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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  September 5, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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. now at #:30 storm watch all eyes on hermine. high winds and rough serve -- surf and it's head our way. it's headed our way. >> we watch hermine as it comes northwestward banking clouds day goes along. >> developing news a framing ham state police officer off the job and arrested. the disturbing charges he now faces. >> tom brady suspension is underway while the kb can't stepfoot inside gillett they are making sure a piece of him is there. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston this is wbz this morning.
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breana pitts in for chris mckinnon. >> i am kate merrill thanks for joining us this morning. and we all want to know today what can we expect from hermine barry burbank is in for danielle this monday and what's the latest with hermine. >> we will get grazed by hermine that's the main idea out of this. good morning breana and kate and everybody. we have post tropical cyclone hermine out at sea as of 2 this morning. it was plotted at the 37.3, southeast of the eastern tip of long island as you can see there. and after the clouds are starting to back in from thesoutheast so a trough cal storm warning is up for parts of the coast around the cape and -- tropical storm warning is up for parts of the coast around the cape and so the winds will pick up today. we are in for a building seas and northeast gales and windiest weather on the cape and periods of rain.
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this. the sun will be out and it will be beautiful. the wind will be light up here but here's where the storm is going to be moving northwest and looping around because it's doing that we will get periods of heavier rain and we will get periods of stronger winds. you can see this backing in on us right now. there's the center and here's the stuff backing in that's going to do a loop. so, as it does that and it meanders around and pinwheels we get the clouds coming in now. the showers will be looming onto nantucket in the next couple hours and then over the rest of the region as the morning progresses. probably up in boston and providence quarter be a not much northwest of worcester county and the showers in the cape this morning. we have 50s and 60s right now. here's the forecast for labor day happy labor day goes up around 68 on cape cod and the sun sign is brighter in worcester county. showers will come into boston this afternoon. more on the weather coming up
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hermine battered parts of the south packing strong wind and heavy surf knock down trees and power lines and damaging docks. this surveillance image shows how far it stretches coming much of the east coast. the storm forcing many people in massachusetts to change the labor day plans. >> beaches are closed to swimming and people are working to get boats out of the water. jim smith has a closer hook at the storm traps on cape cod. >> reporter: by sunday night the surf was building sandwich choppy waves combining with a steadily intensifying wind. conditions were changing by the minute. the storm's impact being felt in new england. and concerns about what's to come. >> some of the houses down here i heard might get flooding and yeah,. >> reporter: it looks like the wind picked unin the last hour. >> it has. i've been here a hour and now we are chilly. >> reporter: it was busy in bourne he and many other
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their boats onto shore. >> there's no way i want to be out here after today the next couple days you don't want to be near this police and if you have a boat i would try to take it out. >> reporter: it was nice enough for one final summer swim but it became obvious that things were changing. even the bigger boats were coming out. >> we held the boat and figured the pontoon style boat is not made for heavy weather winds and so forth so, just as well to get it out why wait until the wind >> reporter: back at sandwich no rain yet but the wind was already howling a preview though some are hoping the cape escapes with moderate impacts. >> i don't know we were talking about it and it sounds like it's not going to be as bad as everything is predicting. i mean, we have been down here a good part of the day and the waves definitely have been high. >> reporter: so no matter how large the storm is or how close it comes it is bound to have a impact the wind and the waves
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eroses as well -- erosion as well. jim smith wbz this morning. >> a state of emergency is in effect for new jersey and areas still recovering from super storm sandy are wrassing -- bracing for what hermine brings. hena daniels has more. >> reporter: hermine whipped up weaves along the lantic coast overnight. while lurk i go dangerously off the -- lurking dangerously this shows the winds tossing a cruise ship from side to side sunday. confining passengers to their cabins. as the storm churred off -- churned offshore beachgoers were forced to stay out of the water. >> when you see the red flag the red flag is a sign of danger so tough take precautions. >> reporter: residents along the water began to pull boats in. others prepared for the worst. >> i locked up everything in
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across the northeast remain closed today. amid concerns hermine couldregain strength and trigger hive threatening rip -- life-threatening riptides. authorities in connecticut say they prepared to open sheltersif necessary. >> we have plenty of bottled water on hand. we have supplies so residents can can take a shower if need be. >> reporter: new jersey governor christie declared a state of the assets but it would be too late if the storm tracks west. >> reporter: forecasters say it could langer around the east coast for days. before exiting out to sea by mid-week. -- midweek. hena daniels. >> most ferry phs is suspend because of the storm the steam ship authority website says they have stop all trips through today and fore service to nantucket and vineyard will
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island queen canceled service between cape cod and martha vineyard's and no fast fore from boston. there will be motor coaches today and part of storm. check with fore services. eversource says extra crews and support taf are in place -- staff are in place to respond to power outages or damage. they have also alerted all the employees to be on stand by. they are urging customers to make sure cell phones are charged. the weather team there's lots of ways to stay up- to-date. check out the weather app facebook page twitter and website breaking overnight, north korea fires three ballistic missiles. military officials in south korea saying that this is a show of force as world leaders including president obama are meeting in china for the g-20 economic summit. and now to a developing story a framingham state police officer is off the job accused
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the officer wilter dormaville is facing list of charges including witness intimidation. university placed him on administrative leave. he is banned from campus while the investigation is underway. in-- in had a statement the school-- in a statement the school official says the situation is isolated and there's no ongoing threat. residents in berlin ordered to stay in as police officers searched for this bank robbery suspect. these are surveillance photos he he he -- suspect and police say he robbed a commerce bank a chase and search began sunday what motorcycle believed to be suspect's was spotted in marlborough. he should be considered armed and dangerous. the state's highest court will hear an appeal in the mail bomb killing steveen caruso was found guilty of first degree he murder in the death of sandra berfield in 2000. he insist he is not the person
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dorchester man facing charges in a deadly hit-and-run in mattapan. police say 39-year-old anthony buchanan turned himself in around 1 a.m. sunday morning. he was drunk driving and speeding on morton street when he hit a woman in a crosswalk on friday night. janet simms was killed. he will be arraigned tomorrow. police are trying to identified body of a man pulled from the muddy river oa. physicians found the body yesterday afternoon e sh. a and medical examiner's office were at the scene. osha is investigating after a construction worker-- ems and medical examiner's office were at the scene. ocean is investigating after a construction worker was injured. he was dissem belled a crane when he fell. he was taken to a nearby hospital -- disassembleed a
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hospital. ocean has respond and begun an investigation. it will seek to determine if workplace safety standards were violated. the victim's name his age has not been released. a man is facing charges after police say he attacked another man with a knife at a cape cod restaurant. brend madarius is facing several charges. the 35-year-old cut the victim on the chin and left cheek saturday night at fall mouth the ground until officers arrived. the vip was treated at nearby hospital and released. now to campaign 2016 and donald trump will take break from the campaign today but hillary clinton will attend two events in ohio a big swing state and get help on the campaign trail from a former rival. bernie sanders will be in new hampshire campaigning for clinton. he is set to speak at 11 and 3 this afternoon. sanders will discuss clinton's plans on the economy.
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now underway but he is not out of mind or our sight. this giant banner is hanging from both sides at the lighthouse at gillette stadium and the real tom brady can't step foot inside gillette until october 3rd but the image can be seen inside and outside the stayed upand will be hard to miss. for his teammates the reality of the suspension is starting to really sink in. >> it's pretty cool we got that banner i just saw that mean, it's like a buddy going to jail so, you know it's one of those type of things and the whole situation is unfortunate but right now the situation is being about the arizona cardinals and who will be out there to go out and play against these guys. >> the season starts for real sunday night when the patriots open up in arizona against the cardinals. 4:41. coming up this morning a. local college student fights off an attacker who breaks into his
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what the victim says about the encounter. >> a new twist on the gym membership. trainers are offering a money back guarantee. >> plus could. [audio not understandable] the fall foliage may not be too impressive in new england. y're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother
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the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother
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it could be tough to get motivated to get into the gym. >> but now some trainers are offering a money back guarantee. >> reporter: at this manhattan gym if you don't get into shape you get your money back. at first ron thought it was too good to be true. >> i thought there was hundreds of loopholes so refunds would >> keep going. >> reporter: he gave it a shot and it's been four months and he lost 30 pounds.jeff is the owner of the gym and he came up with the idea of a fitness guarantee. >> one of the major issues in our industry is the notion of accountability and these unused memberships people are paying for get them absolutely nowhere. >> reporter: the fitness guarantee is base on strength,
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flexibility. not weight loss. >> if our members have not improved in at least 3 out of the 5 areas in the first 90 days, we will give them all their money back and they are let out of the obligation of the membership contract. >> reporter: a handful of jms across the country are offering money back guarantees -- gyms across the country are offering money back gash tees but -- guarantees but make sure to to read the fine print. >> you have to be careful you have to know who you are going into business with guarantee entails. >> reporter: fin works in finances. >> the numbers are good. >> reporter: with this investment he is happy not to get his money back. jill wagner cbs news new york. >> if it's not based on weight loss but other things that you improve. >> right. >> and they get to decide if you improved then. >> there's de-- they are deciding if you get your money back. >> they are still deciding. >> i like the weather as an
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days. >> -- one of those days. >> stay inside. >> sound like good excuse. sounds good to me. good morning. let's see what's happening and compare what happened labor day last year to labor day this year. it was 93 last labor day. 93. a sizzling day for sure. today is going to be different because showers will be coming in and it will be around upper 60s on cape cod to middle 70sin central massachusetts where there's a longer filtered sunshine. aid cool crisp morning. hard to imagine we have a tropical system close to us and temperatures in the 50s and some 40s like yesterday morning. but the cloud cover is thickening up over southern new england more so from southeast and therefore it's not nearly as cool down here in the boston area south as it was yesterday morning when i showed temperatures in the 40s but we have got mostly low to middle 60s and the wind is blowing as well and running 20 to 30 miles an hour on cape cod and gusts.
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dry and feels good. high temperatures today from the upper 60s on cape cod to about 68 to 70 around boston but then you get into central massachusetts middle 70s and it's going to be nice out there. but where is it hot across most of the rest of the nation? a lot of 90s out here. and it's destineed for new england. but looks like hermine is going to put a damper in getting the 90s in here quickly. with school going object we don't want hot classroom but part of the nation and that will get here but hermine will put the day in the arrival because the storm is -- delay in the arrival because the storm is looping around. there comes precipitation shield northwestward. let's track it now. watch the time tamp and -- staplep and the rain is at sea pinwheeling northwestward and moves into the cape and moves around and whirls and the showers move into boston this afternoon. if you go farther northwest into northwestern new england
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time although it will be filtered as this storm continues to spin around and continue to spin additional batch of showers in here on tomorrow as well. because the storm is going to be so closed along the coastal plain of maine over eastern massachusetts and the cape is where most of the rain is likely to occur and again it's going to be showery. it will come down hard maybe a sprinkle and maybe a little drizzle going by while northwest new england sees tomorrow even tomorrow no rain at all maybe the sun through the clouds there. so it's going to be there. wettest here and you will see the storm circulation even on a wednesday it's going to be there. so how much rain is possible out of this? it lock like we will get a half inch to an inch and maybe more with the most rain down here in southeastern new england. so, that's the way it is looking. one of the models is projecting we will get by tuesday, maybe a half inch in boston and a little more than that over southeastern portions of massachusetts and we will get
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better. 45 to 55-mile-per-hour gusts are possible on the cape and 35 to 45 here and that's going to be coming up later this afternoon and tonight and into tomorrow morning. my 7-day accu-weather forecast shows it will hang around into wednesday so we can expect some showers into wednesday. western and northwestern new england get nothing at all. 86 on thursday. becoming partly sunny with a late day shower or thunderstorm and we go to 91 on friday and possibly even 90 on saturday with a few scattered and storms. that's it back to you. >> thank you. look forward to bright colors in the the trees andth in fall. well thanks to -- and trees he in the fall? well you may not get that due to the drought and dry soil. leaves on trees could turn brown and crispy and fall off. gymsy moss caterpillars are to blame as some reports say they defoil ateed 35000,000 acres of trees. in massachusetts. that's going to be a lot of disappointed people out there if we can't see the fall
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looking for some tax relief. >> state officials say there won't be an income tax cut next year. >> plus mother teresa becomes a saint. special celebrations in rome
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connor iru l. why don't you understand me? [beep] i do. this is what it feels like for kids with learning and attention issues.
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4:53. hermine had a noticeable impact object cape -- on cape cod all weekend as people are getting busy. a boutros boutros-ghaliful day for boat owners. but instead of heading out of the water they were removing boats from the water. some taking them out after a day in and others taking them out for the rest of the season. >> we held the boat today and is not really made for heavy weather winds and so forth. so, just as well to get it out why wait until the wind pushes it around. >> later in the day conditions began to go downhill with increasing winds and heavy surf taking hold as cape coders settled in for the storm. police say a man tried to pepper spray them after breaking into an apartment in allston. they got a call of a suspicious man trying to break into a
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matched the given description he pepper sprayed police and took off. police caught up to him and arrested him. we spoke to the man whose apartment was broken into and he described his encounter to us. >> he climbed from the roof and stand. [audio not understandable] and he said let me go or i will kill you. >> police say the suspect has been known to them for sometime. he is expected to be in court tomorrow. unlike the prus years massachusetts taxpayers will not get an income tax cut in 2017. state revenue officials say tax collections didn't meet the necessary bench marks to trigger an automatic reduction on january 1. but the reduction would have been small from .5 -- from 5.1% to 5.05%. mother troughsa is now a -- teresa is now officially a saint. >> the pope made the declaration in front of a crowd of thousands at the vatican.
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in dorchester cardinal o'malley held a special mass at the blessed mother teresa church. several sisters from the ordermother teresa founded the missionaries of charity sat in the front row and cardinal o'malley thanked them for their charity work. still to come, a bizarre robbery in plymouth. >> who police think made off with this 150 pound lobster sculpture. i called for help as soon as i saw her. i found her wandering miles from home. when the phone rang at 5am, i knew it was about mom. i see how hard it's been on her at work and i want to help. for the 5 million americans living with alzheimer's, and millions more who feel its effects.
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plymouth police are
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who swiped this 150 pound will bester sculpture from nelson park. ton thinks two men in the 50s drying a grieving pickup truck -- driving a green pickup truck stole it. >> they tried to steal a different lobster sculpture earlier they are part of the lobster crawl which features 29 lobster sculptures throughout town watches telling kate i was walking through plymouth yesterday -- walking through -- town. i was telling kate walking through plymouth yesterday and doesn't know where they will put it. >> that lobster's name is sirloin. >> that's cute. you have to pit it in the backyard. top stories weather and traffic is straight ahead on wbz. >> the news 59 starts right now. >> -- news at 5 starts right now. >> all eyes on hermine. parts of massachusetts bracing for high wind rough surf and rain. >> looks like the rain and wind will be picking up especially
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decent rain. >> and developing this morning, a framingham state police officer off the job and under arrest. the closer look at the charges he is now facing. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. good morningyone. i am brie -- ever -- good morning everyone i am breana pitts in for chris. >> i am kate merrill. this labor day all eyes are on hermine. let's ge the question is what is she going to bring for us later today. >> some wind and rain and some donuts and coffee and no nothing like that but we will have wind and rain coming in and the wind is starting to pick up on cape cod and maximum wends as of 5 this morning -- winds as of 5 this morning around 70-mile-per-hour. we may have gusts to 50 down over the cape and islands. coming up later today and tonight as the pressure gradient tightens so that's the


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