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tv   WBZ News  CBS  September 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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world of viewers on snapchat. the victim gave the judge a letter instead of an open impact statement. >> on her worst day, her most exasperating day, there is a remarkable sweetness and decency to this young woman, that frankly gives all of us a great deal of hope for what the future offers for her. >> he did not making these representations himself. >> reporter: after being sentenced to 4 to 5 years behind bars, the victim said she has regrets. >> she's very sorry. i don't think she realizes how she got here either. >> reporter: there was one other teenage defendant in this case originally, the one who
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and sent it out over snapchat. he pleaded guilty last year. . developing tonight, a situation with more than a dozen dolphins venturing into shallow water, and they may soon need to be rescued. >> reporter: yesterday 16 dolphins were rescued and they were provincetown. they were all tagged. today another pod shows up almost in the same spot and they are not the same pod because they are not tagged. we shot video earlier today. you'll see the dolphins here swimming around. it's very shallow there. that's why the people from the international fund for animal welfare, they were concerned this pod would also get
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still okay, so that's a good sign. mostly this happens because cape cod bay is home to a lot of dolphins. because it's shaped like a hook, they get trapped inside cape cod boy. that's how the dolphins end up here and they're not used to the water an coming up so quickly. >> cape cod is a global hot spot for dolphins and whales. first of all, the species that mass strand are social, so they stick together no matter what. telephone even if they get in harm's way, they stick together. and cape cod is a hook that sticks out into the ocean.
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eye on them for now. a lot of volunteers have been up 24 hours working on this, and they are going back home to rest up. they are keeping a few people out there just to keep an eye on the dolphins. back to you. breaking now at 6:00, police on alert after a woman says she wa she said a person kicked her from behind and police are now investigating whether she was sexually assaulted. unfortunately they say they don't have a suspect description right now. today a judge ordered a mental health evaluation for the man who spent nearly five hours in a standoff with police yesterday. ben kimble was brought into court in a wheelchair this morning. police say he threatened the
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barricaded himself in his suv. he was arrested when he tried to make a run for it. this is surveillance video showing someone standing beneath a flag on a barrel. soon embers are falling to the ground outside the corner store. three people are seen running away from the scene. and people in the area say this flag has flown for as long as anyone can remember. they are give them a clearer picture of the suspects. turning to the weather, just a perfect day out there. red sox right now about an hour away from first pitch. >> red sox, huge win last night, and great weather. upper 60s tonight and a full
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looking toward late sunday. out there tonight though, comfortable conditions and mainly upper 60s and low 70s. the warm air is lurking off to the west. this evening no weather concerns, falling back to the 40s. about 56 in downtown boston, and tomorrow looking good. then we bring in the rain chances and showers on sunday, then a chance at heavier rainfall coming into monday. we'll time look coming up in a few minutes. months into his campaign, donald trump changes his tune. >> president barack obama was born in the united states, period. >> the republican candidate reversing course on an issue that's been central to his campaign and many of his supporters. >> reporter: for years trump
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the u.s. this week a reporter asked trump what he thought now. this morning the president was asked about trump's flip-flop. >> we've got other business to attend to. i was pretty confident about where i was born. i think most people were as well. and my hope would be that the more serious issues than that. >> trump is taking credit for getting the president to release his birth certificate. hillary clinton says the statement doesn't go far enough and he must also apologize. >> the first presidential debate will be huge and you can watch it monday, september 26th
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you may remember the newton man who pitched his idea on shark tank. he's suing the show, claiming they lied about everything and ruined his business. alan kaufman says the company promised to invest $200,000 in his invention and never did. it appears to show him signing with the sharper image but he never did. a second trader joe's is coming to boston. the grocer is setting up shop and it will sell alcohol like
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inexpensive beverages. . still ahead, a teenager following in his father's tire tracks. >> why he's getting a jump start on wait to start for years. >> and a lot of love for a bird in boston. why she's such a hit on social media. >> red sox and yankees again tonight. they say momentum is only as good as your next day's starting pitcher. who's pitching for boston after the huge win last night, coming
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a successful car salesman
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he's working for his dad, and unlike most people, he says he's too young to pressure you to buy a car. >> i'm only 14 years old. so you know i'm not going to pressure you into buying anything. >> reporter: 14-year-old joey says he's been a salesman his whole life. >> i love doing it. i love helping people purchase cars. >> reporter: he works with his dad and has his own desk treats customers with care and respect. >> i teach them about the car and explain what options it has, and let you drive it. then we go talk numbers. >> reporter: he'll be a freshman this year in high school and he's already a trained associate. >> he wants to continue to learn, go through the sales training program. >> reporter: and he gets paid the same as other salesmen. >> i'm pretty good.
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>> stay at the cutting edge of technology. what better than a kid of 14- year-old old to bring that to the dealership? he's on facebook, snapchat, makes his own website. >> reporter: he sold mini bikes, but about a year ago he switched to cars. >> age is sometimes a challenge. i've gotten that a few times. they think they're on candid you know, he's growing. he's so young, 14 years old, and handles himself like a professional. >> my dream job is to own a place like this, maybe take over this place and grow it. >> i love that kid. >> i love it. and he's sold more than 40 cars. that's amazing. >> for a while, they had on the
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year-old kid comes out. >> i love it. >> eric, when you were 14, you were doing the weather? i was. i had two or three jobs as well, so joey, i hear you. good work out there. we have temperatures this morning in the upper 30s but no frost on the horizon. keep things growing for a little afternoon highs typical of autumn, jacket on in the morning, shorts in the afternoon. we're watching a front developing off to the west that will channel the gulf moisture and some of the moisture from tropical storm julia. that will hopefully bring us rain sunday and monday. short-term, mainly clear skies tonight. friday night feeling good. the weekend starts and a full
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very bright skies tonight. temperatures falling back in the 40s, not quite as cool as last night. we have a nice saturday, mix of sun and clouds and near 80 degrees with no weather issues. toward saturday night the clouds will thicken and a couple chances of showers on sunday. one batch for the morning, a little scattered rainfall, then a chance for popup thunderstorms heading into sunday afternoon. not day, you'll still get in between the rain drops. we have a steadier rainfall sunday night and into monday. this is our best chance for beneficial drought relief. looking at tomorrow, in the 70s near 80, a warm day. heading to the beach, 73 to 78 with gusts out of the
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saturday night, more humidity in the air. chance of showers after midnight. then on sunday, partly cloudy skies, very warm and very humid, highs near 80 degrees and scattered showers. again, it won't be raining for a big part to of the day. heading to gillette, bring the rain gear for those passing rain showers. sunday night into monday, we are watching that the high moisture air, there will be a thin river of it moving across the region. is it right over us or just off to our west? hoping the really nail that down this weekend. i think a half inch to one and a half looks likely. and the warm weather just keeps ongoing throughout the week. >> thank you very much.
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games. last night's incredible moment will be great for tonight. >> reporter: tough to top the heroics of ramirez last night. the air is a little cooler here, playoff atmosphere starting to creep in. last night's game was an instant classic. yankees maybe don't feel that way. round two tonight, and clay buckholtz is on the mound. hanley ramirez sent them home happy. >> looking up, this ball is
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walkoff home run! the most dramatic win of the year. >> reporter: dramatic is right.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: trump tries to shake the birther issue. >> president barack obama was born in united states. period. >> pelley: but sets off an explosion of anger. >> donald trump is nothing more than a two-bit racial arsis who for decades has done nothing but fan the flames of bigotry and hatred. >> pelley: also tonight, the f.b.i. patch. why director comey puts tape over his webcam and says you should, too. tattoo dangers. what is that needle injecting into your skin? >> we really don't know what's


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