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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  September 5, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good monday morning i am kate merrill. >> i am breana pits in for chris mckinnon. labor day monday september 5th and at 6 all eyes are on hermine. parts of massachusetts brace and rain. >> we get a glancing blow. who gets the most out of this? my forecast just ahead. >> and developing this morning a framingham state police officer off the job and under arrest. a closer look at charges he faces. >> hermine now heading our way. >> that's right barry burbank isin for danielle miles and some people are changing their vacation plans. >> some people not. depends on your location because if you are in western
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going to be a pretty nice day with a bit of high thin cloudiness every now and then. southeastern massachusetts pretty much on cue here as the forecast has been calling for the last couple days. the very rare situation where a system babbing in especially a tropical system. it's not to say it's never occurred but not happening very often. so it's down here and throwing some bands of rain and winds our way. strongest winds later this afternoon and tonight. seas will be building and so we have dangerous rip currents out there for today. and the high tide is coming not expecting much of -- not expecting much of coastal flooding. a snapshot and loop showing cloud cover backing in but the rain is not even nantucket but getting closer and it will move onshore eventually. so nantucket gets the rain first and then pinwheels northwestward boston may have some by late this afternoon. aid cool start to the day. some -- it's a cool start to the day. there's going to be more and more sunshine out in western
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high cloudiness here. storm clouds approach and we get showers later this afternoon. first on the cape and the gustiest winds down there. traffic situation, breana. >> reporter: hi thank you. we will take this all in because i don't know what it will look like this again. a holiday labor day but not a lot of people on the road a few cars are out there on the expressway. hermine battered parts of the south pabbing strong winds knocking down trees and power lines and damaging docks. people here in massachusetts to actually change their labor day plans.>> anna meiler is live with a closer look at how people on the cape are preparing. anna. >> reporter: and the wind is whipping out here. wind gusts close to 25 miles per hour across the cape right now and they are expected to get stronger. her moan is bringing whipping -- hermine is bringing whipping winds to cape cod. many people spent sunday pulling their boats out of the
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>> this pontoon style boat is not made for heavy winds. might as well get it out. >> reporter: the sun was shining bright giving swimmers one last chance to jump in the ocean but the wind began to build. >> we love the wind. we love to see the storm. >> >> reporter: the storm could bring gusts of 40to 5 miles per hour -- 50 miles per hour and there could be showers and possible power outas. chaser in the making. >> i like it. i also like when the power goes out. >> reporter: but others braised for the impending wind and rain deciding it would be best to cut the labor day weekend short. >> there's no way i want to beout here after today. next couple days you don't want to be near the person and if you have a boat on the mooring i would try to take it out. >> reporter: hermine is spec to stall south -- expected to stall south of new england so gusty winds may stick around
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few days creating dangerously rough currents and surf and for now reporting live anna meiler wbz this morning. state of emergency is in effect for parts of new jersey. areas still recovering from super storm sandy are bracing for whatever hermine brings. hena daniels has more from point pleasant beach new jersey. >> reporter: hermine continues to whip up dangerous waves along the atlantic coast overnight. lurking dangerously east coast. this video shows the winds tossing a cruise ship from side to side sunday. confining passengers to the cabins. as the storm churned offshore, many beachgoers from virginia to the jersey shore were forced to stay out of the water. >> when you see the red flag the red flag is a sign of danger so you have to take precautions. >> reporter: residents living along the water began pulling their boats in. others prepared for the worst. >> i locked up everything in
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am ready. >> reporter: many beaches across the northeast remain closed today. amid concerns hermine could trigger life-threatening rip tides and flooding. with memories of super storm sandy still fresh on residence' minds authorities in parts of connecticut say they are prepared to open shelters if necessary. >> we have plenty of bottled water and supplies so residents can take a warm shower. >> reporter: new jersey governor christie declared a state of emergency in have to use the assets but it would be much too late if the storm started to track west. >> reporter: forcasters say hermine could linger around the east coast for days before exiting out to sea by midweek. hena daniels, cbs news. >> and most ferry service here is suspended because of the storm. the steam ship authority's website says they are diverting trips to and from vineyard
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island queen canceled between cape cod and vineyard service and no fast ferry from boston to providence -- provincetown they will offer motor coaches for passengers today and part of tomorrow. so check with ferry services for updates. eversource is ready to deal with storm. they say extra crews and support staff are in place and ready to respond. they have alerted all employees to be on stand by. they are urging customers to make sure the cell fully charged. our weather team has been tracking a storm around the clock and there's lot of ways to stay up-to-date. check out the cbs boston weather app and facebook page and twitter accounts and, of course, our website breaking overnight one person rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries after a shooting in jamaica plain. eye happened around 2:30 this -- it happened around 2:30 this morning. this was the scene. part of the area was blocked off overnight. officers were seen placing
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also breaking overnight, police on the scene of a serious crash on 128 in waltham. at least one vehicle was involved and an suv was mangled part of the roof smashed down. no word on injuries. breaking news overseas. north korea fires three ballistic missiles military officials in south korea say that is show of force as world leaders including president obama are meeting in china for the g-20 economic summit. now to a developing story. framingham stat accused of inappropriate conduct. >> nicole jacobs is live in framingham with more. nicole. >> reporter: breana the campus police officer is on eyed straightive -- administrative leave this morning after being arrest and charged. i want to get you to a mug shot. this is wilter dormevil he was charged with opened and gross lewdness and open intimidation. the school was made aware of
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immediately. it's unclear if the situation involves a student but we do know that the officer is banned from campus while the investigation continues. the school released this statement reading in part, frappingham state university -- framingham state university regards the saiment safety of student faculty and staff as duty that's paramount and we will hold officers conduct to the highest standards. the situation is isolated and there is no ongoing threat to un again, both campus police and local police are investigating. live in framingham nicole jacobs, wwz this morning -- wbz this morning. residents in berlin ordered to stay indoors as policeer is fop arbank robbery suspect. these are -- as police search for a bank robbery suspect. these are surveillance videos. a chase and search began what motorcycle believed tonight
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this week the highest court will hear an appeal in mail bombkilling. steven caruso was serving a life sentence after being found guilty in the death of sandra berfield. he insist he is not the person who planted the bomb and says that he should get a new trial. osha is investigating after a construction worker was killed in boston. police say that worker fell while work on a -- working on a crane. emergency druce responded to the -- crews responded to the the worker was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. the state department of labor releasing a statement saying osha has respond and begun a investigation to seek to determine if any workplace safety standards were violated. the victim's name and age has not been released. now to campaign 2016. donald trump will take break from campaigning today but hillary clinton will attend two events in ohio a big swing state and she will get help on the campaign trail from a
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hampshire today campaigning for clinton. he is set to speak in lebanon at 3 this afternoon. sanders will discuss clinton's plans on the economy. and ahead, bad news for anyone look for some tax relief. >> state officials say there won't be a income tax cut next year. plus mother teresa becomes the saint. the special celebrations in rome and here at home. we have the wind from hermine down the coast. strongest winds offshore. they will run up to 50 miles per hour and gusts over parts of cape cod later today. mying a yew weather forecast is just a few minutes away when
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needham aly raisman say pole jizzing to tom brady and his wife -- apologizing to tom brady and his wife. >> because of this photo she attend the university of wisconsin badger football game as the guest of the green bay quarterback aaron rogers. she capture the photo with
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sorry tom and gisele i hope you understand. >> i think we can forgive her for that but she needs one with tom and gisel knee as long as she was -- >> as long as she was not wearing the clothes. >> i expect to see that picture with tom coming up soon. >> we have to wait for it. >> exactly. i think he's in hiding but after that. >> i think so a couple weeks that's night just a couple weeks. >> just a couple. >> what are we looking at with hermine. wind coming in here. just getting a glancing blowout of this. so it's not going to be a terrible store storm and here but getting windier and seas will build. we will get the northwest flank of the storm. look over great city of boston you can see a little bit of a brightness in the cloud cover there but for the most part, it's going to be generally cloudy here in boston for most of the day. and if you go farther and farther northwest of boston you will see's bit more in the way of sunshine.
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how about comparing last labor day to this labor day. last labor day 93 followed by two more days in the 90s so. we had a heat wave and this labor day. you note forecast. it's going to get windier along coast especially southeastern mass with showers arriving down there. with a sunshine most prevalent in western new england. so quite a different day this year compared to last will be a day. still 40s in some of the connecticut river valley towns cloudiness out there. we have got in chatham. we have got dew points in the 40s out west and nice and crisp and dry and refreshing. and the air is going to be getting more humid with time as we get a flow coming in from the ocean bringing the higher humidity out over there and bring it into new england. and the high temperatures are going into the upper 60s to almost 60 -- 70. and as you get farther unland especially off to the northwest where there's more in the way of sunshine through the varying
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probably middle 70s with less wind inland than along the coast. so those will be a high 75 in fact 80 in parts of wherein new england but here's where the heat s much of the rest of the nation look at these highs today. in the 90s. and des destineed for new england but looks like hermine is going to cause a delay in the arrival of that triple h weather because it's stuck in place and can't move very fast and that's why we have to deal with the sporadic showers and you know spiral bands of rain and winds gusting up will be the strongest later this afternoon and tonight and slowly unwinding tomorrow. what's the time stamp as the showers move onto cape cod by late this morning and this afternoon, they will head towards boston south shore communities by mid afternoon. western and northern new england has a little high thin cloudiness and sun shines through. right around here we have a few
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around this system as it continues to whirl as the center right there you can see that motion cyclonic motion and the showers will continue to try to push northwestward but will dry out as they run this ridge of high pressure and the drier air off to the north and west. so most of the action is down here. and as we watch the time stamp it lingers right into wednesday. this thing is still out there. so, the rain could amount to a pretty good amount in some sections of the south shore. maybe more than an inch. perhaps up to 2 inches e massachusetts just maybe a few 10th to a few hundreds to nothing in wesh and northern new england what we expect out of when whole thing. right now we have winds mainly 25 miles per hour a little bit less and gusts to 32 in nantucket and we will see winds there 45 to highs of 55-mile- per-hour gusts at nantucket late this afternoon. 35 miles per hour metro west. and 15 to 35 off to the northwest and that is bidding
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seas right now. this is the color coding and we have red inned quieting -- nd kateing 20 to 40 foot waves and buoy close 10 to 14 feet and 6 to 8 feet just offshore. show we have got showers into wednesday that dies down the wind and then we brick out and it warms up. it will be sum arey. 86 on thursday. hey, look 90 on saturday. >> wow. >> how about that? >> summer returns. >> you bet. >> thank you appreciate it. 6:18. live look at the expressway. looking pretty amazing although some folks are heading into work at this early hour on this labor day but not too many. so looks like smooth sailing for you out on the roads this morning. a new report says that the state's lowest paid workers saw a 7% increase in pay thanks to the minimum wage hike. the annual report by the
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workers rose from 9.08 an hour to pore $19-- to $9.75. middle class workers wages rose also. unlike the previous two years massachusetts taxpayers will not get an income tax cut in 2017. state revenue officials say tax collections didn't meet the necessary bench marks to trigger an automatic reduction on january 1st. but the reduction would have been small several state and low he cal leaders are scheduled to -- local leaders are scheduled to speak at annual labor day breakfast. mayor walsh and elizabeth warren and edward marquee will hey dress the crowd. the focus of the event is celebration of unions. organizers say it will focus on opposition to this year's ballot question to expand charter schools. and mother teresa-- and mother teresa is a
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declaration yesterday in front of a crowd of thousands. she devoted her life to helping the poor. cardinal o'malley held a special mass. several sifters from the order that mother teresa founded the missionaries of charity, sat in the front row. and cardinal o'malley thanked them for their charity work. up next, the it up loss for the red sox. >> they blow a shot at a no hitter and loses ground in the pennate race. we will have a closer look at what went wrong. underway. how the team is making sure a
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narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results" and "eye-catching educational gains."
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pe" for kids all across massachusetts. question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. vote yes on 2.
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wbz sports is driven by bmw. test drive a bmw today at your
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visit hermine moving up the start time for the deutcha bank championship. >> and sox blow it against the a's. steve burton has more in the morning sports. >> good morning. red sox are spinning their holiday in san diego where they will get back to work and try to put yesterday's loss behind them. rodriguez took a no hitter into the 8th. two out and the shot back to the mound and he ket it and makes the throw to fi runner is ruled safe no hitter is gone. and he finished the inning and that's it for him. high fives and hugs from the teammates. bottom 9th scoreless and kimbell walks a lead off man and a double no corner for left. a winning run comes and scores. tough way to lose. blue jays they won yes as well but the sox are a game back in the east.
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banned from the property but this is tom brady's house. there are giants banners of him on boat sides of the stadium lighthouse. so you can see them from inside and outside the stadium and niceshow of support for patriots quarter heback -- quarterback. >> pretty cool we have got that banner. i just saw that and i mean, i am not going to lie it's like a buddy going to jail so, you know it's one of those type of things and the wh the situation is thinking about the cardinals and who's going to be out there to go out and play against the guys. >> and heads up if you are heading to norton for the final round tee times are start at 7 a.m. because of the weather and they will play in threesomes. gates open at 6:30 this morning. that's sports for now steve burton. now over to you. still to come a. bizarre robbery in plymouth. >> who police think made off
6:26 am
sculpture. >> also ahead. a medical breakthrough from a unlikely news how a study about wine could lead to serious changes and alzheimer's
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i found her wandering miles from home. when the phone rang at 5am, i knew it was about mom. i see how hard it's been on her at work and i want to help. for the 5 million americans living with alzheimer's, and millions more who feel its effects. let's walk together to make an even bigger impact and end alzheimer's for good.
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right now at 6:30 all ice on hermine. residents of the cape and islands cutting their holiday weekend plan short. our area now bracing for high winds ruer of surf and rain -- winds rough surf and rain. >> how much rain will we get. >> and developing a framingham state police officer off the job and under arrest.
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>> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> welcome back. i am briean' -- breana pitts in for chris. >> i am karat merrill we are talking about the weather -- kate merrill and we are talking about the weather. rough weather heading our way. >> it's. >> the hurricane so we can be thankful for that. we will get glancing blow but it people -- fouling up plans for people on this labor day. happy labor day. we have the storm out there with the wind close to 70 miles per hour near the center. we will not get wind of that magnitude but winds of 30 as high as 50 and gusts later. see the rain not too far away from nantucket. soon to move on there and as the storm backs in on us and gives us stronger winds the national weather service has the tropical storm warning in
6:31 am
tonight and will unwind tomorrow. so high seas they are building now rough surf and northeast gales windiest on the cape and periods of rain as it moves northwestward but the rain won't penetrate that far inland and western and northern new england gets sunshine with high cloudiness. see the heavy cloud shield is over boston but it's thin stuff off to the far north and west of there. and the rain is getting closer as you can see. but just high clouds now for most part and those storm uc afternoon. it's cool in western and northern new england where it's mostly clear and we will be going up to about 68 on cape cod to 76 in western massachusetts and central mass as well whether it's filtered sunshine and the showers and cape starting this morning and they will be in boston by late this afternoon. and more weather coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you barry and this is a live look at 93 south on thezakim bridge and you can see
6:32 am
the road out there. enjoy it if you are home if you have to cop into -- come into the city it's a easy commute. hermine knocked down trees and power lines and damaged docks. now it's headed our way. it is forcing many people here to change their labor day plans. >> anna meiler is live in sandwich with a closer look at how people in the cape are preparing. >> reporter: wind gusts are close to 25 miles per hour across cape cod and rough this morning. and the wind is supposed to get even stronger. hermine could bring wind gusts of 40 to 50 miles per hour bringing dangerously rough sur and -- surf and on sunday some people took one last dip in the ocean before the storm arrived and others were pulling the boats out the water cutting labor day weekend short. >> there's no way i want to be out here after today.
6:33 am
want to be near this place and if you have a boat on the mooring i would try to take it out. >> reporter: the national weather service is also warning people to be prepared for winds strong enough that could bring down he trees and large branches and power lines. reporting live from sandwich this morning anna meiler wbz this morning. one person rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries after a shooting in jamaica plain around 2:30 this morning. this is off overnight. officers were seen placing evidence markers on the ground and searching the area. also breaking overnight, police on the scene of a serious crash on 128 in waltham. one vehicle was involved and an suv was mangled part of the roof smashed down no word on any injuries. now to a developing story a framingham state police officer is off the job accused of
6:34 am
nicole. >> reporter: framingham state university wasted no time placing this officer on administrative leave after he was arrested and charged. i can tell you both local police as well as campus police are investigating this situation. i want to get you to a mug shot this morning of the officer surrounding the case. this is wilter dormevil charged with open and gross lewdness and witness entim dation. school was made aware of the situation and he was of his duties immediately. it's unclear if the situation involves a student but we do know that the officer is banned from campus while the investigation continues. the school released a staple reading in part framingham university regards the safety our students faculty and staff as paramount. and we will continue to hold our officers conduct to the highest standards. the situation was isolated and
6:35 am
the university. again, both campus and local police are investigating. live in framingham nicole jacobs wbz this morning. a man is facing charges after police say he attacked another man with a knife at a cape cod restaurant. brendan medeiros is facing multiple charges. police say the 35-year-old cut the victim on chin and left cheek -- left cheek. a the police say the victim's friend held him on the ground until the officers arrived. nearby hospital and released. a dorchester man facing charges in a deadly hit-and-run in mattapan. police say 39-year-old anthony buchanan turned himself in around 1 a.m. sunday morning. he was drunk driving and speeding on morton street when he hit a woman in the crosswalk on friday night. janet simms was killed. he will be arraigned tomorrow morning. police are trying to identify the body of a man pulled from a mowedy river.
6:36 am
officials found the body yesterday afternoon. state police ems and medical examiner's office were at the scene. mississippi school honoing the two nuns found -- honoring the two nuns found stabbed to death. paula merrill born and raised in stoneham and marching wit rit held will have a -- margaret held will have a nursing scholarship named after them for a student who works in underserved area or does charitable work. they worked at clinic co parts of the country. new fallout from colin kaepernick controversial protest to sit during the national anthem. police department which patrols the stadium during 49ers games is threatening to boycott if he is not reprimanded a police union in santa clara sent a leter to the front office saying that half the officers might not show up to next week's game. kaepernick is protesting against police brutality and says he will start to stand
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6:36. plymouth police are searching for thieves who swiped a 150 pound lobster sculpture from nelson park. the town thinks two men in their 50s driving a green pickup struck stole it around 2 a.m. saturday morning. they apparently tried to steal a different lobster sculpture earlier. the scupptures are part of the -- sculptures are part of the lobster craw featuring 29 sculptures -- crawl featuring 29 sculptures thought the closed saturday to swimmers after a shark was spotted 150 yards offshore. coast guard beach in easton was closed saturday after lifeguard warned they saw what they believed was a shark about 25 yards from the shore. on the "healthwatch" if you think antibacterial soap is bet than regular soap think again. fda is saying there's no scientific evidence to support that claim. in fact, the fda is banning some antibacterial soaps and
6:38 am
marketed. they say the soaps contain active ingredients that are not proven to be safe and effective for long-term daily use. danish researchers linked childhood body mass index to asthma in a study involving 300,000 people researchers found young adult males admitted to the hospital with asthma were usually underweight as children and young adult women were usually overweight as children. another study in the uk found that small as fetuses are at an increased rising for asthma. have you wondered why wine experts can smell and taste ingredients the rest of us can't? researchers in las vegas set out to see if they could answer the question and what they found could lead to breakthrough for alzheimer's. chris martinez has more. >> reporter: harley developed a super highman sense of smell. >> identifying the different
6:39 am
>> reporter: as a wine connoisseur he says he can detect almost any ingredients in glass of wine. >> dry roses potpourri very floral. >> reporter: now research shows that keen sense of smell has developed his brain. >> that's just a lot more activity that. >> reporter: dr. sarah banks did brain scans on 13 of them and 13 nonexperts as they smelled scents of wines and fruits. she found the wine experts could detect scents the couldn't but discovered parts of the brain are bigger including areas susceptible to alzheimer's. >> the fact the parts of the brain that are bigger are most vulnerable to diseases like alzheimer's and parkinsons suggest they might have some degree of protection. >> reporter: dr. banks says developing the sense of smell with wine or anything else might be key in growing our brains to help prevent disease. >> definitely sort of stopping
6:40 am
life -- and enjoy life. >> reporter: harley says he will toast to that. >> that's the best part-time to taste. >> reporter: chris martinez cbs news las vegas. sipetivity may have found the key to make the vacation feeling last long after it is over flee searchers at the university of california studied two groups at a 6 day retreat half why asked to meditate and other asked to enjoy the vacation. those who meditated during the trip reported depression and less stress 10 months after the retreat. so long lasting effects there. >> sound good but when you -- sounds good but when u have kids it's no meditating. >> that's true. still ahead, latest on hermine's track and what to expect in our area. >> plus, bernie sanders getting back on the campaign trail how he plans to support a former rival. >> could autumn belet less bright. foliage may not be too
6:41 am
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this year fall foliage may not be as bright or last as long thanks to drought conditions. areas with dry conditions and thin soil could see leaves turn
6:44 am
also to blame because reports say they key defoil ateed areas of trees in massachusetts which is terrible because so many people come to new england to see the foliage in the fall and it's like one of the perks of the weather changing. >> right. >> and it's the trees. >> and now there won't be as many. we have bone to pick with the moss we have to have a -- moths we have to have talk with them. >> they can be so destructive. it's awful but we have had dry spell in southern new eng langtd but -- new england but not that bad over the mountainous area so up there it will be beautiful as we get deeper into the month. we will keep you posted on development of that. we know how many 90 degrees days happened so far this year. 20. the average number is 13. and we had the half the couple summers have not been that hot especially 2014. 2010 was a big one. don't think we will end up with 25 but we may have one or
6:45 am
days added onto that later this week. you will see that in the 7-day accu-weather forecast. hard to believe when it's so cool the last few mornings. 61 with overcast in boston a high overcast and the dew point matches that and wind is relatively light out of the north at 10 miles an hour. and hour by hour in boston it's going to be essentially cloudy for the the rest of the next many hours. might be able to see a little sun through the cloud cover at times. here in boston in the farther north and we will pin trait through that. good morning to all of the weather watchers. some chiming in and thanks for doing that on this holiday morning on this labor day. happy labor day. peter says it's 62 in cambridge and denise in plymouth says 64. and 54 from joe in clinton and shirley says 49 and karen in westminster 49. 49 in shrly. cool because it was mostly
6:46 am
massachusetts as well. and looks like we will have high temperatures which are going to be probably close to or just under 70 at the coastline. look out west. around 80 in western massachusetts. and here are where the 90s are. the country are sizzling and some of that is coming or way but it will be delayed getting here because of the fact that hermine will hang around so long of the it has nowhere to go. it's blocked from moving anywhere finally it will get a kick noluntil then it's pinwheeling and looping in the next 2 or 3 days. here's the radar showing the showers getting very close do nantucket. heavy rain to the south -- close to nantucket. they have i -- heavy rain to the south. watch these as they come along and the forecast maps. by one, certainly showers and south -- in southeastern massachusetts. they will continue to move northwestward and most many sunshine through the high
6:47 am
northwestward and run into dry air and the big ridge of high pressure and run out of gas. don't could much as they he get out in here. so the rain should be the heaviest from time to time over southeastern massachusetts when some of the bands move in and sort of spiral around like this. and northern new england not much of anything. if anything light showers and sprinkles. even later tomorrow, the time stamp even wednesday morning, it's going to be showers around. so, that's what we are looking at as the rain amounts to a few 10th of an inch england and here's wind field with the strongest winds earlier today and later this evening and drops off as it weakens and we currently have wind gusts as anna has been pointing out about 25 miles an hour most of cape cod 31 at nantucket and the waves are building up to 6 to 8 foot waves offshore on east coastal beaches of massachusetts. so showers off and on much eastern southeastern new england. right on through into wednesday and then finally it gets kicked
6:48 am
out in sunshine and jumpp to 86 on thursday. with late day thunderstorms and around 91 on friday and close to 90 on saturday too. that he is it let's -- that's it. let's check traffic. >> reporter: a little chilly. taking a live look at the expressway right now, at 6:48 can can you believe it bring -- can you believe it by the gas tanks wide open. the traffic is a great situation this morning if you have to make your way into work today. ea injuries after a shooting in jamaica plain. this happened around 2:30 this morning and this is the scene on horan way. part of the area was blocked off overnight and officers were seen placing evidence markers on the ground and searching area. 6:48 now. the top stories this morning, hermine cutting short people's labor day plans. >> tropical storm warning is in effect for the souct coast and cape and -- south coast and cape and islands. it could bring winds up to 50
6:49 am
rain. some people are working to get the boat out of the water others packing up. framingham state police officer is off the job accused of-appropriate conduct. wilter dormevil is facing a list of charges including open and gross lewdness and witness intimidation. the university placed him on administrative leave. he is banned from campus while the investigation is underway. bernie sanders will be in new hampshire to stomp for hillary clinton. is in lebanon at 3 this afternoon. sanders will discuss clinton's plans on the economy. still to come a member of the wbz family gets in touch with nature. >> up next steve burt ton takes on more exot i -- burton tax on more exoft -- takes on more
6:50 am
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6:52 am
stapped here by joanie. >> do they know -- >> hold him tight. >> i am. >> hold him tight. >> i am. >> you got him. >> i >> that's okay. >> joanie you got it. >> oh. steve. we showed you this last week steve burton having problems with an alligator. and believe it or not, the fun didn't stop there. steve did a special segment on exotic animals for last night's sports final. >> here are highlights. >> so can you pick her up. >> i could but i not going to do it. >> oh no i will do it okay. >> come on. >> now in the areas where you
6:53 am
have them the size of a dinner plate. >> that big? >> yeah. so she is rather medium sized tarantula. >> wow. >> she doesn't want to come. >> i am not a spider person. >> so this is tulip and if you put your hand-- put your arms out. >> we are good. >> put your arms out. >> what arms. >> those arms. >> just like that. football. >> okay. >> so this is amon common boa constrictor and she is a beautiful animal was rescued and. >> she is heavy is what she is. >> she is in the ref fuming and goes out and educates kids about the rain foreet and her and -- forest and her and her habitats i will keep her head over here. >> i appreciate that. >> no come back. >> come been a it's not like the alligator it won't attack you. so it has venom glands you can
6:54 am
delivery system and doesn't have fangs so she would bite you and hold on very tightly and she would chew and that venom would run down and it's potent as a rattle snakebut there's only two venomous lizards in the world the helio monster and the beaded lizard. >> awesome. >> well at least tulip and tarantula were polite and didn't use the new studio as >> and steve never got too close just kept his distance. >> what arms? >> exactly. >> oh maine hope they got them out of here and they are not still hanging around. 6:54. time far closer look at what's coming -- time for a closer look at what he coming up at 7. >> josh elliot. >> ahead hermine threatens to regain hurricane strength. we will hear from passengers on a cruise ship moving through rough seas and we are on the
6:55 am
also, house minority leader nancy pelosi joins us in studio 57. the news is back in the
6:56 am
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6:58 am
>> i don't get no that forecast. >> that would be crazy. >> tarantula forecast coming up. >> it rains them out of their hole in the ground. >> that is what happens when the world ends and that's not today. >> so far not getting into that yet but we will look closer at that. >> keep ion on it. >> but -- an eye on it. >> we have rain and win southeastern massachusetts a glancing blow but some winds up to 50 miles per hour. >> thanks for watching. the next news is up in 25 minutes with an update. kelly ayotte: thanks, buddy. kelly (voiceover): i'm kelly ayotte. and when i take the plate for new hampshire... i'm up against a political machine that plays dirty -- throwing millions in false, negative ads... i'm out here knocking down every lie... because new hampshire deserves better. that's why i'm batting for good-paying jobs, to protect social security and medicare... ...and help families pay for college... i approved this message because no matter what they're throwing at me...
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, september 5th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? hermine threatens to become a hurricane once again. a storm that is bringing northeast coast and we will hear what it's like on a cruise ship being rocked by rough waters. >> president obama fails to reach an agreement with vladimir putin at the g20 summit and overnight, north korea experience missiles. why some soaps in body washes may do you some harm than good. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener."


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