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tv   WBZ News  CBS  September 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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police say 51-year-old joanne boucher was murdered. her body was found in her home on monday. police are not releasing the cause of her death at this time. breaking news at 6:00, dozens of dead birds falling from the sky onto lawns. >> investigators are on the scene right now trying to figure out what's causing it. bill shields tonight with the breaking details. bill? >> reporter: this is very bizarre. people in the neighborhood got up this morning. there are dead birds around and no one could figure out. there's only one kind of bird. it's a grackle. so now inspection services are trying to figure it all out. >> we received a call to come to bakersfield street because there were a lot of deceased birds and birds quote, unquote falling out of the skies. >> reporter: residents first saw them this morning. >> i tried to move them a
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they seemed like it was on one side. you put them on their feet, and they just fell. almost like one side was, like, paralyzed. >> reporter: there was no sign of people feeding birds and no sign of poisoning. so inspectional services is checking to see if anyone used a control agent called avatrol. >> there are three types of birds you can do control measures on. you can use a chemical called avatrol. it has to be mixed in a very safe way, not it's made to disperse. it is a shocking agent. >> reporter: no other species of birds were affected, only the grackles which are only ash here in the summer. so the animal rescue league of boston and inspectional services are trying to figure it all out. >> we're not sure what's going on if there is an environmental toxin or some disease that's being spread around the birds. >> reporter: you heard inspectional services mention avatrol. to use it, you have to have a permit.
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to figure out if anyone in the area has a permit for that. reporting live from dorchester, i'm bill shields, wbz news. two people were killed in the crash on 495 in merrimac this morning. police say there were six people in the van when the driver lost control and the van flipped into the middle of the interstate. the men were workers on the way to a job in maine. police are focusing on the possibility that one of the tires may have blown out. he was si tomatoes when a car came crashing right in. tonight he is speaking out. >> the district attorney is explaining why this investigation took so long. christina hager is live in newton now with the story. >> reporter: well, today the district attorney explained this is a complicated case. it is an important case, she said, and it takes time to get it right. at least one survivor of the deadly crash that happened here said he's glad she's taking her time.
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around you because you can go at any time or they can go at any time. we take life for granted. >> reporter: we caught up with tony wilson as he was headed to physical rehab still recovering from rib and back injuries he got six months ago as he was picking up a pizza at sweet tomatoes. an suv slammed into the counter. >> it's good to at least see that there is a resolution moving forward. justice takes a long time, and you know, in talking with the d.a. and seeing what she said, they want to get t seven people seriously injured. now finding out it took a half year for the man behind the wheel when this deadly crash happened to face charges. the district attorney marian ryan explains why. >> we're fortunate to have lots of things, forensics, video and all kinds of cases. it takes too imto bring that all together. >> reporter: the drive wears indicted on two counts of motor vehicle homicide and one count
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the d.a. says he crossed into traffic on washington street, collided with other vehicles and slammed into the sweet tomatoes restaurant. two people were killed, 32- year-old attorney gregory lauren and 57-year-old eleanor neeley. her mother eager for more answers. >> i just think that they should be brought to justice. it still is tough, i'll tell ya. every day when the phone rings, i think it's her calling. >> reporter: a friend of the driver, bradford, did indicate early on that he struggles with medical issues. today the d.a. would not address that but did indicate we may learn more when he faces a judge in court within the next couple of weeks. in newton, christina hager, wbz news. >> now, even before the grand jury handed down criminal charges, the city of newton was taking steps to protect sweet tomatoes and make the area
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pedestrians going forward. after an i-team report, crews installed sidewalk barriers. ryan? city council credited wbz for highlighting the issue and prompting safety for pedestrian and customers in west newton. these new barriers appear add long the sidewalk in front of sweet tomatoes just yesterday. the 13 crash-resistant bottles cost the city about $34,000. right after in march, people commented to us how the path of the car had narrowly missed a row of cement pilings installed years ago. city leaders will consider adding them to other locations where vehicles have collided with businesses or ended up on the sidewalks. store front crashes happen 60 times across the country every day. there are currently no state laws regulating where these should be installed. for the i-time ryan katz, wbz
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news room now. a british airways jet from london orlando has been -- london to orlando has been forced to divert. an unruly passenger has been taken off of the plane. the suspect is currently going through customs. wbz is working to get more details on this. we'll get updates tonight on my tv 38, on the 11:00 news here and, our web site. david? this picture says everything you need to know about our drought right now. wbz radio reporter ben parker took the picture. it is a reservoir in holden. this jetty that you see here, you don't normally see. it's usually completely hidden by water. the water level right now is 20 feet lower than normal. worcester is now taking emergency precautions to preserve the water that's left. all restaurants have been told to stop serving tap water unless a customer actually asks
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turned off. eric, the new road maps are out today. not great. >> not good news. i think this will continue on. you have been sent meek tweets or e-mails saying well pressure is starting too drop off a little bit. very low retention ponds and smaller reservoirs. we're getting into a more serious time with the drought. there wasn't a lot of change compared to last week. we had some rainfall because of hermine. basically it kept up with the average rainfall we would expect to se really, no expansion, no shrinking in southeast new hampshire and across much of eastern massachusetts. you see the rainfall this month. we've had a few rainy days but only totaling a quarter inch in boston. some towns have seen a little more than that. parts of cape cod and the islands have seen over an inch of rainfall this month. tracking downpours tonight. these are moving their way eastbound. they weaken as they move east. we are going to see showers and
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western massachusetts and into southwestern new hampshire. as we look ahead tomorrow, mostly dry as you look toward saturday. slight chance of a shower. the next best chance is saturday into sunday. so conservation is very important. >> eric, thank you. the art of sharing your truth. >> coming up on display, the stories of strangers that are helping to highlight the connections that make us human. >> now, this in the kitchen sink, but blowing in the charles? wait a minute, what caused this suddensy water out there? >> the world of sports, we have a gronk health update and we'll be joined by cam neeley who's hear today to discuss this play. the bruins' brand new practice facility. it is stunning and state-of-the- art. we'll have that with cam coming up. >> coming up on the wbz news at
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martha's vineyard being celebrated tonight by the smithsonian. we'll tell you why oak's bluff is being honored for its african mesh identity and
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios, this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in, i know it's in, it's in but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that's going to let me see what you're seeing. really? mcenroe. see that cord?
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tely. i like that. get fios with virtual tech support for $69.99 a month. how do you clean up boston's once dirty water? apparently with a burnch of suddens. >> that's right. seth shows this to be some very seven-day forecastsy water. it -- sudsy water. when the water is air rated going throughout pumps, you get that. >> we need a new song. i love that sudsy waterp. with all of the hazards on the roads this caught people by surprise. >> this is a turkey on the leverett connector. a wbz viewer sent us this photo. you can see the bird in the breakdown lane. this is at about 10:00 this
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crossing the road. maybe he saw a chicken do it. >> then we know why. >> eric what do you call it when i make a joke like that? >> papa joke. master of the jokes. >> i want to share a picture with you. a lot of people are spending images of the fog. this one from picture boston on twitter. all of the great images. we is city of it. for anyone with the water out there, there is a lot of fog on the massbay. it's kind of a parting shot from hermine. its remnants are exiting cape cod right now. a little bit of an onshore flow behind it bringing in the fog bank but soon to be kicked out by the cold front that will give us a chance for rainfall tonight. very much needed. you see logan, 70 degrees.
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warm, very humid evening. the dew points are way up into the 60s and will stay humid through the overnight hours. tracking this line of showers and downpours that are moving through the albany area, just starting to get into southwestern vermont and nipping around mount gray lock there in the northern berkshires. there is a chance for rain. as you approach 8:00, i think the showers will be entering western parts of worcester county, southwestern new hampshire. as we track east, agai keep these alive. a few showers and downpours. we'll take every rain drop we can get. the actual cold front arrives tomorrow morning. we might start out with a little cloud cover and a slight chance of early showers. we'll work on a warm summer day. the front doesn't get far. it will stall right along the south coast. the clouds start to surge back up again. there is a chance a few storms could fire on that front tomorrow evening. so we'll keep an eye on that
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coast, the islands, and cape cod. otherwise, it is increasing humidity. tomorrow as we end out the week, we're looking at low 70s out the door, increasing sunshine and warm at lunch. we'll be in the 80s with the mix of sun and clouds. we're near 90 tomorrow night as you head home from work or school. going follow a high of 91 -- going for a high of 91 in bedford. nantucket is 78 for tomorrow. the record was 93 and was set just last year. i think most of the shower activity with this warm front will stay just off to our north and west. then there's another ill-timed front that comes through on sunday morning. i say ill timed because if you want to squeeze out the rain, we'll get an isolated shower on sunday, especially early. and dry out in the afternoon.
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more warm summer weather. it gets mush drier for -- much drier for monday and tuesday. monday morning, crisp. >> thank you, eric. there are story collectors in boston today asking people to share a bit of their lives. >> it's called the strangers project. it is a unique, intimate way to learn about others and learn about ourselves. >> what's your story? that's the main thing. it's whatever you want to share about your life. >> reporter: and share they do. >> i had my first baby seven weeks ago. she's beautiful, sweet, and calm like her papa. >> there's a city right under your nose that you probably walk past every day. you may not even notice us. >> reporter: the strangers project is the brain child of brandon domen. he started collecting seven years ago. >> i think i've always had this curiosity, you know, looking out at a crowd and all of the people we share a space with every day and realizing
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that are often unexplored. >> reporter: today, the second day of his 20-city tour. >> thank you so much nor sharing. >> reporter: people get a chance to read some of the 20,000 stories that he's gathered. >> i think humans have always shared stories of what makes us human. >> reporter: many people grab pen and paper and share their own stories. some are heartbreaking. >> my 15-year-old daughter tried to kill herself last fall. knot nothing in the "what expect" books prepared me for this. >> reporter: others are heart warming. >> today i received an e-mail that they found a match in the bone marrow drive i ran this past summer. >> this is a great way to break down boundaries and see who people really are. it's not fake. it's very authentic. i love it. >> this is a good idea for people to draw inspiration from people they don't know and find a connection with strangers. >> reporter: i think it helps us look at each other with a
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curiosity. >> i think it's great that he's finding the stories and bringing them out. everyone has a story. >> so that was kenmore square today. tomorrow it's at harvard square so you can stop by, read, write, and see people as a little less strange. >> you can see a lot of people there today. that was encouraging. we have two big stories going on in sports. rob gronkowski is hitting and the bruins -- is hu the bruins are unveiling something tonight. >> dan? >> reporter: david and lisa, this is a special place. we'll get to gronk in a moment. this is a brand new practice facility. right behind me is a brand new rink. it is the 660 fans they that it sits. you can come watch any and all bruins practices this season and beyond. pretty special stuff at this brand new facility. you look at some of the things that this place features.
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it is a brand new spacious locker room. a much bigger training room that fete chores hot and cold tubs as well as an under-- features hot and cold tubs as well as under water rooms. it features a sweet, sweet boston bruins ping-pong table. great stuff here at this brand new facility. all right, let's turn our attention to football. the patriots are gearing up for sunday's big day with the arizona cardinals out in arizona as the patriots get ready to there is a big, big health question tonight. levan reid has more on that. >> reporter: here we go. >> yesterday, rob gronkowski spent a considerable amount of time having his trainers stretch out that hamstring. today he was at practice but threw a wrench in what his game status could be. >> ever since that one time i was at practices, i had been week to week with a little hammy thing.
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and what we all think and collaborate and come together and figure out from there. >> reporter: that is huge. rob needs all hands on deck and gronk's hamstring could be a tipping point. as for how big 87 feels. jimmy is coming along. gronk has a vote of confidence. >> he's looking solid, man. i love it. ing see improvement from last year to this year. >> reporter: roe was the topic the coach said he's long and athletic and went on and on about his versatility. eric roe has been here for two days. he said he's not sure he's ready to play. >> there were a couple of calls today that i didn't have an idea of what it was and i had to ask. right now, i'm just taking it day by day. >> reporter: seems there are a lot of plays on the roster but the first game is coming way too fast.
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reid, wbz sports. >> thank you, levan. the boston bruins' brand new practice facility. first of all, congratulations, cam. >> thank you. >> reporter: a lot of work went into this for you and this organization. what do you like best about the place and what will the fans like best about it as they watch practice? >> well it is a state-of-the- art facility. it's probably more comfortable to come watch practice being a brand new facility and all. for me it is the space that our players have et or the medical pt space. i think it is a huge upgrade for us. >> reporter: how much will it help, i guess, talking to tory cruz earlier today. how much will it help for the players today and years to come? >> players all talk to each other now. they talk about the cities. they talk about practice rinas. they talk about the organization. so to be able to offer this to our players is important for
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to the ownership that we are investing in building championship teams. this is a part of it. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> reporter: bruins president cam neely joining us for a few minutes as well. we'll have much more coming up at the 8:00 news on my tv 38. for now, back to you. >> dan roche, i still get excited when i see cam neely. watching him play when i was young. >> and seeing that gorgeous facility, too. scott pelley joins us live with a preview up. >> reporter: great to be with you as always in boston. you know everybody has a credit card, but i'll bet nobody reads the agreements. some go on for 5,000 words. it turns out that what you don't know in those agreements is costing you, and we will have the fine points on the fine print. also, country music's tribute to glenn campbell all tonight on the cbs evening news in less than ten minutes. >> thank you, scott. it is the perfect back
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download a preparedness checklist today. tonight, there is mystery surrounding this marriage proposal with the sunset providing a beautiful back drop. the only problem here, nobody knows who the couple is yet. the photographer didn't want to interrupt the moment so she kept her distance. now she's turning to social media hoping to find the couple >> we're hoping she said yes. >> that's the other part of the mystery. >> we are eager to hear.
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this has been a very interesting week. >> we had a little rain and hurricane off coast. >> gave ace little wind and some rain. we've got scattered downpours tonight after sunset and hoping to soak up a little bit of rainfall. otherwise, another dry stretch for us. >> when does it feel like
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>> thanks. see you at 11:00. captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the fire after the forum. >> what would ronald reagan say about a republican nominee who attacks america's generals and heaps praiseon russia's president? >> i just watched her on the tarmac. she tried to make up for her >> i don't think the guy's qualified to be president of the united states. every time he speaks, that opinion is confirmed. >> pelley: also tonight, if you haven't read your credit card agreement, you don't know what you're missing. >> you almost need a law degree to understand it. >> pelley: environmental protesters try to stop an oil pipeline project. and country music honors its


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