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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  September 7, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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. breaking news right now 4:30. the investigation that trapped passengers on a commuter rail train for hours. >> and a warning in weston after someone so list it's explicit photos from stewed et cetera on snapchat. >> and three things students at itt tech need to do after the school suddenly doors. >> from the studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning everybody. thanks for joining us i am kate merrill. >> i am ken macleod in for chris mckinnon on this wednesday morning the 7th day of september. danielle niles will see how far she can get through the weather cast without mentioning a storm. >> i want to know when it's leaving so you have to talk about it.
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today. good morning everybody. temperatures -- push out of here today. good morning everything. it's 66 in boost-- everybody. it's 66 in boston 69 in manchester and 69 to 70 for most of us across massachusetts as well. it's muggy as you step out the door. there are the remnants of that said storm to the south right now. couple showers through the south shore quincy back scituate and nothing all that substantial but you may need wipers on. couple stray showers on south side of mill milford into worcester county. again not a washout like yesterday a few spotty showers around and patchy fog. 73 by midday with a spotty shower wind out of the east today. about 10 to 20 mile per hours at times and isolated shower for the ride home. temperatures in the mid-70 was
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especially -- with a few peeks of sunshine especially in the afternoon. >> good job you didn't mention the storm. commuter rail passengers trapped on a train for three hours passengers say the train left south station and it slowed down be a backed up. at first they were told it was medical emergency and conductors said something possibly body had been found near the tracks. police would confirm that investigating. one man called us from the train frustrated that passengers were trapped for so long. >> wondering why they are not getting alternate transportation for the people. i am looking at ladies and children and young adults and i am thinking, there's a number of us here it's not hike it's one or two. i thought it would be more minimal with fewer people but
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children wouldn't after let's say an hour they say okay look there's no reason to detain an entire train load of people. let's get the train moving or get alternate transportation. >> after nearly 3 hours the train finally started moving again. a snapchat scandal at weston high school. students solicited for naked photos. whoever created that account targeted sophomore boys. >> and now the school is addressing the issue with the entire class loncich reports this serves as reminder for all students and their parents. >> reporter: one of the most popular social media apps for teens but school administrators in weston fears someone is using snapchat to target and take advantage of unsuspecting minors. >> screen shots and everything if you get a i -- ahold of something like that it's not going's way. >> reporter: administrators learned someone created a fake account and tried to solicit
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students. the police department was notified and upon further investigation was learned sophomore boys were targeted. and what's more some of them may have responded with compromising photographs. >> i am afraid i am not surprised. it seems no matter you can tell kids but until they do things and experience things you know they are not necessarily thinking when they do it apparently you know. we think they know but maybe they don't. >> reporter: on tuesday, the school's -- school's principa at an assembly and sent home a letter to parents informing them in part it's unknown if the person p who created the account is a student or an adult in or outside of the community. administrators are encouragingparents to talk to their children about the lasting implication nos you have to to be aware-- implay cases of social media.
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talk-- media. >> you have to know who you are talking about. >> reporter: in weston julie loncich wbz this morning. this morning a lawrence firefighter is under arrest as he recovers from a gunshot wound. investigators say he shot himself during a stand off with police. police got a call about a distraught man inside his house on boylston street yesterday morning. the fear fighter identified as joseph carberry shot himself in the leg. at one point his dog ran the house snarling and hostile towards officers. police had to shoot it but it survived. >> he was upset about the dog being shot obviously. and you know the office aer said look the best thing you can do is just surrender and put an end to this and that's what he did. >> police say carberry's wife was the only other person inside and she was not hurt. he was arraigned from lawrence general hospital on assault and other charges.
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4:35. a warning this morning a fighter jet exercise will be conducted over lebanon and franklen new hampshire. police -- franklin new hampshire. police can can expect to see and hear low flying planes it trains pilots on intercept procedures and defend northeast airspace against airborne threats. man accused of killing his 19-year-old daughter is scheduled to be in court. 45-year-old walter disit silva is charged with shooting and killing sabrina outside her home. police say he tried to kill her mother a decade ago. he was arrested in early august in bridge port connecticut and transported back to massachusetts for the arraignment. police are investigating what they are calling a suspicious death. on monday danville new hampshire police found the body of an adult woman inside a house on carmel drive.
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he showed up at the house. >> i doesn't see why anyone could or had any reason to do this it was just i don't know who shic aered -- who she angered that much. >> for now police will only say it's an active investigation and an a to u sigh is being conducted. police are asking for -- an -- and an autopsy is being conduct good police are asking you to help find peter sullivan who suffers from alzheimer's e was seen wearing back pin stripe dress pants a white dress shirt and navy blue tie. police say he frequently uses the t to travel from milton to boston and uses the ashmont stop. if you've seen him, you are asked to call milton police. walgreens is stepping up fight against the prescription drug crisis. the pharmacy chain is adding 13 drug take back kiosks to stores in massachusetts today. it gives patients a safe place
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free. goal to reduce the misuse of medication that leads to overdose. the battle over boston police body cameras continues in court today. the police union wants to stop the program from moving forward because it says the program should be voluntary. one big debate during yesterday's testimony was why there have not been any volunteers. >> i had a feeling obviously from speaking to difft officers that they were told not to volunteer and i don't think there was uncertainty on their part on what they should do. >> i never have not supported the camera program. what i said very explicitly to people is we don't have an agreement i don't want volunteers. >> during the hearing, attorneys for the city produced a letter post on a union board with the words sanctions any
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official position. in health for college students in massachusetts, left scrambling after the sudden shut down of itt tech. attorney general healy is telling students to cancel the payments to itt save documentation and contact her office to begin the process of having the federal student loans discharged. last week education department banned the for-profit college from using -- enrolling those o was a risk to students and taxpayers and yesterday they closed up shop at all 130 u.s. campuses including norwood and wilmington. >> we will continue to pursue our litigation of itt to hold them accountable to hold the principals accountable. able and do what we can to collect money back not just for students but also for taxpayers in the state. >> in april healy's office sued
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new this morning the red sox fight for the top spot in the a l east. clay buchholz taking the mound and he he was able to pitch pretty well giving up one run through 6 2/3 innings. jackie bradley junior hit the 23rd homer of the season and red sox beat the padres 5-1. they are now tied with blue jays at the top of the al east. 4:40 is the time. setting off into the remnants of hermine. >> the new navy destroyer leaving new england today. we will tell you what is so special about it. >> be a a-- and a driver flies off a cape cod bridge into the water 35 feet below. why he is facing charges this morning. >> and this could be the best assignment ever. why students in one massachusetts school district won't have any homework this
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i called for help as soon as i saw her.
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i see how hard it's been on her at work and i want to help. for the 5 million americans living with alzheimer's, and millions more who feel its effects. let's walk together to make an even bigger impact and end alzheimer's for good.
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in today's money watch a smart oven hitting the market and pay pal is trying to expand the reach. >> plus all eyes will be on apple today. jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange and has the stories and more. good morning jill.>> reporter:
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to anobs the latest i -- announce the latest iphone at an event in san francisco. one change apple hikely has done away with the analog headphone jack and they would come with wireless headphones that connect digitally or through blue tooth. the phone comes in new shades. pay pal and mastercard are teaming up to make it easier to pay with a mastercard. starting next year mastercard depit cards instantly. pay pal struck a similar deal with visa last gal and -- july and there's kitchen help for cooks a smart oven that can a-- cooks out there a smart oven that can adjust cook time and the. it will be available starting in october through bosch. >> that's for guys like me who can't cook so we can't blow it
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out. that's what microwave is for. >> and people like jill and me as well and if they would mix it in the right amounts right? >> scag lot from anan. >> reporter: -- asking a lot. >> reporter: delivery is easier but for cooking novice it could help. >> thanks very much says the girl who lives in new york and can have everything delivered. >> reporter: yes. >> everything. let's check the forecoste with danielle -- forecast with danielle. we are talking about geg back to summertime. >> can i say hermine now? >> yeah. >> you did really well during the first section. >> as we start to enter into a new season we like to do a fun count down at wbz. 11 days to the patriots home opener at gillette. 15 days until fall begins. i know it's crazy. 32 days until he is back. tom brady and 54 days until halloween. 54.
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66 in worcester too. most of us are 65 to 70 right now and yes we are talking about hermine. but she is no longer post tropical it's the remnants now of hermine that are spinning to the south. bringing a couple showers here back through the south shore quincy to dorchester and there's the counterclockwise spin here. and hermine is actually the leftovers or they are going to left out of the cape or island. this is much weaker form. so we will see a few showers that persist during the day today. na have showers and thunderstorms in the midwest. that's a front that's going to arrive heading into thursday and thursday night. so, today, very similar to yesterday. this is the hour by hour timeline. a couple showers around for your morning commute. maybe worth having the umbrellaon stand by. anything that develops will be light and brief during the day today. there may be one or two downpours that develop throughout mid afternoon. other than that, peeks of sunshine through the day as well. and just an isolated shower
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commute. so temperatures will be in the 70s just hike yesterday. takes a little time to get there. if we can get breaks of sunshine we should manage right around 80 for us for metro west and back in through the route 2 corridor. overnight tonight just like this morning, mainly cloudy and chance of a shower 67 there may be a touch of patchy fog that develops in the typical spots and highs tomorrow come into the 80s. it will be brighter day overall but tomorrow will be muggy so you will feel it and 80 to 85 degrees for most of over southern new england a an isolated shower for us thursday and friday cold front crosses the region early and then clearing comes in. friday looks like a nice day. 85 to 90 on friday but humidity will be lowering during the course of the day. so we will crank up the heat with the warming trend. weekend look good. mid-80s on saturday and stale little humid and sunday a chance of a thunderstorm does
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temperatures in the 80s. and locks like -- locks like a butte -- looks like a beautiful start to next week. warming back into the mid-80s on tuesday. we are getting hermine out of here and remnants are not going to keep the navy destroyer from leaving maine. uzz disiewm wallet -- uss duel walt is the largest-- zumwalt has a stealth design making it appear smaller than it is radar. it will be commissioned in baltimore before heading to the home port in san diego. >> better not crash that baby. all right thank you. new this morning america's most experienced astronaut is on solid ground after a 172 day mission outgoing station commander jeff williams flew back to earth from the international space station. the soyuz crew landed safely last night. they were carried out of the spacecraft into medical tents for health checks. driver who sped off a
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cape cod canal is now facing criminal charges. cell phone individual -- phone video captured him swimming to shore. he drove off an embankment through a fence and dropped 35 feet into water taking down power lines in the process. investigators say he did it on purpose. >> i never seen anything like this in my life. >> like watching a movie. >> hit the guardrail went over the edge and took out two wires and landed in the canal. >> stretcher and taken to a local hospital with only minor injuries believe it or not. crews later hoisted his car from the water. he faces charges of driving to endanger speeding and destruction of property. there are very happy students at one hole yoke school -- who will yoke school- - after a principal bans homework. expectations is that they will
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day. the school day is two hours longer in most holyoke schools. >> we want them to go home at 4 tired and we want their brain to be tired and we want them to enjoy their families and go to soccer program or -- practice or football practice and go to bed and that's it. >> i love her. i love her so much. the school will oval wait next summer and decide whether to extend it but after spending a lot of math i would love this. >> my principal never banned homework so i took care of that and banned it myself. >> look what happened to you. >> yeah. ahead, good news for hundreds of animals rescued from a local farm. >> where they are staying now and what's next after being saved from deplorable conditions. >> firefighters and first responders will escort a piece of steel from the twin towers today.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says
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for help finding a hit-and-run driver. the victim was hit early monday morning crossing the street near the umass lowell campus. show was taken to the hospital and what been released. umass lowell says she was not a student. police say the suspect who was driving a gray or silver sedan which likely has front end damage. anyone with information is asked to call police.
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video helped find a person in a crash. the footage shows anthony buchanan hitting the victim and driving off. he face adjudge yesterday. police say he -- faced a judge yesterday. police say he was drunk and speat speeding when he hit the woman. he turned himself in on sunday and he admitted he hit someone and drove off. hingham police are investigating an organized retail theft at an apple store. about a dozen teens rushed the derby street shop and stole 22 phones. th to 12 males with hoods on and some of them fled in white ford taurus with a license plates covered up. police are waiting for surveillance rido and anyone -- video and anyone with information is asked to call mis. prosecutor dropped the case against a florida man who tack a -- took a woman from long- term care facility e said he was only doing what his friend herself wanted when he helped her leave fat silt. according to the globe prosecutors determined that she
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medical decisions and didn't want him to help her leave. she is not pressing charges. today a piece of steel from the world trade center will make its way from boston to new hampshire and canada. it was recovered in the aftermath of the september 11th attacks. new york city is donating it to the people of gander new finland to acknowledge their help with the dozens of planes that had to be diverted that day. the steel left new york earlier this week. >>55 afpca moved 230 animals rescued from deplorable conditions in westport. they have been moved to rescue groups in 8 states. and they will be put up for adoption. more than a thousand farm animals were found like on a 70 acre property in july. the criminal kills a remains under investigation. the maker of the epipen is under investigation. new york attorney general says mylan pharmaceuticals may have
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because in some school districts they can require schools to buy their pens exclusively to get free or discounted ones. they are used to treat severe allergic reaction. the price jumped more than 500% since 2007. from the streets of boston to a deserted island. >> meet the boston police officer competing in this
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police officer who patrols the streets of boston gets a change of latitude. bret labelle is joining surviving. >> he says he is good of sighing up competition because of the years on the force. >> a guy that looks like a 80s rock guy and a mix between vince neal from mothley crew and hawk hoeingon i tried out several times. >> will he win the million dollar prize? find out premier is wednesday september 21st at 8 p.m. he is going to win i mean how does he not win boston and a police sergeant? done. >> he can juggle coconuts. >> that's impossible right? top stories and weather and traffic straight ahead. >> news at 5 starts right now. >> breaking at 5, passengers on a commuter rail train stuck for hours overnight. what one rider says started it
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some local students are targeted on a popular app. what students and parents need to know. >> itt tech shutting down all locations. the three things students need to do today. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston. this is wbz this morning. >> good morning thanks for joining us i am ken macleod in for chris. >> i am kate merrill. it's wednesday, september 7th. heats check the with danielle niles we are looking at returning of warm temperatures. >> today is going to be in the 80s and near 80s and 90s by the end of the week. 56 in worcester. 66 in boston a little muggy stepping out. here are the leftovers the remnants of hermine. being see the counterclockwise -- you can see the counterclockwise spin and the


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