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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  September 9, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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investigation underway. >> reports of birds falling from the sky. dozens found dead in dorchester. i been specifyingors on -- inspectors on the scene trying to figure out what happened. >> a pivotal moment in the body camera debate. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning everyone. welcome aboard. i am ken macleod in for chris. >> and i am the weekend is here and summer returned. let's check that with danielle niles. and it's nice to have the summer back for the weekend. >> 90 degrees the high today. it's the hottest day of the next several and we will be in the 80s but summer is not going anywhere. 70 to 75 for most of us. 70 in worcester and keene right now. low 70s over cape cod and the dew point is you up there.
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good chunk of the day today. it turns less humid as we head into the second half of the afternoon. visibility right now is reduced in spots but it's not as thick as it was yesterday in terms of the fog. it's patchy over the south coast and cape cod. visibility 3/4 of a mile on nantucket. a couple showers overnight and clouds in place this morning too. and you will encounter's few rain drops traveling awrong route -- along route 93. right along route 89 as 70sthis morning, warm and muggy with a stray shower and sun and clouds. 86 by midday and topping out around 90 this afternoon to maybe an isolated shower for the ride home on cape cod. we will talk about the weekend coming up. let's get you on the road. a quiet start. >> reporter: it is this is what we like to see on fridays. no traffic on the dameic or leverett connector. no problems getting to this
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connector. no problems getting to this point. a 10 minute ride to downtown boston. breaking overnight two people shot outside a worcester bar. police blocked off part of the area in front of gallagher's pub on west boylston street as they investigated. both victims are expected to survive. so far no arrests have been made. developing news three members of the massachusetts state police are suspended without pay. they were assigned to the depart's transferring weapons to a authorized vendor in the state. state police say the weapons were extras and only a limited number were transferred. they are not releasing any other information but an internal investigation is underway. the attorney general is also looking into that case. right now inspentors are out in -- inspectors are in dorchester trying to figure out why dozens of birds fell to the ground and died. >> nick is hive in dorchester and has a closer look at what happened nick good morning.
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i can tell you an inspectional services truck pulled up following up on calls they fielded yesterday about birds falling from the sky. >> i tried to move them a little bit and it seemed like it was on one side and you put them on their feet and they fell. >> reporter: a disturbing sight in dorchester. as many as 40 grackles reportedly dropping dead thursday. others appeared to be paralyzed. now the question, both the animal rescue leag and inspectional services is asking is why. >> we are not sure what's going on if there's an environmental toxin or something that is being spread around the birds. >> reporter: there's no sign of people feeding the grackles but no sign of poisoning thursday. so to get a better idea of what's behind the birds, seemingly falling from the sky, health and environmental officials are starting their friday bird watching on bakersfield street. checking to see if anyone used
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>> there are three types of birds you can do control measures on starlings sparrows and pigeons and if you use avitrol it has to be mixed a very safe way not made to kill but made to disburse a shocking agent. >> reporter: and again inspectors pulled up to the scene and they tell me they are in a holding pattern for now but should get underway in a few minutes with the investigation. we will follow as that investigation unfolds all morning long and we will them. for now live in dorchester nick giovanni wbz this morning. new overnight north korea says it tested another nuclear warhead. the 5th atomic test and second in less than a year. south korean geologist noticed the seismic being a test equivalent to a 5.0 earthquake. and it estimates this is the north's biggest ever explosive yield. outside experts believe the country is actively trying to miniaturize a nuclear warhead
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ballistic missile. 5:04 right now. an unruly passenger now facing charges after officials diverted the flight to boston. breana pitts has more on that. >> reporter: the flight was headed from london to orlando but the captain decided to head for boston yesterday afternoon when a 24-year-old man from scotland was taken off the planeand british airways apologized to other passengers saying "disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. now that flight did go orlando and the passenger will be summoned to court to face charges of interfering with a flight crew. kate. >> thank you. a judge is expected to decide today whether boston police officers can be forced to wear body cameras. nicole jacobs is live this morning in roxbury with the new move from police leaders. good morning nicole. >> reporter: good morning to you kate. we know body cameras have been implemented in other parts of the the country. this is nothing more than a
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are taking the lead. after not a single volunteer stepped up, chief william gross and 7 others on the command staff did. they are are those among the force who will wear body cameras. >> it's big statement they are making. you know they are out with the public a lot interacting with the community and i think putting the stake in the ground we are committed to the program. >> reporter: police commissioner bill evans said thursday i have the best department in the country and i am committed to getting the program started for the benefit of the community and my officers out there every day. but it comes amid court proceedings lawned by the police union claiming the process is a breach of agreement and pointing to what it sees as horrible timing. >> i agree with them. the timing is horrible. we should have the cameras on the street by now. >> reporter: the mayor says it shouldn't have come to this the agreement was in the already negotiated contract. but now a judge will decide how the city and police move forward with the pilot.
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talking to the people what our police did every single -- do every single day. >> reporter: and we expect to learn that judge's ruling today. in roxbury nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> thanks. 5:07 right now. water worries have reached the level of a drought emergency in worcester and now the city is taking drastic action. worcester is banning all outdoor watering except by hand with a container. restaurants have been told not to give customers tap water unss a huge reservoir in holden which supplies much of the city is dried up in places and worcester city manager says the situation is dire. >> we are hoping to get a 20% reduction in use of water to try to conserve the really small amount of water that we have left and the prospects of the next 90 days is for very little precipitation. >> even with the restrictions, worcester is planning to purchase millions of gallons of
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reservoir. winter is coming and the mbta wants to be ready. this weekend the red line will be closed. that's where work crews will continue replacing third rail and switch heaters. it's part of the ongoing winter resiliency plan to prevent that kind of failure. the massive failures we saw during the winter storms of 2015. the t will run shuttle buses instead. now to campaign 2016. today hillary clinton will open a new campaign office right here in boston. it will be located senator elizabeth warren will campaign on clinton's behalf today in philadelphia. last night clinton spoke at a national baptist convention in missouri and talked about how her methodist faith led her to public service. donald trump will take part in voter summit in washington, d.c. and he will fly to florida for a rally in pensacola tonight. at an event in cleveland last night, trump called his opponent trigger happy hillary
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in iraq from the beginning despite comments at the time that made it appear he supported it. former massachusetts governor william weld is down playing an embarrassing moment for his running mate gary johnson. johnson stumbled while talking about the refugee crisis in syria. >> what would you do if you were elected about aleppo. >> about. >> aleppo. >> and what is aleppo? >> you ar >> aleppo is in syria it's the epicenter of the refugee crisis. >> okay got it. got it. >> alep po is a major city that has been engulfed in civil war. during a stop at emmerson college vp candidate weld defended the running mate. >> i think people understand you can forget a detail. so no i. don't think it has any
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perhaps to increase our name recognition. >> in later interview johnson claimed he misunderstood the question. 5:10 is the time. right now coming up, a new roadblock in the fight against the zika virus. >> some people in florida just don't believe that virus is linked to birth defects and how that is impacting plans for moss skeeto spraying. >> and -- mosquito spraying. >> and the nasa new information the rocket launched aimed at retrieving a asteroid >> good morning. so -- billion years old. >> good morning. upper 80s and low 90s today. it's going to be a hot day for the kids and warm and muggy start in the 70s for the busstop out the door. we will time out few showers we will dodge for the weekend when
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? the moments that connect us don't happen overnight. they happen one morning at a time, and one cup at a time.
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3, 2, 1 and lift off of osiris-rex. >> nasa newest mission took off last night and it could hold answers to the origin of life on earth. it is headed to an asteroid called bennu that is more than 4 billion years old and it will
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2025. the equipment on board the rocket was designed by m.i.t. students and is due back on earth in 7 scenes. >> m.i.t. students think what i was doing in college. >> not that. >> not designing a rocket? >> i was barely making it to class. >> i want to hear how close it will come to earth. close in their terms is like you know solar system. >> exactly. how end to the week. >> how about the weekend. >> it should be in the 80s so w today is the hottest in the 7- day forecast. no fallish air until we get to the end of next week. we are in the 70s out the door right now. it's a mild start. 73 in boston. taunton man chester is at 73. most of us in the 70s out the door and there's just a little bit of patchy fog and it's not as widespread as yesterday but it's in patches it canly over the cape and islands he so be aware of that. cloud too and a couple showers scattered essex county back in through southern new ham shore
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hampshire along 93 and 89. maybe an isolated shower or two and mainly dry afternoon. highs in the lower 90s so it's going to be a hot one today. and it will be sticky. dew point doesn't drop until into the day tomorrow. in the 80s on the cape and islands. a chance of a shower overnight lows around 70 downtown but 6 0? in the suburbs. and tomorrow not as hot and in fact at coastline it will be in the 70s with a wind coming in off the ocean away from that ocean 80s from taunton to norwood and back up to fitchburg and jaffrey around 80 degrees. sunday features similar temperatures but the wind shifts around a little bit and it will be out of the west southwest and shift around. so, most of us even at the coastline will come back up into the 80s on sunday. another above average day. what about wet weather? yes we will be dodging a couple rain drops this weekend but outdoor plans are a go because it's not that widespread. today here's the hour by hour
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heading into late afternoon and evening. tomorrow morning, starting with clouds but there will be peeks of sunshine. i can't rule out a shower or thunderstorm tomorrow particularly notice north and west of boston. this is the map at 5 p.m. so, have a eye to the sky tomorrow a pop-up storm is possible and sunday we start with clouds and a shower by midday and then clearing comes in so we will have varying amounts of clouds and we need the good soaking rain just not in the cards. doesn't seem like there's a big pattern shift areas of extreme drought expanded ever so slightly in southern new hampshire as well. same areas as last week in eastern massachusetts. no change there. accu-weather seven-day forecast. 90 today and 80s for the upcoming weekend. next week looking mainly dry. in the mid-70s on monday and low 80s by tuesday and chance of a shower on wednesday brings in the little bit of a fall feel on thursday with high around 70 brianna -- breana. >> reporter: traffic is
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further on 128 in braintree, that's in great shape and so is route 3. you can expect normal drive times on the expressway right now. checking your commute for those of you out in framingham and western mass you have nothing to worry about route 2 the pike and route 9 all great options. ken. >> thanks. 5:17 right now. officials are explaining why it took so long to file charges in a deadly crash in a newton pizza shop. the driver is charged counts of motor vehicle homicide and one count of driving to endanger. two people died and seven others seriously hurt when he crashed the suv into sweet tomatoes on march 1st. middlesex district attorney announced this week that he will face charges. >> we are fortunate to have lots of things forensics and videos and all kinds of things in all kinds of case and it takes time to bring it together. >> that's good to see there's a resolution moving forward.
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and seeing what she said they want a get this right. >> a friend of the driver has said he struggles with medical issues. the da would not comment on that and did suggest we may learn more in court when he face as judge sometime in the coming weeks. health officials in florida are delaying the use of a controversial chemical in the spraying of the mosquitoes. there are now more than 650 cases of zika in the state. 80 patients are pregnant women. this week miami dade county's mayor tried to tell a that the insecticide now is harmless to humans but some are concerned it scareies -- carries serious health risk and many doubt zikacauses birth defects. >> raise your hand if you are skeptical about the link between the zika virus and microcephaly. >> there's a lot of people you know denying the fact zika and birth defects are linked. >> zika has affected tourism in
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are down 10% from a year ago. this morning new bedford is conducting its latest round of mosquito spraying starting at 2 a.m. and lynn until the sun comes up. health department says west nile virus was found in mosquitoes from the washburn street area. that area is included in the first round of preying. the second round will be done on monday morning. two baby turtles rescued in lakeville are recovering. crs guys out of a swimming pool and they say the best guess is they are two days old. one is albino. they don't survive well in the wild. so a reptile specialist is taking care of them. a surprising sight on the roadway. yes that's a turkey on the leverett connector. a wbz viewer sent this photo and you can see the bird in the breakdown lane about 10 yesterday morning. so he was a little late for rush hour. >> workday was done and he was
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very quickly. up next new concerns about rob gronkowski's knelt and a comment about tom brady about his banner at gillette stadium what he is saying about the show of support from the team. >> and bruins showing off a state of the art practice
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find your walk near you at wbz sports is driven by bmw. test drive a bmw today at your massachusetts bmw center or visit bmw >> the bruins are showing off the new state of the art practice facility. >> and tom brady opens up about the banner in his gillette stadium. dan roche has more. >> good morning. tom brady suspension will keep him out of the pats season opener but he had his regular radio interview last night withjim gray on westwood won said he didn't take the nfl sticker off the back of the helmet and it talks about the big brady banners the pats hung up at gillette stadium. >> it was a cool gesture by mr. kraft and the team so you know i will be excited to be back out there in october when i
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i was very humbled and flattered to see it. you know on social media i seen quite a bit of it but i have yet to see it in person. >> brady's teammate robbion cows can i has a lingering hamstring problem. this is a picture of him getting stretched at the practice. he tweaked it practicing with the bears on august 15th and yesterday he said he is not 100% but feels good and hopes to play. we will get you ready for the patriots opener with at 7 on wbz. and don't forget start your sunday with patriots game day 579:30. pats and cards kick off at 8:30 and 5th quarter post game show is on wbz right after the game. red sox open up a 3-game set with the blue jays tonight in toronto. sox have a one-game lead over the jays for first place in the al east. as for the bruins they celebrated the opening of their new state of the art practice facility yesterday in brighton.
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new balances boston landing development. the players are in their glory as it has everything they could possibly want or need. >> we are so lucky with everything they have put into the facility. it's tough to pinpoint one thing but now we have all resources for to us reach our potential. there's no excuses moving forward and for us to be prepared for the upcoming season, you know like i said, we are lucky for everything they put into it. >> and in tenis a big story serena williamsium set in the u.s. open women's semifinals. that's it i am dan roche wbz sports. >> thanks. the nfl season now underway. broncos and panthers kicked off the regular sea heson in denver last night -- season in denver last night. broncos up by one with seconds and the panthers go for the 50 yard field goal for the win but it goes wild wide left and denver wins 21-20. >> we want to show you the upset the u.s. open serena open
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semis but she lost on a double fault in the second set to the 10th seeded karolina pliskova that means she will lose the number one rankings and that hurts more than losing. still to come in the next half-hour more than a football game. >> the special tribute to a fallen officer. and the big surprise for his family. >> and a symbol of hope returns to ground zero. how an iconic flag from september 11th attacks made its way back to new york. dale >> good morning. a blend of sun and clouds today and humid. you will feel it when you step outside hour by hour we rise into the 80s by midday and top out around 90 this afternoon. but what about the weekend. we will talk all about it. we will talk about a couple showers when we come back too
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break right now at 5:30 -- breaking right now at 5:30 several people shot outside a worcester bar. new details we are learning. >> inspectors returning to dorchester where dozens of
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looking into. >> also a special honor for a fallen officer and his family. the football game going above team rivalry. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning. thanks for joining us i am kate merrill. >> i am ken macleod in for chris mckinnon. the 9th day of september and i was shaving this morning and heard what i thought was heavy rain out on the house and i said what's the deal with that? turns out it was head had gone. >> a couple showers overnight but not that heavy rain. that's something to wake up to absolutely. good morning. happy friday. temperatures running in the 70s right now out the door. 73 in boston right now. it's sticky. the dew points around 70. humid tropical air is going to be with us for a lot of the day today. we don't see dew points until later on tomorrow. and the first part of sunday as
5:31 am
now. nothing all that heavy. we have got patchy cloud cover and making a sprinkle right now from air back-- to concord and lacone yeah and near -- laconia -- laconia -- laconia. 86 by midday lunch and it will be breezy with intervals of clouds and sunshine and that summer heat is with us. 90 for the ride home with the sunset at 7:03 an an ice -- cape cod. let's get you on the roads. how is it look. >> reporter: bad news for those who use 128 and get on at braintree split. an accident is one of the busiest spots of the morning. it's right at the split. it is blocking the left lane. it's already causing backup to logan he can -- he can press. it's a 5 -- express. it's 5 to 10 minute delay. drive times and delays could climb fast. we will keep an eye on this.
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braying overnight, two people shot -- breaking overnight, two people shot outside a worcester bar. police blocked off part of the area of gallon ber's pub as they investigated. both victims -- gag ger's pub as they investigated. so far no avests made and both victims are expected to survive. two men shot blocks away from each other in providence. police are trying to figure out if the two are connected somehow. police responded to fern street before 9. the victim walked himself to the hospital. the second victim found blocked blocks away was take -- blocks away was taken to the hospital. injuries are not pleeived life threatening. inspectional service crews are in dorchester trying to figure out why dozens of -- not believed life-threatening. inspectional service crews are in dorchester trying to figure out why dozens of birds are dead. officials are looking into whether anyone what permit to use a chemical that are used to
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old boy are soon phillips exetor academy. they say they mishandled his case. school leaders were going to let him return to class but changed their mind after a boston globe investigation revealed mismanagement of past sexual abuse claims at the school. but the lawsuit claims that shouldn't matter because their son was not accused of sexual assault. former new england bosscadillac frank salina is charged with a murder of stephen desorrow and the murder was in 1993 but the remains were found in march. behind a mill in providence rhode island. according to a affidavit another former mobster bobby deluca is the one who implemented -- implicated him. a boat's owner was onshore in jonesport main when he saw flames and called it in.
5:34 am
samaritan towed the boat to hopkins marina. the cause is under investigation. two high school football teams putting the rivalry aside auburn and leicester played the season opener but it was about more than football. >> they honored the familiar live fallen officer ron tarentino and there was one surprise they never expected. as the auburn and leicester football teams took the field the most vation was the family huddled on the sideline trish tarentino wife of ron tarentino stood in front. officer tarentino was shot and killed in may in the line of duty. the murderer was killed in police stand off. tarentino whater is -- had served in leicester where the family lives. >> the people just gave tirelessly of themselves just to honor ron. >> reporter: the two
5:35 am
opener the top cop game. >> there wasn't a person in the crowd that doesn't want to do something for the family. >> reporter: trish and her three sons oversaw the coin toss. before the field cleared. >> we have come from north carolina. >> reporter: leicester's honorary captain needed to take the field ron tarentino iii surprised his mom currentlystationed at fort bragg. >> we are family and love each other and it's hard for me to be so far away and not be able so, opportunities like this are a big deal. >> reporter: a family that now includes thousands of people from auburn and leicester. >> oh my gosh the communities have the biggest hearts of any communities i know. >> not that it's very important to this story but auburn won 30 to 23. all of the proceeds from the game will go to the tarn teen heo family.
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that doctors linked to the 9/11 attacks and doctors in mount sinai new york says the cases are increasing. they are diagnosing 10 to 15 new cancer cases each week including forms of the disease that are rare in the general population. the hospital's world trade center health program includes 22,000 first responders and patients. and a symbol of hope is back at ground zero. this flag raised days after the 9/11 attacks helped define resilience of americ it was missing for 10 years until a man walked into a firehouse north of seattle and simply returned it. he he told firefighters -- he told firefighters someone gave it to him. the flag went on display yesterday at the national september 11th museum. still ahead on the program a tribute on wall street for the victims of the september 11th attacks. >> be a a warning -- and a warning from major airlines. smart phone that could pose a serious threat.
5:37 am
>> reporter: also the debate over body cameras continues buta new move by members of the force could ease the debate. i am nicole jacobs with a live
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results" and "eye-catching educational gains." it's turned my son's life around. narrator: "charter schools amount to hope" for kids all across massachusetts. question 2 will give parents more choices
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vote yes on 2. for stronger public schools. airbnb is apologizing for slow response to accusations ofracism in the outlining now policies to combat the problem like reducing the prominence of user he photos in the booking process. it's been social media posts by black customers who were told certain dates were unavailable only to later see those same
5:40 am
airbnb says any host caught doing that will be blocked from booking future reservations. well a new way to get directions. >> a new warning about a popular smart phone and wall street honoring victims of the 9/11 attacks. jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange with today's money watch. good morning jill. >> reporter: good morning ken and kate. before the opening bell traders at new york stock exchange will mark the 15th anniversary of the attacks on september 11th with a moment of and families. the faa took an extraordinary step of warning airline passengers not to turn on or charge new model samsong smart phone during flights after reports the batteries could catch fire. the faa warned passengers not to put the galaxy note 7 device in the checked bags. last week samsung recalled the phones. and now you can have the gps naive gaze on -- navigation on your feet three's navigator
5:41 am
your phone and the boots will see great to let you in when to turn left and right and cost about 300 bucks. >> what you need the feet doing the talking. >> yeah i love it i think it's great and i think we should have insouls for all the shoes so instead of looking down and crashing into things because we are looking at our phone. >> exactly. >> awesome. >> and your feet are buzzing all day. >> that's fine. >> reporter: but that could get weird don't step in right? >> yeah. >> short out the sneaker. >> my car vibrates when i cross over the middle line and it'scool for the first five minutes and then it's annoying if you get too close to the middle line in until you realize you are going to be hit head on. 5:41 is the time. coming up north korea testing a nuclear warhead. >> the rising concerns this morning and a closer look at how powerful the test was. >> i am nick giovanni live in
5:42 am
bird watching this morning. not for a hobby but investigation after 40 birds
5:43 am
5:44 am
four red sox fans don't have to go to fenway park to get the real experience. >> the red sox showcase truckincluding a batting cage
5:45 am
monster and other sox related games and it will be on the lawn on d today and somerville tomorrow. i love that lawn on d. have you been there. >> no. >> it's the great of the adult playground with swings and music and a bar and lawn in the middle of the city i love it. today is a perfect day to go. >> kate merrill was swinging. >> i have. the seats light up and they swing. >> that sounds fancy we out. the weather is going to cooperate. warm and dry and mid-80s and it will be a little muggy for tomorrow night. in the 70s. speaking of 70s that's where we are right now. out the door 73 in boston. 70 in worcester. most of us 70 to 75 degrees. so a warm and humid start with a couple showers. you may get a sprinkle and need the wipers on along 495.
5:46 am
93 and southern and central new hampshire and a couple from the east side of hooksett and deerfield and a brief light shower is possible. otherwise it's a blend of sun and clouds a touch of fog this morning. it's patchy and it's not as widespread as yesterday or as thick either. there's an additional round of showers to the south. notice the motion off towards the east of the south coast of new england back to cape cod may see an additional shower by late today. otherwise it's going to mainly dry afternoon. but a hot one. we will see if we can get the sea breeze to kick in late in the day. but before that we hit 90 in boston. lower 90s through the metro west and merrimack valley 91 in fitchburg. 09 in plymouth and taunton -- 90 in plymouth and 75 on nantucket with intervals of clouds and sunshine. what about the weekend? tomorrow, it won't be as hot.
5:47 am
it will be out of the southeast tomorrow but 7 to 14 miles per hour. and there's a risk of a few storms generally north and west of boston not all that widespread. saturday night, it will be muggy and mostly cloudy overnight lows dropping to 70 and sunday a chance of a shower and it will be brief nothing to cancel plans over and less humid late in the day and high temperatures in the mid-80s on sunday. so between now and mid to late morning greatest risk of a showers north and wet and notice we have a blend of sun and clouds through the afternoon. there's the shower possible along the south coast to cape cod late this afternoon and evening. overnight tonight, variable clouds still a shower or two around. tomorrow, see what i mean by early afternoon. one or two showers pop, there may be a thunderstorm north and west of the boston. many of us stay dry tomorrow and on sunday, as the front comes in, the morning should be mainly dry and we get a pop-up shower around midday before
5:48 am
into the region a -- region on sunday fickly the second half of day. next week mid-70s on monday. low 80s by tuesday and chance of a shower on wednesday brings in a bit of a feel of fall by thursday. >> we have sad news someone hate deer on 495 south in hawkington and that's not a way you yant -- way outwant to start your morning. eventually a crew should remove it but keep it in mind if you head out the door soon it might still be backup is increasing from the accident on 128 south at the braintree plight. last time we told you -- split. last time it was backed up to exit 6 and now it's to exit 5. we are expect it will be a big problem as the morning goes on. we will keep watching it. ken. >> thanks. 5:48. breaking overnight two people shot outside a worcester bar. police blocked off part of the
5:49 am
gallagher's pub. there's been no arrest in the case. a decision expected on whether boston police officer will wear body cameras. >> and dozens of dead birds found in dorchester. here ruer top stories on this -- here are your top stories on this friday morning. >> reporter: i am nick giovanni live in dorchester where health and he he -- and environmental officials are bird watching as an investigation after 40 grackles were found dead yesterday just dropped from the sky according to some of calms investigators received. so now the inspectional services department is trying to figure out why. did the birds injest a toxin is it a disease they ended uphaving. not only did it kill 40 birds but left others seemingly paralyzed and inspectors this morning we spoke with them are calling this a mystery saying now they are waiting on daylight as soon as the sunrises they are waiting to see if the problem persist for a second straight day. we will certainly keep you
5:50 am
dorchester. nick giovanni wbz. north korea says it tested another nuclear warhead. the 5th atomic test and second in less than a year. south korean geologists noticed seismic activity equivalent to a 5.0 magnitude earthquake and estimates it's north korea's biggest ever explosive output. outside experts believe the country is actively trying to miniaturize a nuclear warhead so it can be mounted on ballistic missile. >> reporter: good morning. i am nicole jacobs live in roxbury where 8 members of the bpd force have ted up to -- stepped up to wear body cameras. chief william gross is in the up in amid an ongoing debate between the city and the police union that made its way into the court system with the union citing a breach of agreement. both the mayor and the police commissioner agreed the city has committed to the pilot program.
5:51 am
won't necessarily build trust between the department and the community. it is the interperson nall connections they say -- interperson nall connections they say -- personal connections they say a -- interpersonal connections they say. nicole jacobs wbz this morning. a west texas school district is canceling classes in all -- and all extra click lar activities following --extracurricular activities. a female student shot another girl inside alpine high school before tu herself. injured student was taken to a hospital and her injuries are not life-threatening. the officer responding to the shooting was shot in the leg when another officer's gun accident sly went on -- accidentally went off. a suspect was in interview room and he twists and stretches his handcuffs until they break. and then he climbed on a chair and went down -- took down a
5:52 am
it took 25 minutes before they realized he was missing. they caught up with his tuesday and rearrested him. heads up for drivers two automakers issuing major recalls first mazda is recalling more than 2 million cars and suvs because the rear hatchs can fall and hurt someone. the recall covers mazda 3 cars mazda 5 advance and cx3 dating back to 2010. ford added about 1 1/2 million vehicles to a while the vehicle is moving. a spring tab in the door latches can break causing the door to open on their own or not close at all. the focus escape c max mustang lincoln mk can c and transit connect van are included in the latest recall. a skateboarding cat from australia is now believe it or not a world record holder. >> she set a record for the
5:53 am
in a row so guinness officials could catch the action from all angels. she is actually a rescue cat and her owner says it took months to get the tricks down. you know my dad taught my cat how to use the toilet. >> uh-oh. >> yep. long time ago but she did. >> uh-oh. >> cats are smart. >> didn't get in the guinness book of world records. >> i should have called them. >> there you go still to come-- there you go. still to come rewind button. >> stay with us, you are watching wbz this morning on a
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5:56 here's a look back at week that was. >> a driver has been charged at the sweet toe mitos in newton. >> boys are being targeted. >> death investigation stopping a commuter train on the tracks. >> all this under >> tropical storm warning is out for parts of the coast. >> the wind whipping outer. >> a kayaker missing for most of the night found safe. >> search crews considering it a best case scenario. >> the dog a victim of serious abuse is settling in with his new family. >> he has a lot of love and it was like we knew him for years. >> starbucks is serving pumpkin latte. >> i refuse to have a fall drink until october 1. >> a swirl over there.
5:57 am
go. swirling away. >> this is me in kindergarten. >> hey. >> this is the best picture of the day. can you tell who it is? i am sorry for the black and white but film was just invented when it was taken. >> you were the cutest. keep it here on wbz this morning. top stories straight ahead. which you are you?
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live from the channel 4 stewed crows in boston, this is -- stewed crows in boston this is w -- studios in boston this is wbz this morning. >> good friday morning i am kate merrill. >> i am ken macleod in for chris. it's friday september 9th. several people shot outside a worcester bar. we will have the latest on the investigation. >> inspectors returning to dorchester overnight as they try to figure out why dos birds have died. >> and a surprise set to decide whether officers have to wear body cameras. >> plus three members of the massachusetts state police department suspended. >> we will get to those stories in a minute but let's check in with danielle find out a little bit about that weekend forecast. >> we will be in the 80s this weekend. today is going tonight hot of the day of the next several and in fact the hot of the day in the 7-day forecast. we will be up near 90. it's a warm start and humid and you will feet feel it when you


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