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tv   WBZ News  CBS  September 13, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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literally. he figures his property is his grounds, and he'll put as many trump signs on it as he wants. >> free speech, i'm not offend -- maybe i'm offending the hillary supporters. that's okay. they have their own property and i have my own property. >> reporter: but the problem is the city prohibits sign that is use more than 32 square feet of space and rick's, 300 square and that was all he was cited for, that he is over the signage allowed by the city ordinance. >> reporter: rick put up the signs in january and had no problems. even a few drive-by supporters. >> if i were a hillary supporter, i would defend his right to do it to the hilt. >> reporter: rick said he will pay any fines that the city blasts him with and go to court if need be. he said that a deep blue state
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rights. >> they are not coming down. i think it's my right to keep them up. and i'm going to keep them up. >> reporter: if you think rick early is over the top, a guy down in hampton, the whole front of his business is anti- hillary signs including a 3 mention -- dimensional jail with hillary inside. >> early could be fined $300 a day but the the issue that far. nearly 100 people sickened by e. coli and nory nor -- noro virus outbreaks from which i -- chipotle will be receiving a part of the settlement. the trial for the map accused of shooting george zimmerman is on the way in
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matthew apperson drove behind zimmerman's truck, yelled, and fired a shot. zimmerman is not hurt. the ncaa is taking a stand against a north carolina law that many believe discriminates against the lgbt community and pulled seven college championship events including next year's men's basketball tournament. this is a law requiring transgender people to use bathrooms spenderring to their birth gender. >> fairness and inclusion is at the heart of what the ncaa and our university does, so this was a proverbial no brainer. >> in july, the nba nowed it was moving the all star game
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but the ncaa said that t college sports may have a bigger impact. a comment from hillary clinton disparaging donald trump supporters is really gaining ground. >> reporter: the trump campaign is allocating precious tv money out of their funds to pounce on deplorable rockers. these spots give us insight into how the campaign to interpret the polling data. let's start with an excerpt from trump's ad. >> you could put half of trump's supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. >> people like you, you, you,
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you know what is deplorable? hillary clinton viciously demonizing hard working people like you. >> reporter: notice the use of a female pace over part of the trump campaign's ongoing effort to close the gender app. this will likely drive up clinton's negative among trump supporters but they already think she isaire gapt and obnoxious. let's look at clinton's new web ad. >> how stupid are the people of the country? we're building a you gotta see this guy. ah, i don't know what i said. i would like to punch him in the face. loser, loser, loser. disgusting. stupid. you can't lead this nation with such a low opinion for is thes. >> see what they did? no narrator here as the ad tries to hang trump with his own words, and this is aimed at voters already disgusted at
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focus on the trump backers that clinton suggested were anxious and confused rather than by gotted. clinton could have explained what makes her a nondeplorable choice but she didn't. liam, i am afraid we are heading into the debate next monday night in a race where the contest is to see who can look less deplorable. unfavorable numbers. >> reporter: a warning sign for the clinton campaign, the warning signs show her negative right on par with trump where she has had an edge, not a good sign. >> we'll keep an eye on that, john. thank you. and a new look at how massachusetts voters feel about the ballot questions he'll be voting on come november. a new poll find that is most likely voters are expanding the
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half of the voters surveyed support the question about legalizing recreational marijuana use. 50% are for the measure and 45% against it. later at 8:00 tonight, we'll take a closer look at the marijuana question in massachusetts. both sides here in the studios to debate the issue live on my tv 38 during the wbz news at 8:00. liam and i will moderate. tonight, concerns about how the drought fall colors. typically, the red, yellow, and orange leaves will bring in big business. eric fisher is live in smolak farms with a preview. what do you think? >> reporter: liam, foliage will feel the impact of the drought through the next few weeks and in the month of october. you can see the retention pond behind me is down 5 to 6 feet.
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drought and it's been so warm. this is what we should look for. number one, the drought area, central eastern massachusetts and southeastern new hampshire and coastal maine as well. drought will increase the leaf drop meaning they crinkle up and fall to the ground. when you have drought, you can get bright colors but they don't last cold shots, and you need those to bring on the colors. it could get very bright. red is a durale look for but it would not hang on the tree as long as it normally would. eastern new england, southern new england, more leaf drop and higher impact. but northern new england, vermont, new hampshire, and interior maine, i would not
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season will be later than usual, so our peak colors likely helping well into october away from the hard-hit drought areas. >> eric, we'll see you in a bit, and you look very autumnal, got the flannel going. >> he does, the flam and -- flannel and the down on the farm look. samsung is telling reports of it catching fire. >> but they have help for those
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on the money watch, samsung said it might have a software fix for the recalled galaxy note 7 smart phone. it would only let the batteries recharge to 60% and apparently
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samsung recalled the phones after reports of exploding batteries. customers in south korea will get the update first. want to get your new iphone 7 but you are worried about losing the ear buds? a $10 cable can snap on to the ear buds and keep them together, and there is a carrying case. they came up with it that fast. so far, the reviews are positive. and general motors is taking on tesla in th gm said that the new chevy volt can go 238 miles on a single charge and tesla's base version, 210 miles. the bolt costs 38 $38,000. americans got their biggest raise everlast year. the u.s. census bureau said that the median household income jumped 5% and starting
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biggest increases, accounting and finance, marketing, administrative and office support and legal and technology. people on entry-level jobs will paid 3.5% more than they were. and helping to celebrate big papi's upcoming retirement. they just released a limited edition candle to raise money for the david ortiz children's midsummer's need. a blend of musk, pahcori, and other scents, and i am sure he is thrilled it's not a yankee candle. >> what is musk? >> i will buy the candle. >> okay. and at stoplights, green
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one bizarre stop. and here from smolak farms in andover, we will talk about the rain in the forecast. it's much needed. that's coming up. and coming up, a new year but an old fight at harvard university. an all male club that just rejected all the women who applied. why the battle may ultimately end up in court coming up at
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this is a bold escape in broad daylight. >> a teenager used a stoplight to make his get away in milwaukee. the 17-year-old jumped out of the back of a law enforcement van with handcuffs still on.
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traffic light. the teenager was arrested for stealing a car and has a history of running. policesay he led them on a chase just last year. scary moments for students on a school bus in prince george's county, maryland. about 20 kids were on the bus when it caught fire but thankfully, everyone got off safely. and a dance troop from california performing on the side of a mountain in central china wearing safety harnesss and working parallel to the i have two reasons i wouldn't do that, the height and i can't dance. >> that would be bold. >> just out there. >> i would second that, yeah. although, a day for dancing. it's glorious out there, and we sent eric down on the farm to buck about the road conditions and how it will affect the apple picking. >> foliage and all that stuff, eric. what do they think at smolak farms? >> reporter: the best time of
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autumn, and everyone is asking questions about the apples and pumpkins. the apples, they're smaller but there are plenty of them. just call ahead. and the cold snap in early april had an impact on the fruit trees. the drought will have much less of an impact, and we have rain in the forecast that could help things out. let's get into the details. the second half of the weekend, what re to the sky tomorrow, a few strong to severe storms, and the limiting factor, instability, but either way, we'll get showers and strong wind gusts. back to autumn for thursday and friday with cool temperatures and low humidity and not a whole lot of drought relief. but we have a potential it sunday rain in the second half of the weekend. hoping to squeeze out much- needed rainfall. crystal clear and blue skies
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september. we do see the front working towards traverse city, michigan. that's the one we're watching tomorrow. temperature wise, warmer air moving in, well in the 80s now and well in the 80s tomorrow and even a few degrees shy of record highs. it's that time of the season where warm weather isn't warm. the average high in the cities is in the low 70s this time of the season. tonight, not as cool as the last couple with southwesterly winds and temperatures in the 50s to low launching pad tomorrow morning. we'll get in the sunshine and then jump up into the 80s, gusty southwest winds and then rip around to the northwest as the front moves through in the evening. so let's time out the chance for rainfall. a bright morning and in the midday, clouds will build, and then we'll look to the west. the front running through. by dinner time, a few scattered showers and thunderstorms and the highest impact like on sunday, strong wind gusts, over 50 miles per hour and we could
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winds and squeezing out some beneficial rain to go along with it. but behind it, we cool down for thursday, friday, saturday, and then a cooling pattern. we'll be way up in the 70s if not touching 80 degrees, and then a chance for more widespread rain, and that's arriving on sunday, hoping that the front will be a slow mover and keep the showers in play for a decent amount of the day. i know we have the patriots and everyone wants to head t the farm but, boy, do we need the rainfall. close to 80 in the afternoon. here is the accu-weather 7 day. the overall theme, warmer than average temperatures. the end of the month, the average highs in the mid to upper 60s. so when you see the upper 70s to 80s in the forecast, it's almost a continuation for
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about the fall foliage, expect the peak colors later this year. the exception? far eastern massachusetts where the drought will add a lot of leaf drops early this year, and next hour, we'll look at pumpkins. it's almost lack -- jack-o- lantern season. back to you. >> thank you, eric. doctors may be asking more questions before sending mothers of premature babies home from the right questions could catch postpartum depression. researchers in rhode island looked at 700 mothers of preemies who spent at least five days in the nicu. the moms who had a mental health disorder in the past or negative feelings about themselves or infants were more likely to be depressed a month later. and do you study a lot? that could be the reason you're gaining weight. a busy brain could create a
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scientistssay--love this -- heavy bout was thinking can drain the brain's energy and increase blood sugar and require more fuel. that's why the college kids feel hungry. >> the freshmen 15, not the food but thinking. coming up, a snapshot is helping a man put away his cart for good. wanted for murder, accused of killing the mother of his child while the 4-year-old boy was in his home. what we learned about his history of violence. and a little girl born with a rare liver problem, now desperately in need of a transplant. tonight, the family is sharing the story hoping someone can
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this picture says more than a, 000 quarter of a million dollars. for 2 decades, an 89 noarld mill -- 89-year-old illinois man pushed a cart hoping to retire. >> and now he can thanks to someone in the right place at the right time. this is a familiar sight and sound in a chicago neighborhood, pushing a cart, earning a little extra money? everybody has a lot of respect
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worker. >> reporter: one man recognized the hard work and took a picture, and the image went viral and donations poured in. >> optimistic side, he get two,000 and maybe he gets a week off. and now, he retired. >> reporter: sanchez's granddaughter said that he was and now, he can rest. >> it's amazing how the power of many people can change things. i am so grateful that people had the compassion. >> reporter: sanchez's message to everyone who donated? >> muchas gracias. >> the go fund me page raised almost $290,000.
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to retirement and buy her a present but he will not take her dancing. >> at 89, he shouldn't have to dance. >> generous and beautiful. stay with us. we have much more ahead. >> the news at 6:00 starts now. a troubled past. what we have learned about the relationship between a medicinerred methuen mother and her boyfriend and the steps she took to try and protect herself. >> a little girl born with a rare disease and her liver isn't working her beat the odds. >> it's a lot to go through that themselves. drought in new england, everything from apples to pumpkins and fall foliage. the impact it will have on everything that we love this year. and an amazing invention by scientists at mit that makes it possible to read a book without opening the cover.
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murder of a young mother. tonight, brand new information shows she knew she was in danger and at one point tried to save her own life. policesay her boyfriend had a history of violence. >> and now they say he is the prime suspect in her murder. christina hager is live with the latest, and christinea, his crimes against her go back years. >> reporter: and lisa, one day rosa's bodies here, court papers are telling the story of how she endured years of abuse, and now, police are not only searching for emilio de la rosa but they have a murder warrant for them. court papers showed the man that police were searching for, and he had threatened her at gunpoint before. advocates for domestic violence say it's a story that they see all too often.
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situation where there was violent abuse in the past and there are ties of a child. >> reporter: the father of emilio de la rosa, the father of the child's, was released from state prison in january after kidnappingeries and attempting to murder her. court papers show a long list of abuse claims over many years. when she was pregnant, she that he put a hand around her neck and began to squeeze it and documents show that he took her head and hit it against the wall in the bathtub, writing he grabbed me by the neck the day before telling me that the child will be left without a mom. i'm scared for my life along with my child's life. he loosened the restrictions on


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