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tv   WBZ News  CBS  September 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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toward oxbridge. mendon seeing beneficial rain. that purple, one of the heavier down pours is working its way through. a broken line from providence going back into southeastern connecticut. this is going to move down into new bedford. tracking toward the cape and the islands. here you see a rain shaft there from a cumulow nimbus cloud in boston. these are all done by 9:00. damaging wind gusts. in the vicinity of these storms. after that, the cool air rushes in. a little boy hit by a car, now it looks as if the driver couldn't do anything to prevent it. that boy darted into the street. it happened this morning near a bus stop where other kids were waiting for a school bus. christina hager is live in norfolk. >> reporter: that boy is in the hospital recovering from injuries. you can see the markings in the road where he was hit before he
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trees here. after school, norfolk police helped parents get their children off the bus. recovering from a traumatic morning when their bus stop routine turned into a frightening accident scene. >> a child's been hit. >> a child's been hit by a car. >> everybody was screaming basically. screaming, crying. >> reporter: a friend of the toddler who was hit here says he got a frantic text from the boy's motherment she has other children. i the bus stop to drop them off for school. >> reporter: as he darted into the road, police say he was hit by this passing bmw. the 44-year-old woman behind the wheel stopped, visibly shaken. the norfolk fire chief says the child was not only hit but
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had been struck by a vehicle had been thrown a distance into some woodland area. we can say that the child is quite verbal on location. which is always a good indicator. >> reporter: he was air lifted to the medical center. and a bit of good news, he did not break any bones and he's doing okay tonight. christina hager, tonight a man accused of leading police on a chase, crashing head-on with a cruiser then threatening to kill officers. prosecutors say this started when jermaine was seen waving a gun last night. that led to a chase through dorchester that only ended when he crashed into that cruiser with three officers inside. police say jermaine talked about shooting officers at shift change once he was
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comes one $20,000 in bail. one lane of route 9 is still shut down after a crash in newton. the suv hit a utility pole and electric crews had to come in to secure the wires. only one lane eastbound is getting by right now. jury selection is under way in the death penalty retrial for killer gary sampson. a judge sentenced him to death two years but in 2011, an appeals court judge over turned the sentence after learning that one of the jurors had repeatedly lied about her background, the new jury will be deciding if samson should get the death penalty after all, or if he should serve lay in prison. -- life in prison. this was tense in rhode island last night. police closing in on a man wanted for killing a police
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the scene in providence. and he didn't stay free for much longer. they arrested him a short time later in coventry. charged with killing a police officer over the weekend in shelbyville north carolina. hillary clinton just released moments ago some more information about her health which of course has been the subject of a lot of scrutiny after her campaign waited until she collapsed in public to reveal that she had pneumonia. that was two days after well, the clinton campaign tonight says she's healthy, has low cholesterol. she takes two medications regularly. a thyroid medication and the blood thinner known as cumadin. donald trump just filmed an episode of the dr. oz show. and the republican nominee released results of a physical. he gave dr. oz a one page summary of a physical conducted
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man who said trump would be the healthiest president in history. one of the purchases in question is a 20,000-dollar six- foot painting of trump. john keller joins me now. the charity questions, the medicallish yaws, they seem to be separate. you think they're systematic of >> we talk about the unprecedented dislike and distrust voters have for these two. but we don't always talk about why. i think it's a no brainer that one key reason is people see how secretive and disingenuous these two can be. big time politicians who are candid and transparent are the exception to the rule. both professions put a high priority on controlling their image and branding.
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are obsessed with. this control freak behavior even shows up when it comes to their involvement with charities. for years clinton ignored concerns that her work with the clinton foundation created the appearance of conflicts and trump's boasts about his charity just don't always matchup with the facts. so no wonder, after a while, volters look at these two and say what is this? this is not something looking for voters are used to things happening a certain way. this campaign seems like it's pulling teeth. >> you're right about that. we'll find out how much voters are vetted to doing the old way of doing things. will they punish the trump campaign for being so unorthodox? right now it doesn't look like
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more than a decade. tom brady leading his team on to the field. wbz sports director steve burton is here tonight. and steve, it's just going to be different. >> you got that right. it will be different. tom brady, jimmy g has all ready had a taste of this. rob gronkowski was back at practice still limited. jimmy has to feel good about playing well on the opening night win. but he turned the page from arizona on to miami. >> sunday's over with. we're all ready into the dolphins. we've been on the dolphins for the last couple days now. it's a new challenge and a new week. that's the steps of the season for you. it's going to be exciting. real exciting. another good opportunity. we just have to go out there
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>> steven was named special teams player of the week for making these three field goals. the whole team is looking pretty good. >> he is under so much pressure in these situations over the years, he's clutch. the arizona kicker didn't get anything. >> there you go again. >> was that mean? >> it wasn't a by we're grateful for it. rob gronkowski tweeted out this picture of his teammate with the caption, hey, i found peekachoo. he tweeted back, can't catch this pokemon but i know you can count touchdowns. proud to be your official patriots station. great stories, friday night, 7:00 on wbz, and supped the
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miami dolphins come to foxboro. this is a 1:00 kickoff on wbz. fifth quarter after the game on my tv 38. the nation's oldest lighthouse station turned 300 years old. the lighthouse is the coast guard's last manned lighthouse and sits on a small island miles from downtown boston. the british built the landmark in 1716 but it was destroyed during the american revolution states in 1783. it's a cool spot. happy birthday. a local police chief once honored by the white house is now under investigation. treating ear infections with a single dose of medication, it's a big breakthrough here in boston. how about a sleep over at the museum of fine arts. how you can have your own night at the museum. coming up on wbz news at 6:00, an i team investigation exposed a bad doctor after a
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tonight, the steps being taken to keep his other patients safe. want to meet this week's wednesday's child. keanu is 12 years old. loves to run and be outside. he likes to dance and sing and his favorite food is pizza. he's legally blind but does have some vision and is learning how to use a cane to get around his school. if you'd like more information about adopting other child, go to our website. closed captioning brought to you by commerce bank. your community bank. lending to businesses of all
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revolutionizing the way doctors treat the key could be this gel right here. almost every kid gets an ear infection at some point in their live. it can be tough on the parents who have to figure out what's happening and give that medication. local doctors think they found something that could cure the problem in just one dose. middle ear infections are one of the most common ailments in children. but getting a kid to make medication would be a real
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to force feed their childs antibiotics three times a day for ten days that tends to turn into prowrestling pretty quickly. >> the doctor and his team have develop add topical treatment that would be applied only once directly to a child's ear in the doctor's office. >> it could benefit the children in areas where medicine is less readily available. because it will only require one visit to the doctor's office. >> the antibiotic that allows the drug to get through the eardrum and into the middle ear. >> the drug doesn't have to go throughout the body. you don't get side effects like diarrhea. you don't get the development of resistance bacteria. >> easier for kids to get. less antibiotic resistance, but does it work? >> it's effective in 100% of
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>> the gel still needs to be tested on humans but the doctor is optimistic. >> it would be wonderful as a scientist, pediatrician, and a father to make an impact on this disease, which is so burdensome to so many families. >> wouldn't that be amazing. i don't know if your kids have gotten ear infections. it's painful to give them medication for so long. >> i've been very lucky. three children. they've never had ear infections. i know some kids get and over again. i said it's a cure. it's not really a cure in that you suddenly don't get ear infections any more. it cures the one that you have at the moment. >> it treats an individual ear infection. it doesn't keep you from getting more but it's easier. because antibiotic resistance is such a big problem in this country, this could make a huge dent. hackers just released medical information of two olympic gold medalists.
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star venus williams both received exemptions for banned substances. williams said she needed the exemption to treat a serious medical condition. and biles was treating adhd that she's had since she was a child. a freight train stopped some during the leehigh marathon in pe the train and between the moving cars. that urgency comes from knowing that this was their last chance to get a qualifying time for boston organizers say runners who stopped or didn't make the time won't get special consideration, because there's no way to figure out how much time this train effected. >> that's a bummer for some of them. >> i love when stuff like that
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>> oh i have to do an interview now. >> we have a beautiful picture from that wacky weather this afternoon. >> this picture came in from dave. this picture. that's a big rainbow looking to the west as one of those storms rolled through. you can see the transmission tower there. a gorgeous shot. many of you sending in rainbow pictures. here's the picture i was talking about from dave. this right here, it looks like a hat on top of a cloud. we call this a cap cloud. it's a rush of air coming up to the top of the storm. and you get a fog created of ice crystals on the top of the storm. an interesting picture there from dave. a look at the live doppler radar. a few rumbles of thunder.
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along our cold front. port smith getting a down pour right now up toward york beach. heavier rainfall sliding down toward rye and hampden. some briefly heavy rainfall. farther to the south, one down pour, that's now just off the tip of province town and missing it. another down pour here in the franklin area and bellingham. this is moving toward the south and east into mansfield. if we take a look at the track on that one. moving to the south carver. the air is unstable there. we have a good chance of seeing that rain hold together. temperatures in the 80s. the 60s to the north. behind the front. that cool air is coming. we could use relief. today's high is 90 in the city of boston. just shy of record territory. our 22nd day 90 plus this year. we'll track the down pours scattered about this evening, by 8:00, the last of them
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after that. good news for anyone at springsteen tonight. the skies clear out. and the air gets more comfortable. looking at a wind shift, gusty out of the southwest now. as we look toward 10:00, the winds turn northwesterly, and then tomorrow, they're out of the north/northeast. gusty along the coastline. we'll get much weaker toward tomorrow evening. temperatures back in the upper 40s northwest of bost and not a lot of warming tomorrow. we'll stay in the 60s to near 70 along the water's edge. low 70s inland. very much a fall day on tap for thursday. as for the red sox, we have a passing down pour possible before game time. but then drying, clear, cool, great weather, yankees come to town, big series here thursday through sunday. we have full sun tomorrow. lots of sunshine on friday. beautiful, beautiful end to the
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bring in some warmer air again. temperatures are going to approach 80 degrees for us on saturday. and then we bring in a chance for some rainfall. right now, sunday some scattered showers, some storms, a lot of cloud cover around, and the humidity is also going to jump back up. here's your accuweather seven- day. a crisp way tomorrow. a gorgeous friday after a couple cool mornings. saturday is the pick of the weekend. and a chance for scattered rain sunday into monday. we need it big time. >> yeah, we do. we'll take anything. l it made headlines last year. mark wahlberg asking the governor for that pardon. >> next, his second thoughts about that controversial request. coming up at 5:30, a speed demon on the south shore, this local woman breaking records on two wheels. >> and police run down by an out of control driver, tonight, the chief says this was no
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mark wahlberg made headlines when he requested a pardon for an assault conviction when he was a teenager. >> now wahlberg is saying he never should have made that request. when he was 16, he spent 45 days in jail for beating a man with a bat. during an interview for his new film, he said his request to the state parole board was probably not the best idea. but he did say there was some
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he was able to meet with the victim and the man's wave and he says he was able to apologize. when he did come out with that request. >> i think it's good that he went public about saying i made a mistake. >> a union in the united kingdom wants britain's prime minister to deep her high highs. >> they say she should stop wearing heels to prove she doesn't need to meet expectations for designer shoes. a woman was sent home from her job as a receptionist for not wearing heels. >> what do you think? >> i think it's her decision, if she wants to wear heels, she should make the choice. no one should shame you into -- >> i'm not sure i've ever had expectations about a woman's somehows. ever dream of having your
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for an over night party from saturday night to sunday morning, there will be dancing, art, food, music, games, and more, a late night run around the museum, and yoga in the early morning. tickets will only be available day of. more information is still to come on that. tonight, an unforgettable reunion. their young lives side by side in a chinese orphanage are back together after almost a year apart. >> i am in love with this story. hannah was adopted first by a family from texas. during the adoption process, the orphanage sent the family pictures of hannah, and there she was in all the photographs with the same little boy. knowing he would be in the
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breaking. she shared the story on facebook, and neighbors were so moved by it, they adopted the little boy. hannah and dawson now live five minutes apart. >> goose bumps everywhere. >> friends for life. >> that's great. lisa and i will be back at 6:00. here's liam with a look at what's ahead at 5:30. the candidates on child care. tonight, a closer look at each candidate's strategy to try to help parents. a rare find on a new hampshire beach, what might have caused this swordfish to come to shore. and then a north shore police chief praised a @ white house for his innovative work. now he's been pulled off the job and the entire city is
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narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results" and "eye-catching educational gains."
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for kids all across massachusetts. question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. vote yes on 2.
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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news at 5:30. breaking news, we'll bring you this picture of a fire in a junk yard. the first reports from the scene say dozen of cars were burned. this is a salvage yard for auto parts and we do know that at this point, there are no injuries, but again, they'll be over this scene. we'll bring you more information. also tonight at 5:30. a high profile police chief off the job. just a few months ago, the chief was honored at the white
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investigation there. and the big question is why? >> beth is live trying to track down those answers. >> reporter: that's the question of the day here. especially for the chief who gained national headlines for his work on the opiod crisis. but there's little coming out of the police department into whether this is a criminal or administrative investigation. >> it's a shock. but we don't know what we're shockeou been nothing but positive for the police chief, leonard campanello. considered a trail blazer for his ground breaking approach to helping heroin addicts. >> i thought he was moving forward and he was a good indication of that. >> he's been suspended indefinitely with pay and with no public explanation, except to tell the local news paper i have absolutely no concerns in my personal or professional


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