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tv   WBZ News  CBS  September 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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here and what do we take to end the drought in a few minutes. david? >> thank you, eric. the drought is so bad that some places are asking for emergency supplies. >> the city of ashland just got approved use for state-supplied water at a cost to taxpayers. beth? >> reporter: well, the cost of not paying for emergency water could be even bigger. this is the water supply for the town of ashland. while it may look plentiful, it drought. we are standing amid exposed rocks and mud making ashland one of at least ten communities looking for help and willing to pay for it. >> we'd be standing in water up to about here. >> reporter: roy thinks a lot about water these days and is watching the levels that the reservoir for the town of ashland continue to drop. >> so a lot of the rocks, the big jutting rocks you see there would be under water. >> reporter: at least 5 feet around the reservoir is exposed.
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correia, the general foreman says it would stop working. >> if the water continues the way it is, we're a foot and a half away, maybe a week or two. >> it holds 2.5 million gallons beyond our storage area. >> reporter: which is why ashland is among several towns reaching out for reasonable water with its vast network of storage. >> we're 85% full. we have the ability to help those communities around us drought. >> reporter: and stressed might be an understatement. the brown lawn, a testament to hot days with little rain. ashland will have to reach into a rainy day fund to pay for the connection and bring in an additional 200,000 gallons. >> they charge a premium for that, so i expect it to be in the thousands if we do have to use it. >> reporter: in the meantime, the town manager is seeking a total ban on outdoor water use.
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protection, water tanks, and quality. >> reporter: so they are hoping to make that connection soon to take the pressure off. the town is taking this seriously. they are issuing $200 fines to anyone who violates the outdoor water use restrictions money they already issued some 30 fines in the last month. i'm beth germano, wbz news. >> so there are the immediate concerns like ashland and then h >> a drought this extreme will have lasting effects for the coming months or possibly even years. let's bring eric back with more on that. eric? >> that is not an exaggeration because this has built up over a long time. it goes way back to the start of 2015. month after month after month has seen below average precipitation. so you say wait a minute, january, february, march 2015 we had a ton of snow.
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precipitation or how much water was in that snow from january through march. so something to think about there. so if you look forward, now say to the start of the growing season next year, average precipitation is 2 feet of rain. so we would have to see the wettest october to april on record to erase this drought by the time things start growing again this year. there is a big uphill battle we have to go up right now. david, lisa, over to you. >> thank you, eric. >> you can keep track by downloading the cbs boston weather app. it will give you live radar. you'll also get video forecasts right on your phone or tablet. we go to breaking news out of new york city where a police officer has been attacked by a man with a meat cleaver. this happened at busy midtown at about 5:00 when the suspect attacked. he was immediately shot and his condition is unknown. one officer suffered a laceration wound. another a graze wound to his back.
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breaking story. also breaking tonight, the consumer product safety commission officially announced a nationwide recall for the samsung galaxy note 7. for weeks now, there have been reports of the battery exploding or catching fire. samsung says it's happened dozens of times. samsung says if you have one of the phones, turn it off and stop using it. now at 6:00, a five-hour standoff at a gas rehoboth ended with only the suspect injured. bill shields is live this evening with more. workers say this started with frightening threats. >> reporter: very frightening to everyone around here. this is a very rural community. they are not used to something like this. this start add the 6:00 a.m. when the guy walks into cumberland farms and grabs a phone that the clerk has, a store phone. he dials 911 then hangs up.
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telling the clerk he had a bomb. police from across southeastern mass responded to the cumberland farms on route 44 in rehoboth. >> it's scary because we all have kids in the town. it's scary. we go to cumberland farms every day. >> reporter: they say 38-year- old ben kimble was in his car. he told police he was armed. >> he ran towards his vehicle and told the officer that he had to back off that he had a gun and a bomb and was going to blow the place up. two other officers scene. he pulled the gas hose off one of the pumps. >> are s.w.a.t. teams boxed him in with heavy equipment. using loud speakers, they tried to get kimble to surrender but the standoff continued for four hours. then he tried to run for it. he didn't get far. >> he sustained minor injuries for the back of his leg. he was taken down by one of the
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lethal shot. >> reporter: bob lives across the street and saw it all. >> i saw him run out of his car heading towards this way. they threw two grenades to try to slow him down, you know? then the police came from this way, and they captured him. >> reporter: as it turns out, kimble did not have a weapon. he waved this black video controller at police before he was taken down. kimble was rushed by ambulance to morton hospital. >> never happens. >> reporter: during that four- hour standoff, kimble apparently told police he had mental health issues. he is now at morton hospital in taunton. they are stitching up his leg from the dog bite. he'll be arraigned tomorrow. from rehoboth, i'm bill shields, wbz news. a man convicted of killing an offduty police officer is getting a new trial because the jury who convicted robert was
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during the 2010 trial. he was convicted of shooting and killing officer daniel talbott in 2007 in the field behind the revere high school during a drunken gun battle. we have an update now into the investigation into the braintree police department's evidence room scandal. about 200 defense attorneys have been notified statewide that their cases could be affected by this. an audit released yesterday found hundreds of thousands of dollars, dozens of guns, and thousands of narcotics evidence missing. scary moments at a new hampshire elementary school when a student got stuck in a sinkhole. let's get right to liam martin. >> reporter: this is the hole right here. in the middle of it is where the kid fell through. it's now filled with sand to keep the students there safe. here's what happened. firefighters raced to fuller elementary school in keene, new hampshire yesterday afternoon to rescue a student who was stuck waist deep in a hole in the playground. people who work at the school
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the area near a small hole. when that boy ran by the cone, the hole opened up wider, causing him to fall in. >> be with minutes, we had our first responders here. our team on the ground, staff here on the ground was also really, really responsive. they cleared the area. they stayed with the student who had remained calm. he remained calm throughout. he was in good spirits. i think he has a really good story to tell now. >> reporter: in good spirits no broken bones. crews dug up the area, found a tree stump, and filled in the area and compacted it. >> glad he's okay. first body cameras now commissioner evans wants officers to wear name tags. they started wearing them monday and now they are working to issue name tags. most other police departments in massachusetts already wear
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landmark. >> and "orange" you glad we are going to keep him? tonight how the route 1 dinosaur avoids extinction. >> the secret on some boston sidewalks that we'll only reveal if we get that much- needed rain. >> a lot on the line as the red sox get set to take on the arch rivals. we're live at fenway park. i've made sure i'm ready for an emergency. we made an emergency kit with water, canned foods, a flashlight, and important papers. emergencies can happen at anytime.
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oh, its captain chaos! let's see them handle flash floods! what?! what about the flu! emergencies can happen at any time. download a preparedness checklist today. now at 6:00, avoiding extinction. the orange dinosaur along route 1 that live on. >> it is beloved and has been saved. as paula ebben explains, it's not going anywhere. >> reporter: the >> as soon as you say the orange dinosaur, people know exactly what you are talking about. >> reporter: since the early '60, the orange dinosaur has greeted young and old at the route 1 about thing cages in saugus. >> -- batting cages in saugus. >> it's awesome.
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memories are here. >> reporter: the land has been sold and will become the new home of essex landing, a complex with hotels, stores, restaurants, and apartments. >> we're getting on, and it's time to make a change. this just seemed like a good fit. >> reporter: for a while, diana was worried that the dinosaur would go, well, the way of the dinosaurs. the developers bought it and promised to keep it on the property. >> i like it where it is. it might stay whe because it's such a landmark. even when i tell people i bought this land in saugus, they go where is it? you know where the orange dinosaur is? oh, i know exactly where it is. >> reporter: some of the other items will find new homes. obstacles named after grandchildren will move to diana's backyard. as the batting cages go silent, and the dairy castle serves its
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remains. >> he's been a part of route 1 for all of those years. he belongs here, staying here. >> so the last day for the 58- year-old institution is september 25th. expect the new complex to open in the fall of 2017. david, lisa, look for the orange sign dinosaur. >> it's a good way not to get lost. >> thank you, paula. appreciate it. now, we had so many perfect 10 days we got to the point woe op fall as well. today was perfect. >> well it's close. it was the first time i felt like i could have had a jacket walking out of the house. >> there are very few days like that so far this year. it is the coolest day in boston since july 10th. a cool, rainy day at the start of the month. it hit 66 degrees this afternoon. actual day below average temperatures. we haven't seen any of those at all in recent memory. 72 in fitchburg.
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the air is dry. the dew point's in the 30s and 40s. that will allow our air to really cool off tonight. it's a chance maybe a couple of the coldest spots might have reached the upper 30s by tomorrow morning. pretty much all of us will be in the 40s. two systems to watch. we have tropical storm julia off the carolina coast and a developing front to the west. across the middle of the country, those two kilwill come together to bring us rainfall sunday and monday to start next week. for moonlight overhead. temperatures in the 40s. very cool start to the day tomorrow. sunrise is at 6:26. then we warm back up. it will be another one of those perfect 10 or top 20 or top 50 weather days. 70 at lunchtime and into the 70s tomorrow afternoon. lots of sun, dry air and a little bit of a southeasterly breeze at about 5 to 10. going for a high, it will be in the upper 60s to near 70 at the shoreline. in the 70s once you get away from the immediate coast.
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tomorrow night. the full harvest moon will rise at 6:59 p.m. as the sun is going down, the moon comes up in the opposite sky. it should be gorgeous. won't need any of the street lights or flashlights walking around. for the red sox and yankees, it will play off of the weather here. a cool evening tomorrow night around 69 degrees. the first pitch and moon will be coming up over right field. it will be dry as well. here is a look at the weekend. saturday, if you want to get the two weekend days. a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures warming into the 70s. then those clouds will be thickening up on saturday night. we'll see developing rain showers and even a chance for a little bit of thunder as we head into sunday. with a lot of clouds around, more of a tropical feel. temperatures will be in the 07s. dew -- 70s. it's not going to be raining especially into the afternoon and evening. so for the patriots, if you are heading out to gillette, do
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again it's not all-day rainfall but scattered showers and downpours do look likely. how much rain will we talk about? there's a couple of camps here. this is one computer model showing scattered showers, decent rain and the status quo into the drought. other guidance still bringing us a drenching rainfall. the big question mark is, will that front be able to tap julia's moisture off the east coast and draw some of that up into southern new england. at soaking rain. as we get closer to sunday and monday, we'll hone in on the actual rain totals that are expected. at the very least, we're getting showers, some rainfall, a couple of humid days and into next week, looking very warm. summer weather is for the most part in control. david, lisa, over to you. what a night to be at fenway park. >> you know, when the schedule comes out in the springtime and
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red sox/yankees, it used to mean something. it's back. >> reporter: no question about it. it's been a while since the red sox and yankees have played a meaningful series. sox and yankees open up a four- game set. people are fired up around here. take a look at this. just 17 games to play. sox sitting in first place in the a.l. east a game ahead of baltimore. four up eduardo rodriguez gets the start. he's been terrific against the bombers this season going 1-0 with two starts. he'll be opposed by the yankees ace tanaka. >> so many times we're on sunday nights. saturday will be a national broadcast. there will always be a draw to these two teams because of the great names that have come before and certainly those who
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>> the yankees always play back at home. obviously they play in the playoffs at home. all of the guys on the team and i watch a lot of sunday night baseball. >> reporter: meanwhile over in patriot nation, dante hightower missed his seventh day of practice. levan reid tells us the a row. >> the rob gronkowski watch continues. he had a little bit more oomph to his move. as for his tight end, that first win is a habit he can get used to. >> you start losing and the next thing you know, you lose your car, your house, your family, your job. you are winning, then your daughter's a winner and she grows up to be a winner.
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in home openers. the atmosphere will be in new england's favor. >> any time you get to play before your own fans and people are for you instead of against you, it is a fun season. >> i was excited for the pre- season. i will have to tray to dial back my feelings going into this game. >> reporter: so let's start at the base. should rob gronkowski play. playing thursday night against the texans and arrested ten days before u buffalo bills. what will the patriots do. at gillette stadium, i'm levan reid, wbz sports. meanwhile, multiple reports say julian edleman has been fined $26,000 on a defensive player. the wide receiver linebacker buchanan joined the first quarter on sunday night. edleman reportedly appealed the
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you starting with patriots all access friday night at 7:00. as for sunday, patriots game day starts you off at 11:30. kickoff is at 1:00. immediately followed by the fifth quarter postgame show. when the bills host the jets kickoff is at 8:25. back here at fenway park, andrew is in the lineup tonight. that is the story here at fenway. it should be a great night for baseball. guys, that's the story. coming up at 6:30. >> scott pelley joins us tonight with a preview. scott? >> reporter: great to be with you in boston. a troubling story being investigated by our david martin. a young marine recruit committed suicide, but the investigation is beginning to show that he was hounded to death perhaps because of his muslim faith. a second recruit at the same marine base was also hazed and
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muslim. we'll have that story and the rest of the world news coming up on the cbs evening news in about ten minutes. >> scott, we'll be watching. thank you. this is a secret that only appears when it rains. you have to be in the right spot at the right time. the new twist to this story when we come back. >> tonight at 8:00, how long did you sit in traffic on the way to work today? the new numbers showing just how bad our commute really is and the one surprising city
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narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results" and "eye-catching educational gains." it's turned my son's life around. narrator: "charter schools amount to hope" for kids all across massachusetts. question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. vote yes on 2.
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don't we ever get that much hidden rain we are seeking, a hidden secret will come out. >> the poems only show up when the sidewalks get wet. organizers use biodegradable spray that's invisible when the sidewalk is dry.
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hope it's nice for the
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gorgeous full moon. we'll see you back here for wbz news after the football
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: she's back. ? i feel good ? >> pelley: hillary clinton returns to the trail as the race tightens to a tie. also tonight, the death of a muslim recruit. the the marines call it sued. the family's lawyer thinks he >> all evidence that have been provided so far indicate that his religion may have had a major role. >> pelley: a desperate c to 911 from the home of an alleged killer. >> pelley: and the wrigley field of dreams transplanted. >> see how my grass is doing today.


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