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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  September 5, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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decent rain. >> and developing this morning, a framingham state police officer off the job and under arrest. the closer look at the charges he is now facing. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. good morningyone. i am brie -- ever -- good morning everyone i am breana pitts in for chris. >> i am kate merrill. this labor day all eyes are on hermine. let's ge the question is what is she going to bring for us later today. >> some wind and rain and some donuts and coffee and no nothing like that but we will have wind and rain coming in and the wind is starting to pick up on cape cod and maximum wends as of 5 this morning -- winds as of 5 this morning around 70-mile-per-hour. we may have gusts to 50 down over the cape and islands. coming up later today and tonight as the pressure gradient tightens so that's the
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too far away. national weather service has thetropical storm warning continuing for a potential fortropical storm gusts in the 40 to 50-mile-per-hour range. storm senter will do a loop. it's backing closer to us and it's bands of rain and wind out of the water will come over southeastern new england especially. northwestern new england gets nothing out of this. so we have a the gales and windiest -- we have the gales coming ain cape cod. this is going northwestward. looks like it was going out but we knew it was going to back in. pivoting and rolling our way with the band of showers getting close to nantucket in an hour or so and maybe close to boston by mid to late afternoon as some of the shower bands come in our direction. we have temperatures now in the 50s and it's going to be nice and sunny with some high cloudiness back in here today. nothing going on. sergeant major a south eastern new -- it's mainly a southeastern new england
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happy labor day house is moving into north eastern new england from southeast to northwest. winds gusty up to 40 to 50 miles an hour late today and seas will build and temperatures around 68 on the capeton 76 in worcester county. more weather in few. now back to you. >> thank you. this is a hive look at -- live look at the eastbound lanes of the pike from the cameras in brighton. it's a holiday not a lot of people coming into the city and you can tell just one lone car hermine battered parts of the south packing strong winds and heavy surf knock down trees and power lines and damaging docks. now the storm is forcing many people here in massachusetts to change labor day plans. >> anna meiler is live with a closer look on how peep are preparing. >> reporter: you can see the wind is really whipping out here this morning. and the national weather service is warning people to be
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large branches and power lines. hermine is bringing whipping winds to cape cod. many people spent sunday pulling the boats out of the water. >> the pontoon style boat is not made for heavy weather winds and so forth. so, just as well to get it out why wait until the wind pushes it around. >> reporter: the sun was shining bright giving swimers a last chance to jump in the ocean. but as the day went on the wind began to build. and love to see the storm. >> reporter: the storm could bring wind gusts of 40 to 50 miles per hour. creating rip currents and beach erosion and there could be some showers and some possible power outages. no problem for the young storm chaser in the making. >> i like it and i also like when the power goes out. >> reporter: but others brace for the impending wind and rain deciding it would be best to cut the labor day weekend short. >> no way i want to be out here
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days you don't want to be near this police and if you had a boat i would try to take it out. >> reporter: hermine is expected to stall south of new england so gusty winds could stick around on the cape until mid-week creating dangerously rough surf and rip currents. reporting live from the cape anna meiler wbz this morning. a state of emergency is already in effect for parts of new jersey areas recovering from super storm sandy are pleasant beach new jersey. >> reporter: hermine continued to whip up dangerous waives along the atlantic coast overnight. lurking dangerously off the east coast. this video shows he the storm's forceful winds tossing a cruise ship from side to side sunday confining passengers to their cabins. as the storm churned offshore many beachgoers from virginia to the jersey shore were forced to stay out of the water. >> when you see the red flag,
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danger and you have to take precautions. >> reporter: residents living along the water began pulling their boats in. others prepared for the worst. >> i locked up everything in the garage and packed a to go bag and i am ready. >> reporter: and communities remain closed amid concerns hermine could regain frequent and -- strength and strigger life-threatening -- triggering life-threateni open shelters if niece we have plenty of bottled water and supplies so residents can take a warm shower if need be. >> reporter: governor christie has declared a state of emergency in several counties. >> he hope to not have to use the a-- i hope to not have to use the assets. >> reporter: forecasters say it could linger around the east coast for days before exiting out to sea by midweek. hena daniels cbs news.
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website is diverting trips to and interest fr oak bluff and vineyard haven through today and nantucket and the vineyard ferry service is suspended. cape cod and vineyard ferry is suspend and no fast ferry service from boston to provincetown. check with the ferry services for updates. eversource is ready to deal with the storm. they say extra support staff are in place and ready to respond to power outages or damage. eversource alerted all the employees to be on stand by and they are urging customers to make sure their cell phones are fully charged. and our weather team is tracking the toppled stormed and -- storm around the clock you can check out cbs boston weather app facebook page twitter and website police in boston investigating reports of a
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off overnight. officers were seen placing evidence mark he is or -- markers on the ground and searching the area. serious crash on the 128 waltham. one vehicle was involved. an suv was mangled part of the roof was smashed down and no word on injuries. and breaking news overseas. north korea fires three ballistic missiles. military officials in south korea say this is a show of force as world leaders including president obama are economic summit. now to a developing story a framingham state police officer is off the job accused of inappropriate conduct. nicole jacobs is live in framingham this morning with more. nicole. >> reporter: breana the campus police officer is currently on administrative leave. he was arrested and charged in this case. i want to get you to a mug shot of him this is wilter doraville
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with open and gross lewdness and witness intimidation. the school was made aware of the situation friday and he was relieve of his duty immediately. it's unclear if the situation involves a student but we do know the officer has been banned from campus while this investigation continues. the school released a statement reading in part framingham state university regards the safety of our students faculty and staff as paramount in our duty to the university campus. and we our officers conduct to the highest standards. the situation was isolated and there is no ongoing threat to the university. again, both campus police and local police are investigating. live in framingham this morning nicole jacobs wbz this morning. a man is facing charges after police say he attacked another man with a knife at a cape cod restaurant. brendan medieros is facing multiple charges.
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the victim on the chin and left cheek saturday night at fall mouth raw bar. police say the victim's friends -- falmouth raw bar. police say the victim's friends held him on the ground until officers arrived. people in berlin ordered to stay indoors as police search for bank robbery suspect. this is surveyance photos of the suspect. police say he he robbed a commerce bank in west boylston last week. a chase and search began sunday what motorcycle believed to marlborough. police say the suspect should be considered arm and dangerous. this week the state's highest court will hear anappeal in mail bomb killing. steven caruso is serving a life sentence after being found guilty of first-degree murder sandra berfield e insist he is -- he insist he is not the person a planted the bomb. a dorchester man facing
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mattapan. 39-year-old anthony buckman -- by cana rather turned-- buchanan turned himself in rather. he was drunk driving and speeding when he hit a woman in a crosswalk. janet simms was killed. he will be arraigned tomorrow. police are trying to identified body of a man pulled from the muddy river oa. physicians found the body yesterday afternoon. state police boston ems and medical examiner's office wereall on the scene. osha is investigating after was killed while working on a crane. police say the worker fell at a construction site in the longwood medical area yesterday afternoon. was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. state department of labor released a statement saying osha has responded and begun an investigation. it will seek to determine if workplace safety standards were violated. 9 victim's name and -- the victim's name and age have not been released. now to campaign 2016.
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hillary clinton will attend two events in ohio and get help on the campaign trail from former rival. bernie sanders will be in new hampshire today campaigning for clinton. he is set to speech at an event in lebanon at 3 this afternoon. sanders will discuss clinton's plans on the economy. coming up a. local college student says he had to fight off an attacker who broke into his apartment. >> how the suspect ended up spepper spraying the police and what the victim says about >> plus holding on to the end of summer. the one -- pepper spraying the police and what the victim says about the encounter. >> plus holding on to the end of summer. >> the band of rain associated with hermine backing into new england. who gets the most out of this and who gets sunshine. my forecast is just ahead. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
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lower your blood sugar with invokana?. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana?. ask your doctor about it by name. an escaped duo horsing around on the stre charlton. police department posted these photos from what they call a "low speed pursuit of two single horse powered vehicles. they managed to corral them near the highway barn and the owners came and took them home. i mean it's labor day weekend and they wanted to get out and have some fun too. >> right. it was beautiful. >> yeah. >> it was a nice day. nice weekend. >> as we knew what was coming around the corner barry. >> be and it's still coming. you know, that's the way it
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go far, far away. >> very rare watch the tropical system for this to happen for it to move out look like it was -- rare for a tropical system for this to happen for it to move out and look like it was moving out and puts on the brakes and come back in and let's throw consternation. >> that hermine oh man. >> let's see what's happening right now. let's talk about the pollen report and with rain coming it may be cleansing the atmosphere a little bit today over southeastern massachusetts. are going to be still high in western and northern new england because there won't be rain. so it's over southeastern massachusetts there may be relief for folks with ragweed allergies here because some of that rain will be falling down there first. then the pollen levels just ramp back up at the middle part of the week and we will look at certainly much higher levels of pollen then when it gets hot later in the week. these are the current
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yesterday morning. we had upper 40s near 50 but in western and northern new england where the skies are mostly clear or a few high thin clouds it is still pretty chilly this morning and they will have the best weather out over the next couple days. if you want to get away from this head north and west and you will be out of it. mid-70s for highs today in worcester county. and head closer to boston about 70 and about 68 in most of cape cod and cloudy there all day. but there's lot of hot weather in the middle part of the nation on this triple h stuff is coming our way the hot part of it and there will be higher humidity too. that's coming later this week. we will see that in the 7-day accu-weather forecast. hermine is 300 miles to the southeast of the eastern tip long island there. and it's continuing to spin its band of rain northwestward as the storm is starting to move this way. so let's watch these bands of rain tough to pick out the exact timing on this because this thing is so rare because everything is backing in on it
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potential of showers moving on cape cod late this morning or afternoon. hitting nantucket the next couple could he -- couple to three hours and the band willpivot around so some showers and other bands of showers may move on the to -- move on to the cape this evening. doesn't who can like boston willget much rain until late this afternoon and evening. and farther north and west it stays sunny and some high thin cloudiness at times but high thin cloudiness on western fringe tends to dry up and disappear. so, you folks out there looking pretty good. so then tomorrow morning we got more showers rotating in as the storm center gets a little closer as it gets closer also the wind-- the storm is going to be weakening so the wind will drop off a little bit but gusting tomorrow out of the northeast at 20 to 40 miles an hour after hitting 50 miles per hour peaking out tonight. and late today and tonight over
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can see whirling around on into wednesday we are getting bits of rain and drizzle along the coastal plain and phenyl by by -- finally by thursday it will move out. the projected rain totals here could be as much as a half inch to an inch and a half maybe a few totals higher than that and boston maybe a half inch or so out of this but higher total to the south. wind gusting right now to 20 to 30 miles an hour in cape cod and could go up to 45 to 50 miles per and today. here's my forecast. wind and rain continuing off and on in eastern massachusetts tomorrow. and again on wednesday. finally we gut out of this -- get out of this and break out on thursday a late day thunderstorm 91 on friday could be close to 90 on saturday afternoon with a few showers and storms early saturday and a couple more storms late on saturday. that's it. back to you kate and brianna. >> thank you. taking a look at the roads it's labor day. look at the zakim not a lot of
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off to stay home and just sleep in. breana. police say man pepper preyed office -- sprayed officer after breaking into a allston apartment building. police got a call about a man trying to break into a building sunday morning a resident tells wbz the suspect broke into his apartment and he describes the terrifying encounter. >> he climbed from the roof and he says just let me will kill you. >> when police approached the man matching suspect's description, that's when they say he used pepper spray on officers and took off. police caught up to him and arrested him. he will be in court tomorrow. unlike the previous two years massachusetts taxpayers will not get an income tax cut in 2017. state revenue officials say tax collections didn't meet the necessary bench marks to trigger an automatic reduction on january 1 but the reduction
5:20 am
to 5.05%. new report says that the state's lowest paid workers saw a 7% increase in pay thanks to last year's minimum wage hike. the annual report by the massachusetts budget and policy center says that the lowest wage workers went from making $9.08 an hour to $9.75. middle class worker wages rose up 2.9%. and mother teresa is now officially a saint. >> pope francis made the declaration yesterday in front of vatican. mother teresa devoted her life to helping the poor. in dorchester cardinal omally held -- o'malley held a specialmass. several sisters from the mother teresa founded sat in the front row and cardinal o'malley thanked tem for their charity work. scientists may have found the key to making the vacation feeling last long after it is over. >> researchers at the university of california
5:21 am
retreat at a resort. half were asked to meditate and the other half asked to enjoy the vacation those who didn't meditate were less stressed those meditated on the vacation reported fewer feelings of depression and less stress 10 months after the retreat. >> we will have to meditate more. tough loss for the red sox. >> they lose ground in the pennant race a closer look at what officially underway. how the team is making sure that a piece of him is still
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wbz sports is driven by bmw. test drive a bmw today at massachusetts bmw center or visit us at bmw >> welcome back. 5:24. hermine moving up the start time for the championship in norton. >> and the sox bl the a's. steve burton has more in the morning sports. >> good morning. the red sox are spinning their holiday in san diego where they will try to put yesterday's loss in oakland behind them. rodriguez took a no hitter into the the 8th. two out. the shot back to the mound but rodriguez kicks can it and recovers to make the throw to first. the runner beat the throw and after review the runer is ruled safe and no hitter is gone. he finished the inning and high
5:25 am
bottom 9th still scoreless he kimbell on relief walks lead off man and doubles into the corner in left. that's enough for winning run to score. tough way to lose a game. blue jays they went won so sox fall a game back in the east. we may be banned from the property for the next four wears but make no -- four weeks but make no mistake there are giant banners of quarterback. so you can see them from inside and outside the stadium and nice show of support for patriots quarterback number 12. >> pretty cool we have that. that banner i just saw that. and i mean, i am not going to lie it's like a buddy going to jail and so you know it's one of those type of things and the situation is unfortunate but the situation is thinking about the arizona cardinals and who will be out there to go out and play against the guys.
5:26 am
headed to norton for the final round tee times have been moved up to start at 7 a.m. because of the weather. and they will play in threesomes. gates open at 6:30 this morning. that's sports for now. steve burton. now over to you. >> thanks steve. still to come in the next half-hour, more backlash for colin kaepernick. >> what the local police union is saying about the protest of the national anthem and impact on the 49ers. >> plus tracking hermine. more on what residents on the cape are doing to prepare for the storm. >> that's right hermine is backing in closer to us with thebands of clouds and rain offshore. looks like it will get stormy over southeastern massachusetts later this afternoon. we will have the full forecast coming up. right now over boston it's just partly cloudy out there and mostly clear off to the north and west and we will tell you but it impacts the region when
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and one cup at a time.
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i called for help as soon as i saw her. i found her wandering miles from home. when the phone rang at 5am, i knew it was about mom. i see how hard it's been on her at work and i want to help. for the 5 million americans living with alzheimer's, and millions more who feel its effects. let's walk together to make an even bigger impact and end alzheimer's for good. find your walk near you at now at 5:30, storm watch all ice on hermine. residents on the came and islands cutting their holiday weekend plans short. our area now bracing for high winds and rough surf and rain.
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gets the most wind and rain out of the storm. the forecast is ahead nan framingham police officer off the job and nd arrest. a closer look at charges that he is now facing. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> welcome back. thanks for joining us. i am kate merrill. >> i am breana pitts in tore chris mckinnon. it's labor day monday september5th. thanks for being with us. all eyes are on hermine. >> it was aa nice weekend but things are changing. >> it was so beautiful yesterday. my gosh. the water was warm and it was great out there and the sun was out and oh just fantastic weather. but here we have breana this morning and located about 260 miles south southeast of man tucket that's where the storm center is located prntly. the bands of rain and wind spiraling out from the center of the storm and backing in on us so, here's what we are
5:31 am
we won't have winds that strong but he expect winds of 40 to 50- mile-per-hour in gusts in this part where the tropical storm warnings r cape and islands and southern part of rhode island this afternoon and into the evening there could be 40 to 50- mile-per-hour wind gusts out of this storm as that sort of loops around a little bit so the wind field moves in on us and along with the rain bands but if you are farther inland you will get increasing wind but not as much as the coast and certainly the seas will be building no that. just minor flooding possible at teaches high tide and not all that -- at times of high tied and not all that much. it's building northwestward towards new england. we won't get a full-fledged hurricane and it's going to be minimal tropical storm as the thing spins around. so we are lucky in that respect and hopefully we will get rain out this. mainly southeastern new england. temperatures down there in the 60s where the wind is blowing
5:32 am
farther inland where there's no wind the temperature in the upper 40s and lower 50s and there will be the most sunshine farther inland today and again it's going to be basically cloudy boston south and a little sun boston for a while this morning and showers this afternoon from the cape up to boston. and near 70 here as the windgets gusty. more on the forecast in a minute. let's go to brianna -- breana. >> if you have to work today you will have a really easy commute. you can see there's no one on the roads out there. this is a live eastbound lanes of the pike and it is smooth sailing. hermine battered parts of the south packing strong winds heavy serve -- surf nothing-- knocking down trees and power lines and damaging docks. that storm is headed our way. the storm forcing many people here in massachusetts to change their labor day plans. >> our anna meiler is live in sandwich with a closer look at how people on the cape are preparing anna. >> reporter: and the wind
5:33 am
and people across cape cod are bracing for the effects of hermine. storm could bring wind gusts of 40 to 50 miles per hour creating dangerously rough surf and rip currents. fee beach erosion is possible on sunday some people took one last dip in the ocean before the storm arrived. others could be seen pulling the boats out of the water cutting labor day weekend short. >> there's no way i would want to be out here after today and the next couple days you don't want to be near this place and if you have mooring i would try to take it out. >> reporter: the national weather service is also warning people to be prepared for winds strong enough to bring downtrees and large branches as well as power lines. reporting live anna meiler wbz this morning. back to you guys. >> thank you. the weather team is tracking the storm around the clock and there's lots of ways to stay up- to-date. check out the cbs boston weather app facebook page twitter and, of course, our
5:34 am
learn the identity of a 2-year- old girl who fell into a fire pit and suffered second and third degrow burns. we are told she is in stable condition. officials say the accidenthappened at a birthday party saturday night. investigators say a fire that burned through a home in roslindale started in planter or not front porch. threes pictures from the boston fire. flames broke out just after midnight on saturday. no one was home at honoing two nuns found stabbed to death in their home last month. sister mall paula merrill and margaret held will have a nursing scholarship named after them and will be given to a student who works in a underserved area or does charitable work. they worked in mississippi considered one of the poorest parts of the country. new fallout stemming
5:35 am
anthem. police department which patrols the stadium during 49ers games is turning to boycott if he is not representry manted. the police -- reprimand. police union sent a letter to the front office saying the half of the officers might not show up at next week's game. kaepernick is protesting against police brutality. he says he will stand again when race relations in the country improve. boston city counselors are alcohol tax a cord together boston globe they are proposing a 2% tax on all alcohol sold in boston with hopes that it brings in more than 20 million dollars in revenue per year. the counselors estimate the average 6 pack of beer would increase 12 cents from the tax. in 2010 voters narrowly rejected the reverend up on increasing sales tax on alcohol. new twist on a gym
5:36 am
we will have a closer look at the new trend. >> reporter: a framingham state university police officer has been arrested. coming up, we will tell you why and what the university is saying about it.
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money back -- gyms across the country are offering money back guarantees but david jack from men's health magazine says read the fine print. >> you have to be careful. you have to know who you are going in business with and what their track history is and what the 100% money back guarantee entails. >> the numbers are good. >> reporter: with this investment he is happy not to get his money back. jill wagner cbs news, new york. coming up a. source. >> how a study about wine could lead to a breakthrough in alzheimer's research. we will explain coming up. >> reporter: we are live in sandwich where hermine is bringing strong winds that could create dangerously rough surf and rip currents. how people on cape cod are
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looking forward great colors and trees in the fall months ahey. thanks to a dry summer we may not get that. >> due to the area's drought and thin soil the leaves on some of the trees could turn brown and crispy and then fall off. cater pillars defoil ateed 3 50,000 acres of trees in massachusetts which is a bummer because that's one of the best parts of fall. >> yeah and people literally
5:45 am
foliage and we don't like that barry we are not happy about that. >> it's had but i think maybe up north -- it's sad but i think maybe up north they he might have better shot because they have what lot more rain up there this summer. so, things are better way up north and especially up in the northern mountains where they have been getting lots of showers but down here we missed most of the rain and i saw a lot of the trees didn't look good at all. how about number of 90 dedays. 20 so far. 20 in boston. average number is 13. we have had 20 s get a couple this weeks. yuft yesterday it looked like we would -- yesterday it log like we would have two. there's going to be a lot of hot air close to us. it's not hot this mork. we have 40s again this morning in western new england be a connecticut river valley and today's highs -- and connecticut river valley and today's highs upper 60s to 70 in boston and middle 7 2340?s worcester county and 80 -- 70s in worcester county and 08 in new eng -- 80 in western and
5:46 am
90s for much of the nation and the heat will try to roll in on this second half of the week. but it's going to be delayed by hermine because she is going to be hanging around too long to enabled the hot air-- if hermine was not there the hot air would come in on wednesday but it locks like since hermine will not take her time to depart therefore we will have leftover a lot of cloudiness and mist and spotty showers even on wednesday. when does the rain arrive today? well, it loo morning coming up on nantucket maybe in couple hours and then onto chatham maybe off tohyannis by 10 or 12. the bands had migrate northwestward. as they move northwestward they attempt to dry out as they move up into the very dry air. and high pressure ridging to the north. but i think in boston we may have shores bits second half of the afternoon and southeastern massachusetts as this heads up towards the north shore and falls apart as it gets towards
5:47 am
scattered showers and sprinkles and a few brief downpours a-- are possible as temperatures go up to the middle 70s where there's sunshine this morning. it will be filtered and dim. the areas with the most sunshine across northern new england. what weekend for people who go camping hiking and climbing. tomorrow we have the bands of showers coming in and some bands may produce locally heavy rain in southern new england as they migrate around the storm center which will l meandering to the south. so, again even tuesday, some scattered showers and even on wednesday, some more showers roll in so that's the deal and the potential is there for getting some beneficial rain in some spots here in eastern and southeastern new england. and we are talking about hopefully a half inch or more in boston and maybe some areas close to or over an inchp over southeastern parts of massachusetts. we have winds of 25 to 30 miles an hour and gusts to 33 miles per hour at nantucket and that's where the the strongest
5:48 am
tonight. gusts 45 maybe peak gust of 35 5? 5 nantucket. 35 to 45 on the south shore. 35 on nantucket. a to 45 on south -- 35 to 45 on the south shore. with the current wave heights to the south, the red zones 15 to 20 foot waves right now and 12 foot waves to the south of cape cod and even on the east facing beaches we have got 5 to 7 foot waves coming in so big waves over the next several days as we watch for showers off and on, especially eastern and southeastern new england wednesday and a couple thunderstorms late thursday and 86 thursday and maybe it will be over 90 here coming up on friday and into saturday. that's it for now. back to you kate. >> all right thanks. 5:48. taking a look at the pike, the he free and clear on this labor day monday a few people having to go into work. hopefully you are off staying
5:49 am
officer is off the job accused of inappropriate conduct. >> and all eyes on hermine as the storm heads our way. here are your top stories on this monday morning. >> reporter: people across cape cod are bracing for the affects of hermine. across cape cod wind gusts are close to 25 miles an hour. on sunday people could be seen pulling their boats in and others took one last dip in the ocean before the storm arrives. hermine could bring wind of 40 to 50 miles per hour creating dangerously rough sur and rip currents. beach erosion is possible. national weather service is warning people to be prepared for winds that are strong enough to about -- bring down trees and large branches and power lines. another update coming up. anna meiler wbz this morning. >> reporter: i am nicole jacobs live in framingham at framingham state university war campus police officer is on administrative leave. let's look at the -- where a
5:50 am
administrative leave. wilter dormevil was charged with gross be a open huedness and -- and open lewdness and witness intimidation e was arrested and the cool was made aware of the situation friday. they also placed him on administrative leave and he is currently banned from campus. campus and local police are both investigating coming up we will tell you how the university is responding. live in framingham nicole jacobs wbz this a construction worker in boston was killed while work on a crane -- working on a crane. police says the worker fell at a construction sight in the longwood medicare area sunday afternoon. he was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. 37 waste water disposal wells are being shut down in oklahoma after a 5.6 magnitude earthquake hit over the weekend. the state says they are among the 700 wells in a 15,000 squaremile area of interest
5:51 am
address earl quakes a increase in quakes are linked to the underground disposal of waste water from oil and natural gas production. plymouth police are searching for thieves who swiped this 150 pound lobster sculpture from nelson park. the town thinks two men in the 50s driving a green pickup truck stole the sculpture around 2 saturday morning. they apparently tried to steal a different lobster sculpture earlier. the sculptures are part of lobster crawls featuring 29 sculptures around town. have you wondered why wine experts can smell and taste ingredients why others can't. researchers set out to find the answer and what they found could lead to a breakthrough for alzheimer's. chris martinez has the story. >> reporter: harley has developed an almost super human sense of smell over the years. >> identifying the different
5:52 am
>> reporter: as a wine one sewerhe says he can detect almost any ingredients in glass of wine. >> dry roses very floral. >> reporter: research shows that keen sense of smell has developed his brain. >> that's a lot more activity that. >> reporter: the dr. banks did brain scans on 13 of them and 13 nonexperts as they smelled scents of wines and fruits and the wine experts could detect scents and the others could the brain are bigger including areas susceptible to alzheimer's. >> the fact that the parts of the brain at that are bigger are those parts most vulnerable to parkinson's and alzheimer's suggest they he might have degree of protection. >> reporter: dr. banks says developing the sense of smell with wine or anything else might be key in growing our brains to help prevent disease. >> definitely sort of stopping
5:53 am
the sensory experience. >> reporter: harley says he will toast to that. >> that's the best part-time to taste. >> reporter: chris martinez, cbs news las vegas. >> that's amazing. >> i was hoping it had something to do when you drink the wine it helps. >> i think it doesn't help right? >>i think you are right. still to come a. member of the wbz family gets in touch with nature. >> first he wrestled an alligator and next steve burton takes on a lizard. we have a closer look at the
5:54 am
taste the many sides of brookside.
5:55 am
exotic fruit flavor inside. brookside.
5:56 am
come a little closer stand by joanie. >> hold him tight. hold him tight. >> i am. >> hold him tight. >> i am. >> you got him. >> i am. >> that's okay. >> joanie you got it. >> oh it's just funnier every time we showed you this last week steve burton having problems with didn't stop there. this is just one of the animals that steve got up close and personal with during a special segment for last night's sports final. >> one guest left mark on more than just steve. >> she is probably. >> again the floor is intimidating because it's a tile floor so, if. >> you see he is using her tong tongue to smell the enviability. >> and -- environment.
5:57 am
>> okay. >> -- sleek. >> you-- screak. >> we have a brand new studio and i don't know how long it lasted for before that happened. >> okay so now it's kristianed and i will never use that section. >> we will have much more on steve's exotic animal encounters so stay tuned. >> why the animals why on sports final is another question we want to know. keep it here on wbz this morning. straight ahead. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me,
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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good monday morning i am kate merrill. >> i am breana pits in for chris mckinnon. labor day monday september 5th and at 6 all eyes are on hermine. parts of massachusetts brace and rain. >> we get a glancing blow. who gets the most out of this? my forecast just ahead. >> and developing this morning a framingham state police officer off the job and under arrest. a closer look at charges he faces. >> hermine now heading our way. >> that's right barry burbank isin for danielle miles and some people are changing their vacation plans. >> some people not. depends on your location because if you are in western


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