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tv   WBZ News  CBS  September 5, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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live from the chapel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news atp. >>. and this knew noon we are on the storm watch as hermine whips up winds and russ up the surf along massachusetts coast. this is the beginning. storm is bringing bands of rain. hermine could whip out afternoon labor day plans. >> we have team the anna meiler on the cape and barry burbank tracking the storm. barry what's the latest. >> that storm continues to spin and wind around to the south breana and has not preduesed much rain but the wind is ramping up as the storm moves off to the northwest. it's about 180 miles to the south southeast of man tucket. center of it. maximum winds near 70 miles per hour closer to the storm
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however it's ramping up in the trop scale tomorrow warning continues by the national weather servicep wind could go to 30 to 50 miles per hour this afternoon. moving slowly off to the northwest and we have winds now which have been gusting 25 to 35 a few gusts exceeded 40 miles an hour in the cape and a gust of 51 miles per hour at nantucket. do we have any rain? will we get rain? and a few light showers across the cape. we will watch them spiral in going through the afternoon and in the next few days headlines the strongest wind will be now to about 5:00 out of the northeast 30 to as high as 50 miles per hour a few higher gusts in nantucket and there can be a one to two foot storm surge. tides are low this time of the month so we are not concerned about coastal flooding. high tide occurs around 2:39 this afternoon and there's going to be minor beach erosion. srnl very rough seas out there -- certainly very rough seas out there and big waves and
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because it doesn't lock like we will have mow longed heavy rain. more i will see you in few minutes breana and kate. all beaches on nantucket and state beaches in road island have been shut down because of swimming is just too dangerous. >> on cape cod plenty of people are heading to the beach to see the impressive waves from the storm. anna meiler is live in sandwich. anna. >> reporter: right now wind gusts are ranging from 25 to 35 miles per hour and they are expected to these conditions are actually attracting people to the beach who are taking pictures of the rough and choppy water. >> labor day weekend is not a good time for a storm. >> reporter: hermine is cutting the holiday weekend short for many people visiting cape cod. the storm system is bringing strong gusts of wind choppy waters and crashing waves. >> we will be going home shortly. you don't ever get over the bridge. >> reporter: good news for derrick mcclellan who gets the
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are the perfect conditions for kite surfing. >> today is going to be a finance day before the rain comes. >> reporter: the locals love the weather too. early risers strolled on the sand and snapped pictures of the surf and four legged friendsenjoyed the wind in their fur. >> love it. i think it's great. >> reporter: and the whipping winds couldn't stop the father and daughter from their annual labor day tradition. >> we have been doing this almost 30 years and see the sunrise. >> 33 years. >> yeah on labor day. so we are here no matter what. >> we are cape cod native this doesn't really bother us i guess that much. >> reporter: hermine is spec to gain steam wind gusts could reach 40 to 50 miles per hour creating dangerously rough surf and rip currents. this boat was blown right out of the water. >> stay out of the water. stay away from the water. >> reporter: the national weather service is warning people to be prepared for winds strong enough to down trees and large branches creating a possibility of scattered power
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precautions. >> we got to jockey the cars away from the trees and bring in the lawn furniture. >> reporter: many say this is just part of living in new england. >> [audio not understandable] >> reporter: hermine is spec to stall south of new england so the wind gusts could stick around until midweek creating the rough surf and beach erosion. reporting live in sandwich anna meiler wbz news. >> and the steam ship authority canceled all ferries to winds and rough surf. high line cruises which goes nantucket is making the decision on a boat by boat bases. ferries to the vineyard are diverted from oak bluff to vineyard haven and it who can like many people are spending -- and it looks like many people are spending the labor day in gridlock. there's a 7-mile backup as people are leaving the cape and getting on the sagamore bridge the storm is threatening communities up and down the
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ship from new jersey to bermuda. waves kicked up to 40 or 50 feet. >> when you see the crew start to get dizzy and sick you know it's gotten pretty bad. >> new jersey is expected to see some flooding from the storm and the state's governor urged people not to take any chances. and you can stay up-to-date on the storm by down loading the cbs boston weather app following us on facebook and twitter and by checking the website cbs boost -- a bourne police officer is recovering after being hrt in a cruiser crashway driving down nor -- hurt in a cruiser crash. he was driving down norris. the officer and the other driver a 23-year-old woman were taken to the hospital but not seriously hurt. the driver was cited for speeding. today a framingham state police officer is off the job facing criminal charges.
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more on this. nicole. >> reporter: well campus police wasted no time acting on this matter. that accused officer is not only off the job but he's banned from campus. the campus of framingham state university is quiet this labor day. but not even that could stop the spread of news of a recent arrest. wbz has learned a campus police officer here is facing a bit of trouble. and now has a mug shot own. wilter dormevil was arrested saturday for enappropriate conduct. the 28-year-old faces charges of open and gross lewdness and witness intimidation. the local online publication framingham source reported the case involves a student employee. local framingham police have joined in the investigation. and in the meantime, dormevil was relieved of duties and banned from campus. university officials released a
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framingham state university regards the safety of students faculty and staff as paramount in our duty to the university community. and we will continue to uphold our officers' conduct to the highest standards. the situation was isolated and there is no ongoing threat to the university. dormevil is on administrative leave. again this is now a joint investigation between campus police and local framingham jacobs wbz news. a dorchester man is facing charges in a deadly hit-and-run in mattapan. police say 39-year-old anthony buchanan turned himself in around 1 a.m. sunday morning. they say he he was drunk driving and speeding on morton street when he hit a woman. johnette simms was killed and he will be arraigned tomorrow. in campaign 2016 former hillary clinton rival burnie
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speaking to crowds to drum you will support for clinton this as there's a few month left before election day. both camps are going after thebattleground states. mike albert reports from the white house. >> reporter: vice president joe biden and senator tim kaine kicked off labor day with unionmembers in pittsburgh. >> when fewer workers are in unions wages are lower and when more workers are in unions wagesare higher. >> reporter: hillary meets with voters in ohio many while secretary of state. clinton told fbiagents she doesn't recall any briefing or training how to handled cries fied information and says -- hande classified information and thought the c meant it was marked in alphabetical order. 46% of voters in latest cbs news poll say clinton's explanations of her private e- mails are getting less believable. >> still does add to the level of distrust that has dogged her from the beginning. so, i think in so much as the
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>> reporter: clinton what big lead in most polls following the democratic convention. but donald trump has cut that lead in half. but many voters say they are still confused about trump's stance on immigration. and whether he will deport every undocumented immigrant. >> he piots and piots back so -- he piiveots and piiveo -- he piiveots and -- pios and pi -- piiveots and pi -- he >> reporter: mark albert for cbs news. north korea fired off three ballistics missiles that traveled over 600 miles and landed near japan. they are trying to coinside with the economic summit in china. president obama is at the g-20 summit where he met with russian president putin. obama said the 90 minute meeting can't result in any break -- didn't result in any breakthroughs but they will continue to work towards a cease-fire in syria.
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armed and dangerous. people were ordered to stay inside yesterday as police searched for this man who robbed a commerce bank in west boylston last week. a motorcycle that may be his was seen in marlborrow yesterday setting -- marlborough yesterday. one person was rush to the hospital with life-threatening injuries after a shooting in jamaica plane around 2:30 this morning. this was the scene on horan way. part of the area was off overnight. officers were seen placing evidence markers on the ground and searching that area. a man is facing charges after a bizarre incident on martha's vineyard. felix reagan broke into a home on saturday afternoon stole several items and then get this painted the family dog purple. police later arrested reagan after they say he stole a car and crashed it. officers say he was found with purple paint on his hands. police say they tied reagan to several other island
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noon, president obama weighs in on an nfl quarterback's protest. what he says about colin kaepernick refusing to stand during the national anthem. >> also elevated to sanedhoodch the historic -- sainthood. the historic ceremony for mother teresa. >> the extra cash you will see in your bank account thanks to
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right now at noon rescue operations are underway to find people trapped in a building collapse in israel. at least two people were killed when the parking garage in tel aviv came tumbling down. it was under construction at the time. one of the workers said was underground when he collapse. an investigation is now underway after a construction worker is killed in boston. police say the worker fell while working on a crane in the longwood med he cal area. emergency crews -- medical area. emergency crews responded to the scene. he was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. the state department of labor releasing this statement saying osha has responded and begun an investigation. it will seek to determine if any workplace safety standards
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not been eliseed. today president obama -- has not been released. today president obama is. weighing in on the colin kaepernick case saying he is one of a long list of athletes for their right to free speech. dismient -- >> i don't doubt his sincerity and he think he cares about really jit mit issues that have to be talked legitimate issues that have to be talked about if nothing else he generated more conversation around topics that need to be talked about. >> kaepernick says he will stand again when race relations in the country improve. the police department which patrols the 49ers stadium during games says officers might not show up if kaepernick is not reprimanded for his actions. >> we are talking about her mean and -- hermine and it's like a tale of two storms
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boston. >> it turned sunny and the disappointing part is we have a storm close why can't we get beneficial rain out of. this all system fail in a drought and we have that extreme drought going on here now. all we have had is a few teasing showers on cape cod and the sun has come out in boston and the temperature has gone up. the wind is blowing here and this probably is going to be remembered as more wind than anything else especially over southeastern massachusetts. labor day on degrees here in boston and today we are at 73 with sun coming up from time to time. and only a few showers have crossed cape cod and islands. with the wind can iing up and bidding the -- kicking up and bidding the seas de-- building the seas denise sent this picture in of all the debris at the ocean. i saw that my sed self a lot of seaweed bro -- myself and a lot
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- brought in. those are the winds so fard these are the -- so far. the wind gusts are 25 to 35 miles per hour few 40 on cape cod. 50 at nantucket out of the north northeast. strongest wind go by to about 5, 6 this evening and 8 also but this is the core where the winds are the strongest. 50, 60, 70 miles per hour and most stays offshore. and we just have to get a glancing blow of that occasionally getting much further inland. it's blowing and breezy but not damning wind. this storm sort of mills around sort of meanders and does pinwheels and loops and so on and so forth and trapped in the atmosphere but eventually it will take off. but here as we are kicking up the seas we have is a to -- 15 to 20 foot seas or more to the south and these are the buoyreports as noon. 7 to 9 foot waves east of
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impressive over the next few days. and they will continue to cause some beach erosion but no big coastal flooding an though it will be a small storm surge. with sunshine that rolled in we can see the storm center and we can see look what happens here almost clears right out in the boston area westward. and there are the band of rain. why can't we pull those in new england? looks like we have a few sprinkles and light showers on the cape. the models are still indicating th is going to continue to swirl batches of showers and into the southeastern massachusetts and towards boston. note the time stamp. through the next few days later through today and tomorrow, this thing is still spinning and whirling and continuing to to throw scattered showers not long lasting rains and nothing particularly heavy. a brief downpour can't be ruled out. on wednesday the actual center of hermine is close to nantucket and right over the cape.
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northeast. one model suggest we could have as much as an inch or moo in few locations but many areas will miss that and further to the north and west will is moth going to be that much at all. here's projected storm track moving about like that as it moves out. and looks like we will have better weather coming back in and in fact hotter weather later this week. we got just the scattered showers and many areas not getting rain but tomorrow and wednesday i am hoping we will have showers from time to time but we need a lot of heavy and once the sun comes out, and the storm moves away on thursday we go to the 80s and maybe touching 90 here on friday and saturday. could be two more days of 90 in boston and we are in accept. >> we love it thank you. they are a popular vegetable great for dips or alone but not all carrots are the same. tony tantillo shows us a bright variety. >> today's tip is the organic bunch carrots that come out
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every once in a while they are at the market and they are so much fun. take a look at the caverots -- carrots. many different colors wrapped around. they are beautiful. look at this bunch. look at the yellow ones on this one. wow. look at this purple one. these bunched carrots are great but -- bunch of carrots are great. when you buy them make sure the colors are beautiful and free from cracking. and check right here you see this. the green, it has to feel nice and fresh. when you bring them home in refrigerator right away. there's so many ways to buy them baby carrots and precut carrots. you know what, to me bunched carrots are my favorite. and i am tony tantillo your fresh grocer. eat fresh and stay headlighty. would you look how beautiful they are? bugs bunny would have loved these. >> i would buy them because they are pretty. another priesta -- teresa is officially a -- mother teresa is official lay saint.
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declaration yesterday. she devoted her life to helping the pour. cardinal o'malley held a special mass. the missionaries of charity nunswere on hand in the front row. coming up raisman's apology. >> why he is saying sorry to tom brady and his wife after
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narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results" and "eye-catching educational gains." it's turned my son's life around. narrator: "charter schools amount to hope" for kids all across massachusetts. question 2 will give parents more choices
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vote yes on 2.
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back here on wwz at noon -- wbz at noon aly raisman is apologizing to tom brady and his wife after snapping this photo showing her with aaron rogers and university of wisconsin football game and she wrote somey tom and gisel hope you understand. yeah she needs a picture with them. >> with tom and gisel and it's okay because she was not wearing the gear. >> exactly. >> it wasn't so bad. good news for travelers on this labor day. >> gas prices are now at the lowest level in 12 years. national average for a gallon of regular is 2.21 and here in boston it's lower at 2:15 and
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the same time last year. the lower price will save average u.s. household 320 dollars this year. extra christmas shopping money. >> talk about christmas. up next on wbz news at noon, tire trouble. >> the precarious situation for a massive elk and the lucky
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which one. >> coming up at 5, horsing around in the hospital. you are not seeing things. how littleity miniature horse is helping young patients heal. that's ahead here on wbz news at 5. an elk gets tangled up in an arizona backyard. >> it turns out the animal couldn't have picked a more perfect spot to get antlers but the woman who lives there is a vet and she freed the elk and once it was loose he ran off. >> talk hermine. >> we have strongest winds this afternoon 30 to 50 down the south coast and cape and a one to two foot storm surge and a few bands of showers next tiew days. no big deal just minor beach erosion but big waves be careful. >> thanks. thanks for watching.
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>> nikki: what do you mean adam is dead? >> victor: he can't be. >> nick: don't act like you don't know. that cabin that you arranged for adam to hide out in? it blew up, and adam was inside. how can you do it? how can you kill your own son? >> nikki: no, no, no, no, no, no, no. there has to be some kind of a mistake. nothing has been on the news about this -- >> nick: it's not a mistake, mom. eyes. >> victor: how is that possible? >> nick: connor was sick. so chelsea called me because she needed some help. i arranged for a doctor to go and see him. >> nikki: is connor gonna be okay? >> nick: he's fine, mom. but when we went to pick up adam at the cabin, the place went up like a fireball. there's no way anyone could have survived. >> victor: we had a very thought-out plan, you know. i think he made it to the plane. >> nick: dad, we went to the airstrip. we talked to the pilot. he hadn't seen adam. your plan didn't work. adam never made it onto that flight. >> nikki: nicholas, this is enough.


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