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tv   WBZ News  CBS  September 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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patriots start the year 1-0. >> the cardinals are a hard team to get ready for and these guys worked hard and they had a grinding week but came down here and played a tough physical football game. >> good for the whole team especially the first of the season and coming to a tough environment like this. good to see. we had a couple of young guys playing, making their responded pretty well. >> reporter: stick around, coming up in sports, an emotional jimmy garoppolo coming off the feestled -- field and getting a first win under his belt, and behind me, the brady banner is down and the garoppolo one will go up in a few minutes. >> understandably, thank you. we asked you on facebook,
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really would win last flight? 57% said yes. patriots all the way and 43% of you honestly admitted no, but they are happy tonight, too. and it was crisp and cool out there, and it really did feel like fall and it should be a great week. >> eric is joining us now. and you can grab the coffee, but it wasn't cool enough to pull the 60sto low 70s and beautiful sunshine during the day and things are getting cooler and darker outside. all told, a comfortable air mass in place out of the northeast. not a whole lot going on, and clear skies tonight and stars overhead but for most outside of the city center, 45 to 52 for lows tonight.
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through on wednesday evening, similar to sunday and windy showers and storms and they will arrive by sunset and wrap up early on thursday morning. we can talk about what the front brings to the region and bring us the coolest air we've seen all season. david? >> eric, we'll see you then. thank you. tonight, a registered sex offender is accused of killing a woman in liam? >> reporter: david, richard moore is held without bail and charged in court today and he was emotional in court, wiping away tears. policesay that moore killed 51- year-old jo-ann boucher on september 2, stabbing her nine times. theysay that moore knew boucher
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the case. moore is a registered accident is offender, and when he was a teenager, he was convicted of sexually assaulting a 13-year- old and will be back in court this month. lisa? >> thank you, liam. a woman accused of raining two boys pleaded guilty today. he -- she faces two counts of rape and is accused of the boys explicit pictures of herself. she will be on probation for three years, wear a monitoring bracelet, and register as a sex offender. the battle lines are drawn between the mbta management and the union. the issue, hiring private companies to do work at the t. a couple of hundred union membered packed the meeting
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were heard. management is considering privatizing bus and maintenance operations, something that the union leadership is against. >> privatization we feel is not the answer. it will raise fares, reduce service, and cut the riders of the mbta. >> they are saying the goal is to give riders service officers began wearing body cameras. on friday, it was ruled that commissioner evans had the authority to order officers to wear the cameras after none volunteered for the pilot program. eight members of the command staff agreed to wear the new technology. it may not be curtains for the historical colonial theater after scrapping plans to convert it into a dining hall.
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considering proposals for local and national firms. a number of theater groups are interested in using the space. they hope to finalize the decision later this fall. this is finalized. the winners of the biggest powerball jackpot in massachusetts history claimed their prize but they didn't collect it themselves. lawyers did. they set up a trust for the cash to remain a anonymous. the computer pick the winning numbers. >> if the person had missed a stoplight or spilled their coffee or delayed 30 seconds, it would have been a delay and different numbers. so it was a random lightning strike event. >> the lump sum, $256 million after taxes. the winner will give a lot of the money away and started doing that today with a $100,000 donation to a number of food pantrys.
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follow-up story. >> exactly. right, for them, a tremendous wind fall and you can help so many people. still want to know what the winner is. >> said it was a lightning strike type of thing. you don't normally want that. >> no, you don't want that. a local high school football player following in the footsteps of many nfl players protesting on the sidelines in silence. he will at tell us why. >> and a bride that has to hitchhike to her own wedding. >> and massachusetts is claiming the number 1 spot but probably not one that we will be proud of. and i'm paula ebben.
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smoking for good tonight on my
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breaking news tonight. a young mother murdered and police believe her little boy was home during the attack. >> a short time ago, police released a name and a picture of the man they're looking for tonight. let's get to chantee lans in methuen with the breaking details. >> reporter: a friend of wanda rosa, the victim, has lived heor da confirm body an hour ago that her little boy was inside at the time. >> the most loving and caring person ever. >> reporter: he is talking about his childhood family friend, 29-year-old wanda rose a found unresponsive at her home on tudor street in this housing complex and was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. >> we will wait for the medical
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the time of death. >> reporter: a family member called police and investigators consider the child's father, 32- year-old emilio delarosa, a person of interest. >> she was having a good time and her kid was running around and playing with the kids. >> reporter: again, investigators asking for the public's help to find boyfriend of this woman. chantee lans, wbz news. arm's length, players kneeling, silent protests on almost every sideline during this week's nfl game. but the message is trickling down. >> a high school football player in worcester took a knee in the national anthem and is speaking out about his decision to protest.
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>> when you first saw colin kaepernick do , it, i could realize this was something i could do. >> reporter: the senior said he is proud of the decision he made to kneel during the national anthem at last week's football game. >> i am just trying to make justice be served. >> reporter: he was informed he may not play for so he tweeted it, and it generated buzz. but he and his mother in the with the school. >> if our coach and team were to stand for the national anthem, we would like that. but if anyone chooses not to, that's a constitutional right. we can't discipline that.
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being disrespect. >> i have a lot of respect for the veterans. >> reporter: his classmates and teammates stand behind him. >> i don't understand the hate. he is not doing anything against what his constitutional rights are. >> i stand by him 100%. like i agree. our voice needs to be heard. >> reporter: michael said for friday night's game, he pns and he hopes his teammates will join him. he thanks his teammates and coach. >> their support helped me to get through this. >> definitely talking about this earlier. it feels like football season in the best possible way. it's just the crispness in the air. eric, i have this issue. you always tell me to open my windows. >> usually, a skunk walks by or
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last night, i opened them up and 3:00 in the morning, i had to close them. too cold. >> sure you are not too sensitive? [laughter] the low 40 this is morning and tonight, feels like playoffs. over fenway park, a live look, and blue skies falling into the 60s this evening and today, another great game and looking at wednesday, brief showers and storms that will sweep through the areaor wednesday night. brief rain but it won't be around for too long. here is a look at the temperatures, 70s away from the coastline and 60s near the water's edge, cool there, and the big thing, the thing that will -- signals fall, dry air mass, and that allows us to cool off. another crisp evening is expected tonight.
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weather off to the southwest and will move back into new england over the next couple days. so chilly tonight, 40s and low 50s. the city of boston, 58 for the low. and we'll warm up quickly tomorrow. so it's a cool start. towards lunchtime, in the 70s, a great afternoon to have lunch outside. winds out of the southwest at 5 to 15 and many towns will top 80 degrees so back to the more summere temperatures. these highs, 10 degrees above average. for this time of year, so warm and feels like a step down. 82 in norwood and boston and manchester, 81, and new bedford, a high of 78 for tomorrow. mentioned the front arriving on wednesday. it will be a warm day ahead of it, well in the 80s and then looking towards sunset at the end of the day, a line of
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like sunday. the rain issue is the wind with the downpours. but any rainfall would not last more than half an hour or so, and then another shot of cooler air. we call these seasonal step downs. essentially, you are going down the staircase for fall, not straight down but steps to progress into the season further. for bruce springsteen, warm weather. the storms may not be here yet at 7:00, but we could get the band moving through and tailgating and plan for in terms of humidity, a bump up on wednesday and you'll notice it and quickly, we get back into the dry air for this week and thursday, the coolest day of the season and towns in the 60s. and then towards friday, full sunshine and high pressure over ahead, a day like today. and for the weekend, increasing clouds on saturday, and we may see showers and storms saturday, but the best chance
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hopefully, the front will give us decent rain. i know it's the weekend but kind of hoping for raindrops. the accu-weather 7 day, it's quite a stretch. we step down for the cool stuff for thursday and friday. david, i think you might see 30s in the area on friday morning. first time in a while. >> you open all your windows. >> you will need a patriots' snuggie or something. break it out. the country. >> allstate insurance found a boston driver is 167% more likely to have an accident than the national average. worcester, the second spot and north reading was the safest place to drive in the baystate. >> fascinating. this is a big bum or her big day but one bride did not
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spirit. >> this is angleique ar7ault who hitchhiked to her own wedding. after the limo got a flat tire, she and the wedding party caught a ride with a complete stranger they know only as jay. they made it in time. >> wow. he is not supposed to see her before the wedding and probably the one time in his life, he will not get called with that. >> exactly. take the pass and go with jimmy garoppolo was pretty good last night. >> that's right, and he went in the game, the team somewhat depleted. dan, this was fantastic. >> reporter: it was. the patriots, they have done so much. what else can they do? jimmy garoppolo, he went out and performed. and we saw him full of e motion
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good stuff. raw e motion after garoppolo and the patriots victorious last night. >> touchdown. yeah. oh, yeah. i love it. >> reporter: gotta love that; right? never seen garoppolo fired up that much. and a great job by our photographer to get those shots of jimmy g first victory. if you didn't like the pats before, you won't like them now because they continue to defy the odds and do their job, and they say it's just business as usual in foxborough. >> reporter: the pats entered last night as double-digit dogs but it's not how you start but how you finish and this was a victory. >> only one game and we have a long way to go and we are moving on to miami.
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>> reporter: today, who gets the benefit the pats' coaches or quarterback? let's give equal share but safe to say garoppolo impress. >> jimmy has been impressive, and you know, he put himself in a position for success last night and it was a group effort. >> reporter: now in true patriots' fashion, it's on to miami. >> you can only be happy for so long bu you have made and everyone has the first game that they are 100% on and everything, so we will iron that out. >> reporter: a great win for the patriots, and one thing that will not show sun martellus bennett. only targeted 5 times but his job was to slow down chandler jones, by himself, and that was basically how he did the game
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holding call, he did a great job. >> and you know, you gotta earn your way to catch the ball. this is what you had to do first and watch the ball later. [laughter] >> let's turn your attention to the other team in town, red sox. they lead the american league east by a couple of games. 20 games left to go and open up a 3-game set for the orioles, and we'll see if they can get the job done. the sox aril east and hold a 2-game lead over the orioles and blue jays with just 20 games to play. >> we can't even think about october. and honestly, our guys are not. our approach is much like the approach through the road trips. we don't care or where or how or what time. i don't think even the thought
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guys. we have a touch stretch ahead and all of our focus is on the fight tomorrow. >> it has been, and one thing to keep an eye on is what -- david ortiz can do, carry the game to 20 games and beyond. all right. thank you. the cbs news at 6:30 is coming up next. and scott pelley has more. scott? >> reporter: david, lisa we'll talk with former president clinton about his wife's condition and how her health is improving after what a doctor describes is pneumonia, and we'll have our doctor in to talk about this, and the cease-fire in syria brokered by the united states and russia. might this at last be the thing that creates peace after a 5.5-
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the world news coming up in about 10 minutes on the cbs evening news. >> scott, thank you. hoping to be closer than 6 degrees for kevin bacon, but
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well, a bit of bad news tonight. >> the mission to get kevin bacon to the baconfest has failed. kevin bacon said in a video he won't make it to baconfest even after the city launched a big him there. bacon said he wants everybody to have a great time and enjoy
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narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results"
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narrator: "charter schools amount to hope" for kids all across massachusetts. question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. vote yes on 2. for stronger public schools. probably the only thing that would make this forecast better is more rain. more rain will be a nice thing. the best chance, we look forwards wednesday evening for showers and thunderstorms and then on sunday, a chance for more rain. none of these the big, soaking
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back a tiny bit. thank you. >> see you at 11:00. captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: diagnosis, pneumonia. illness forces clinton off the campaign trail raising questions about her health and her secretary resee. >> in retrospect, we probably could have released more information more quickly. >> pelley: also tonight, trump on t supporters into what i call the baskets of deplorables. >> you cannot run for president if you have such contempt in your heart for the american voter. >> pelley: a lot more soccer playing kids are winding up in the er. and america's newest museum. >> it is the pu seem that says,


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