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tv   WBZ News  CBS  September 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. there are heavy delays because of this incident. the train was headed inbound on its way to the city, passengers describe what they were told. we were basically sitting on the train i was on my way to
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came over the intercom, it was a fatality on the train and it was a crime scene, we had to sit there and let us know what's happening. the da's office is investigating, we are told foul play is not wbz news. now at 11:00, the high school player in the news for kneeling during the national anthem is getting support from teammates three others joined that silent protest. school officials let the crowd know in advance what was coming. with the video and the reaction, louisa. well, lisa, david the school district once again allowed these players their freedom of expression only
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peaceful. it was high energy leading into a football rivalry between the high school and holy name central catholic. a single play stole some focus when one kneeling player turned to four. when i first saw colin kaepernick do it, i realized this was something i as a peaceful protest. he followed the lead like the nfl player colin, he was going to be suspended for the move but that never happened. during the national anthem tonight, we would like everyone to stand. if you choose not to stand, you
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superintendent when him and three other players took a knee. fellow students supported it. >> i'm on the football team, they are my teammates i support them. >> it sparked strong opinions from others in the crowd. >> i am here to support freedom of speech young people standing up. it is the most patriotic in >> people fought for freedom, that's dishing on the servicemen who fought so hard for us. he was joined by another junior and two seniors after their silent protest doherty beat holy name, 34-28. life in worcester, wbz news. volunteers are doing everything they can to protect dozens of dolphins off cape cod. this comes a day after
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the voters to this emergency efforts. rescuers stood right here just in case a pon of dolphins was there when the tides were going out. locals were not going to allow a repeat of yesterday to happen again. >> come on baby, go ! >> reporter: an evg rescue mission, they were at the harbor when they spotted about 20 dolphins. the international fund for animal welfare stood ready on the pair, the dolphins were not used to tides on the beach. >> one of them crying yesterday
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stranded near by. they rescued all seven, released them into the ocean, they began frolicking in the harbor all day. >> obviously this is a much larger group we're seeing smaller break offs. they were not giving them a chance to beach as a lifelong commercial fisherman, he is a man of the sea, made sure to keep his distance. >> i kept going back and forth, back and forth or put my engine in neutral and make a lot of noise hopefully that scare them to go the other direction, they didn't beach. >> go on, baby. >> maria vowed to make the past few days the beginning of her involvement with saving dolphins. >> it was great to be part of something so amazing and so
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of the dolphin beached itself yesterday beached itself again but they were to rescue it back into the ocean, wbz news. it is clear and cool out there, perfect conditions to check out this gorgeous full harvest moon, chief meteorologist eric fisher is here, you're tracking a little rain this weekend too. >> beautiful, can't miss the moon tonight, it is bright gorgeous, 47 in taunton, nights like these sometimes places with sandier soils. 50, boston, 56, high pressure starts to leave us tomorrow that will open the floodgates for warmer air, approach 80 degrees, then we'll track incoming rain. so for saturday, mix of sun and clouds, dry day, the pick of the weekend towards sunday the clouds will start thickening and rain showers develop by the morning. the best chance for a shower or
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frame our heaviest over all rain the drought rain is possible monday we'll talk about that coming up. dave, lisa over to you. campaign 2016 would be making a point more with the insite in violence. >> i think that her bodyguards should drop all weapons they should disarm. >> that was about his rival hillary clinton, stirring up more controversy for the candidate, let's >> donald trump was in a rally in florida, saying she restricts guns. donald trump calling for hillary clinton's secret service agents to be stripped of their guns potentially putting her in danger. >> i think they should disarm, immediately, what do you think,
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let's see what happens to her. it is not the first time trump has been accused of suggesting violent sparking a fire storm back in august for saying quote second amendment people might be able to stop her if she were elected. >> welcome to all of you deplorables. the moment came just hours after trump under intense pressure disenvowed the birther movement. >> president born in the united states, period. in that statement trump falsely accusing clinton of starting the birther theory in her 2008 campaign, some were involved in the rumors but not clinton themselves. >> he led the bier they are movement to delegitimize. >> hitting trump on his bier they are ties.
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on the trail, let me tell you, that is who they are. >> trump late friday night, firing back. >> when they are in trouble, they always pull out the racist word and they are in very big trouble. i have to tell you. >> on just in the last hour, clinton's campaign releasing secret service saying the gop has violence to be president that republican leaders should denounce those comments. bad news for the third party candidates saying only clinton and trump will be in the presidential debates the libertarian candidate and green party candidate will reach 15% in the polls, the first of three debates will be monday
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the cost of prosecuting marathon joe tsarnaev, the judge said that information will not be made public until a decision is made on tsarnaev's appeal. last year he was sentenced to death for the role of the bombings. a new york city police officer is out of the hospital less than 24 hours after a man with a meat cleaver attacked him. detective brian 6-inch cut on his face, otherwise he is okay. police shot the man with a meat cleaver and he is in critical condition. two young adults sentenced for raping a teenager then posting the crime on snapchat. 21-year-old rashad and 20-year- old kaylin sexually assaulted the girl two years ago in 9 woods in saw gus. they were sentenced to 4 to 5 years, the family called that
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woman says she was attacked while walking her dog, that person came up behind her and kicked her police are investigating whether she was also sexually assaulted police say at this point they do not have a description of the suspect. police in everett researching for a group of people on camera setting american flag on fire. showing someone standing beneath the flag on a barrel outside of a corner store, three people are then seen running away from surveillance cameras can help give a clear picture of the suspects. the newton man is suing the show and accusing them of ruining his business. he said shark tank promised to invest $200,000 also showed him signing with the sharper image he wants compensation for lost
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video, why police say the bus drive was breaking the law. new england reaching out to flood survivors down south why they need your help getting their donation to people in need. the local forest where police stumbled on this. a pot farm. the question tonight, who is the famer? >> on a hunt for rainfall to look forward this weekend, especially if you turn the corner towards monday, cautiously optimistic, we'll take a look at the forecast
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. shocking run-in, an apparent case of road rage leading a fedex truck to run a school bus off the road, trying to pass on the left when the trucker veers right into the bus you'll see it again right there, the school bus driver has been fired fedex is investigating as well but police say both drivers are facing reckless driving
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mass, stumbling into the marijuana plants, uprooting 47 plants police trying to find out who was growing it there. supplies stacked up by the box load, generous donations yet there is no way to get them there. people in new hampshire collected a truck full of supplies to help people in louisiana. >> there is a problem, they have no truck, the group is reaching out for help. >> this is my 250 cases of water. >> antibacterial soap stuff like that. >> the county has brand new shoes a lot of quilts, blankets, definitely have a generous amount of cat and dog food. in about a week, it will all go to louisiana to help some of the thousands of people
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flooding. >> i feel i missed my shot back in 2005 with katrina, if it happens again i want to help people out. >> yeah i'm so proud of him. one of many who developed off items. >> i'm donating medical supplies from my accident back in january, send louisiana because i got relatives in louisiana, relatives in texas, it is a good use for them. >> even hope the community stepped up, there is no truck to send it. >> we would prefer a truck. 2, 6 by 12's i'm worried about what else we're going to be collecting. i want you to thank you for helping us support the cause,
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winter, not the farmers almanac saying the future climate change has the potential to cut the number of below freezing days by almost 70%. >> we don't want climate change, we don't want all these crazy things to happen, we just want this. >> a winter with fewer cold days sounds kind of nice. if we could hang onto this for awhile >> no question, gorgeous harvest moon, love this picture on twitter you can see a little bit of that on the horizon coming up over the water well back the lighthouse you can see that moon behind it one more from concord away from the shoreline, inland from concord
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the 40s, not quite as dry as last night, temperatures won't dip into the temperatures, however, they'll be in the 40s by tomorrow morning. so another cool start to the day, most of the city centers staying at 50-plus by tomorrow morning. so we have quiet conditions over the northeast right now, watching a storm system gathering to the west, using heavy rainfall around st. louis, heavy rain in the gulf coast, this will get dragged up into this system and hopefully produce some very much-needed rain for us here. as for e starts out on a nice note. we have that cool morning nice day of mix of sun and clouds, humidity will come up. and this sunday the front approaches. we have a few scattered showers sunday morning, as we head into the afternoon and evening, pop up downpours and storms look likely. we'll see a considerable amount of cloudiness.
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heavier rainfall that could really help us out, late sunday night into monday is going to be our best shot. we could see over an inch of rainfall if everything comes together. really fingers toes everything crossed. for tomorrow a warm start to our weekend, 70s to around 80 degrees, wind out of the south, southwest to our coolest spots around the south coast, the cape and the islands, temperatures at the beaches and the wind will get gusty as we head into so tomorrow, do a little apple picking, as we head into saturday night, chance of showers after midnight, humidity starts to climb and pretty tropical on sunday, humid, warm highs near 80, breaks of sunshine mixed in with scattered showers and a risk for an afternoon storm if you're heading out to gilette stadium, warm and humid, a chance for a passing shower as
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baseball may in in jeopardy as the rain develops into sunday night. watching this plume of tropical moisture along the eastern seaboard, the question to answer is where is that band further to our north and west? will it be right over us more towards the cape and the island, right now a good bet is half an inch to this system. here is your accuweather 7 day, after monday's rain moved out we have warm te tuesday, upper 70s and a mainly dry workweek. we all feel just a little bit more special on our birthday, don't we? if you were born on this day you're a little less special, sorry to say, september 16th happens to be the most common birth date in america. did you know august is the most common birth month with july coming in second, we want to say happy birthday to you
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that time wishing birthday on facebook. people have nothing better to do in the middle of winter? fans fired up for one incredible victory hoping for
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. time for question of the week, this comes from postman 07 whichquarterback to you trust? given what i saw in week one, i like carson. one of the reasons they traded for him all the way up at number two was because the moment they met him and saw him physically and listened to his answers to their questions he knew he was the guy.
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between the games, xfinity x1 will change the way you
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. late in the season, much is lining up for the red sox. >> this is fun to watch, isn't it? maybe last night's win was one of the monumental wins that gets the teams rolling towards the play off. feel like a play off team we'll see if they can keep going, especially tonight. following ninth inning rally the knock off win over the yankees the two teams met off at fenway, if momentum is not only as good as the pitcher, clay got the ball for boston. bottom of the first, david ortiz, centers, come around to second, out trying to stretch his single to a double, try to reach around and get the bag,
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mid-ing, giving the sox a 2-1 lead after one. hanley begin like last night. 6 homers and 13 rbi, sox up 3- 0. solid a little trouble on the fifth, two on and two out. gary sanchez with the 2-run double. 3-2, six innings two runs on seven hits for buckle. we go to the boston, sox up 5- open number 25 in the season for jbj, with 25 or more home runs, yanks lead to 7-4 in the ninth striking out sanchez to end it, 7-4 the final, half of the game, ramirez was asked about his hot bath. >> we have to go forward and
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every day, and keep playing. >> don't believe him, less than 48 hours in the the patriots take on the dolphins, rob's status up in the air. gronk was on the practice field, what he did beyond that, we don't know. having them on the field would not only add for sunday's home opener. >> it is just have to go out there and perform. >> it is everything, love playing here, playing here and playing in front of these fans. so we're excited to be here. everyone is speculating for weeks about what tom brady would be doing for this four- week lay off, now we know. let the cat out of the bag this morning on a miami radio show.
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like saturday night, he was like, i'm going to be flying in from ann arbor later, how about that morning we go throw, i'm sitting there like, i was just thinking about dinner, but yeah. sure. i'm sitting there trying to have dinner, get up here and let's go throw. jeez, man, going to be running like 2-minute drills in the backyard. >> college football harvard opens rhode island. brady sounds like that kid in the backyard, hey, do you want to play catch? anybody, anybody, has them lined up. social media. >> next at 11:00, meet the tiny naked birds that has more followers than you on
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nder bank. ? are you feeling alright, baby? ? . gorgeous night. >> warm, sunshine out there, sunday is not terrible, we have to dodge a little bit of rainfall, best chance of thatsteady rain is into monday.
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delay. >> all right. colbert is up next, have a great weekend. captioning sponsored by cbs >> we've got a great show tonight. harry connick jr. will be here. stick around. >> hey, big b t hoagie. introducing the late show celebrity chat line. where the hottest stars are ready to talk to you. >> well, most people know me from this thing. but i was also in another thing that you've seen. yes, that's right. i was in that thing, too. >> a third "sister act" movie. would you like that?


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