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tv   WBZ News  CBS  September 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a carbon monoxide leak sends adults and kids to the hospital. were dozens of people are forced to evacuate. the first target in the deadly pizza grosz -- shop crash in newton. school spirit, the overwhelming support for a young man in the fight of his life. an entire apartment building evacuated tonight for suspected carbon monoxide leak. several people, including children, have been rushed to the hospital. they said they smelled a strange odor and started feeling sick. katy braces live at the scene tonight, in watertown. >>reporter: six people are now in the hospital with carbon
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building. they were called here for one issue and discovered a much bigger problem. those who live, and this building, a riverside, grabbed what they could. one woman wrapped herself in a blanket, another huddled on the grass with her three cats. >> the alarm went off, so i open up the door and i could smell something. so i grab my dog. >>reporter:watertown firefighters cleared out the 16 units. carbon monoxide had filled the entire building. six people, three adults and three children had dangerously high levels of carbon >> anything above three is elevated. >>reporter: alex ran out and left his dinner on the stove. >> they told me they might want to wait a bit the levels in my apartment were particularly high. we are going to wait a couple of hours before we go back in there. luckily it's a beatable day. >>reporter:they open up the windows and doors and brought them big fans to clear the air. firefighters say when they
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issue. >> i think somebody called us. he smelled something funny, and it turned into a serious situation. >>reporter: they say that -- that funny smell was a malfunctioning oil burner. led them to the carbon monoxide leak. >> it is a good lesson for everyone. >>reporter:all six victims heartache into mgh where they have a hyperbaric chamber used to treat carbon monoxide poisoning. live in watertown, catie news. "breaking news" on the south shore, the coast guard is searching for a missing kayaker, off the coast of quincy. we know the kayaker has been missing for a few hours. we will stay on top of the story and bring you any new information just as soon as we get it. also following breaking news, in boston, police on the scene of a shooting in dorchester. a man shot on ripley street at about 8:30, we do not know the victim's condition. no word of any arrest.
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charges, in the sweet tomatoes crash in newton that killed man to inside that restaurant. one victim's mother wants justice, and some answers, especially now, six months after the crash. >> late today a grand jury indicted 55-year-old bradford chrysler, he is facing serious charges including motor vehicle homicide and driving to endanger. we are live at the scene tonight, where the restaurant still ordered up six months after the tragedy. >>reporter:sweet tomatoes was supposed to reopen, the summer, but it has been closed for more than half a year now. in fact, this indictment was handed out just as the new protective barriers were going up. for six months, the victims and their families have wondered when, or if this indictment might have. >> we have been waiting and waiting. >>reporter: eleanor desmond lost her 57-year-old daughter, eleanor, on march 1. >> she was a good person.
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happened. >>reporter: and suv driven by bradford plowed into the sweet tomatoes pizza shop, in west newton. >> the next couple of days were like i was in a dream. >>reporter: eleanor, and a young father and husband, gregory, were inside the restaurant that night picking up dinner. seven other customers and employees were also injured. some of them seriously. >> he has to be accountable for something. >>reporter: on wednesday, was charged with the 2 counts of motor vehicle homicide and one count of operating a motor vehicle to endanger. charges me lee's mother says are a start. >> i just think that it should be brought to justice, whatever he gets he gets. it was tough. it still is tough, i will tell you. every day, when the phone rings, i think it is her calling me.
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today tells me she has no concept -- no. the arraignment date has not yet been set. looking live at gillette stadium, one of the only cameras that is not completely fogged in tonight. hermine is still out there, but about to become a memory. taking place heat and humidity. let's get to eric fisher. summer is making a comeback. >> it certainly is. your days are not going to be very warm. the only thing holding the heat at bay has been hermine remanence. a clammy and muggy evening out there. hot air to our west and will move its way into the region tomorrow. humidity not going anywhere, it is very humid out there. just walk through it, it is very damp outside. without humidity, there are some areas of fall, you can expect that tomorrow morning out the door. we start the day with some clouds, some showers, and fog. 80s tomorrow afternoon, we make a run at 90 and friday. we will talk about the weekend coming up.
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clinton going back to back at the same site. both of them making their case for why they should be commander in chief. liam martin is live in the studio tonight, both of the candidates laying out their plan to fight isis. >>reporter:this is new, hillary clinton said she would not put ground forces back into iraq or syria, and would instead work with the local forces, trump bowing to expand the military, but declined to give any details of his isis plans and he did not want to give anyt democrat hillary clinton, was the first to field questions at the televised commander-in- chief form on nbc news. one veteran asking about her e- mail scandal. >> i communicated, about classified material, on a wholly separate system. i took it very seriously. >>reporter:the former secretary of state said "rock steadiness is the most important characteristic, and, and it commander-in-chief, and vowed
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esort, not a first choice. >>reporter:republican donald trump, when asked what makes him prepare to be commander in chief, responded with his experience in business. >> i have good judgment, i know what is going on. i was totally against the war in iraq. it was going to totally destabilize the middle east. >>reporter: drawing criticism for that line, wednesday night, as he actually supported the iraq war before it began. it was also d president, vladimir putin. >> if he says great things about me, going to say great things about him. he is a leader. >>reporter:on immigration, trump said he would consider letting undocumented person who wants to serve, in the military, stay in the us. >> i could see myself working that out. >>reporter:both nominees and vowed to defeat isis, and more attention is needed for mental health care for veterans.
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elections here in massachusetts is tomorrow. polls open at 7 a.m. right now, investigators are going over new video on a hit and run in lowell. the driver crashed into a teenager and then sped away. the driver speeds up to this group of people, 2 of them managed to jump out of the way. another person, a young woman, 19 years old cannot escape and the driver -- driver runs right into her. that young woman is out of out of the hospital. police are looking for a gray il damaged any cracked windshield. three firefighters are recovering after this house fire in higham, the flames burned through the historic building, just outside higgins center. a neighbor tells us she was moving out, which is all the smoke pouring from the home. >> i heard the men screaming, and i thought wow, that was pretty harsh.
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you point everybody get out! >> these three injured firefighters are going to be okay. no word what caused the fire. tonight we know what caused an explosion that killed a couple inside their condo in franken. the state fire marshal says a propane leak is to blame. the accident, last october, destroyed three units in the newly built complex. sadly, the victims had just moved to franken so they could be closer to their grandkids. there is sadness at boston university tonight, where students are mourning the death of a freshman killed by a commuter train. police not yet revealing the victims identity, as they are parents in china. investigators say the 17 year old walked out onto the tracks and was hit. an employee from the teenagers body, and another train had to be held there for three hours overnight. >> preliminary investigation suggests that this is just a tragic, horrendous accident. >> i looked out the window and i saw something with police on the train tracks searching with flashlights. we saw a body sprawled out.
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tracks. one month since police searching for vanessa marcotte found her body in princeton. the google employee was visiting her mom, and had gone out for an afternoon run. the worchester county da says they have received more than 1000 tips, detectives say they are following up on everybody. so far, no arrests. we should know by friday whether boston police will be forced to wear body cameras. the 2 size took their battle to court, but with no agreement it is knowledge of the judge who decision by the end of the week. officers didn't volunteer for the pilot program, the police commissioner randomly chose 100 officers to participate. their union then sued arguing that forcing officers to where the cameras violates the contract. new tonight, six commuter rail employees are fired for attendance, and timecard issues. the company subcontracted to run the commuter mail -- rail, the auditor found issues in the mechanical department. the company tells wbz, the company's broke -- the
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of ethics. we have a great update about the brave dog who won the heart of new england -- new england dog lovers. his name is how -- maverick, he survived horrific abuse, ultimately chewing off his own party for himself from a chain. this german shepherd has a new life, with a new family intel. >> it was like we had known him for years. he was giving kisses. >> mavericks paul is still healing, he has another schedule for tomorrow, but the vet says he is doing just fine. >> they had 2 other golden retrievers, in the past, so they know the breed. the dog was very happy there. the big reveal, next at 11. apple's new iphone 7, what just got better and what is going away. see the special a community and a soccer team came together to support a young boy in the fight for his life. judy garage below ready for
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nkin'. westwood's notorious low hanging bridge has claimed another victim. the bridge has been dead the canopener bridge, for the way it rips open the top of a truck. this crash, the latest in a series of accidents involving trucks. fortunately none has caused any serious injuries. a local high s behind a young boy who right now is in the fight of his life. as louisa moeller shows us the soccer team surprised connor with a big show of school spirit. connor hessler got an extravagant introduction wednesday night. a crowd dressed in his favorite colors. >> barnes is my favorite color. my hair is kind of orange. >>reporter:a patriotic serenade
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? what so proudly we hailed. >>reporter:simple joy for life, his humble smile, it has made him the marvel of the entire native community. >> it is going to be impossible to top connor, he is one of the nicest, truly nice people that i have ever met. >> he gives you a lot of middle schooler can go through this and keep pushing through. >>reporter:that is despite a tough diagnosis. connor has a rare stage iv terminal cancer. revenging the once avid hockey player from walking. it's not stopping him -- >> don't think about the negatives. >>reporter:or, his community, staying positive with the signs, wristbands and raffle.
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and blue, they have been showing love for connor for over a year now. we met connor in february, when the town put up blue and orange ribbons. >> keep your head up. look towards the positives. >> we don't have a choice. we as a family refuse to let one day go by and make it negative. >> got to love connor's spirit, and the spirit of the community as well. >> and, his mom. they are going to keep looking straight ahead. update on him a year from now. >> connor, we are on your team. let's bring in eric now and talk about the weather. >> we have arizona tonight, we had our tropical trouble, how about this, a funnel cloud seen over the area and this is tied to a tropical system. this is newton that came up the baja peninsula and into arizona
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tropical issues on both ends of the country this evening. hermine is no longer our problem after tomorrow morning. it will be working its way up to the east, a couple of leftover showers tomorrow morning. the heat is back in, summer warmth and 90 degrees to and out the work week. the other story, droughts still worsening. we had a little bit of rainfall this week, when it comes to alleviating a lot of the stress on your retention ponds, or your wells, we need a lot more rain than what we have seen over the last few days. today's high as 76, which is pretty close to the mark. the humidity has been so high, it is not that cri september air you start to think about. temperatures have not moved much this evening and they will not to move much more by tomorrow morning. the ghost of hermine spinning off to the south, across nantucket tomorrow morning and it will work its way out into the atlantic and around some low-level clouds tonight and followed. it could be a murky evening. watch out if you have to travel today. the same thing for quite -- tomorrow morning.
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rises and the sun sets a little earlier every day. as we head toward lunch time we are going to work in some breaks of sunshine in the brighter skies tomorrow afternoon are going to allow temperatures to pop up to 80 degrees in most towns. low to mid 80s a -- away from the immediate cosign. the clouds may linger just a little bit longer. it's another humid day, kind of steamy. here you see the remnants of moving out to the north and east, tomorrow morning scooting away from nantucket. as it moves farther to the east, we start to work and some of that it is here for a bit, but tomorrow night another system of zen. during the overnight, a chance for some showers and downpours. again, they are scattered. one town gets one, and one town does not. it is better than nothing. that will be wrapping up by early friday morning. the front moves offshore friday morning, we work in the sunshine and even though we are drying out it is a hot day. upper '80s to though 90 on friday afternoon. forecast in boston is 91. the record is 93 set just last
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warm weather, and very sunny weather on friday. a friday night no issues, jason l dean can rock out there at fenway park. then we had into the weekend, and another system approaches on saturday. any shower activity with this on saturday will stay in new york state, western new england and a band of clouds moving through the area on saturday mixing in with the sun. another friend comes in here on saturday night, timing is not good for rainfall for us. i think we get a few showers and storms, late saturday night into sunday morning. and then we dry o a warm weekend with 70s at the coast and 80s inland on saturday, sunday we are looking at a chance of shower or storm especially early. here is your accuweather seven- day, the only day i would classify the one that feels like september, is monday. we have highs in the 70s, bright skies, and then lisa and david the warmth comes right back at us, 80s on tuesday and wednesday. >> we need that apple picking weather. >> i am with you, but i do not
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speaking of apple, apple is showing off his new iphone and playing up both the additions and what is gone as well. the iphone 7 has 2 cameras, more volume and it is waterproof. but, this time there is no headphone jack. instead apple want you to use its new bluetooth air pods. there will be an adapter, by the way, to plug old headphones into the power jack. those are the buds right there. how do those stay in? preorder start on friday. lowell police are trying to solve a mystery and it is not a crime. they found this painting in a home of a photographer who recently died. it is of a lowell police lieutenant painted 80 years ago. they know there was a black and white photo, used as a model. not even that has helped them identify the man in the painting. they hope someone will recognize him, so that eventually lowell police can get this portrait to the man's family. >> such a great portrait.
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understandably he is a little nervous, he tells us why that
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barbara moussette: kelly came through for me and my husband, and i am just forever grateful... with my husband in cancer treatment, we fell behind on our bills, and we needed our tax refund to catch up... ...but hackers had stolen it. we were the victims of identity theft. i was terrified - we faced losing our home. she didn't know us at all, but she went to the irs and she fought for us. thanks to kelly, we got our refund and we kept our home. kelly ayotte: i'm kelly ayotte
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just talking about the fact that the patriots do not play until sunday nine, that is just longer to weigh. i want this game to get here. patience is not the hallmark of patriots offense. >> was he talking, or complaining? >> i think he was working it out. >> i was complaining. this ought to make you feel good, patriots 12-2 in their past six season new cornerback eric wearing number 25, took part in his first practice after the pats acquired him. rob took part in his second straight practice with some unusual stretching going on. jimmy continues to get up for his first nfl start. with tom brady out of the picture it is just jimmy and jacoby entering the quarterback position. number 10 says that makes his life a little easier.
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it's just me and jacoby, all of the rest is just between the two of us now. we know where we sit on that, so it's different without tom, no question about it. it. it is what it is at this point. >> bennett is preparing for his first game of the patriots, hoping bennett and bob will form a devastating duo at tight end the season. >> this is always another nfl season. he cannot take it for granted. i've been in the league for a lot of -- for a long time now, i've seen a lot of people come and go. i get butterflies before every game. once you lose those butterflies is when you should hang them up. >> butterflies are good, wbz has a season opener covered for you, all axes friday night at seven, sunday it is day at
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immediately following the game come back to wbz for the fifth quarter post game show. the red sox would like nothing more to head to toronto in first place for nothing but themselves. and so far it is looking that way. rubbing up the three-game series with the padres, socks or a 5-2 in the fifth inning. price has been following travis and the offense. a 2 run home run and an rbi single. blue jays taking on the yankees, toronto came in to the ninth tied at one. castro a homerun, and the third, the score is tied, it would end up being the winning run as the yankees go on to win the jays 2-0, and sweep the three-game series. thank you new york. tampa rallied, title vi in the bottom of the seventh, cory with the rbi double to deep left center, that would score the eventual winning
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. hot coffee or iced coffee tomorrow. >> who is we? [laughter] it is going to be iced coffee tomorrow for all of us.
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sunshine and we say goodbye to hermine. >> we will see you tomorrow. good night. >> stephen: we believe the iphone 7 is the most exciting iphone yet. you've heard the rumors and, yes, they are true. we have removed the headphone jack. ( applause ) thank you. we also got rid of the button. ( applause ) now, some companies might stop there. but we thought if less is more, how much more could we less? we think you'll be very excited about all the things we didn't include. for instance, that fragile glass front? gone. ( applause ) and with no front, do you really need a back? also, the iphone 7 never needs to be charged because there is


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