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tv   WBZ News  CBS  September 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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boys told police someone tried to kidnap them. especially ugly case of road rage outside a local school. the driver arrested and accused of pulling out a machete. terrifying moments, a man plowed down police. why investigators say he did it on purpose. live from the channel for studios in boston, this is wbz news at 11. >> tonight, police are investigating a possible attempted abduction. three teenage boys say a man attacked them trying to grab them before taking off into the woods. wbz's julie won live in towson with new information from police. julie? >> reporter: police are now saying they do not believe there is a public threat here in town but nevertheless they are investigating this matter seriously. it allegedly happened right here near the police department
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the three teenage boys told police they were startled by an older man who they say jumped out from behind a rock around 3:00 this afternoon. they say he tried to grab one of them and then allegedly hit one of them on the back of the neck. the teenagers say the man took off into the woods next to the library and senior center. adjacent to the police department. a third search was conducted using surveillance video. but it revealed no evidence of this alleged suspicious man. police interviewed the teenagers is no threat to the public. but the teens described their alleged attacker as an older man with a long gray beard wearing a red shirt and a red sock or a bruins hat. police do not believe there is a threat to the public. they are still continuing to investigate this and they are therefore asking the public for help. live in townsend, duly lung, wbz news. a man pulled a machete on a
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rage incident. live in worcester and louisa, the driver had his two teenage kids in the car at the time? >> reporter: david, police say the machete was found under the car, where the man's 13-year- old daughter was sitting, but let me take you to the top, this is -- this all started when a driver flagged down a resource officer at burn coat high and then directed at officer to down the street. that concerned driver said he saw a and the cop found that men at wrexham road where he and another driver were both out of their cars. they both had different stories but when man told police the two exchange profanities and gestures during an incident. he told police that 41-year-old aldo rivera was tailgating him at the high school right as school was getting out. and that at one point rivera threatened him with a machete and punched the side of his
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police arrested rivera charged him with assault and battery. among other charges. he is expected to be arraigned tomorrow. live in worcester, louisa moeller, wbz news. we have more breaking news tonight, one of the state's most innovative police chiefs is now under investigation and on paid leave. gloucester's mayor confirmed police chief leonard campanello is on leave but is offering no details about the pending investigation. last year campanello launched the angel initiative allowing ug police station and get treatment. other police departments around the country have adopted a similar program. this spring the white house honored campanello as a champion for change. campanello told the gloucester times he will cooperate with the investigation and is not worried about the outcome. tonight green lasers were pointed at a plane at logan. the united airlines flight was heading to los angeles when the beam of light reportedly came from hall. the plane continued its flight
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month later -- lasers have targeted planes at logan and the faa is investigation -- is investigating. milder than the last couple nights, near record highs are possible tomorrow. eric is here now and also tracking some storms along with that one is. >> a chance for rain and strong winds into tomorrow afternoon. tonight much warmer than the last couple nights. many towns up into the 60s and won't be dropping much more as morning. southwesterly breeze is here and this is the front we're watching, arriving midafternoon tomorrow. we start with sunshine, warm up very quickly well up into the 80s. most of these showers and storms will be likely between three and 8:00. midafternoon into the early evening. first arriving in southern new hampshire, diving down through the boston to providence area and then later toward the evening six to 7:00 moving down toward the cape and the islands. very thin band of rainfall, around these showers and storms,
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sunday, 50 miles per hour. that could bring down some limbs. after this big cooldown, tracked it for you coming up in a few minutes. now at 11 we now know the young mother murdered in fearing for her life and the man accused of killing her had a long history of violence. emilio delarosa is on the run tonight accused of killing the mother of his child. police issued a murder warrant late today for his arrest in the death of wanda rosa. documents we uncovered show he is just getting for attacking rosa. wbz's jim smith live in bathroom. it is chilling to see what she wrote when she filed a restraining order against him. >> it certainly is. >> reporter: unfortunately that's not all. court paperwork does show a long history of alleged abuse of this victim at the hands of the suspect emilio de la rosa. tonight there is a warrant for delarosa's arrest for murder. but he remains on the loose. a solitary figure kneels before candles and flowers left in
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sources tell us he's the brother of wanda rosa, the young mother found dead in her apartment monday. now police have a murder warrant out for wanda's former boyfriend. emilio de la rosa. he is the father of wanda's 4- year-old boy. and investigators have reason to believe the child may have been nearby when the killing happened. >> major concern is the well- being of the child. ascertain the whereabouts of mr. delarosa. that's why we're asking for assistance in that regard. >> reporter: a long list of us he grabbed me by the hair and started hitting my face on the dashboard. when she was five months pregnant she said he put one hand around her neck while his hand was around her neck, he began to squeeze it and in another incident documents show he shook her head and hit it against the wall and the bathtub. in a restraining order rosa wrote he grabbed me by my neck the day before telling me this
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all of this has advocates for victims of domestic violence sounding the alarm. >> the risk of abuse remains very, very high. in the situation where there's a abuse in the past. we could be tied together by a child. >> reporter: once again the suspect at this hour emilio de la rosa is still at large. as far as the little boy goes he was not physically harmed. but authorities are very concerned about what he might ha it would have on him. live in methuen, jim smith, wbz news. fire investigators say tonight a broken propane tank may have played a role in this room fire. the fire broke out on rutland street this afternoon forcing several families from their homes. crews telling us there were propane tanks and gas grills on top of the brownstone. three buildings were badly damaged. the good news is that no one was injured. cruise are now investigating what caused this
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firefighters say these flames broke out at the back of the house and this burned so hot it actually collapsed the roof. nobody was injured but the family dog is now missing tonight. it took a cruise more than an hour to get that under control. tonight hillary clinton will return to the campaign trail on thursday. the democratic presidential nominee of course has been fighting pneumonia. meantime donald trump tonight highlighted his plan to help working moms. let's get right to liam martin with the latest. >> reporter: trump unveiled an updated plan for family leave and child care turned to president obama as her relief pitcher. donald trump bringing his daughter ivanka to his rally to help roll out his plan to make childcare more affordable. >> it is profamily. it is pro-child. it is pro-worker. >> reporter: trump's plan for six weeks of guaranteed maternity leave federally financed. trump promises the savings will
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unemployment insurance fraud. he also promised to make childcare expenses tax deductible for individuals earning up to $250,000 and couples earning half a million. families that don't pay federal taxes will be eligible for tax credits. >> our plan will bring relief to working and middle-class families. >> reporter: hillary clinton is recovering at home from pneumonia. her campaign says she will take one more sick day and then returned to the campaign trail. despite her absence she had a heavy hitter filling in. >> i believe there has never qualified than hillary clinton to serve as our president. >> reporter: president obama held his first solo rally in philadelphia where he took aim at donald trump. >> this is not reality tv. democracy is not a spectator sport. you don't tweet in your vote. >> reporter: a new national poll shows the race has tightened.
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we learned tonight the new york attorney general has launched an inquiry into trump's foundation after reports surfaced he allegedly spent some of that charity money on himself. trump's camp calling that quote a left-wing hit job. trump himself will campaign in new hampshire thursday. david? >> thank you, liam. in haverhill a homeowner at odds with the city over his donald trump billboard on his front lawn. haverhill says the size violates the city ordinance so expressing his freedom of speech and he'll pay any fines and go to court if necessary. voters have set the stage for what will be one of the most watched senate races this fall. the results from tonight primary match republican incumbent kelly against democratic governor maggie hassan. the winner of the general election in november could help reshape the balance of power in the senate. david? a massachusetts air national guard fighter jet
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hancock today. they exploded before hitting the ground. the national guard tells us this was pilot error and that no one was hurt. police in denver says a driver has been blinded by the sun when he killed a 70-year- old woman who was crossing hobart street when she was hit. no charges have been filed. the man who inspired the ice bucket challenge will now forever inspire students at endicott college. the school dedicated its newest dormitory after beverly frady's, a former baseball player who now battles als was there for the dedication so money. the ice bucket challenge has raised more than $150 million for als research and as a way to honor his family, students broke the record for the biggest group ever to take the ice bucket challenge. no better tribute there. >> good to see people still doing that. >> absolutely. officers attack. the new video of a driver
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investigators insist this was no accident. students trapped on a burning bus. how the driver managed to rescue every single person on
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new video tonight shows the driver intentionally driving his car directly into two police officers at a gas station in phoenix. a closer view, the officers were standing in the parking lot where the driver comes right in, right after them to. the police chief says there's no doubt the officers had been targeted.
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to recover. the driver is now facing attempted murder charges. this was a dramatic scene in maryland. a school bus on fire. bursting into flames. 20 students on board. the bus driver then took each student off. even went back inside one last time to make sure everyone safely made it out. right now it's not known what started the fire. david, all new at 11:00, two veterans trekking through boston tonight on their mission to walk across am taking thousands of steps to help men and women in the military who struggle with ptsd. wbz's louisa moeller caught up with them tonight in the north end. >> reporter: for kevin kincaid and daniel taylor wining and dining is not the norm. lately they've been walking. >> i'm heading out of ellsworth. my next stop will be manchester new hampshire. >> reporter: kincaid a combat veteran who served in afghanistan says he was inspired by a friend.
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walk like this but he was injured in afghanistan. he took an ak round and ended up losing his leg in competitions. >> reporter: he set off on a trek across all 48 states to raise awareness of veterans issues. >> is the beginning of day two. i'm continuing down route one. >> suicide rate, veteran homelessness and a lot of it is connected to the poor care that years and the right years so we can get somebody who can make the change. >> reporter: one of those belongs to navy vet daniel, the two met in new hampshire. >> i said you need somebody to walk around with? >> off they went in the granite state to the baystate through salem and westminster, and met some phenomenal strangers along the way. >> he was helped out by a fellow veteran. he gave me a place to stay.
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meal. >> we've been really lucky meeting the people we have. >> reporter: the commitment long about two years. the impact hopefully far- reaching. >> changed the way things are. how about veterans. knocked the number down from 23 to hopefully zero. >> reporter: it already is for them. in boston, louisa moeller, wbz news. >> hats off to them. such an important way. >> sounds like it's a pretty good experience for meeting some great people. let's talk to eric the drought. i know earlier he was up at small farms. seeing how it affected the different things this fall. >> you brought back the apples. they were much smaller than normal. >> much smaller. that's the thing you notice as you head out to the orchard, next few weekends, most places do have apples in supply. what you'll see is that level, it just fits in your hand. much smaller than average because there's a high water content in an apple. right? they still taste great. one thing i would say, check with your favorite form before
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in terms of pumpkins, also a fruit, without a lot of rainfall considering a pumpkin is mostly rain. the size is smaller, tougher to grow those really big pumpkins. you might see little change. the ones here are growing in western massachusetts where they had a bit more rainfall. they look pretty good. and then fall foliage. this is also going to have a high variation across new england. with the drought in place, a lot of early leaf drop and we've seen that already. drought conditions are in eastern massachusetts. this is where you have very stressed-out trees, they turn brown and they drop. however, drought can also make very vibrant colors. you can get bright reds but they last for a really short window. that's what we are expecting locally. planning on going to northern new england, the drought is much less severe. so a more typical season i expected it to come later than average. because of the whole outlook warmer than average through september into the start of october. i think it's going to be
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out there tonight, we talked about the forecast. starlight overhead, this is the front we're watching for tomorrow. that's going to bring us a chance for something. ahead of it, warmer evening, upper 50s to low 60s by tomorrow morning. compared to the 40s. at the bus stop, in the mid-to- upper 60s, low 80s by recess, well into the 80s during the afternoon. chance for some of those storms after highs reach well into the 80s. wondering how hot that is compared to where we should be, the record tomorrow is 92. i think we come up a little short. but we'll be in the ballpark. average high is 73. tomorrow morning starts off dry with some time. into the afternoon, the main window will be 3:00 to 8:00 from northwest to southeast, a band of showers and a chance for some thunder will move through. the main issue here, strong wind gusts. they could top 50 miles per hour and with our dry weekend
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trees and limbs. so that is our really main threat here as we look into wednesday afternoon. as you think about bruce springsteen, many asked about the concert. brisk for storm early and then drying out, breezy by the end of the show, upper cities. so much cooler. for the red sox and then taking on the orioles and the yankees, any storms will be over by 7:00 in the boston area. big series against the yankees. haven't said that in the last couple years. would like to say it now. the end of the week, beautiful weather for humidity. this weekend watching for some sunday rain. david and lisa, a shari day and hopefully we can get at least a half inch out of this one. which would be much-needed. >> try to get it done. >> we are working on it. >> talk to your people. >> first we had sunday's wind. now this. knowing that coming out of top on the fan loyalty survey. second year in a row. new york marketing firm ranks teams from first to worst every year rounding out the top five
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francisco. nfl team with the least loyal fans, the cleveland browns. >> poor cleveland. >> the red sox took on baltimore at home tonight. could they dig themselves
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wbz sports is driven by bmw. test drive a bmw today at your massachusetts bmw center. red sox home, beautiful night but things went south early. >> it did early. >> always felt like they were on their way back and the big rally was coming at any time. did not happen. >> did not happen. things didt drew pomeranz, he didn't last long. he gave up five runs in the second inning. and he was done. the orioles beat the sox 6-3. top of the second, here we go. orioles with two on, one out. j.j. hardy at the plate. three-run homer, deep to left. 's ninth. next batter, walks. then it was nolan reimold's turn, two-run shot to left, just like that. 5-0 orioles.
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the of the walk. loading the bases with one out. two free passes in a row with ryan hanigan and dustin pedroia. 5-2. that's all they would get. top of the fourth. matt wieters, pops one up in short right-center, dustin pedroia and jackie bradley almost collide. what are you doing out there? bradley, it was his ball to begin with. makes the catch. bogaerts blasts his 19th of the year. solo shot. 423 feet. now a5-3 game. same score, moved to the ninth. much-needed insurance, jonathan schoop takes him deep over the monster. that's it. that made it 6-3. that would be your final. they will play the rubber game tomorrow night. at fenway. some good news. here's some good news.
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toronto. the sox still have a lead in east over the jays and the orioles. the patriots have the day off. they go right back to work tomorrow, arizona is done, the dolphins are next, miami comes to town for the homeowner on sunday afternoon. that can't get here soon enough. matt light held his 12th annual celebrity shootout in rhode island. rob ninkovich and marcus cannon were two of the current players taking pt. just like most everybody else around new england, matt light was impressed with jimmy garoppolo's debut sunday night. >> what can you say about a guy like that? other than again he was poised, he obviously had a lot of confidence in those guys around him. i think jimmy should feel great about the cast that he has around him. obviously he respects the coaches and everything else. he's only going to get better and hats off to him for the job that he did. >> wbz has it all covered for
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access friday night at 7:00. patriots game day sunday morning at 11:30. kickoff is at 1:00 followed by the postgame show over on my tv 38. thursday night football returns to wbz this week, afc east clash between the jets and bills in buffalo. kickoff at 8:25. it is a big week for football and baseball. >> thank you, steve. adel is not giving a free concert in boston. >> next at
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a free concert is too good to be true. >> this facebook page says adel is going to be holding a free concert at the quincy center station tomorrow around 8:00. hundreds of fans said you bet. they prompted transit police to send out multiple tweets that looked like this. it says please do not show up because there is no concert at the t station. if you do t does play td gardens tomorrow night. >> she should do it during the winter when the trains are late. it's already a packed house. >> exactly. >> a lot more peaceful -- a lot
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