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tv   WBZ News  CBS  September 7, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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this clearly affected a lot of people around here. flowers that were left in front of the restaurant now in a bucket. this comes -- as -- as we learn that casler allegedly crashed into the restaurant here around dinner time on march 1st. he was in a vw suv and was traveling down chestnut street. he crossed over to washington street -- according to the d.a. at the time he was taking a the busy washington street and ended up right inside the restaurant. two people killed. gregory morin a 32-year-old from newton and eleanor miele who was 57 years old from watertown. seven others were seriously injured. this news coming as the owners of the very popular restaurant prepared to reopen. there is a crew as we are speaking working on putting barriers up in front of
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restaurant behind. this intersection had been problematic even before this accident with several accidents happening here before. as for the news about the driver bradford casler, we are told he is not in custody and no date has been set for his arraignment. he will be in court soon to face these new charges. back to you. >> you can stay with us for continuing coverage of this breaking story. for updates anytime go website know at 5:30 west wood so-called can opener bridge claiming yet another victim. today's crash the latest in a series of accidents involving two tall tracks. we have seen dozens of these crashes in recent years. >> fortunately none of these have caused any serious injuries. drivers continue to ignore the warnings. bill is live in west wood. bill. >> this is the infamous east
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it is painted bright yellow, it is 10' 6. over the years truck after truck after truck hits it. now there may be a fix in sight. >> those of white house work here call it the can opener bridge. >> this morning another driver almost peeled the top back on his truck. he nearly made it under the bridge when he got jammed. this low bridge has a history of tearing up trucks and spilling their contents on to east street. >> the roof usually rolls back the sides fall off and there you go. and stuff ends up on the road. coke cans, lobster -- >> police security cameras have been busy for several years recording truck after truck. i hope this guy didn't need hid
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the bridge. it can't be too soon for the town. >> i'm going to be ecstatic about it getting redone. >> been a little pain for you guys. >> we have been waiting for a long time. it is a safety hazard. >> they don't know when the work will start to fix the bridge but part of the problem till then is a -- modern problem for a very old bridge, it is -- your google maps because unless you have a commercial google m it will take you right under that bridge regardless of how big your truck is. back to you. an employee suffered some serious burns in an accident early this morning. around 6:00 a.m. two people at massachusetts material technologies were working with acid when there was a bad
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charges against a florida man who took a woman from a lawn care facility in newton. from the beginning he said he was only doing with his friend wants when he helped her leave that facility. she is not pressing charges. some special guests made their way to the house floor today as lawmakers debated zika container full of mosquitos from florida. he said he brought that jar to convey the fear and anxiety millions of people are feeling over that virus. well tonight a little baby talk. how your child comes into the world could affect their weight later in life. it is very interesting. >> did you know every year there are 1.3 c-sections preformed in
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deliveries. a new study found children born by c-section were 15% more likely to become obese as kids, teens and young adults than children delivered through the birth canal. even if the kids are born in the same household -- the one by c-section i though be overweight. >> that is incredible. >> the other amazing story -- one of the highest multiple birthrates in the country is here in massachusetts. we have a lot of mothers who will be expecting twins out there and they will want to hear this story. >> that is right. a lot of times there is a big question about how long should twins stay in the room before they are coaxed out. now a large international study says 37 weeks is ideal.
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death in twin pregnancies goes up. delivering babies earlier than 36 weeks doesn't seem to offer any benefit. they say more research is needed on that a. >> we all know people who have been on bedrest for a very long time. it is interesting to make sure that is accurate. >> all right. thank you. it was a longar battle but a female world war pilot finally got her wish. her family made it possible for other women to receive that same honor. terry was handed the burial flag as her mother was finally given military honors at arlington national cemetery. elane was a member of the
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pilots. he was one of about a thousand women. >> this is something that my mother -- worked hard to earn. >> when the 95-year-old died more than a year ago her family found out it could not make good on her final wish to be buried at arlington and decided to fight. >> it is not an easy thing to have to ask congress to pass a law just to bury your grandmother. >> the army reversed last year. >> arizona congresswoman martha who is a retired air force fighter pilot and the first woman to fly in combat helped push legislation. >> these women were amazing by nears. they -- by nears. this is pioneers. this is personal for me.
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fill sgld [ indiscernible ] >> don't give up. >> back to you. [ indiscernible ] well when we come back rice that is trend that could help you cut carbs plus our first look at iphone 7. what is new and what is gone. then the second chance for an abused dog. tonight we meet maverick's brand
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apple just debuted the new iphone 7.
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resistant. it will now include more storage. there is no i phone jack. users will have to use bluetooth headphones. there will be an adapter though. the pre-orders start friday. >> the security on the new iphone will be the best of it's kind. >> absolutely. >> do you know how i readha >> a leak on the internet. >> [ laughter ] that is apple's ceo tim cook. of course his popular car pool -- [ indiscernible ] . today the pharmacy added 13 drug take back kiosks. that gives people a safe place
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unwanted prescriptions. kale is out. it has taken over as the trendy vegetable. agree giant starts selling a rice. it is chopped up and it can replace rice in a low carb diet. trader joe's starting selling their own version last year new englanders the first in out. they are selling them in three varieties. mcdonald's said the muffins are baked fresh every morning and are being tested out in all six new england restaurants. a police chase ending with a bang and than -- then a flash. coming up, fighting zika here in cambridge. the local company that just took
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vaccine. that is all new at 6:00. everyone's needs are different. i've made sure i'm ready for an emergency. we made an emergency kit with water, canned foods, a flashlight, and important papers. emergencies can happen at anytime.
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it was fiery end to a police chase in los angeles. >> you can see flames shooting from police started chasing the driver yesterday afternoon. officers were right behind the man when he drove straight into a light pole. the car drug the pole for several feet and then the fire started. the driver jumped out and hit the ground waiting for police to arrest him crews battle third-degree -- battled this blaze for about an hour.
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closed to traffic since 2004. no word on how that fire started. more than 7,000 american flags will be on display to mark 15 years since september 11th. each flag represents an american military member killed while fighting in the war on terror. each holds the dog tags, photo and brief biography of the person who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> a piece of the twin making a journey from new england to canada. it was a brief ceremony there. that steel continued on it's way there. the town of just 10,000 people accepted 53 flight that were diverted on 9/11. that steel will be placed on permanent display at the airport. >> you know so many ceremonies and important members coming up
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been 15 years. >> it certainly is. >> we were all just talking -- we haven't had a fall-feel yet. it has been here and there and we are going back up now. >> a couple of whispers of it this weekend. now the heat is coming right back in. >> you were saying it better rain soon. >> we will be in a really dicey spot soon if we don't start to get a whole different pattern. we are talking multiple storms on end is what we really need. not a lot of that in forecast. today's high in boston 76 degrees. which is on point for this time of the season. most towns reporting 70s at this hour. all as hermine's remnants begin to spin off to the south. there is a whole lot of very warm air that is across the entire eastern united states. that is going to start moving in during the day tomorrow. there is the satellite picture
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the remnants are starting to move a little bit. kind of interesting tidbit now that there is no longer a tropical system there is no longer an active tropical system anywhere on planet earth right now. that is very unusual early september. we will have a couple of showers pop up across the region. [ indiscernible ] tonight again chance spotty shower, some drizzle, some fog, the clouds fill in as well. tomorrow morning is another murky start. with the sunshine it will warm up and jump into the 80s tomorrow afternoon. it is still very humid again tomorrow l. it -- tomorrow. 70s to around 80 right along the immediate coastline.
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little bit more persistent there. it will no longer be a system as we head to tomorrow afternoon. that is where we get some breaks of sunshine. tomorrow night a chance for a little bit of that much needed rain. we will see some scattered showers e moving across the area thursday night and into early friday morning. during the day on friday the sun will come out, the humidity goes down a little bit but the heat will jump up. 91 degrees for massachusetts. that will be just shy of the record that was set just last year. then we look toward the weekend. if you are making plans here, bit of a tricky forecast. on saturday a warm front moves in. it will bring some clouds around. the question is how much cloudiness will we have to deal. with most dense cloud cover, a chance of showers more towards new york state and vermont. some more scattered showers and thunder are possible late saturday night and into sunday
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rainfall. here is your seven day. it is all 80s pretty much all the way across it. we will see a little bit of clearing on sunday afternoon. we will get back into the sun. on monday we have 70s and that will bring a september feel because our dew points will really dry out >> that is a remarkable forecast for this point of the year. >> doesn't look like anything is leading dinosaur footprints believed to be 130-00-0000 years old were discovered. the woman said she walked in that area dozens of times and never noticed anything before. experts say the tracks were probably hidden under the sand and surf and they think a dinosaur about five feet tall left them behind. >> hm. >> how is that possible? >> big dinosaur geek here. huge.
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abused dog heal. >> coming up i will catch up with maverick. that was the dog that had to chew off his own paw to escape. how he is doing with a brand new family. great story coming up at 6:00. high bidders are picking up the pieces. the cars that went up for auction today and the lucky man that walked away with one next. also tonight, we are following breaking news. the the deadly sweet tomatoes crash
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home sweet home for a german shepherd. maverick settling in with his new family. the dog was the victim of some serious abuse. he chewed off his own paw to escape >> he is now getting the love and support he needs. >> if you ever wonder what had a little tlc looking at it. >> sit. >> just over a year old maverick has overcome a lot in his few dog years and deep down -- >> he's a sweet dog. he has a lot of love but he is still a puppy. >> he first heard his story back in july. >> went to the website the make a donation for his -- surgery and there was a link there that said if you were interested in adopting. >> the poor pup chewed off his
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the first meeting marked just new. this was a friendship meant to last and so did maverick. >> it was like we had known him for years. he was just giving kisses and within main -- minutes he was giving kisses. >> he sleeps next to me on the floor next to my bed. he checks on us once or twice a night to make sure we are still there. >> this is his third german shepherd. it the death of a second one. >> he -- they are sure on their way to a lifelong bond of loyalty. >> he is a great dog. >> maverick has had a little bit of a set back. he will go in tomorrow for an additional surgery just for some tweaking but after that he will be good to go. back to you. >> awe. that looks like one happy dog
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well. they saved him but you know as with dogs he will end up doing a lot more for that fam than they are doing -- family than they are doing for him. the news at 6:00 starts right now. >> breaking at 6:00 a driver now facing charges months after the crash that killed two people at a local pizza shop. >> it was six month newton man's suv crashed right into the front of sweet tomatoes in newton. >> well at least one of the victim's relative als -- relatives is telling us she is eager for this
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one count for each fatality. and a count of driving to endanger. the d.a. said he was driving his vw stuff down chestnut street across from the restaurant when he crossed into the very busy washington street colliding with several cars and landing inside the restaurant on march 1st. seven people were injured. two people were killed. gregory morin who was a 32-year-old from eleanor miele a 57-year-old from watertown. we heard from her mother just moments ago. >> i don't know much about the man. somebody said he had three -- different -- [ indiscernible ] and that he was sick or something. i said -- you know -- he has to be accountable for something. i simply wanted him -- find out what this was.
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you know? and -- but -- i -- i just think that -- it should be brought to justice. >> well unfortunately a lot of those questions that she poses still remain unanswered even as we -- look over the court paperwork that was filed along with this indictment. we can tell you the owners are restaurant soon. the restaurant is still boarded up and the city is installing metal protective barriers along the sidewalk. residents are hoping to learn more perhaps when casler appears in court. no court date has been set and he remains free not in custody. back to you. >> still so many questions. you i hope you will stay with us for continuing coverage of this breaking story and for updates


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