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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  September 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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right now at 4:30 a thrilling start to the season. patriots hang onto beat cardinals reactions from jimmygaroppolo and tom brady's message. >> hit by hate. investigation over vandalism at a local mossk. >> and hillary clinton-- mosque. >> and hillary clinton taking over a serious illness. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston this is wbznews this morning. >> and it's monday, and good morning everybody and i am kate merrill. >> i am ken macleod in for chris mckinnon it's monday already. september 12th. let's check in with danielle and find out how we will get start on your workweek. >> looks imputeful. so the weather sh week pretty quiet pretty tranquil and temperatures running in the 40s, 50s and 60s out the door.
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the day as well. 6 0 in boston of the mid-50s in worcester. 45 in keene right now and mid- 40s in concord at-- we are in the lower 60s coming back to the cape and island. the air is dry and crisp and that means humidity going to stay in check. satellite and radar shows nothing on it. bright sunshine in the forecast. and it's going to be a beautiful day. don't forget the e. coming up at #:21 -- 6:21 will be sunrise a light wind and temperatures in the low 70s and pleasant end to the day. 73 with theset just before 7 p.m -- theset just wf before # p.m. just before 7 p.m. >> reporter: that is live look at 93 on the zakim bridge and leverett connector and there's not that many people on the
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the south we can see that 24 north and route 3 north and 128 in brain tree is extremely slow. you will -- braintree is extremely slow. no problems getting into the city. let's check news now. smile says it all. jimmy garoppolo walking off the field with the first wipe. it was decent start to the season -- first win. it was a decent start to the season. >> new england in first place in the division as e season openers. >> steve burton has highlights and reaction from arizona. >> good morning. what a game. there's a reason why bill belichick will head to the hall of fame once his career is over a brilliant game plan by belichick and the staff. the patriots beat the cardinals
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offense. takes the ball down the field ends up with a touchdown on a perfect throw and and there he a 7-0 lead -- and there's a 7-0 lead. and another score. blount with the honors and new england 17-7. patriots up 2 with the cards lining up for 47 yard field goal and punt he hooks it left. patriots win a the final. >> it was a good feeling. only one game right now still got a long way to go and moving onto miami after this and aid good start to the season. >> so jimmy garoppolo and the patriots get it done here in arizona 23-21 and the next three games are all at home at gillette stadium. that's the story in glendale arizona patriots improve to 1-0 on the season. steve burton wbz sports.
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>> minutes after the win this message was post on tom brady's facebook page a mock newspaper headline from the tv times reading, pats, anger birds. and the bready -- brady banner at gillette stadium is history. they took it down after kick off last night. team president kraft saying from end of preseason to today we wanted to symbolize the fact he is on everyone's mind and we love him. let's check other ne accused of stabbing a driver in chelsea. police believe the very many may have been work for a levery company and gab the two suspect a ridech the victim a 57-year- old man from east boston was found in the mini -- ride-- and gave the two suspects a ride. the victim is a 57-year-old man from east boston was found in the minivan. public works department is
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unauthorized activity at town water storage tank yesterday. they have not revealed what the incident was. but they say it happened after 8 a.m. on friday. we are told a minimal amount of water from the tank had been distributeed before the discovery and it has been blocked off. the incident is under investigation. and cleanup is underway after strong winds and heavy rain knocked out power and brought down treesch the extreme drought conditions in the area made trees more trees have fallen on tower street since july. latest came crashing down on the minivan and she has a disability that affects her spine and back and really needs the vehicle. >> i couldn't believe it because july 18th, another tree here on this street fell on my brother's car. we depend on the vehicles and the first was practically totaled. >> the family is filing a claim
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the vehicles both they and the neighbors say they have been calling the city concerned about the trees and worried that they might fall. 4:46. new this morning police investigating a possible hate crime at a new hampshire mosque. rocks were thrown through windows at the islamic society of greater nashua while worshipers were inside. that brought a sizable police response. the massachusetts chapter massachusetts of islamic relation is calling for the investigation to be investigateds a hate crime. a judge ruled on friday that commissioner bill evans had the authority to order officers to wear body cameras when nonevolunteered. 100 officers will wear the cameras today. last week boston police said 8 members of the command staff will also wear the cameras. campaign 2016 on this monday morning, hillary clinton
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tomorrow. the democratic candidate says she is battling pneumonia and the doctors told her to take it easy. that story from cbs hena daniels. >> how you feeling. >> feeling great. >> reporter: hillary clinton says she is feeling fine but canceled a two-day fund raising trip to california. her doctors says the 68-year- old was diagnosed with pneumonia on friday. although the illness was not publicly revealed until clinton stumbled sunday when leaving the 11 deero. -- zero. she went to her daughter's apartment for a few hours after the incident and headed to her suburban home not far from new york city. her doctor issued a statement saying while at this morning's event she became overheated and dehydrated and i've examined her and she is rehydrated and recovering nicely. donald trump has not commented about clinton's illness but in the past the republican nominee repeatedly questioned whether his opponent has the strength
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to take on terrorist. he returns to the campaign trail after taking a day off to pay tribute to victims of the september 11th terror attacks. the latest crflt bs news battleground tracker poll shows the race is tightening in florida. clinton holds a 2 point lead there. in ohio another key battleground state, clinton has a 7 point lead. hena daniels cbs news new york. night of boston as a mass and candlelight vigil was held on the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks honoring the victims as friends and family told stories about lost loved ones. attendees went to massachusetts fallen heroes memorial where gold star families and parishioners held a candlelight vigil. families of the fallen say coping has not gotten any easier over the years. >> as far as memorial day goes and all that sort of a thing, every day is memorial day for us. there isn't a day that goes by
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he stood for in our eyes we are proud of him. he's hero. >> organizers say because the 15th anniversary of 9/11 fell on a sunday it was the first time the two groups collaborated on the mass and vigil. >> richard l allen. christopher ealingham. anna sw. >> in new york city families gather at the memorial plaza at ground zero to read the names of killed. president obama presided over a ceremony at the pentagon. and in shanksville pennsylvania a memorial to honor the memory of the passengers who stormeded cockpit and helped a bring the plane down. just ahead this morning, honoring two heroes. >> an award named for a massachusetts flight attendant killed on 9/11 given to another massachusetts resident sacrificed his life to save
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for tesla auto pilot system following a deadry crsh -- deadly crash. >> the winner of a huge power ball jackpot claims the prize. what we are learning ahead of
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i called for help as soon as i saw her. i found her wandering miles from home. when the phone rang at 5am, i knew it was about mom. i see how hard it's been on her at work and i want to help. for the 5 million americans living with alzheimer's, and millions more who feel its effects.
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4:42 on your monday morning. today 44 days after winning a 487 million dollar power ball jackpot, the winner will claim their prize. the ticket was sold at a hannaford. it's unclear if the winner will come forward this morning. but attorneys for the winner will claim the prize and announce the winner's plans to donate to charity so that's good. this is the 8th largest u.s. lottery jackpot. lump sum is worth more million dollars. >> they are getting their attorneys and lined up before they come forward. >> imagine if they have taken this long they will remain anonymous. that's my guess. >> bummer. in today's money watch bringing shake shack into your kitchen and new music streaming service with a smaller price tag. >> tesla making big changes. jill wagger in joins us live on -- wagner joins us live on your monday morning from the stock exchange with more. >> reporter: tesla is updating
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on radar than chapel razz. in may a driver was -- cameras. in may a driver was killed when he collided with a driver in florida. elon musk says the improved auto pilot would have prevented the accident. amazonna and pandora are launching less expensive music streaming service. they will cost $5 a month designed to undercut the more expensive streaming services from spotify and apple. and no need to wait in e shake shack launching a cookbook called the shake shack booed book. publishers have been tightlipped about which recipes it will include. hopefully inside on the cinkely cut french fries and shack sauce. kate and ken. >> i never been to a shake shack. >> they are big down south. >> oh they are. okay. >> reporter: and here in new york also. >> they are. all right i guess. >> jill sounds like she might have been once or twice.
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around the corner i can tell you. >> one of those. >> okay. jill, thank you appreciate it. >> you feel a change when you went out this morning. >> i did. it was a nice summer weekend danielle what's going on. >> cooler air is coming back temperatures this week will be in the 70s and 80s. there's going to be a feel of summer around at or above normal temperatures at times but it's cool crisp start in the morning that we are starting to see more frequently now. 40s, 50s and 60s out the door right now. sou it's 46 in concord-45 in plymouth and 45 40? in sanford will we deep into the upper 30s -- 40s in sanford. will we dip into the upper 30s? it's possible. 47 in taunton for a cool start to the day and mainly in the upper 50s to low 60s out over cape cod as well. so aid cool start and it's gook bright start once the sun --
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start once the sun comes up. bright sunshine from start to finish for today. a beautiful start to the workweek. no weather related issues and that will be the case again tomorrow, too. here's 5 p.m. high pressure slipping off the coastline. tomorrow we warm up because on the backside of that we get a return flow a southwest breeze. highs in the 70s and then tomorrow in the 80s. next disturbance coming in doesn't arrive until wednesday. here's front wednesday morning for us a blend of sun and clouds that will build in and there will be a chance of a a shower or thunderstorm by wednesday evening. this may be a little fast in terms of the timeline but it looks like most of wednesday will be dry and wednesday evening and night a chance of a shower or thunderstorm comes in. that's the only threat for wet weather for the week ahead. school day forecast today, bus stop 50s. and then recess we come up to
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a lot of sunshine. great day for the kid kids can on the -- kids on the bus stop and the way home. wind will be light today. little sea breeze should try to kick in. lower 70s on cape cod and nearing 80 through the interior but probably falling shy. tonight, a similar to this morning. cool and clear and that should say 58 downtown boston. light southwest warmer day overall with sunshine in the 7-day. only chance of wet weather is late on wednesday evening and night. thursday is a real feel of fall this week. we start is in the 50s and 40s in the morning. high of 70. looks like the start of the weekend looks chance a chance of a shower by sunday breana. >> reporter: traffic looks good and it's smooth sailing like this no matter what direction you are coming from. this is northbound lanes of the expressway by the gas tank.
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getting to the split. the ride into the city is 10 minutes. coming from the north, you can take which ever route you like. they are all clear and you can expect normal drive times right now. families of two heroes paying tribute to loved ones on the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. >> award named for a flight ateddant from acton was givento -- given to a taunton man. >> reporter: two wome together by the heroic action anna sweeney was 5 when her mother amy was killed. >> i will never forget when i learned my mother was not coming home. >> reporter: amy sweeney was a flute attendant on flight 11 the first play hijacked. >> and her last moments she could have panicked or called our family for one last good- bye but instead she chose to report vital information to logan airport which would change the world. >> reporter: the madeleine amy
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someone who heroicly acted with no regard for himself. >> he intervened and was injured fatally. >> reporter: lieutenant governor described george heath an early may he he and his wife sat in bertucci's when a man with a knife was on the attack and he gave his life to save a pregnant woman. his wife rosemary accepted the award. >> i want to thank you for this award and i wish my husband were next to me to ree helping other people. do the right thing. be like amy and past recipients. >> reporter: a message that resonated with anna sweeney who remembers the most about her story the one about her actions on 9/11. >> it's symbolic of inner strength and courage and makes me proud to call myself her daughter. >> this award is given out
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who lost their lines in the 9/11 attacks. remembrance blood drive began back in 2002 as well and another blood drive was held. a inside look at the movie about edward snowden. >> the big name coming to harvard to talk about the fill nome should you be allowed-- >> and should you be allowed to take a selfie with your ballot? the election question going to
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4:53a registered sex offend here is facing murder charges is due in court today. 37-year-old richard moore is charged with stabbing 51-year- old joanne boucher to death her body was found in side her home last week. moore was reportedly sta he has a lengthy criminal record including two conviction for a sex assault on a victim under 13. police say man approached a teller at the td bank on great road sunday afternoon demanded money and took off with the cash. the suspect is described as 6 feet tall with a shrined slender build with a black hooded sweatshirt and dark colored gloves and pants. anyone with information should call police. police investigating a
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regatta in taunton threehydroplane vessels collided on saturday all thee boat drivers were thrown into the water. 39-year-old mark greene of moltonborough was killed. -- molton -- moulton borough was killedpolice say a 63-year- old woman crashed into a utility pole on sandwich road around 5 sunday morning. e fire. the driver is now facing charges including failure to stay in marked lanes and speed and alcohol are not a factor in the crash. 4:54 right now. this week a series of debates begin on the state's ballot questions. the first one tomorrow focus on charter schools. question two would allow for 12 new charter schools or for an expansion of current charter schools. former state rep marty walls
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jackson will argue against. also this week a boston court will address the issue of taking selfies with your ballot and posting them online. a new hampshire law banning voteers from taking pictures with their ballots was struck down a year ago. an appeals court in boston will hear the case tomorrow. supporters of the ban argue someone who wanted to coerce voters could insist on seeing pictures of the prove how they voted oa. pontes say it squashes free -- opponents say it squashes free speech. the winner of miss americais. >> miss arkansas. >> miss arkansas took first place in the competition and performed a jazz dance for her talent. during the interview portion she answered a question about both clinton and trump and this
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she didn't make it to the top 15. the new movie about edward snowden will be the topic of a talk at the harvard can'ty -- kennedy school today. oliver stone and ron husbandkin will be there. the former cia employee leaked classified documents. detailing the government surveillance program in 2013. that comes out on friday. >> a lot of folks looking forward to it. should be interesting and controversial. >> i can't wait to see it. the stage. >> cheers playing in boston. coming up next how you can take
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?sometimes you want to go wherever knows your name. >> cheers live on stage based on the tv sitcom that spanned 11 seasons starting in 1982. the show will be in boston through sunday off a national tour each night 12 people can wayne spot on stage as extras in the bar. if they apply at the cheers live on stage website but you have to be 21 to enter. of course it's a bar. >> yeah if you are hanging out with cliff and norm you need to be 21 right. >> i can't believe it was 1982. were we that old where we were inurned we are that old yes. -- we were around. >> yes we are that old yes the answer to your question. >> the news at 5 starts right
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and no gronk no problem. the pats hang onto win the season opener with jimmy garoppolo at the helm. we have highlights and reaction from arizona. >> plus two teens expected in court today. the charges they are facing in connection to a stabbing in chelsea. >> and health concerns for hillary clinton. the diagnosis keeping her off the campaign trail. >> live from the channel had you had-- 4 studios in boston this is wbz this morning. welcome aboard it's monday morning whether you like it or not i am ken macleod in forchris mckinnon. >> i am kate merrill. it's september 12th and we are getting into september. let's he check the forecast with danielle. and it was nice to have a nice summer weekend. >> it did feel summery. humidity in place and now we are seeing a shift here at least for temperatures out the door this morning. you feel the difference behind the front that came through yesterday. dew points dropped. dry air in place. temperatures 60 at logan


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