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tv   WBZ News  CBS  September 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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rieive from the channel 4 studios in boston this is wbz news at noon. >> right now at noon tropical storm hermine moving north after barreling ashore in florida overnight bringing dangerous wind rain and storm surge. >> south carolina bracing for impact. winds whipping up the surf on wh storm. >> and we are tracking how hermine could impact our holiday weekend in new england. >> barry burbank has been tracking the developments and joins us with a first look at the forecast. >> good afternoon. here's what's going on with hermine. well defined signature here on the radar with all the rain bands associated with it. and the rain is continuing to pummel across the carolinas. look it heavy rain falling s some places in florida got 15 to 20 inches of rain in
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sis -- florida-- florida as the system moves across the area. winds at the 50 miles per hour moving to the northeast at 18 miles per hour. not too far away from savannah georgia where it is centered. it will continue on that track. and therefore tropical storm warning is up all the way up to the new jersey area and new jersey and then from new jersey coast up to almost road island. a tropical storm watch is posted by the national hurricane center. so we will be watching that closely as the storm moves up the coast. this is the track of where it is he can sped to go with winds still about 50 miles per hour maximum stained -- expected to go with winds still about 50 miles per hour maximum sustained. it will intensify whether it has tropical characteristics remains to be seen but the national hurricane center feels it will have winds up to 75 miles per hour but it's going to whirl around rotate and do
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last year we had 93 degrees this year it looks like we have 67. how much range and wind can we get out of the storm. >> lot more to talk about later in the newscast regarding hermine. back to you. we learned hermine has claimed one life. >> most of the east coast is preparing for the storm. kenneth craig reports from charleston south carolina. >> reporter: waves lashed the bulkhead along the of charleston and shopkeepers sandbag store fronts ahead of tropical storm hermine. it made landfall as a category one hurricanech the first for florida in more than a decade. 57-foot storm surge and several inches of rain flooded streets and downed trees and knocked out power to more than 100,000 residents. >> we will spend the coming days assessing the damage and responding to the needs of the communities and florida families. >> reporter: hermine is now
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south carolina. >> we are taking the storm he very seriously. >> reporter: charleston mayorremind residents that just because hermine is no longer a hurricane it's still a threat. >> we are expecting serious winds serious rainfall and that can can lead to flash flooding. >> reporter: here along the charleston water front hermine is a spectacle more than a threat for now. >> we now. and not really prepping or anything i guess. >> i love it. >> reporter: you love it. >> i absolutely adore it. >> reporter: benjamin moore lived here all his life and is taking the storm in stride. >> i am afraid it's going to veer and go inward. >> reporter: from here hermine is expected to move off the northeast and stall off the coast of new jersey for labor day weekend. ken can it craig, cb. -- ken can it craig, c --
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>> the weather center will share the updates of hermine on the cbs boston weather app and facebook page and on twitter and on the website. cbs where you can get the latest tracking maps video forecast can and our weather team blog. an uber driver under arrest for sexually assaulted a passenger. >> this is the 5th arrest fo >> reporter: another day and another uber driver facing a judge. this time it's michael vadrene of brockton. this is the 5th situation since july 3rd this week alone. i want to get you to a mug shot of him. again he is 32 years old from brockton. he faces two counts of rape and indecent assault of a woman early wednesday morning i'm
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picked her up in boton and claimed the victim was drunk but consented. the documents reveal he called her several times following that encounter taking another look of another uber driver this is paul grisson of everett accused of allegedly exposing himself to two women he picked up in his uber van. he was banned from driving for the company and on monday wilson brie was arrest and charged with stealing disabled woman. woman said he went into her home to use the bathroom. uber faced backlash for the quality or caliber of background checks they perform. they released a statement regarding the latest incident with vedrene reading we are fully cooperating with boston police and we will continue to work closely with them to provide any information useful in this case.
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this driver from being able to access the uber platform. again, vedrene is expected to face a judge in dorchester at some point today. live in dorchester, nicole jacobs wbz news. more breaking news a man arrested accused of assaulting another man in a wheelchair. authorities tell us 23-year-old marcus bell got into a fight with workers at the good will store in roxbury and a man in a wheelchair was badly bell was arrested last night and is in due in court today. more breaking news somerville police are investigating reports of several vehicles set op fire. police say a truck motorcycle and moped were all ignited overnight on walnut street. authorities say they believe a molotov cocktail was thrown into the street and started the fire. no one was hurt. in pittsfield new hampshire police are warning parents to be cautious after a suspicious man approached a student there.
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stopped at a crescent street driveway where a high school student was driving he asked for directions to the high school when she gave him directions he invited her into the car to show him the way. police are urging parents to talk to their kids about dealing with strangers. new at noon a former stanford university swimmer convicted sexual assault is out of jail after serving half of his 6 month sentence. >> [audio >> brock turner was released this morning his case sparking outrage after he was given 6 months for the rape of an unconscious woman. case prompted california law makers to pass a new law requiring tuferl sentences. -- tougher section yeem a-- sexual assault sent isences. he plans to live in ohio with his parents. cadillac frank selemi has
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witness. prosecutors say he killed him back in 199 3. he was arrested last month now a federal grand jury has indicted him. he will be in court this afternoon. today state police are considering charges in a deadly hit-and-run in mill milford. >> authorities say a truck driver hit a woman and left her to die hours later the driver did turn himself in to police. anna meiler is live in milford with the latest on the investigation for us. anna. >> reporter: the police chief tells me truck driver last night and the district attorney's office is reviewing the interview along with surveillance video to determine if the truck driver will face charges. flowers and balloons are left on the sidewalk in memory of barbara clement the well-known constable in the town of milford. >> she loved everybody and didn't care and she would help you no matter what happened. >> reporter: the phillips family is devastated. barbara was the made of hon -- maid of honor in their wedding.
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anniversary on tuesday. the day after labor day and that is very tough news that we received. >> reporter: police say the 65- year-old was leaving the bank on main street when she was hit by a tractor trailer. the driver took off. police posted the surveillance pictures on social media. pleading with the public to help find the truck. about two hours later, the driver turned himself in to state police. >> i am under the impression that somebody called him up and said looks like that's your truck they are looking for and then he went and in. was he unaware i don't know. >> reporter: police interviewed the driver and are using evidence from the scene and surveillance video to figure out exactly what happened and to determine if the driver should be charged. friends family and the town of milford are left marching the loss of a friendly face in town -- left mourning the loss of a friendly face in town known as sarge because of nearly 30 years of service in the national guard. >> that's sarge people will be sad. >> she loved everybody in town. she was a bubblely person and
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person. >> reporter: clement is survived by brothers and nieces and nephews and a long time partner. reporting live in milford anna meiler wbz news. an arlington baby-sitter accused of being drunk and high while watching toddler will face a judge. on wednesday susan devereaux was found walk down egger -- egerton road disoriented and tried to get in the wrong house. she was drunk and high on prescription medication while caring for boy's parents say they -- the boy's parents hired her from police urge parents to use caution when hiring caregivers. >> use due killing jeeps on a web -- due dil jennings -- diligence. says safety is paramount importance to and when any safety incident occurs it hits us very hard. in new hampshire the
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investigating a suspicious death in dunbarton police were seen going in and out of a home. they are not releasing more details. new video shows a fast moving fire as it destroys a home in attleboro. flames burned through a duplexlast night. neighbors heard what they thought were several explosions. but the globe reports those noises were actually cash carbon die d. carbon die objection-- carbon dioxide rt investigators are trying if figure out what caused it. the faa and state police are investigating lasers being pointed at three planes in massachusetts. two happened as planes were arriving at logan airport. the pilots of an american airlines flight and a delta plane both reported green lasers being .ed at them around 9 -- pointed at them around 9 wednesday night. the third incident happened at harriman airport in north adams around the very same time but all planes did land safely. tom brady starts the deflategate suspension
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action half the night playing the entire first half. he threw an interception on the first drive but settled down enough to hit martin for a 7 yard touchdown. number 12 went 16 for 26 for 166 yards. this is the last game action brady will see until october 9th against cleveland. >> as far as you going to be gone uncharted waters for you how difficult might this be. >> yeah unchartered so we will do the best we can do. >> jimmy ga rap low didn't play against -- ga rap low didn't play against -- gra rope low didn't play against the giants. pats lost 17-9. >> you notice the change in the hair. >> got a swoop. >> is that a good look for me. >> maybe not for you but he can pull it off. >> we will see what happens when i come back. coming up on wbz at noon, refusing to back down.
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knee in protest and the swift reaction from fans. >> busy in boston. move-in weekend. how the city is working to protect students. >> and if you like no other the nighttime surprise in one new
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i worked years to get my medicare don't know where i'd be without it so when i heard about con-artists committing medicare fraud... it made me so mad i wanted to give them the old one-two one, never give your medicare number to get a free offer or gift two, always check your medicare statements for errors it's your medicare, protect it
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san francisco 49 colin kaepernick taking a knee during the singing of the national act upping last night. he refuse ding -- anthem last night. resi night. refusing to back down from-- anthem last night refusing to back down. san diego fans booed him he's took the field against chargers and was joined by 49ers safety eric reed. the two made their stance in the moments following a military salute and after the game kaepernick addressed the protest. >> i wanted to make sure the message that we are trying to send is not lost with the action that is coming along
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the protest indefinitely. for the first time mosquitoes carrying the zika virus have been captured in the united states. health official say they were found in three groups of trappedmosquitoes in miami beach. while night. not surprising the discovery is disappointing. nearly 50 people in florida caught the virus from moss keyso. >> and -- mosquitoes. and hermine pound -- >> and hermine pounding florida and the standing water make it bad. >> we could get rain out of it sunday and monday. let's see what's going on as we look outside and see lots of clouds developing and they are just inland right along the coast parts of southeastern mass. it's clear and these clouds are just inland from the breeze coming in from the ocean. so it's beautiful day out there with the low humidity and wind light and pleasant
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that's the beginning of thee days in a row of 90s. 93 on labor day and 96 the day after and 93 the day after that. three days it was really hot. but this year, it looks like about 67 labor day this year when we have rain and wind going on especially in boston area and points south. at fenway park wbz weather bug cam showing a lovely day and nothing going on in terms of baseball until september 20 d when they are back in town with the orioles coming in. 72 degrees at fenway park right boston does have that 72 degrees. dew point 58 so that's in the comfortable range and a breeze from the east at 17 miles an hour. hour by hour temperatures are not going to change much. if anything it may go down a little bit. with the clouds near and inland from boston and a lot of clear skies along the coast. a lot of 70s inland. 75 to 77. not going much higher from what it is right now with all the clouds inland and might be an isolated shower this afternoon and from a few clouds as the dew points are in the 50s.
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place. it's a wonderful environment. let's see what's going on in terms of low temperatures with the dry air. 60 to 62 in boston. 50s in the suburbs and low lying spots with calm conditions down in the upper 40s. we will be right back to where we are today. low to mid-70s at coast. mid to upper 70s inland with sunshine and you see an isolated shower today with all the clouds just inland mainly clear along the south shore. and we got tonight mainly clear night clear cool and calm and tomorrow high cloudiness is coming up and filtering the sunshine in southern new england south of the mass pike during the afternoon. it's going to sort of sit there as thetries to cop up -- come up during the weekend and will show up on sunday as we look at hermine. which is now not too far away. 55 miles west southwest of savannah. the rain plume is going up along the coast and that's
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track 55 miles per hour winds and moves off the shores of north carolina and virginia and sits there and swirls and whirls and rotates and loops for days. here's plume of rain coming upand a lot of rain to the south. will we get much of the rain? some of the rain will come in. the latest map shows it spinning and spinning and actually intensifying. the rain bands come in late sunday and monday morning perhaps some heavier rain of northern new england. so with that rain and wind and along-- a long duration event a northeast gayle is possible along the coast. the tides are running not quite as high as they could be. they are running around 10 feet but there they are above normal so there might be minor coastal flooding with the wet labor day and linking showers and -- lingering showers and wind but
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week. we mate be back in the up -- we may be in the upper 80s. kate come on in. an incredible sight ryan napp got a glim phs of the northern lights and took the shots last night from head -- glimpse of the northern lights and took the shoves last night -- took the shots last night. >> no filter needed. >> you can't get that with a filter. >> awesome. >> filth we are ruin it. >> it would. coming up on the wbz news at noon, smart phone dang being recalled just weeks after
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narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results" and "eye-catching educational gains." it's turned my son's life around. narrator: "charter schools amount to hope" for kids all across massachusetts. question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education.
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a popular new cell phone now being recalled. samsung suspend the sealings of the galaxy note 7 of reports -- the sales of the galaxy note 7 after reports of the batteries exploding while charging. they have since the launch and the new-- and a new popular brand of nuts is recalled. stop and shop pulled the diamondmacadamian nuts off the shelves. for more information check out cbs college students from across the country moving into the apartments and boston inspectional services has been out in full force handing out
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they wrote 130 citations yesterday and the commissioner of inspectional services says he saw less problems this year than years past. >> don't go shopping for new couch you will get bed bugs. >> on the side of the road yes. >> yes. up next on wbz news at noon... >> reliving the 90s. late night throw back that is
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four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes. four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent of students who don't attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few.
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last night james corden took throw back thursday to a new level. >> check it out. ? how am i supposed to live without you ? >> that's corden chandel michael bolton while michael bolton played kenny g and night at 12:37. >> oh that's funny. >> he almost does it better than michael bolton does. >> he looks pretty good there. >> pretty long too. >> he has a nice friday on tap. >> great day and a lovely day tomorrow and cloudier on sunday and we will see what happens on labor day. we will be here all weekend. >> see you this weekend. thanks for watching.
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? >> ashley: dad? >> john: [ chuckling ] ashley! >> ashley: hi. >> john: oh. >> ashley: oh, my. >> davidson: that was my first scene was with jerry douglas, who played my father, and my first scenes were in cowboy boots and jeans. it was the '80s. >> jack: well, believe it, honey. smilin' jack is back in the i always bring up a day that jack had a very important decision to make. >> victor: i want you to get your thing, and i want you to get out! >> bergman: jack had two choices -- call for help or walk out the door and leave him for dead. on my way out the door, his hand was in the way. and i kicked it. it was wonderful. >> davidson: a really pertinent story line that i played a part in was the one with traci abbott, my little sister, who was bulimic. >> ashley: shh, it's okay. shh, it's all right. >> davidson: bill bell was


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