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tv   WBZ News  CBS  September 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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breaking news happening right now in lower manhattan. a dumpster explosion rocks the chelsea neighborhood injuring dozens of people. at least 26 people are hurt as the fbi homeland security and nypd all swarmed the scene. these are live pictures from west 23rd street where we are waiting for a news conference any moment now roads are shut down as police try to sort through things. we want to get right to wbz's katie gray live in the satellite center. >> reporter: we do know new york city's mayor is at the scene. we are expecting to hear from him shortly. we know there was explosion. we do not know what caused it. a gas leak has been ruled out. a 20 -- 25 people were injured in this explosion. none of those injuries are life- threatening.
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>> you could hear the sounds all the way down to 11th and tenth. that's where i live. i could hear it all the way down there. when i looked down the first thing i saw were the first firetrucks and the first policeman coming down. when you have these huge steel plates, just like, boom. >> reporter: it came from a dumpster at west 23rd street. nearby cars had their windows blown out. >> i heard a big explosion. boom! boom! two big noises. >> reporter: these streets became a sea of red and blue. witnesses say the fbi and homeland security quickly arrived. >> i was shocked to hear that sound. because it was real loud. boom! i mean, should the building. shook the building real bad. >> reporter: nypd has increased security across the city as a precaution. now, this explosion comes just
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exploded in new jersey. shortly before thousands of runners were expected to take part in a race benefiting marines and sailors. live in the satellite center, wbz news. >> thanks. we are going to keep a close eye on this breaking story so stay with wbz as we can do to bring bring you the latest information. also breaking at 11, lobster divers rescued from the ocean after they ran into trouble. the men were pulled from the waters off -- by a boater who happened to be in the area. wbz's katie bray brings us the dramatic rescue. >> reporter: these photos capture rescuers efforts as they rushed two divers to the pier. the harbormaster brought the men to land from a good samaritan who kept them afloat. >> unconscious diver alongside his boat. we had another diver inside the boat who was exhausted. >> reporter: the harbormaster received a call, two divers were in trouble. >> reporter: one was having
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>> switched back to his snorkel but he was in distress. second driver tried to switch it but wasn't capable. there's a lot of waves out there. pretty rough. >> as police cruiser came flying down. >> reporter: with aspirations of becoming a police officer, glenn sandy keeps a scanner by his side. he ran down to the. >> they offloaded one gentlemen. they laid down on the dock and started taking pulses. >> reporter: responders formed cpr on the other man. >> to the ocean. >> reporter: well-known for diving and lobstering. there are rocks and rip currents. the harbormaster says every two or three years they receive a call like this. >> it's always very dramatic. >> reporter: a call that hit glenn sandy harder than others. >> close to home because i work on a lobster boat myself during the weekend. to see something like this so
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happen around here. >> reporter: katie bray, wbz news. >> both of the men rescued are said to be in their 40s. they were taken to salem hospital. district attorney's office is expected to have some new information on this in the morning. developing now in worcester, police are searching for the driver of this truck who dragged a woman down the road and she clung to his window. investigators released the surveillance images showing the truck outside the gas station on chandler street earlier this morning. the 31-year-old was taken to the hospital with a collapsed lung and a broken ankle. if you have this case, you should call police. also developing tonight, boston police are searching for a gunman involved in a deadly triple shooting in dorchester. crime scene investigators tell us it happened at about 2:30 a.m. one victim was pronounced dead at the scene. to others were taken to the hospital. their names have not yet been released. breaking right now president obama is apologizing after an american airstrike apparently went astray in
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have hit syrian government groups instead. the syrian army says the airstrike killed more than 60 of its soldiers and wounded more than 100. the mishap threatens a fragile cease-fire in that region. new developments tonight on a deadly shooting rampage in philadelphia. investigators have identified the gunman who ambushed police. shooting an officer eight times. she somehow survived. one other officer was also wounded. the violence ended killed 25-year-old nicholas glenn. officers say he used a woman as a human shield against police. she wound up dying at the hospital. investigators say they found a note indicating that the gunman hated cops. we're tracking some significant rain on the radar tonight which means we might get a little bit of relief from our summer drought. meteorologist pamela gardner is live and the weather center with the timing of those showers.
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going to hold off at least until tomorrow night into monday morning. that's where we could see some widespread soaking rain. but a few showers will make their way into the area as we get into your day tomorrow. satellite and radar shows the big area of rain and some storms. so far nothing severe but a few isolated showers are making their way through the berkshires. they are going to stay to the north and west for most of the day tomorrow. temperatures now in the 60s and report from centerville that the stars are out, beautiful moon once again passed f to stay in the 60s overnight tonight. with increasing humidity and temperatures will eventually reach 70 by 8:00 a.m. in your hour by hour and as we time in the rain, 8:00 a.m. sunday early tailgaters heading out to foxboro for the home opener for the patriots, looks dry but it will be a damp feel out there because of the humidity and because we expect patchy fog. 1:00 p.m. sunday kickoff time looking dry but some showers threaten the north and west. and that the showers moved
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thunderstorm chance as we get into sunday afternoon as well. wheel timeout a good soaking rain coming up sunday night into monday. in just a few minutes. >> thanks. still waiting to learn the identity of a teenager who was hit and killed by a commuter train last night in newtonville. strict attorney's office says the victim was just 14 years old. transit police say the boy was crossing the tracks near the west newton line when he was hit. foul play is not suspected. campaign 2016 tonight, the center of a new firestorm. as the polls tighten, marty walsh is hitting the campaign trail for hillary clinton. wbz's jim smith is live for us tonight in concord, new hampshire. jim? >> reporter: a once comfortable lead for hillary clinton here in the state of new hampshire has now apparently evacuated and some polls even show this race as neck and neck. so mayor marty walsh came up to new hampshire to huddle with
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>> marty walsh! >> reporter: a northern road trip for boston's mayor, marty walsh heading to a concord apple orchard to give a pep talk to democrats and see about a donald trump presidency and polls showing the race tightening. >> we need to make sure that we win this office. we can't just expect to think that donald trump is going to implode. i feel deep down inside of me, that he can't be elected president of america for a host of reasons. number 1 he doesn't respect the office. >> he says hillary clinton trump's trump on his variance. >> there's a lot of -- we have a candidate who is running for president that on day one we've never had anyone in the history of our country on day one be able to go to that office and understand what the responsibility of being president of the united states of america is. >> reporter: the reality is you
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that's why clinton backers are feeling anything but complacent. >> i see the polls, i hear the poles. they go up and down. we're pretty used to it in new hampshire. >> it's close because he is the republican, she's the democrat. it's always going to be close. we are a divided country. new hampshire is a divided state. >> reporter: clearly there seems to be a general acknowledgment of this point that the race could indeed go down to the wire. that's why all of the extra efforts are taking place. marty walsh tells me he is not through yet. this coming wednesday he says he will meet in boston with 500 hillary clinton volunteers. live in concord, new hampshire, jim smith, wbz news. >> thanks. donald trump was trying to get back on message tonight. speaking about tougher immigration laws in texas. he did not address the controversy he created on friday when he said hillary clinton secret service team should disarm to quote, see
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debates will be held monday september 26. at hofstra university in new york. you can watch it live right here on wbz. the rapper coolio was arrested at los angeles international airport this morning after a loaded gun was discovered in a carry-on bag. when police stopped the man who claimed the bag was his, he told them that many of the items belonged to the 53-year- old gangster rapper who was traveling along with him. coolio leon ivey, jr. was booked for being in possession of a firearm as a convicted felon. tom brady at least looks like he's having a little fun during his suspension. he is making use of that on as you can see. brady posted a video of him playing catch with his son at michigan stadium where he played college ball of course. brady was the honorary captain for his alma mater as michigan played colorado today. and really thumped them.
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season, it is a good time to be getting hot. the sox rallied this afternoon to beat the yankees for a third straight time. right to donn roach live in studio. >> the red sox and yankees seasons may have been defined this week. red sox starting to think about october. yankees starting to think about next year. that's because the sox beat the yankees for the third straight game, this time a game when they trailed 5-2 but they ended up coming back and winning 6-5. craig kimbrel gets the last four outs for the save as the first time in almost a month. tomorrow night but weather permitting the sox will go for a four game sweep of the yankees. right now they have a two game lead in the a.l. east but last time i checked, both baltimore and toronto, baltimore already lost. toronto losing out in l.a. perhaps a three game cushion as they start tomorrow night. >> thanks. a cloud of smoke hovering over boston commons. coming up next, the rally that drew record crowds and why it
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breaking new information on the explosion that rocked new york city, federal source says it's too early to say what caused the blast but investigators have ruled oua fire crews essay 26 people were hurt when a dumpster exploded near west 23rd in manhattan. stay with wbz as we continue to follow this story. we will have the very latest starting at 5:00 a.m. on wbz this morning. thousands of demonstrators converged on boston common today to smoke pot. they are hoping to see the weed legalized by voter referendum this fall. as wbz's paul burton reports, this event almost went up in smoke. >> reporter: tens of thousands
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annual freedom rally. >> a day of freedom to enjoy what makes you feel free. >> it's a day of peace. >> reporter: the event almost didn't take place. but a superior court judge granted an emergency order on friday allowing the rally. >> every year the city does whatever it can to try and stop us. >> the judge ruled yesterday that the vendors who have been there all summer and will be there all fall have to go on the outside and this group can bring their own vendors in. >> a >> this is also a political rally. >> reporter: in november whether to legalize marijuana for recreational use. >> legalize marijuana, this year! 60 days from now in november. you can do it. >> reporter: vendors are busy selling marijuana products. >> this day for me means me living it up in boston. feeling free. meeting some new people.
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spoken out against legalizing recreational marijuana. >> the target is children. it's very similar to candy bars and the names are similar. i get concerned about the devastation that edibles can do. >> if we are successful we will be back next year instead of celebrating changing the law, we'll be celebrating marijuana itself. >> reporter: in boston, paul burton, wbz news. here is a sure sign winter is coming. the city of boston receive week. of course the massive salt pile sits near i-93 as a constant reminder that summer is ending soon. let's hope we don't need all that salt this winter. it's another light winter. that would be nice. >> i saw that driving in. what? not ready for it. >> not ready to process that yet.
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>> we have some rain in the forecast. we could see one to three inches of soaking rain. that's good. but we don't need it during the patriots game or the red sox game. the timing on this -- >> sure. a little advantage too. drought monitor, want to keep you up-to-date on the situation. coming in every thursday, u.s. drought monitor, the show -- it shows in severe wet -- severe drought. hopefully we'll put a dent in the drought conditions as we get that rain chance late sunday night into monday. best chance of soaking rain, we have dry conditions out there after a fantastic beautiful saturday and beautiful start to the weekend. high temperatures were well above average. average high being 72 degrees this time of year. 78 in boston. 73 degrees in worcester.
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but it is a very warm night. dew point temperature rising 62 degrees four now. the wind coming from the south. helping to give us the increased humidity levels as the dew points slowly rise tomorrow afternoon. they could be in the mid-60s and upper cities from time to time. it will feel a little oppressive as you start your morning, tailgate sunday and then going to sunday afternoon. another humid forecast for us. temperatures now have called into the 60s for most. but boston to the low 60s in the suburbs. patchy fog expecting to develop into the early morning hours. tomorrow afternoon, high of 83. and a couple storms but the wind from the southwest occasionally gusting up to 25 miles per hour. that's for gametime as well. it will be breezy and looks like it will stay dry but there's a chance for a passing shower especially during the game and especially as the game
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81 for kickoff. and then red sox taking on the yankees. 8:08 p.m. for the first pitch. we have a slightly better risk of a shower especially right before the first pitch. there's also a chance for a thunderstorm and temperatures cool to 74. the hour by hour timing, overnight tonight keep it mainly dry with some scattered showers. to the north and west, sunday morning, areas of fog most of the rain chances state to the north and west but as we there, the red sox game right over boston we might be anticipating some of the scattered thunderstorms chances and some of the storms could be strong with some lightning and heavy downpours but widespread soaking rain doesn't move in until monday morning. monday afternoon, wave after wave with some rain will push through and we could continue to see enhanced moisture as julia meets up with a little bit of a wave in the atmosphere. projected rainfall going through monday afternoon, could
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rain. but that's over the course of a couple days so looking good, looking promising. cooler day monday afternoon too. today we dry off and one backup to above normal temperatures for the rest of the week and dry air in place. >> that's a sweet fall week right there. >> it is. >> thank you. red sox getting ready to take out the brooms against their biggest rivals. while the pats get ready for their home opener, you'll see e
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the first three games in the series have all been really fun to watch. >> really well for the red sox. good games to watch. >> no doubt about that. third game of the series, the yankees appear to be running on fumes. they came into the week for games behind the first-place sox. after today the yankees are now seven games out with only 14 to play. boston once again battling from behind winning its third in a
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david price did have his best stuff as the sox fell early on, already 3-2 in the fourth when alton romine sent one high and deep of the monster. didi gregorius and chase headley both scored. 5-2 yankees. not a good day for price but the sox offense was ready, willing and able to take them off the hook. >> 1-0. long drive to left down the line, deep by the wall, gone! it hit the triple-a sign. xander bogaerts get the hands back and lines the inside pitch out. his 20th home run. he has three rbis today giving him 88 on the season. and the red sox are within a run. >> they tied it in the seventh and then mookie scored the winning run. later in the same inning on this wild pitch. red sox a season-high 20 games over .500. after a 6-5 comeback win over the yanks. >> these three wins this past
11:26 pm
and not always in the most friendly situation. so against elite closers, against tough lineups, this team is responding to the challenges we face. >> let's go to the nfl where the patriots are readying for the home opener against the dolphins. after opening night upset, the pats are a six-point favorite. gronk and dont'a hightower. devin mccourty sat down with steve burton for a one-on-one. all about winning with who you do have, not what you don't. >> i love this team's attitude. we've got to keep going out there. trying to win, trying to learn how to win games. many different ways. 16 of them. never really going to end up being the same once you get out there. so learning how to win and learning it's always the next man up. >> you can see more of that
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11:30 here on wbz. kickoff at 1:00 also here on wbz and postgame show right after the game is over on my tv 38. as for tom brady, he was in ann arbor playing catch with his son jack. pretty cool stuff from the michigan stadium field. today throwing the ball around pregame with michigan coach jim harbaugh. he served as an honorary captain and was treated to a 45- 28 win by the wolverines over colorado. boston college and a trayvon martin and untouched from seven yards out. then it will be branded motley with quarterback draw. 26 yards into the end zone. bc needs to erase this memory quickly. 49-0 the final. much better news for umass. florida international, three touchdowns from andrew ford. their first win of the season, 21-13 is the final. a big win 3-1 over montreal tonight up in montreal so the
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playoff spot.
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narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results" and "eye-catching educational gains." it's turned my son's life around. narrator: "charter schools amount to hope" for kids all across massachusetts. question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. vote yes on 2. new information just in on the explosion tonight in new york city. police are investigating a possible second device found at a location on 27th street near sixth and seventh avenues. the mayor confirmed a few
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when a dumpster exploded near west 23rd in manhattan. some of those injuries are serious. stay with wbz news as we continue to follow this story. we will have the latest starting at 5:00 a.m. on wbz this morning. meantime, quick word on the forecast. >> some rain moving in. not going to be a washout tomorrow but we have a better chance for some soaking rain late sunday night into early monday. and then another wave of rain potentially for monday evening. one to three inches of widespread rainfall but it's going to stay mainly dry for the patriots game. dodging a few raindrops and a couple storms before the first pitch of the red sox game but it should clear in time for the game. >> everything in terms of sports. now we know. >> big weekend. we appreciate it. >> have fun. >> that does it for us at 11. thank you for watching. the phantom gourmet is coming
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