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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  September 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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from live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning thanks for joining us i am kate merrill. >> i am chris mckinnon it's 6 on your wednesday. we have breaking news. tense moments as state police raid a home in rhode island. the suspect in a police officer's murder now in custody. >> boston police chief on leave this morning what he is saying about being the subject of an internal investigation. >> and a man facing charges in a violent case of road rage. he is accused of threatening another driver with a machete but that's not it. but first a check of the forecast on your wednesday danielle is tracking the possibility of storms. >> it's going to be later on
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man chest erin same in lawrence. 56 in keene and most of -- most of us are 5 to 15 degrees it's muggy and the skies are clear for nowch that sun is going to be shining -- now. the sun going to be shining and between 2 and 4 p.m. the storms come from west to east through the berkshires and not everyone is going to see a storm today. but the risk is there particularly from late afternoon and into the the evening. your evening commute could be a rough go massachusetts. with scattered storms locally heavy rainfall and downpours. and, the threat for some wind gusts. anything tends to taper off around 8, 9 out over southeastern massachusetts. so a changeable weather day sunshine to start and warm and hiewp it's by midday 82 -- humid by midday 82. big changes for tomorrow. >> reporter: two accidents on
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at exit 19 highland avenue. again, it is blocking the left lane. now keeping our eye on the accident, at the brain stree tree split aid minor crash but it's creating make -- braintree split amid a minor crash but it's creating a major backup. breaking overnight a driver rescued after crashing -- a crash in woburn police say a car slamed into a poll trapping the driver a driver and passenger was taken to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. cause of the crash is under investigation. also breaking overnight a man suspected of killing a police officer in north carolina is in custody in rhode island. >> he's in the hospital right now with a gunshot wound that he reportedly suffered in a shoot out with police in north carolina. just a few hours ago state police raided a providence home
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>> this is state police come out with your hands up. >> that was the scene place got a tip this man 23-year-old irving fenner may have been inside the home. officers used tear gas before going in but say he was not in there. he is accused of shooting officer tim brackeen in the chest on saturday hoe was looking -- who was looking for finner -- fenner after he missed a -- fenner after he missed a court date. >> when a police officer is slain it heightens th police officer down who knows if he won't do it again. >> backee -- brackeen leaves behind a wife and a daughter. four others are under arrest in kicks with the case including fenner in's half sifter. gloucester police chief who made headlines with the innovative addiction program is on paid leave and under investigation. ken macleod is live in glawfter
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>> reporter: good morning. police chief leonard campanell ois accustomed to -- catch the- - camppan -- campanello is used to be in the spotlight. this morning he finds himself essentially suspended with pay amid an internal investigation. after more than a quarter century as a cop, gloucester police chief leonard campanello became a national slee national celebrity when he introduced a change in his department. >> i stood over enough dead bodies with a needle in their arm. >> reporter: and with the help of former addicts acting ascounselors the chief said anyheroin use here showed up with the dope paraphernalia and adesire to get clean would not be charged with a crime. and instead get detox and recovery help on the spot. the district attorney raised concerns about that promise but it drew praise nationwide as a
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problem that's spiraling out of control. >> it's problem that affects every community we know. and in gloucester the difference is we take care of the people that need the help. >> reporter: but yesterday, just after the chief abruptly sought two weeks of time off to untangle the so-called angle program from the day to day operations of his department, the mayor issued a brief statement putting him on personal leave pending -- pending outcome of an internal investigation but gave no hint what it might bech the absolute -- be. the chief told the local newspaper i have absolutely no concerns i've done anything wrong to warrant action against me. the mayor's office has made it clear it will make no further comment on this. the chief says he was notified at about supper time last night and suspects that being outspoken about his angel program has earned him some powerful enemies.
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about 6:06 on your wednesday morning a worcester man is due in court accused of pulling a machete on a driver during a violent road rage incident near two schools. let's get to anna meiler with a closer look at the allegations aba -- anna. >> reporter: and aldo rivera is accused of piling a masheet chicago on -- pulling a machete but also punching the man in the face near a high school. this started when resource officer at burncoat high school was flagged down by a concerned driver. the officer drove down rexhame road and found two people out of the cars. rivera tail cated the man infront of the high school and the two exchanged gestures and profanities. the driver says rivera got out of the car and pulled a machete out of the trunk and threatened him and punched him in the side of the face. rivera told police he never made a threat but he did admit the machete was in his car.
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his 13-year-old daughter was sitting. his 17-year-old son was also in the car. rivera is facing many charges including asauce with a dangerous weep -- assault with a dangerous weepan and -- weapon and will be arraigned later this morning. anna meiler, wdz this morning. -- wbz this morning. the retrial of gary sampson will begin. a jury gave so penalty in 20 03 but it was overturned 8 years later by a judge who found one of the jurors lied repeatly about her backgroundch the new jury will decide if he should receive the death penalty or life in prison. in townsend police are investigating a possible attempted abduction. three teenage boys told officers a man attacked them not far from a police station yesterday afternoon. they say an older man with a long gray beard jumped out from large rock and tried to grab one of
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on the back of the neck before running off into the the woods. police and k can-9th -- k-9s searched at area they checked out surveillance tapes and didn't find anything. anyone with information should call townsend police. also developing the faa is investigating another incident war green laser was pointed at a plane near boston logan airport. united airlines flight was heading to los angeles last night when the beam of light and this is the third time in two weeks that lasers targeted planes near logan. campaign 20 16 hillary clinton campaign says she will resume normal activities tomorrow after being sidelined with pneumonia. clinton is set to address congressional hispanic caucus institute dinner in washington tomorrow night and appear on the tonight show on friday. her husband former president clinton and their daughter chelsea will be on the campaign trail today. president obama was campaigning
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donald trump is giving more specifics on a campaign promise to make child care more affordable. the speech delivered outside philadelphia with trump's daughter by his side marks an effort to appeal to women voteers. one of the propose -- voters. one the proposals includes guarantees new mothers 6 weeks of maturnity leave and he didn't lay out how much it would cost but inseted the extra spending would be offset by economic growth and other cuts. a home owner in is at odds over a donald trump billboard on his lawn. the homeowner says he is expressing his freedom of speech and will go to court or pay a fine if necessary. primary results from new hampshire voters have set the stage for what will be one of the most watched senate race this is fall. republican senator kelly ayotte had face-off against maggie hasan the winner of the general election could reshape the
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hassan. colin van ostern won but with more than 90% of the vote in chris sununu lead frank edelblut. who is to blame for accidently dropping flares over a new hampshire town. >> a mission to walk across the country. we will introduce you to a pair of veterans with an inspirational message. >> and the big announcement today regarding cars in boston. >> and if you are sad to see big papi retire, you may want to buy a new keepsake. the candle designed by the sox slugger hear what it smells like. >> good morning. a summertime heat today we are climbing into the 80s with sunshine this morning. we should be around 08 by the time we get to -- 80 by the time we get to midday. building clouds is the prep for sunshine we will go through the hour by hour timeline when we come back because it's important night live look at
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at gillette tonight and there will be a couple storms to track i will have that timeline when we come back.
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a new way to welcome big pain into your home. yankee cannedel is out with a limited edition candle in honor of the sox's slugger retirement. money raise led go to the david or tees children fund that -- raised will go to the david or tees children's fund -- ortiz children's fund. it is called mid summers night musk and sage and mahogany cologne. >> it sounds manly. >> definite -- it smells manly and. >> my sus has -- husband has it as a air fresher in so it was a good choice. 80s today and thunderstorms. the skyline in boston clear skies and it's going to be a beautiful start out there but we will see changes by the time we get to later on this afternoon. the skies are not going to look the same heading into 4 or 5. severe outlook a change from yesterday we are in the area
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thunderstorms from maine to massachusetts. notice it's generally the worcester to boston quarter marginal risk means an isolated threat for some strong to severe storms. 65 in boston right now. 46 in manchester and lawrence. 56 in taunton and 61 in worcester right now. we are milder than we were at this time yesterday we are in the 60s on the cape and 50s in the cooler spots as opposed to 40s yesterday. satellite and radar prettyquiet. clouds building back and that's ahead of the front bush -- vermont and central new york. and that's ahead of the front. we will fire up some of the storms in the second half of the day. highs 82 to 88. going to be a warm one. records are in the low 90s so we won't get there but it will feel like a mid-july mid-august day near 80 on cape and islands this afternoon. hour by hour no issues right until probably noon or one even the skies staying mainly clear.
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eye to the northwest horizon where the storms will come from today pushing from west to east between 2 and 4 p.m. from the berkshires and this incates that we will see downpours -- indicates that we will see downpours and localized damaging wind gusts is the primary threat. the evening commute is a tough go in spots ands in this is the map at -- and notice this is the map at 6 p.m. wind gusts 40 to potentially miles per hour will bring some damage in spots because the trees are weakened too so with the strong gusts that's the case everything dwindels by 8 or --dwindles by 8 or 9 and that's the leading edge of the cooler air. damaging wind is the most we are concerned with. any thunderstorms there may be lightning as well as brief heavy downpours. clearing tonight and 50s in the suburbs and 60 downtown. and highs tomorrow check it
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a totally different feel about 20 degrees cooler tomorrow and 60s at the coast with a onshore breeze and low 70s through the interior and at least the sun will shine and big area of high pressure building in for tomorrow and the end of the week on friday. it sticks around for the start of the the weekend and filtered sunshine on saturday with highs in the upper 70s and sunday the next front approaches and that will bring our next round of some showers and thunderstorms a few of those may linger into the start of next week and before push 08 by tuesday. -- 08 by tuesday. >> reporter: -- 80 by tuesday. >> reporter: there's two accidents causing delays a minor crash before the braintree splitthat's creating major backup because it's a busy area. there's a second crash on 24 north right before 128 and randolph that's blocking the left lane and you can see the severe delays there as well. that backup stretching down past brockton to west bridgewater.
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are taking the t. mbta offered round trip tickets from south station to gillette for the concert for 20 bucks. they have already sold out but this could be a late night for fans. trains will leave gillette 30 minutes after the concert ends. the boston shows are between 3 and 4 hours in length. and heads up to patriots fans. get the same deal. 20 dollars round trip to gillette on game day. >> i thanks 6:18. self-driving cars could be hitting the streets of boston. the herald is reporting this morning the city reached a deal with world economic forum to test the to being nology. the partnership which will be announced today will be a year long program. self-driving cars could be tested on our streets by the end of the year. >> maybe it will improve our ranking in the worst drivers. >> maybe. >> okay boston could be the next massachusetts city to ban
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city council held the first of three meetings on the issue last night giving residents the chance to weigh in. more than 30 cities and towns in the state have passed a similar ban. and air scare over new hampshire a massachusetts air national guard fighter jet dropped flavors over hancock. national guard says it was pilot error and no one was injured. two veterans are making a cross-country trek to raise awareness of the issues that veterans face is informed afghanistan was inspired by a friend injured in combat. he started the journey in maine and the former sailor daniel taylor in new hampshire. they embarked on a two year long journey and they made stops in salem and westminster kinkead said it's about getting the word out. >> suicide rate veteran homelessness and a lot connected to the poor care that the va gives and why i am
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right ears we can get somebody who can make the changes. >> he says he is raising money for the trip and will not rest and will donate the rest to veterans charities. coming up, new trouble for harvard's hasty putting -- pudding theatrical group. >> the story behind this amazing costume. >> i got to hear this. and we are celebrating a very special birthday for a boston landmark. tweel you about it when we --
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v.o.: kelly ayotte says she's on our side, but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump. trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. voting six times to do just that, defund planned parenthood. and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. ayotte: well i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. v.o.: ayotte and trump, wrong for new hampshire women. planned parenthood votes is responsible for the
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har harvard is dealing with accusation consider harvard is dealing with-- harvard is dealing with accusation of
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pudding -- who-- the crimson reports 86 alum. >> i am signed a petition. and the president of the hasty ping -- pudding is a woman this year. nearly a hundred people sick nd by the e.coli and norovirus tied to chipotle received cash setments. attorneys say some of the customers who got sick are actually still loyal customers. a big birthday for a bottleland -- the oldest lighthouse station turns 300 years old. celebrations in the ceremonial relighting are planned for today. boston mayor walsh will be there. boston light sits on a small island about 9 miles from downtown boston. it is the coast guard's last manned lighthouse and while it's old they say they see the value in it. >> she has been serving really the same purpose for 300 years and keeping mariners out of
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harbor. >> the 89 foot tall lighthouse was built in 1716 by the british and destroyed during the american revolution and rebuilt in 1783 by the u.s. looks like the pokemon craze reached the patriots. rob gronkowski tweeting this picture of his teammate dressed up as pikachu saying i found a pikachu bennett who was dressed up to visit kids at boston children's hospital tweeted back at gronk says can't catch this pokemon but iw you you can catch touchdowns. >> i just thought of a great idea. he should dress like that at a game to distract the other players who follow pokemon and chase it and will win. >> okay. >> just like that. >> says coach kate. lots more in the next half- hour including a new poll this morning. massachusetts voters feel about charter schools and legalizing marijuana. >> would you pay more on the electric bill to fight climate change.
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warning about a advertised concert in the area. >> and oozeas we head to -- and as we head to break four things to know as you head out the door this morning. ? with simply right checking from santander bank, just make one deposit, payment, withdrawal or transfer each month to waive the monthly fee. and there's no minimum balance.
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break news right now at 6:30, a suspected cop killer caught the tense night in the state as police cornered him. >> glawfters police chief -- gloucester's police chief speak out about the internal investigation putting him on paid leave. >> and a vieent case -- violent case of road rage headed to court. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wwz- - wbz this morning. >> good wednesday morning
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>> i am kate merrill i hope you what good vacation. >> i did. >> we have blip on the radar. >> a couple thunderstorms. especially the second half of the day. that's when we are keeping an eye to the sky a few storms could be strong to severe and i think that threat is isolated but does exist today. back to a fall feel for tomorrow and friday with bright sunshine but crisp fallish air moving in. very little drought relief. thunderstorms today and potential for little rain come sunday and nothing significant. temperature wise 65 in boston right now same in taunton and mid to upper 60s over cape cod. 56 in keene and lower 6 2340?s- - 60sin worcester. sunshine and clouds are building in new york. that's ahead of the front that will bring a threat for storms later on today. no weather related issues. grab the shades as you head out the door midday humid with building clouds and 82 and we top out in the the mid to upper 8 240?s afternoon.
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afternoon. well above average. scattered thunderstorms for the ride home around 80 and we will keep an eye on localized damaging wind gusts for the primary threat today. i will take you through the hour by hour coming up and let's get you on the roads. >> reporter: this is a live look at prex -- at the expressway from the south you will have a lot of problems getting to this point. a minor crash before the split is already creating major backup because it's a busy area. there is a second crash on 24 north right before 128 in randolph that's blocking the left lane andyo severe delays there as well. and just to add onto it here, there's las disabled car -- there's also a disabled car inavon. backup to 24 north is past brockton to west bridgewater. breaking news a man suspected of killing a police officer in north carolina has been captured in rhode island. 23-year-old irving fener is in the hospital right now with a -- fenner is in the hospital with a gunshot wound. the arrest comes after a tense
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providence home after getting a tip that fenner may be inside. he was not found there but was later tracked down. he is accused of shooting and killing officer tim brackeen in north carolina earlier this week. a scandal at the gloucester police department. the city's police chief who made headlines with his innovating addiction program is now under investigation and on paid leave. ken macleod is live with reaction from the the chief and questions about investigation ken. >> reporter: yeah the police chief has become a celebrity in this last year. he was even honored at the white house for his revolutionary angel program but this morning he is placed on administrative leave by the mayor amid an internal investigation that she will give no specifics aboutch the chief made headlines since the spring of 2015 when he announced heroin addicts who come forward with a desire to get clean will not be charged with a crime.
6:33 am
and recovery help. the essex county da raised concerns about the legality of that pledge put it -- but it drew praise as a better response to the opioid problem. >> we listened to the community who didn't want people suffering from addiction to be further stying mi advertised by arrest and incarceration. >> reporter: after the chief was notified of the suspension last night he told the local paper i have absolutely no concerns in my professional life that i've done anything wrong to warrant any action against me. now curiously this suspension comes just days after he was granted personal leave during which he said he planned to untangle the angel program from the day to day operations of this police department. live in gloucester ken mcleod. a man who -- macleod. a man is due in court after pulling a machete on a man
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anna meiler is live with a closer look at allegations. good morning. >> reporter: good morning kate. aldo rivera is accused of threat ann man with a machete and punching him in the -- threatening a man with a machete and punching him in the face near a school when student were being let out. this started when a school resource officer was flagged down by a concerned driver. the officer drove down rexhame road and found two people out of the cars a driver of high school and the two exchanged gestures and profanities. the driver says rivera got out of his car and pulled out a machete and threatened him and then punched him in the side of the face. rivera told police he never made a threat and he did admit the machete was in the car. police found the weapon under the passenger floor mat where his 13-year-old daughter was sitting. his 17-year-old son was in the car. rivera is facing many charges including assault with a dangerous weapon and he will be
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worcester anna meiler wbz this morning. >> thank you very much for the update. a murder warrant has now been issued for the man police believe killed his former girlfriend in methuen. there's -- they are searching for amelia delarosa. wanda rosa's body was found on monday. he was released from state prison in january after serving 4 years for kidnapping rosa and attempting to murder her. court papers show a long history i've buses and -- he grabbed me by my neck the day before telling meet child is going to be left without a mom. i am scared for my life along with my child's life. she later loosened the restrictions on the order so he could see the sun victim advocate says there's other legal option for parents in danger. >> provide visitation centers modified custody agreements, that might all help protect not only the child but the victim parent. >> the 4-year-old son was not
6:36 am
are concerned about what he may have seen. according to a new poll about 48% of massachusetts voters oppose expanding the cap on charter schools. the same poll by wbur and mass inc. polling shows 50% of voters in the state support the legalization of marijuana. the poll found that a clear age divide among voters on that issue with 56% of voters over 60 opposing it. and 65% of voters under 30 supporting it. last night on my tv38 at 8 m. legalizing -- held a debate on legalizing marijuana and here's what both sides of the issue had to say. >> in terms of marijuana there's virtually not a single doctor or addiction specialist or nurse who will tell you that they think marijuana is a solution to the opioid crisis. >> there are numerous physician who is will tell you precisely that marijuana medical marijuana is an antidote or a
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crisis we heard from those physicians, the public will hear from thephysicians as well. >> four ballot measures will be decided by voters on election day. hackers reportsedly targeted former secretary of state colin powell and released personal e-mails. daily call erin buzz feed report in the e-mails powell called republican presidential candidate donald trump a national disgrace. powell has not commented. alarming video here into police officers at a gas station in phoenix. the officers were standing in a parking lot yesterday morning when the driver plowed right into them. the police chief says the officers were targeted. all three officers are expected to recover the driver is now facing attempted murder charges. and crews in cohasset now investigating what caused a huge house fire off jerusalem road. it broke out yesterday and burned so hot that the roof collapsed. no one was injured and that's
6:38 am
dog is missing and it took crews more than an hour to get it under control. boston firefighters say a broken propane tank may have played a role in this roof fire in the south end. that fire started on rutman street yesterday afternoon forcing several families from their homes. there were propane tanks and gas grills on the roof of the brownstone. three buildings were badly damaged by smoke and water and no one was hurt. 6:38 right now. turns out a free concert at a quincy mbta station was too good to the facebook page says awill hold a free concert at quincy center t station today around 8. hundreds of fans said they were interested in going. that prompted transit police to send-- to send out multiple treats including one that called the hoax a a public safety issue and stress there'd no show and don't show up and she is playing the td garden tomorrow night. americans may be willing to pay to fight global warming but only a toonie bit.
6:39 am
and university of chicago says that 57% of americans say they would be willing to pay one dollar more a month in their electric bill to fight climate change. 39% say they would support a 10 dollar a month hike and 20% would support a 50 dollar a month hike. 90% of household dust is filled with toxic chemicals according to a new study from george washington university. researchers say the chemicals originate from furniture and and absorb the chemicals through the skin young children crawling or playing on the floor face the highest risk. just ahead this morning, we will have a check of the day's top stories. >> including the investigation into an alleged abduction attempt in townsend what three teens say happened right near the police department. >> also ahead this morning, a party on city hall plaza. the fun and games taking place tonight. and danielle the question is will that weather cooperate? >> there is a chance of a brief
6:40 am
time of day. especially towards the beginning. 5 and 6 and humid and we are tracking that threat for thunderstorms feeling like sumer with highs in the upper 80s. big changes or the way for tomorrow and we will talk about
6:41 am
narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results" and "eye-catching educational gains." it's turned my son's life around. narrator: "charter schools amount to hope" for kids all across massachusetts. question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. vote yes on 2.
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summer may be coming to a close but you can enjoy the night like it's june or july with a ice cold brew. city of the boston is hosting the beer garden on the bricks from 5 to 8 tonight. at boston sit they hall plaza with several breweries and food trucks on hand. they say the event part of a larger plan to inspire creative use of the plaza. >> we can pretend sum her never end. >> it will feel like -- summer will never end. >> it there today. >> if anyone is heading out to any events tonight you want to keep an eye to the sky it canly at 5 and 6 including the start of the sox game so 7:10 first pitch we will see storms in and around the area kind of moving to the south of boston at that point. so the storm may pass early on. lower 80s tomorrow night's game clear and cool. 67 yanks coming to town and 74 with clear skies no issues with friday night's game. 65 in boston.
6:44 am
lot of us. manchester lawrence and 50sin keene and springfield and vermont. those were the cool spots this morning as opposed to 40s like yesterday morning. clouds have been building across the northern new england for the friend in northern vermont and new hampshire and maine. early afternoon clouds will build in and the threat for thunderstorms comes after that. so hour by hour morning commute is okay and we are fine. grab the shades as you head out. midday lunch hour doing fine afte berkshires between 2 or 3 and notice 4 p.m. few spotty storms most of them are focused north and west of boston the risk is greatest i say between 3 and 8 p.m. notice it's not all that widespread but it may be a tough commute in spots and in eastern massachusetts with a few storms around and locally heavy downpours and one or two storms could become strong to severe. damaging wind gusts pry moory threat. again that threat is isolated greatest north and west of town
6:45 am
will be exiting the cape at that point. and clearing comes in after that. so ahead of the front, it's warm today, middle to upper 80s for highs. and with a wind out of the west southwest that will shift around once the front comes by this evening. upper 70s keen to jaffrey. 58 in fitchburg. into 80s from plymouth and 75 to 84 from cape cod. drier air working in. and 60 for a overnight low in boston and 50s in the suburbs and it looks cool 60s at the coast. because after the wind coming in off the ocean. we will be a little feel of fall with crisp and bright air 70 degrees for a high on average tomorrow. high pressure builds on in and that means it will be a dry beautiful looking end to the week. friday we rebound coming into the mid-70s a fantastic september day. and by the way, tropical storm julia in case you missed it formed yesterday. 40-mile-per-hour winds you can see the bands of rains coming
6:46 am
georgia and coast of south carolina likely to weaken to a tropical depression later on today. 7-day forecast bright and beautiful end to the week for us. saturday a few more clouds but a dry day in the upper 70s. sunday features the next chance of showers and storms a few of them may linger into monday back near 08 by tuesday. how does it -- 08 by tuesday. how -- 80 by tuesday. how does it look. >> reporter: this is from a disabled car in the center lane. look at that. no one wants to look at that. to the maps on 24 north, there is right after the horse bridge and it's before 128 and that is blocking the left lane and there's stop and go traffic past brockton from both of these incidents or accidents drive times skyrocketing more than 45 minutes to go from brockton to 128. avoid 24 north this morning. >> thank you. a driver rescued after a crash in woburn after 12:30 on lake avenue. police say a car slammed into a pole trapping the driver both
6:47 am
nonlife-threatening injuries. the cause of the crash is under investigation. also breaking overnight a fugitive wanted for killing a police officer in north carolina has been caught in rhode island. 23-year-old irving fenner was taken into custody this morning hours after police raided a home in providence looking for him. he is accused of gunning down an officer on saturday. checking our other top stories gloater police chief made headlines is under investigation and on paid leave. >> he tells the gloucester times he doesn't know what the internal investigation is all about but will he cooperate with it. last year he launched the angel initiative which allows drug atickets to walk in and get treatment without fear of prosecution. he was -- addicts to walk intoand get treatment without
6:48 am
house. gary sampson was convicted with the death penalty but it was overturned when a judge found a juror lied about her background. a man is acue -- be will be in court after pulling a machete on another driver. a driver told the school resource officer that 41-year- old aldo rivera threatened him with a machete and punched him in the face. under the floor mat where rivera's 13-year-old daughter was sitting. his 17-year-old son was in the car. townsend police investigating a possible attempted abduction. three teenage boys told officers an older man with a long gray, beard attacked them yesterday afternoon. they say he jumped out from behind a big rock tried to grab one of them and then hit one of them in the back of the neck before running off into the woods. police searched the area and reviewed surveillance video he
6:49 am
patriots showing off a new look. >> the injuriesies they will wear for -- the injuriesies they will wear. >> -- jerseys they will be wearing. >> and we will have the highlights of the red sox and
tv-commercial tv-commercial
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winning 5 of the last 7 games but things didn't go their way last night at all. drew was on the mound giving up two home runs in all five of theearned runs in the second inning. the bullpen pitched well in relief but there's two runs walked in and not enough. sox lose this to baltimore 6-3. but we have good news to share this morning. blue jays lost to the rays last night 6-2 in toronto so have a 2-game lead in the east over the jays and the orioles. patriots go back to work today after having yesterday off. they are preparing for the homeopener against miami and wbz has coverage starting with patriots all access friday night at 7. patriots game day starts you off sunday morning at 11:30. kick off is at 1. immediately followed by 5th quarter post game show over on my tv38. and thursday night football is
6:53 am
afc east clash between jets and bills kick off is at 8:25. and -- and the patriots will sport a new look for a week. >> this is the pats new color rush jersey. all 32 teams get one when they play on thursday night. it's the first change for the pats since 2003. new is navy with red and white stripes on shoulders and team logo on the arms. they wear them next thursday when they play houston. aid game you can see here on wbz wbz. >> i like it. >> the good news about fall is football season is here. time for a closer look at what he coming up at 7 on cbs this morning. >> let's check in with gayle king good morning. >> good morning to you kate and chris. ahead newly revealed e-mails expose a rift between former secretary of state colin powell and the clinton campaign over her private servers. and the man behind an investigation into the trump foundation new york attorney general eric snyderman is in studio 57.
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morning. we will see you at 7 straight up. vo: kelly ayotte says she's on our side,
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vo: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that - defund planned parenthood. and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. ayotte: i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: ...there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. vo: ayotte and trump: wrong for new hampshire women. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. all right. her name was lola. she was a turtle this is her take a look.
6:57 am
lollate sea torteled suffered from a trough mat i go yry make it difficult to swim. >> but thanks to worcester polytech institute lola is now swimming around with a brand new physical of its kind prosthetic flipper it was part of the senior project and she is quite the show turtle. >> we will find hear rico. >> i know right i love her and she is swimming around. >> still shak prosthetic. >> that was well-done. >> that was good impressive. >> you may start a trend. don't be yellous i gained 30 -- jealous i gained 3 new -- 30 new friends at the health care in gardner and they were huge wbz fans and we had a blast and they had awesome questions about the weather. so it was a great time with you
6:58 am
>> how come you don't take news next time i will grab you. we will keep an eye to the sky particularly in gardner and worcester and for thunderstorms later on today. and that brings big changes tomorrow. mentally prepare yourself it will feel like fall for sure. >> so terry in the weather department will get a pumpkin spice latte tomorrow. >> i am not ready. cbs this morning is next on wbz. we are back in 25 minutes with
6:59 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, september 14th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? leaked e-mails show general colin powell urging hillary clinton agency campaign to keep her out of her controversy. and donald trump's foundation is now under investigation by the new york attorney general. eric schneiderman will be here in studio 57. a surprise tropical storm forms overnight and slamming parts of florida with torrential rain and heavy wind and brought the state of florida with a threat of flooding. a driver runs down three phoenix police officers in what their chief calls an unprovoked


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