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tv   WBZ News  CBS  September 16, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news at noon. >> breaking news right now at noon bridge walletter police are investigating reports of bridgewater state student was attacked near campus. >> officers say a student told them she was approached by a man on summer street and she says the man put a bag over her head and tried to take clothes off. the student did fight back and the suspect ran off he is described as between 57 and 5- 10 and was last seen wearing jeans and dark hooded sweatshirt. we are fog this story and -- we are following the story and will bring you latest when it comes into the newsroom. breaking this noon, two people who raped a teen while someone spoaftd it on snapchat just learned their sentence: the. >> the man and woman convicted
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years in prison. nicole jacobs is live with more on what happened inside the courtroom. nicole. >> reporter: the judge hand down the sentence about 45 minutes ago saying that the gravity and seriousness and the impact to the victim very evident during the trial i want to get you to video inside the courtroom during sentencing. 21-year-old and 20-year-old both sentenced to 4 to 5 s probation. the judge saying all though the roles in the crime may have been very different, she says this was clearly a joint venture. the victim in this case did write a victim impact statement which the judge read privately. and both suspects had statements for the court which their attorneys relayed to the court. apologizing for their actions and showing remorse. all of this stemming from the
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during the trial she was drunk and high so much so she says she couldn't have consented to this sexual encounter which both suspects said it was consensual. crime was videoed and then shared on snapchat. judge sending down a sentence of 4 to 5 years in state prison for both bonilla and daheme with three years of probation to follow with the comes strict sentences and strict orders in terms of a gps monitoring device and random alcohol and drug testing as well as the stay away order from the victim and her family and some of the witnesses in the case. that is the latest from salem nicole jacobs wbz news. >> more breaking news donald trump reversing crores and acknowledging president obama -- course and acknowledging
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>> making america strong and great. >> reporter: the birther -- birther issue i will answer it at the right time. >> i was confident where i was born and i think most people were as well. >> reporter: trump spoke in washington at the new hotel. hillary clinton is in town less than mile from here addressing black women symposium. clinton criticized trump's birther stance. >> for five years he led the
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delegitimize our first black president. he is feeding into the worst impulses the bigotry and bias that lurk in our country. >> reporter: clinton and trump battle for votes a poll shows the race in a statistical tie clinton leads trump 41 to 40% when third party candidates are included. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. >> and with the rate so close, the first -- race so close the first presidential race is 26th right here on wbz. three people had to be rescued by the coast guard this morning when the boat they were riding in ran aground in the merrimack river. authorities tell us all three people on board were hurt and taken to a hospital and suffered cuts and possible fractures. but they are expected to recover. the coast guard had to tell the 32 -- tow the boat back to shore. and a second man has died from injuries suffered in a weekend boating accident.
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race in taunton. all three operators were knocked into the water. and a new hampshire man died at the scene and today we learned 67-year-old stephen joy from bangor maine died at the hospital and the third operator was hurt. the man who sparked a 5- hour long stand off when he threatened to blow up a rehobeth gas station is in court today. nick giovanni is live with the story. >> reporter: gooda noon. kimbell was wheeled courtroom an hour ago his leg injured when he was taken down by a police dog yesterday. you can can see cuts above and below his left eye. all this while he was sitting there appearing before a judge for just under two minutes to face charges for yesterday's 4 1/2 hour stand off with police at the cumberland farms. charges range from attempted arson of a gas station to resisting arrest after police say he threatened a clerk claiming he had a bomb before barricading himself in a suv
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grabbing a pump threatening to blow the place up. today his court appointed attorney requested a competency evaluation before moving forward and the judge agreed to have a doctor meet with him. that's the next step. standing by for the results of that screening. i can tell you also from the courtroom kimbell said a few words to his attorney and waved to his friends 5 or 6 in there to show support before he was wheeled away. next step waiting for the su screening. nick see vony, w -- giovanni wbz news. a marine from mansfield pleads no contest to an attack on a uber driver. maxwell sweeney was accused of choking the man as he drove down 95 in virginia. he said drinking was to blame for his behavior and he will be sentenced in december. we are warming up this afternoon after a very fall like start to the friday. a live look over the city right now where tonight we could see
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moon. we are headed in what could be a mixed week needn't big question pamela are we going to be dealing with rain? >> yes and no. for the first half it's going to be very beautiful nice dry for the weekend but the second half changes rolling into the forecast. right now if you are starting the weekend, temperatures are very comfortable considering where we started this morning. some morning lows hit the upper 30s and mid-30s according to the weather watchers but 68 degrees now in boston 65 in worcester and 71 in one of the warmer spots. saturdayel lie and radar shows a few clouds -- satellite and radar shows a few clouds but mostly clear skies will dominate the rest of the day and the high 75 degrees. 70 along the coast as the sea breeze kicks in. south southeast wind. overnight tonight we will see the full harvest moon and it actually rises at 6:59 p.m. when it's full, to be exact,
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it to us we would love to see what you capture. in a bit we will time out the late weekend rain chance hour by hour and warmer temps ahead when we could see more 80s in the 7-day forecast. back to you. >> thank you. keep an eye on the weather any time with cbs boston weather app that has radar and the forecast and weather alerts all for free. find it in the google or apple app stores. you might call it the biggest win of the year for sox and it came against the yankees. >> a end last night the are behind when the big papi homered and the sox rallied for 5 runs in the 9th. capped off with this ramirez with a walk off three run homer to enter the game. it came on a 99-mile-per-hour pitch from fr one of the best relevers in baseball but the sox win 7-5. and the sox needed this one with an orioles lost last night the sox have a two- game lead for first place in the al east. patriots are back on the
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opener against the dolphins. yesterday jimmy garoppolo washard at work gearing up for the first home start. it's unclear if rob gronkowski will play. he is working through a hamstring injury but did see limited practice this week. we are proud to be your patriots station and we will kick off the home opener sunday with patriots gay dame at 11:30. -- game day at 11:30. see the pats and dolphins at 1 on wbz and after all that action catch the 5th quarter post game show over on todayed original line is back up-- today, the orange line is back up and running after it was shut down last night as police searched for armed robbery suspect. the trains were stopped before 11 and one train was evacuated. shuttle bus ran for an hour and no arrest has been made. today a misofficer and the man accused of attacking him with a meat cleaver are in the hospital. police say that this began yesterday -- police officer and the man accused of attacking
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the hospital. a man was trying to remove a boot and the officers approached him and he pulled out the meat cleaver. he was shot with the the taser that had no effect. when a off duty detective tried to stop him the man slashed the officer in the face. a decision defended by the outgoing police commissioner and boston native bill bratton defended the 18 shots fired >> a meat cleaver swiped at officers as they apropped him sought to take him in kust the i did and one received a very significant injury to his face. >> that officer and two others were injured in the incident. judah was brought to the hows hospital in critical condition. body cameras and now name tags, commissioner sense of looking to make sure all officers wear ids. officers started to wear body cameras on monday.
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says is a extra measure of accountability. most other police departments in massachusetts already wear them. a rough night for a family in weymouth. first the home was destroyed by the fire, and then they were involved in car accident thesame night. flames started inside an apartment attached to the home on e street. a tennate admitted a significant -- tenant admitted a cigarette started the fire and the flames quickly spread. >> said this was a fire and she couldn't get it out but when we kitchen the smoke was very, very heavy coming towards us and we got out and i said i need to call 911 right away. >> the good news no one got hurt in the fire. but talk about the bad luck, one of the homeowners was sideswiped as he drove back to the house last night. coming up on wbz news at noon, two hot to handle a popular brand new cell phone under immediate recall. what users need to know. >> and appeal big release the
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iphone why some are disappointed. >> one huge party this weekend. v.o.: kelly ayotte says she's on our side, but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump. trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. v.o.: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that, defund planned parenthood. and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. ayotte: well i certainly think that roe should be overturned...
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trump: yeah, there has to be some form. v.o.: ayotte and trump, wrong for new hampshire women. planned parenthood votes is responsible for the
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i am urging all consumers all consumers to take advantage of this recall ri >> this you hear an urgent message from government regulators for a million samsung galaxy 7 note owners. it could explode and if you have one of the phones you are being asked to turn it off and stop icing it. phones released a few weeks ago but there have been nearly a hundred reports of batteries overheating and catching fire including one man whose jeep went up in flames as the phone
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something as simple as a phone is going to burn down my car. >> regulators say 9 #% of galaxy note 7s in the u.s. have the faulty bat theory. users can get replacement phone or refund for more information head to a long line outside the boylston street apple store this morning as fans awaited the release of the iphone 7. some spent the night on street to get their hands on th doors opened this morning andfans rushed inside but not everyone got the chance to get what they wand. iphone 7 plus and iphone 7 in black were so popular they sold out in preorders. >> you see people out there with sweaters and wests vests. >> it was cold. >> -- vests. >> it was cold. >> some areas 30 in spots. >> it's that time of year. >> no it's not summer is hanging on. >> i have 80s in the forecast.
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and it's a beautiful sky across boston. live look and only a few clouds but in this particular picture, it's noise and clear and sunny and we are rebounding nicely considering where we started. the morning low in norwood 37 degrees. vineyard haven reported 38. taunton 39 and orange morning low of 39. now back into the 60s in almost all locations here. 71 though in lawrence and 68 in boston. 69 manchte for our friends in chatham. and the dew point temperatures very, very low in the 40s and 0s. that means dry -- 50s that means dry air in play and not a lot of clouds expected throughout the afternoon. we will keep it sunny around 70 along the coast with 75 degrees as you go farther inland and a little sea breeze along the coast but a wind from the south southeast for our friends inland and overnight tonight, another cool one. once again you can have the windows opened. 56 for the low here in boston
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in the suburbs and that wind from the southwest starting to pick up ever so slightly. and tomorrow, going throughout the day, it's going to be another warm one. temperatures inching up a few more degrees and we have many events going on this weekend. another event you've been hearing about mix fest at the hat shell gates open at 11 a.m. 07 degrees. more sunshine from 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. as things wrap up 76 degrees. and another event the big e in west springfield saturday 79, and we will keep it increasing clouds. and sunday a chance for a couple showers. wient be a complete washout. you will want the rain gear in case. and if you are out and about traveling to the cape and islands this weekend, saturday 74 and dry, sunday again we will be dodging a few rain drops with 75 degrees and lakes and mountains some color starting to pop up in the extreme northern parts of new england again we will track some rain here.
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and leave the umbrella at home if you haven't been out. you will need the sunglasses and maybe a light jacket this evening too because of that high pressure centered just to the east of us we will get that south southwesterly wind going into saturday morning. helping to boost temperatures a few more degrees but also with the full sunshine it will feel just fantastic. great start to the weekened but here's the cold front for saturday night, into early sunday and chances will increase from north twoaft southeast -- northwest to southeast in the evening hours. it will be the most rainy part of the day because of that cold front moving through. we will keep a few hours in the forecast going into monday and monday's high temperature will be very pleasant 77 degrees once we get the rain out of here. but some 80s on the the way tuesday 82, wednesday dry and another dry day for thursdaywith a high of 82. >> all right 50-50 if we have
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saturday is better. thank you. >> exactly. >> appreciate it. this weekend a night at the museum comes to life in boston as the museum of fine arts opens for an all night party. and mfa overnight starts at 6 p.m. on saturday and runs through 9:00 sunday morning. it includes food and wine and beer. performance art and even a guided jog through the museum's grounds. it's free but you need a ticket. they will be given out first come first serve. the big e opens today in west springfield and the no 100th anniversary. organizers put together an exhibit on the fair's history to celebrate. bargain homes are becoming harder to find around boston. according to real estate tracking firm the warren group boston neighborhoods that traditionally viewed as affordable are now seeing median prices of more than $500,000. median prices are also close to a half a million dollars in communities like medford and
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somerville and if you think traffic in boston is the worst you are right. census data shows bostonians has the 6th worst commute in the country we spend 31 minutes getting to work in 2015. and the globe reports that's up a minute from the year before. our commute time is worse than los angeles, washington, d.c. and miami. >> not as bad as new york city they said. new york was the worst. >> there's that. >> we are a little better than new yorkit noon a. rest -- noon a. recipe remake. >> a meal gadget revalp -- sam
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narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results"
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it's turned my son's life around. narrator: "charter schools amount to hope" for kids all across massachusetts. question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. vote yes on 2.
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your dinner may soon be delivered by drones. chipotle testing a drone for delivery right now the service is only available on the campus of customers hughes a -- use a kiosk to order and then it made -- then the food is made on a food truck and delivered. they are gathering information about delivering in rural or natural disaster areas. you don't want them to drop it because it's upsetting. >> and a meggs too. it's -- mess too. it's a staple of college diets and office work inerts cup offed. >>els is getting-- workers. the couple of noodles is
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it will remove artificial flavors and cut down on sodium replaced with paprika and lime. up next on the wbz news at noon a dispoald golden shrine -- at noon a golden shrine. >> why it creates a unique opportunity. every time a new charter school opens in massachusetts, it takes funding away
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400 million dollars away from neighborhood public schools. that's not right. instead of draining even more money from neighborhood public schools and giving it to charters, let's devote public resources to all of our students... not just a select few. don't lift the cap on charter schools. vote no on question 2. v.o.: kelly ayotte says she's on our side, but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump.
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voting six times to do just that, defund planned parenthood. and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. ayotte: well i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. v.o.: ayotte and trump, wrong for new hampshire women. planned parenthood votes is responsible for the
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well dom back a thrown fit -- welcome back a thrown fit for a king. >> or queen this is open to the public this folden toilet is part of a new art -- golden toilet is part of a new art exhibit made of 18 carat goal and it can be used in the 4th floor shining bathroom. a tiny bird from boston is getting a lot meet the 06,000 followers and raia who suffers from a rare condition that stripped her of her fetters. >> but she got so many messages and gifts from all over the world and including -- feathers. >> but she has gotten so many messages and gifts from all over the world including sweaters and she is the best thing on instagram. follow her. >> she has a wig too. >> she has a wig. you have to see it. thanks for watching everyone.
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>> jack: i will keep asking until i get an answer. did you sleep with billy? yes or no, phyllis? yes or no?! >> phyllis: yes. yes, i did. >> billy: you're right, ashley. i'm weak. i'm selfish. i'm stupid. and i should have never pursued phyllis. but we have a connection. >> ashley: oh, god. can i tell you how much i hate that word? "connection."


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