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tv   WBZ News  CBS  September 6, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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overcome with grief, the family a 46-year-old janet sims breaks down outside the courthouse. today, they had to watch and listen to the charges of the man accused of taking their daughter's life, 39-year-old anthony buchanan. >> this is a nightmare. i just lost my daughter. >>reporter:on saturday night, buchanan was speeding and driving drunk when he struck and killed janet who is in the crosswalk, of morton and canterbury street. buchanan stopped for a moment, then sped off down the highway. jeanette died on scene. buchanan later turned himself in to police. >> i could smell a of alcoholic beverages emanating from mr. mckenna. >>reporter:prosecutors say there were none two witnesses to deadly hit and run. one of the witnesses was riding around on his scooter with a go pro and happen to capture part of the crime. >> a witness who provided the video, the trooper could see a body along that roadway. >>reporter:in 2001, buchanan was arrested for dui, but those charges were later dismissed.
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of 2 sons is gone forever. >> that was just a hit in the gut, for my family. >> you had a choice, but you chose to do the wrong thing. that is on you. [ crying ] >>reporter:janet's mother is a woman of deep faith, she says even in the midst of this tragedy, she forgives buchanan for his horrific crime. even though the pain cuts to the core of her soul. >> not forgiving him would hurt me more, then holding a grudge, i just hope that justice be served. >>reporter:their deep faith and god will bring them through this very difficult situation. anthony buchanan is due back in court on october 7. live tonight, paul burton, wbz news. back to you. police are looking for a hit and run driver who nearly killed a young woman. investigators say yesterday morning, this woman was in a crosswalk on aiken street which is right across from a dorm on
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young woman survived. >> the girl was laying on the ground, her eyes were closed. i honestly, based on the sound of the crash, i thought she would have broken bones and blood everywhere. i was afraid to look at the body at first. i saw her foot, one of her shoes was off, 20 feet away from her body. >> the victim is out of the hospital, officials say she is not a student there. to the weather now, we had a little rain today we needed it. we are going to be back to su i couple of days. eric fisher is here with the accuweather forecast. >> thursday and friday the 80s and 90s come knocking again. in the meantime, trying to soak up as much of that rain as we can. some showers rotating around what is left over of hermine, some of the study is rain shower activity in southeastern massachusetts, into bridgewater down to new bedford. all of the showers rotating
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the exception nantucket which has sunshine at the moment. as we watch the system spin itself out over the next couple of days, tomorrow looks much like today. a lot of cloud cover, some areas of sunshine and a few scattered showers. the center of it will pass right over nantucket, tomorrow night or early on thursday morning. still weak at that point but it brings additional showers. it will finally move offshore as we head into thursday. that brings in the warmth. our seas will be rough through the day as soon as we get the storm offshore, the heat moves in, with a chance of 90 by friday afternoon. the full forecast coming up. knew if i 30, a lawrence firefighter behind bars after a shooting, inside his home. police say they were called to joseph carberry's home last night for a domestic spew. officers were confronted by a dog. police say they had to shoot
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them. philadelphia prosecutors want 13 other women who have accused bill cosby of molesting them to testify at his upcoming trial. a judge did not rule on that request, but did order cosby to go on trial next june, on charges he drugged and molested a woman he mentored back in 2004. the judge also revealed today, cosby is now blind, that will get whatever accommodations he need to take part in his defense. a minnesota mat just confessed to kidnapping, and killing, an 11-year-old boy in 1989. danny heinrich led investigators to jacob wetterling's remains, on saturday, 27 years after the crime. today heinrich pleaded guilty to child pornography charges. as part of a deal with prosecutors, he will not be charge with wetterling's murder. in 1994, congress passed a law named after wetterling, requiring states to establish
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brock turner has officially registered, as a sex offender. he served only three months of his six months sentence for sexually and -- assaulting an unconscious woman. prosecutors had asked for six years. turner is now living with his parents, in ohio. a discovery behind a daycare in connecticut. west haven police found hundreds of marijuana plants behind a fence. on friday, state inspectors came to the daycare center when the owner would not let -- let the in fence, the license was suspended. concerned that something was going on, inspectors called police and officer say the 600 plants were between 6-10 feet tall worth more than a million dollars. a growing controversy in florida about the safest way to fight a zika virus. visualize trucks drove through miami spring and environmentally friendly, and organic material designed to
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safe and extremely effective. the chemical has been banned from the european union over concerns it could cause behavioral issues in children. campaign 2016 now, some high-ranking ella terry officials are throwing their support behind donald trump. hillary clinton says she is the one with veterans on her side. craig boswell is in washington tonight. >>reporter:donald trump made his pitch to be commander in chief during a rally in virginia beach, virginia. >> we are going but, we have to also get back and we have to solve it big- league, and strongly and swiftly. we have to get back to rebuilding our country. >>reporter:virginia beach and the surrounding communities host more than a dozen -- military facilities. tuesday morning the trump campaign pulled out a list of 88 retired generals and admirals who are endorsing the republican nominee.
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officers trust her to be president. her campaign unveiled a new ad showing wounded veterans listening to trumps actual comments from the cap angel. >> i think i have made a lot of sacrifices. i have had tremendous success. >>reporter:hillary clinton went to florida, for a rally in tampa. all three are battleground states being hotly contested. the latest cbs news battleground tracker shows quentin is winning nearly every state, only i what is now classified as a tossup. the race is far from >> this big lead is fragile, it is fragile because you have a front runner who is unpopular. >>reporter:the president and first lady will campaign for clinton in battleground states next week. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. david ortiz is talking about the upcoming election. the red sox slugger expressed his frustration with donald trump immigration policy.
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the face, as latin people we deserve respect no matter where you are from." let people here in the united states countries economy, whoever opposes that is going to lose. leaving the grocery store with a little extra cash in your pocket. why the cost of food is going down. a neighborhood feud that went way too far. a very special friendship, a college football player
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an apology from british airways, a computer glitch shut down the airlines check in systems around the world, creating massive delays. passengers waited to catch flight, face long lines, and more than 150 flights were canceled, or delay this morning. american lobster banned in europe. it could happen. the european union just announced there will be a larger review to determine if
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species. sweden raises concerns after discovering more than two dozen american lobsters in the country's waters. every year the us and canada export $200 million worth of lobster to european markets. have you noticed the lower prices at the grocery store? a dozen eggs to a gallon of milk cost about 40-50 cents less than this time. experts say, our food supplies are growing, overseas is down, especially in china, where a strong dollar has made american goods more expensive. lower demand means lower prices. if you are looking to find the best deal on a hotel, those price comparison sites might have your best bet.
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vandalism caught on camera, a rock formation spanning thousands of years is gone in seconds. talking about the latest with hermine as it turns off -- off to herself. warm-up on the way. coming up, all new tonight at 6 o'clock, a massachusetts woman with a very troubling story to tell tonight. she said she took a party bus to providence and then woke up and dressed in a strange car, miles from the club t
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vandals caught in the act. oregon police are searching for the people who knocked over a popular rock formation. the iconic natural landmark
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bill. at first state officials thought erosion caused the sandstone pedestal quote -- to collapse. cell phone video shown here, three people toppling it on purpose. a wild scene in tennessee, a fight between neighbors ended with one man bulldozing another family's home. no one was in the house when the bulldozer knocked down walls, the family now living in a camper. the man driving the bulldozer obviously facing several a bar in dubai just broke the world record for the longest shot, it drops its contents into another glass, the huddle sports bar and grill successfully dropped for thousand 578 glasses of whiskey into an energy drink. it took nearly one minute for the glasses to finish crashing into one another which is supercool. do not drink that many shots of whiskey. and, an energy drink.
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beautiful whiskey. >> 4000 glasses of whiskey. >> good stuff. we are just going to need glasses of ice water and iced coffee. >> our executive producer, terry, first a pumpkin spice latte of the season, he grabs it on his drive home. we will be back to the heat in no time. we are getting rid of hermine slowly in the next 36 hours. about the storm, we are with you. it started as a wave off of africa on the 17th of august, got into the gulf of mexico becoming a hurricane then moving off the eastern seaboard and now just meandering and taking a bit of an odd path. it has a couple of days to go before it moves off the new england shoreline. you can see that intercourse and has many tropical characteristics. still spending and bringing some areas of rain band around
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right now some drizzle moving northwest of boston, best concentration of heavier showers and drizzle in southeastern mass, rhode island and connecticut this evening. more beneficial rain. the exception to the dreary conditions, most of cape cod and -- cape cod and nantucket this evening enjoying bright skies. our main issue continues to be some coastal erosion with a continued onshore flow. the short -- the store mr. penning -- still spending off herself. temperature keeping us cool, 60s to around 70 degrees. just to the west, in the hudson valley they are in the 80s, 90s off to our west. as soon as the storm spends out to sea, it opens a door for those warmer temperatures to move back in. mostly cloudy skies, tomorrow looks a lot like today. the system actually moves off to the north and east. we will see mostly cloudy
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the area. just some scattered showers, some drizzle, most of them are on the lighter side. our sunset is at 7:07. high temperatures will be in the 70s. with any longer periods of sunshine, we will see temperature spiked to around 80. most of the day we will be in the los to mid 70's tomorrow. then we watch the system moving its way north and east. it will actually cross n antucket, much weaker at that timeframe. enhance shower activity and see. it will be a humid and warm day on thursday. timing is not great to produce any rain for us. we might get a shower thursday night into friday morning. the biggest thing is going to be a wind shift to the west- northwest on friday. that will bring in dry and hotter air. highs near 90 degrees, on f riday, but at least the
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great start, beach weather, as a matter fact on saturday, warm conditions and dry conditions. as we head toward sunday, our next cold front is going to start to move in. without a transfer scattered showers and storms on sunday. highs again in the 80s, the humidity will start to move up to the second half of the weekend. accuweather seven-day, it looks like a seven day forecast in july or august, but not heading in m nicest warm days are going to be friday and saturday. monday and tuesday looked great. we are getting into fire season, we are getting into pumpkin spice season i guess. >> and you were right hermine is the guest that will not leave. >> stop it. just a mess in new jersey. he looks so much worse. >> enough already. florida state football player reunited with a young boy, he met during a school visit. you might've seen this picture online of wide receiver travis rudolph eating lunch with sixth- grader beau, he has autism and
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saw him eating lunch alone and decided to join him. rudolph then invited the boy and his family to last nights game. once there the t presented him with his own fsu jersey. >> this week has been awesome, and i can't believe i get to meet the whole team. >> rudolph even scored a uc seminoles scored the biggest comeback in school history beating old miss 35-34. they earned a little, without story there the way they treated beau. the fire department and one massachusetts town looks very different. the new members providing a new spark. coming up new tonight on the news at 6, counseling school just before the semester is supposed to get underway. itt abruptly closes all of its campuses, including 2 here in
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students. a driver survives a 40-foot drop, plunging right into the cape cod canal. tonight, why police point to what happened just before he hit the water. and why they say he did it on
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answering the call, five women hired at the fire department there. females will soon make up nearly 20% of that force. nationwide, the average is only
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>>reporter:they bring different backgrounds to the force, but have one important thing in common. >> i really wanted to help the community. >>reporter:lisa evans is a veteran, having served six years in the nearby west newberry fire department. the others are about to enter the fire academy for the final training. >> i am pushing myself to a different limit. i wanted to challenge myself, and i think challenge. both physically and mentally. >>reporter:there have been other women in the groveland fire department, but this really blake -- break the glass ceiling. >> the community is made up of men and women. when your department is 95/100% male, it doesn't make a lot of sense. >> i was only woman for a year. >>reporter:soon after she was hired, jennifer hicks was injured.
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the job. >> i want somebody who is passionate about it running and after my kids, i am passionate about it and i will go in after your kids. >>reporter:they have heard the arguments, that it is a dangerous job, but sometimes being a woman can be an advantage. >> i am the smaller one that can fit through that window that happened to be unlocked. >> going in as a female, and a primarily all-male department it can be new racking. i hope the five of us show that you can be male or female, doesn't er >>reporter:at this, even though groveland firefighters are paid professional force, they are referred to as call firefighters. not only do they have to staff the 2 town firehouses, they are called in to report at any time. on top of all of the training they have to be ready to drop everything and report as soon as they answer the call. >> i like what you said, i am a
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plunge, 40 feet down and survives. tonight, what we now know happened right before he went over the edge. boston's police commissioner takes a stand, on the stand, supporting body cameras. hermine weakening this evening but still spitting off to ourselves. the heat that moves in behind it. local college kids sending a message to local police, pointing out which house they need to keep an eye on. we begin tonight with developing news out of new hampshire. state police and crime scene investigators have been in and outs of this home in danville, all day. it is part of an investigation into a suspicious death there. that's get out to jim smith on the scene with the very latest.
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new hampshire home. police remain here tonight, and the family is still waiting for answers. >> we are not sure what happened. >>reporter:danielle comforts his son at the scene of his mother's death, a death new hampshire state investigators consider suspicious. on monday, danville new hampshire police on the body of an adult, inside his home, on carmel drive. danielle who is from nasa juices, said the victim of his former wife, joann. >> it is tough to see him. it is the only mother he d. -- the massachusetts, said the victim as his former wife, joann. >> it is tough to see him like that. >>reporter:he says one of the toughest things was breaking the news to the couple's son, sam. >> i don't see why anyone had any reason to do this. i don't know who angered -- who she angered that much, i don't know if they've had a reason. i don't know if it was an
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>>reporter:police spent the day at the home, some of them in protective suits. there were scorch marks near one of the windows. daniel says there had been problems with a furnace in the past. he also says joann, had a male roommate, at one point. authorities are conducting an autopsy. beyond that, there is not much information. >> i am trying to continue on with life, like it always has been, but it is not the same. it will never be the same again. >>reporter: ago, the body was removed from this house and brought to the state medical examiner's office, for that autopsy. live in danville, new hampshire tonight, jim smith, wbz news. an investigation tonight in weston into a fake snapshot account. police say that someone is using that account to try to get high school boys to share compromising pictures. cool officials say the person behind the account is specifically targeting sophomore boys. now, they are trying to figure


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