggest stories to make headlines this week. stay with us.
5:54 am
introducing longhorn's
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plus an appetizer or a dessert. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. from another duck boat crash to concerns about trop cool storm hermine.
5:56 am
call with a reptile in our studios. here's a look back at the week that was. >> another duck boat crash in boston. >> tourists truck the overpass. >> beloved high school football player killed in early morning crash. >> a young boy recovers from being shot in the face. >> two boys somehow got ahold of a gun. >> all eyes on hermine. >> the storm could impact the holiday weekend. >> first land falling her cane in consider hurricane in 11-- hurricane in 11 years. >> police weapons. ammunition and tasers and hunting knives and more. >> crews battling a fire in boston. >> college students and young professionals were inside the home. >> good morning. and welcome to september. >> a expert is questioning if wessie is a anaconda. >> a new visitor to the coastline. this is the place to be. >> you need a boat. >> that's what we need to do. >> hold him tight. >> i am.
5:57 am
alligator scib no -- skin no fumbling there. >> no. >> the best clip of the week. >> greatest story of the weekend now even funnier dan roche calls him gator. >> love it. keep it here. top stories are straight ahead on your friday.
5:58 am
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6:00 am
live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning thanks for waking up with us i am kate merrill. >> i am chris mckinnon. right now at 6 a dangerous distraction for pilots in massachusetts. lasers point the at three planes we are live at logan airport with more on the investigation. >> and baby sitter accused of being drunk and high while the case raising concerns about a online hiring site. >> and breaking news, hermine downgraded to a tropical storm after making landfall in florida as a hurricane category one overnight. thousands of power outages are being reported. more than a dozen people forced from their homes by flooding. >> barry burbank is tracking the storm and how it could impact our holiday weekend forecast. >> good morning kate and chris and everybody. and happy friday. we have a nice day coming up


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