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tv   WBZ News  CBS  September 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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one person is dead after three small speedboats crashed on the water in taunton. two others were hurt on watson's pond. good evening i'm ken macleod. >> i'm katie brace. three small boats were racing this afternoon when it happened. we pick up the story live from taunton. >> reporter: katie and tim, a new hampshire man was killed meanwhile witnesses describe that sea boat crash as horrible. >> i had been in a few accidents over my 23 years. i knew it didn't look good. >> reporter: joe garrick witnessed a deadly crash on the regada. >> i knew what speed these boats were capable of and what speed they were headed into that turn and i thought wow. i'm going to watch this to see what happens and sure as heck
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speedboat race held by the power boat association was held sunday afternoon when three boats collided. >> it was horrible. it is undescribable as it is with a lot of noise, you know, a lot of, i think that both parts were like a large explosion. >> reporter: all three speedboat drivers were ejected into the water. one of them a 39-year-old new hampshire man dead on scene. another a 67-year-old man from maine was critically injured. >> i took care of the third guy. he is 72 yrs is conscious and alert. and he was shooken up, but in the best shape obviously. >> reporter: the fire officials say that the first boat spun out at 65 miles per hour on the pond. the second boat collided with the first as a third boat crashed into the second. >> and the third boat that it just ran right into the front two. and i knew that it was not good. >> reporter: there were boat races that are scheduled for
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canceled. live in taunton chelsea land wbz news. a convicted sex offender is facing murder charges. this man daniel -- this man is now found charged with murder. >> wbz jim smith reports from danville, new hampshire. >> she is probably one of the nicest ladies on the face of earth. >> reporter: flowers left murder victim taken way too soon. the body of 51-year-old joanne bouche found inside her home here on caramel drive suffering from multiple stab wounds. now police have made an arrest charging 37-year-old richard moore with murder. he had lived as a roommate at the house. a neighbor who did not want to appear on camera says that joanne will be missed. >> it makes no sense. we do know that there was
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before. so this is just wondering outloud. >> reporter: moore has a long criminal record including two convictions for felonious sexual assault on a victim under 13. on tuesday joanne bouche's ex- husband and the couple's son came to the murder scene. >> shocked. we were both shocked. and we don't but you know that sam loved his mom and she loved him. >> she was one of the nicest people on god's green earth. that's all i can really say. but it is a shock to me. i never expected it. i don't think that anyone expected it, not the neighbors, not the family, nobody. >> reporter: moore is reportedly being held without bail this weekend. he is expected to be in court on monday. in danville, new hampshire jim smith wbz news.
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today, but mostly dry. what is ahead for the second part of the weekend? pamela gardner joins us now with a first look at that forecast. >> reporter: we'll have a slim chance for some rain especially early tomorrow. temperatures right now in the 70s. we are going to be once again humid and warm for tomorrow afternoon. 74 degrees in boston. 74 in norwood. but slowly increasing those temperatures as we go into your overnight forecast. humidity pretty much matching those temperatures, so it is sticky out there. and the visibility has been reduced from time to time with some areas of especially along the south coast, the cape, and islands. overnight areas of dense fog. then by 8:00 a.m. we'll be tracking a few showers. satellite and radars are showing a couple of sprinkles moving through the area, but the cold front is sitting back to the west. that'll give us the better chance for rain tomorrow afternoon. we'll have that timing in just a bit. >> all right, pamela, thanks. tomorrow marks 15 years since the september 11 attacks when the planes crashed into the world trade center center, the pentagon, and the pennsylvania field.
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attacks in multiple regions and that they might be interested in the so-called soft targets, things like hotels, restaurants, and schools. >> and right now the pentagon site is the only one that it does not have a visitor center to help people learn about what happened. as weijia jiang reports, family members of the victims are trying to change that. there are times that they cannot believe that a day has passed since september 11, 2001. t >> it just seemed so fresh to me. i remember those memories of the day that, you know, like it was yesterday. >> reporter: he was nine years old when terrorists crashed a plane into the pentagon, killing his father david. >> as a country, you know, it is kind of getting to the time when time may have healed those wounds. for me that it does not really move the same way. >> we met them at the pentagon memorial. a place they visit often
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there are 184 benches in all representing the lives lost during their attack here. >> we have to learn from history so that it doesn't repeat itself. >> reporter: the pentagon is the only 9/11 attack site that does not have a visitor center or a museum to help people understand what happened. there is a plan in the works to build one on this lot next to the memorial. but right now there is not enough money. >> anybody can help. >> reporter: jim lechet zach's uncle works with the out of the $25 million they need to get the project off the ground. >> kids now come to visit the memorial weren't even born. they were born after 9/11. and the visitor center and everything that it would be very important just to really show kind of what happened to our country and how our country responded. >> reporter: it will ensure the memories of lechet's father and
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arlington, virginia. today runners honored those who were served and lost their lives since 9/11. the massachusetts run for the fallen 5k brought out american pride. several firefighters ran in their uniforms. state police made a drug and guns bust in fitchburg this morning. some of the money was hidden in a piggy bank. police seized six guns, cash, and narcotics. five people were under arrest. the cancellation of the school dances in walpole did not go graffiti denouncing that the decree was found on the high school and a convenience store. the suspect was dressed in black as they have covered. the dances were canceled because too many kids were showing up drunk. a reward of up to $5,000 is being offered for information about this house fire in holliston. firefighters were called to brook street. the home, which is under construction was totally
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out of prison and heading home for good. john hinckley jr. was found not guilty by reason of insanity, but ordered to live at a hospital. the judge now says he's not a threat and he can live with his mother in virginia. turning to the campaign trail, hillary clinton says she regrets saying that half of trump supporters belong in a, "basket of deplorable." >> as wendy gillette tells us, the democrat is now apologizing. >> reporter: she donald trump supporters at a fundraiser on friday night. >> it is what i call a basket of deplorables. >> reporter: clinton released a statement saturday which said, "last night i was grossly generallistic and that's never a good idea. i regret saying half. that was wrong. she added that many of trump supporters are hard working americans." trump tweeted, "w hillary clinton was -- wow, hillary
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supporters. i think that it will cost her at the polls." the republican national committee said that her comments showed her disrespect and condensation. >> clinton held one private fundraiser outside new york city on saturday about 15 people paid at least $100,000 each to attend. clinton will be here in manhattan sunday to mark the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. >> reporter: trump sent a somber -- spent a somber saturday at the funeral of a friend and supporter in st. loui she was a conservative actist, lawyer, and author who oppose communism, abortion, and the equal rights amendments over the course of her life. >> she was there for me when it was not at all fashionable, trust me. >> reporter: trump has no other scheduled events until monday. wendy gillette cbs news new york. well with brady and gronk both out it could be tough sledding for the patriots during their season opener tomorrow night. dan roche joins us now with a
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danny? >> reporter: yes, the pack will be without gronk who will not be playing tomorrow because of that hamstring injury. but that means that bennett has a chance to step up and could play a key role for the pats and their debut with the team. the question is if they will be ready to play a leading role now for the pats. >> i'll admit, i don't consider myself a start, but a blue- collar tight end. i'll go in and do the work. you know, the game plan is what the game plan is. and you'll have to wait until sunday night. wait for the movie to premier. >> no, it don't. that's the thing it is improv. >> hoping it is good improv. we will get you started with patriots game day 11:30 tomorrow morning. steve burton will be live with more on that. next on the blue jays and the red sox. a big game up in toronto. that'll be straight ahead in
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senator elizabeth warren rallied with janitors. they want better pay and benefits. >> the union says that they support the economy, but they are not seeing any of the money. paula ebben reports. -- paul burton reports. >> your families can rise up. america rises up. >> reporter: members of 32 members say they want a fair contract for property workers. >> these are hard working jars up all the buildings downtown. >> in this fight for fair wages, i'm with you. all the way. >> reporter: speaking at the rally senator elizabeth warren says that they vow to support their fight for equality in the workplace. >> my daddy was a janitor and i saw firsthand how hard he worked. i saw how back breaking it was, and i saw how underappreciated that his work was.
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than 60 years. but now she works to help send her grandchildren to college. >> and the benefits for their families. >> reporter: the current commercial cleaning projects will expire on september 30. these workers are here today because they want their new contract to reflect the hard work they do with better benefits and wages. >> reporter: they make about $18 an hour. >> we're looking for just a wage increase that will keep up with the cost of living no matter where you clean here in the state of massachusetts. >> reporter: hazel just school and not struggle earning a living. >> it will take a union to help us get to where we can get and where they need to get at it. >> reporter: in boston i'm paula ebben wbz news. >> in a statement maintenance contractors of new england say they believe that each side is engaging in bargaining, committed to reaching mutually acceptable terms for a new agreement. coming up on wbz news at 11:00, meet the 9-year-old
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fields straight ahead. and paying tributes with paint. that it will be truly becoming larger than life. impacting some rain and storms moving into the forecast tonight into your day tomorrow. we'll have the hour-by timing to let you know when you could see fall-like temperatures again in that seven-day forecast.
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a 9-year-old newton boy joined the harvard football team today, but don't expect to see daniel grapski play as a wide receiver any time soon. >> for now he's focused on battling cancer. while guys at harvard help him do that, they will give him a shot of positive energy. >> reporter: meeting your teammates for the first time can be you're nine and they are huge. >> reporter: but the harvard football team felt pretty good as young daniel grapski signed his letter of intent. >> you've got a great humility about him. he is tough and resilient. >> reporter: it is ceremonial stuff, of course, enough to bring tears to the eyes of a youngster fighting a rare kidney cancer who will spend
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big brothers at practices, games, and events as a part of a program called team impact. >> what we're doing with team impact is matching children with life-threatening illnesses with teams for the benefit of the child. >> reporter: certainly the young canker patient draws strength. but harvard's coach sees equal benefit flowing the other way. >> i think it is great number one to make sure that people understand that it is important to give back, but also that it is great perspective for our kids. sometimes they need to see that the world isn't, it is not an easy p. >> reporter: daniel is one of a thousand kids that will be matched to a college team through this program and that his positive attitude is evident immediately. >> they will go undefeated. >> perhaps. but as they pose for the team photo, the new coach was certain that he would be a perfect fit. >> this is a kid who is battling a life threatening disease. and that they are doing it with a lot of toughness and resiliency and the type of kid we're looking for. >> they have a website if you
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guessed is also a big pats fan. he'll be watching tomorrow night. he just loves julian edelman. he is the subject of a large mural. graffiti artist brian wentworth painted the mural. he spent five hours spray painting free hand. and the mural is on display at the festival and they will then hang in the paint bar, which you could find over at the rock. well as you would get into septemr the stuff going on in -- in the tropics. >> that's right. here i am. we are watching the tropics. it is the peak of the atlantic hurricane season. we had that storm last week. that was quite pesky. they wouldn't get out of here. hermine, remember, well that's long gone. and now we will have three disturbances that we're keeping an eye on. one right near miami. that one doesn't look like they are really going to develop into too much. very disorganized area right
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and that one we're okay with. but it is this area in red off the coast of africa here that could develop into a tropical depression in the next 24 to 48 hours. but it does not look like they will affect the eastern u.s. so that is good. it looks to stay out at sea, but once they do get named we will keep you up to date. now, today, we were trying to squeeze out a few showers that we just didn't get there though. and the weather watchers did report some very light rain. and see westbrookfield. 0.66 inches of rain picking up a trace of rain from a couple of sprinkles now. satellite and radar is looking better for some isolated shower action overnight tonight. warm front will continue to lift to the north here. we're going to be very humid, sticky, areas of fog and plus dealing with another chance for rain into sunday before the cold front sitting to the west will sweep through. that'll bring us the better chance for maybe an isolated thunderstorm threat as we get into early sunday morning. there is a marginal risk, but
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further to the north and west of us going into tomorrow morning. but one of those storms could produce the damaging wind gust. again that's tomorrow morning. so hour by hour overnight tonight you'll see the cloud cover, maybe a spotty shower or two. but most of the storms and the showers are moving in from late morning early afternoon on sunday. those showers are right over the boston area between say 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. with most of the rain shifting towards cape cod and then off the cape by 8:00 p.m. drier air funneling in for the rest of your sunday. you'll see some cl and the lower humidity. but right now those temperatures, they are warm 74 in boston and taunton and the dew point temperatures are very close to the current temperature. that is why we are experiencing some of the areas of fog. rather dense from time to time right now, no big visibility issues. but stay tuned as you could see them under a quarter of a mile at times. you can see the headlights if you are out late tonight or early tomorrow morning, 68 degrees. tomorrow's high temperatures in the low to mid-80s with a gusty southwest wind.
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temperatures even though that we will have a partly sunny skies. most of the day the clouds will rule. and i think that cooling off by monday you'll see plenty of sunshine to start the workweek or the school week on tuesday. 83 on wednesday and 86. another chance for rain not looking like a drought buster, but the end of the week is when we could really feel like fall with overnight lows in the low 50s. >> yeah 70s during the day. thanks. still to come, they are trying to hold on to first ac
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i'm talking a lot about ot the middle of the big series. >> yes, they were bitten by the long ball. >> you've got to be in today. >> yeah. all right. yeah. >> the red sox and the jays are a big one from toronto today and the winds, they would match their biggest lead of the season in the al east. that's three games. but the blue jays would have other ideas. they almost always do better with the lead. that's what they have had after melvin upton took this pitch from rodriguez and he would send it out. his 20th home run of the
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the 6th inning, down 3-0 and they were cruising until the absolutely red hot dustin pedroia. and they lay it to the left. the stocks were down 3-1. the 9th inning they were down a run. two outs. sox fall to the jays 3-2 and their lead to the al east is now down to just one game. meanwhile former sox pitcher rich hill is trying to make history. trying to get a perfect to this incredible grab by puig. but manager david roberts with the very difficult decision as he pulls the injured pitcher at that point. hill wasn't happy. and joe blanton gave out a two- out single in the 8th. you have to feel bad for rich there. feeling bad, patriots, no brady, no gronk. let's look at the positives as
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season opener tomorrow in arizona. they have a stellar defense, and we will get our first look at chris hogan. time in the off -- signed as a free agent in the off season. steve burton sat down with him one on one as you can see it tomorrow morning on patriot's game day at 11:30 and they were asked about the quarterback. >> how do you think that jimmy is handling all of this? do you think that the stage is too big for him? >> i don't think so. no, i think that he awesome. i think that he is really, what we are most impressed with is his preparation. and you know how much he's preparing for this game. and the upcoming games. you know, he is really preparing reich a starter, you -- like a starter, which he is. he has learn add lot about how he prepares. i think that jimmy is going to go onto these games and he's going to do real well. i'm excited for him.
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patriot's game day at 11:30. as soon as the game concludes our fifth quarter post-game show will be right here on wbz channel 4 as well. college football today, bc and umass at gillette stadium. the minutemen take the lead in the first quarter. watch the quarterback scramble finding a wide open adam brennerman. nobody near him. he rallies 50 yards into the end zone. 7-0 umass. but from there it was all eagles. he was a great second quarter, connecting with one of last missed two scores. one from 46 yards out and this one from 36 and as smith, he just gets that foot down. bc will get their first run of the season, 26-7 the eagles will roll. and tonight mls soccer, they are hosting new york out at the stadium he gets stopped, but diego will get the rebound to make one move and they drive it into the net a. pretty good goal as they will get a much-
11:28 pm
sending the positive vibes out to arizona to the patriots to see if they would get a win in the opener. >> they need to send the positive vibes. >> yes. >> i agree. all right, now read those answers tonight, danny. thanks. what is the bacon festival. without kevin bacon? just ahead the vermont town is doing everything that they can
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d in cancer treatment, we fell behind on our bills, and we needed our tax refund to catch up... ...but hackers had stolen it. we were the victims of identity theft. i was terrified - we faced losing our home. we reached out to kelly ayotte. she didn't know us at all, but she went to the irs and she fought for us. thanks to kelly, we got our refund and we kept our home. kelly ayotte: i'm kelly ayotte
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you might have heard that everyone is connected by six degrees to bacon. >> vermont is pleading for the actor to attend bacon fest, though it is about bacon the food. regardless for the past month a life-size cutout of kevin bacon has been made around town. the governor made a video with him and everyone there apparently has taken a photo with it. the actor has seen those photos, but does not know if he willen 17th. >> maybe he'll just show up. >> that would be fabulous. we'll have some fabulous weather looking for it. >> oh yes. a few cold snaps here. by cold i mean 70s. but it is all relative. exactly. feeling like fall once we get past sunday, starting off the morning with some areas of hefty fog with a few sprinkles. then scattered and storms during the afternoon hours is humid. and it will be all good on monday. >> thanks so much pamela. thanks for watching.
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>> from barbecue to biscuits to lobster blts, these are the dishes you need to taste at the restaurants you need to try. coming up on the "phantom gourmet," a smoking hot new restaurant that's sweet spicy and saucy. >> awesome ribs, pulled pork, best brisket you'll ever have. >> hand made biscuits. >> it should be a little crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. >> nachos with awesomeness. >> chips, cheese, chili and corn. [ music ] >> plus, rainbow rice krispy treats and the first restaurant we have ever seen with its own treehouse. >> people can't believe their eyes. >> the "phantom gourmet" starts


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