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tv   WBZ News  CBS  September 19, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news at noon. breaking news right now at noon. the suspected bomber in new york and new jersey now in custody after shoot out with police. police now want to question him about this 23450u york -- new york blast that another explosion in new jersey designed to hit runers in a race to support the marines. sunday, authorities found five more devices at a new jersey train station one of those exploded when a bomb squad robot went into to disarm it. the attacks locks like tear -- locks like terrorism the suspect a naturalized citizen
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search in new jersey. brook silvap braga has more from new york. >> reporter: well this is a rapidly developing investigation. cbs news learned the man want for the bombings in new york and new jersey has been taken into custody after a shoot out with police. authorities say ahmad khan rahami is in custody after shooting a police officer in new jersey sources tell cbs news the naturalize from afghanistan was seen in surveillance individual grow saturday's bombing in the chelsea section of manhattan. >> we are extremely fortunate and grateful no one was killed. >> reporter: the search for rahami comes after a robot detonated a bomb in trash can overnight in eliz begged it was one of five found near a train station. >> the speculation is that they were not timed to go off and whether they were being investigated or followed that they were disposed of in a
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manner. >> reporter: police also took five people in custody during a traffic stop in brooklyn last night in connection to the explosion here in chelsea. the fbi combed the manhattan neighborhood collecting evidence monday. sur veil and video shows people running for cover after the presh -- surveillance video shows people running for cover after the pressure cooker explode and another was found four blocks away but didn't explode a pipe bomb detonated in seaside park before a charity run to benefit authorities say rahami is is a suspect in both jersey shore and chelsea bombings. reports say rahami was shot during the confrontation with police and taken to the hospital. brook silva-braga for cbs news. massachusetts state police say they searched the data base for rahami and have not found any connection in the bay state. there's no threat tied to massachusetts but state police
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security around the area including on the t and at thursday's patriots game. >> we are monitoring the situation in new york city and we are taking some taste precautions here in boston ourselves to make sure everything is okay. >> see something say something may sound a little corny but the simple truth is that's a ton of eyes and ears paying attention and it can make a difference. >> the second bomb that didn't go off in manhattan saturday night was similar to the ones used during the boston bombing in 2013. wbz security analyst he had ed davis says there's concerning difference. >> these wrings were detonated with -- things were detonated with cell phone detonators that's a step up and gives them the ability to detonate it from anywhere and it's very troubling. >> mass state police investigators say they will continue to monitor the investigations in new york and new jersey to determine if there is any connection to massachusetts. we are also following all the developments in the
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soon as they become available on air and online at the fbi is also investigating an attack in minnesota as a possible act of terrorism. a 22-year-old somali man dressed as private security guard stabbed 9 people at the crossroads center mall in st. chowed saturday night. witnesses say -- cloud saturday night. witnesses say he made references to allah and asked a person if he was muslim. an isis linked news agency says he was a soldier state and an off-duty police officer killed the atashing he. 6 of the 9 victims are been released -- attacker. 6 of the 9 victims have been released and all are expected to survive. bradford casler is charge with -- charged with killing two people in the march accident. >> anna meiler is live with the latest for us from today's arraignment. anna. >> reporter: and prosecutors asked for casler to be held on 10,000 dollars bail saying he
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newton intersection before smashing into sweet tomatoes before killing two people but police release -- but the judge released him on his own recognizance. he face as judge 6 months after -- he face as judge 6 months after crash -- faces a judge 6 months after crashing into sweet tomatoes. >> not got yoi. >> reporter: he pleaded not guilty to charges of moat vehicle homicide and operating a motor vehicle to endanger. prosecutors say casler sped through as abouty interception clipping two cars before smashing into the pizza place. eleanor meile and gregory morein were pronounced dead at the scene. >> no witness at the scene observed the defendant's brake lights illuminate or the sound of the car the horn on his car. >> reporter: prosecutors asked for casler to be held on $10,000 cash bail. they say the investigation shows his car was fully functioning at the time. they say that the 55 year old has multiple sclerosis and say the disease didn't play a role
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any episode related to ms or any flare up related to the disease at the time of the crash. >> reporter: casler's attorney argued he shouldn't be held on bail because he requires regular treatment for ms. the judge released casler on his own recognizance and left without sighing a word but his attorney says he is deeply saddened. >> at the end of the day it was a tragic accident. and i think the evidence in court is going out. >> reporter: a pretrial conference is scheduled for next month. reporting live from middlesex county superior court anna meiler wbz news. >> thanks very much. now at noon we are on the storm watch heavy rain moving through parts of the region this afternoon. and it's welcomed news for the ire yeah which is suffering from extreme drought -- area which is suffering from extreme drought. >> danielle niles is here with more on the storms. >> the problem is it's coming down so hard it's creating
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including barnstable and slim - and plymouth county are under flood watch. deep reds it's absolutely pouring. visibility is near zero under some of the deeper oranges and reds along route 6 stretching back down near hyannis where we have what couple claps of thunder in the last 30 minutes or so. when thunder roars go indoors. nothing severe with the cells but you will hear the thunder and seek shelter inside. the rain lifting off to the north cod canal and stretching through bristol and heavy rain near new bedford that typically floods easily you note areas. low lying spots, small streams may get flooding concerns. it's raining but lighter when we get back to the south shore and into the city of boston. but you want the umbrella. the areas of rain taper in intensity and coverage between now and the evening commute. there will be showers around. and even a few downpours a lot
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rain particularly along the south coast and a few showers lingering into tomorrow morning out over the cape and islands. it's humid. 70s for the ride home. 60s tonight into the 80s tomorrow as the sunshine breaks out. >> all right. danielle thanks. track today's rain with the cbs boston weather app check the radar hour by hour forecast video any time. it's for free in the google or apple app store. more breaking news this noon a jetblue plane pos by hit by lightningfo -- possibly hit by lightning forced to make an emergency landing at logan. where was the play heading nicole. >> reporter: bermuda and i can tell you that just a moment ago, we heard over the loudspeaker that passengers for flight 1731 will head to bermuda in a little bit here. it left jfk this morning and was diverted here to boston and landed safely shortly before 10:00. you can see the jetblue counter
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our cameras did capture the actual plane parked on the tarmac at gate c15. you can see a fire truck nearby as well as crews inspecting the plane. we know it was headed to bermuda from jfk when there was some sort of apparent mechanical issue causing it to divert to boston. jetblue releasing a brief statement this morning saying the flight 1731 safely landed at boston following a diversion to the new york-- to bermuda flight to address a noncritical equipment issue. maintenance crews will inspect the craft -- aircraft following reports of an unrelated lightning strike that may have occurred while in route to boston. wbz obtained audio trancemations from the the pilot to the tower. let's listen.
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lightning for 1731. what direction do you see the best weather for us to head to we want to get into the clear asap. >> reporter: so it appears that parent lightning strike happened while the plane was already in route here to boston. that was not the original reason for the diversion. that was a mechanical issue but i can tell you no one was injured in the situation and again, as we heard from the loud speak eater passengers are -- speaker, the passengers are headed to bermuda. live at logan airport this afternoon, nicole jacobs wbz news. this noon a driver's been cited after hitting a child in chelsea. police say the driver went around a school bus with the the lights on and clipped a 6- year-old on carter street. the student was hit with a side mirror and had minor injuries. that child was taken to the hospital to be checked out. new at noon patriots offensive coordinator josh mcdaniels says the team homes
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more about jimmy gra rope low's injury -- garoppolo's injury. rookie qb gentleman could by -- jacoby brissett took over. the pats are now 2-0 but they have a short week. they host tiewft houston on thursday night -- they host houston thursday night with brissett likely getting the start. wbz is the home for the pats. we will have all the action of their thursday night game on wbz. kick off is quarter show is on my tv38 after the game. now a developing story former red sox pitcher kurt schilling agreed to a multi million dollar settlement. he and others will pay 2.5 million to the state of rhode island. the state lured his company to rhode island with 75 million dollars in loan guarantees but when the company went bankrupt, the state was left on the hook for the money. today the red sox are
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yankees in a four-game series for the first time since 1990 and it was another huge night for ramirez who hit 2 home runs including this solo shot in the 7th putting the sox up 5-4 and that's the final score. boston begins a 4-game series in baltimore tonight. the sox have a 3-game lead over the orioles in the al east. coming up on the wbz news at noon a. suspect search in boston after a nightclub fight turns violent on the streets. >> also problems with the iphone why st offering from apple. >> and we continue to follow breaking news for you this noon. the man wanted for questioning in the bombings in new york and new jersey taken into custody this is new video of that suspect on a stretcher. he is wounded and apparently engaged in a shoot out with police injuring two officers. this story is still breaking and we will bring outupdates as soon as they come-- bring you the updates as soon as they
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today boston police are searching for a suspect in a shooting outside an austin
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outside the club known as the garage. a man was shot multiple times and one of the bullets grazed his head it towarded with fight that spilled into the parking lot officers say the victim managed to get around the corner onto prat street where he collapsed. he was taken to the hospital and expected to survive. campaign 2016a. busy day for the candidates. hillary clinton is in philadelphia for a event aimedat attracting younger voters and then in new york to meet with world leaders at u.n. trump is heading to florida for a stop in fort myers this afternoon. he will hold a fund-raiser in orlando tonight and in just one week, the presidential candidates will face-off in their very first debate a we will bring it to you live here on wbz monday september 26th on bz. >> time to talk about the weather. i've been busy all morning tracking the radar. >> we have not tracked this much rain in a long, long time and you remember how to do it?
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we have seen it on the roads reports coming in of accidentsstuff go out there. low clouds and patchy fog hanging tough and it's raining but not as hard as it is along the south coast right now. rainfall totals since midnight really vary depending on where you are. this is kind of a little lull from the city back down to parts of the south shore. and then it ramps up a half inch to an inch and a half in spots. 1 to # in areas north west of boston. live radar right now shows the lighter green a light-- is lighter rainfall. heavy downpours and a few embeaded -- embedded claps of thunder. it's pouring slow go reduced visible roads raise kicking up. a couple embedded thunderstorms about a who have hour ago now the live lightning tracking not showing strikes currently.
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at least sandwich and born in the next -- bourne the next several minutes or so. a flood advisory is in effect until 1:30 some of the small streams low lying areas poor drainage flooding otherwise you need the wipers at a slower pace. we will get into the city of boston and back up along 128. and 495. my only concern is look at that. more rain coming through connecticut. so all of this is going to lift across southeastern massachusetts as well. th inch or perhaps two inches is likely in spots on through early afternoon. 71 in boston right now. most of us in the low 70s and dew point is up there. has been all morning. it's soupy and you feel the tropical humidity in place that moisture and all across southern new england right now and that's extent goes back to the mid atlantic the feed of moisture coming up. so localized flooding will be a potential. i am not overly concerned with flash flooding through the afternoon just because it has
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and through mid to late afternoon, still areas of rain inside 495. the heaviest along the south coast to the south shore so we will pick up more rain even though we have not had much from the south shore to at least just south of boston. here's your evening commute. still scattered showers and downpours around but the area ofrain won't be as widespread as right now. overnight tonight a rumble of thunder or downpour on the cape. and tomorrow morning, it look again in the outer cape back down to nantucket as the front slows down as it pushes off the coastline. so tonight, patchy fog. 67 for a overnight low. a few showers cape and islands. bus stop forecast tomorrow is an outdoor recess type of day. the sun will break out. coming into the 80s tomorrow after morning class and most of us well -- clouds and most of us well above average 80 to 8 5 chug worcester and southern new hampshire to the south coast
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week you know fall kicks off on thursday. looks good for the pats for thursday night football. 06sthis weekend. -- of 0 -- 60s this weekend. so a big change. apple iphone 7 just came out and users say there's a problem with it. complaints are all over social media but a hissing sound when it is processing a lot like when they are playing a game. apple has not commented but we will see what they have to say. >> t generations behind to be safe. >> you have the original. >> right. coming up on wbz news at noon a. memorable touchdown. >> a water boy gets off the bench to get into the game and why the play turned into
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narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results" and "eye-catching educational gains." it's turned my son's life around. narrator: "charter schools amount to hope" for kids all across massachusetts. question 2 will give parents more choices
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yes on 2.
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some insight in what happened to jonbenet ramsey 20 years ago. dr. phil will ask her brother burke tough questions about her murder. dr. phil sat down with jonbenet's brother for the first tv interview that has aired over the last few episodes but today is the final episode dr. phil tells me the episode today with burke is the most revealing. >> today is the day that i
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kill jonbenet. i asked him do you know who killed jonbenet do you-- did your parents ever suspect you of killing jonbenet and did you or do you suspect either of your parents be involved. >> that episode will run at 3:00 today right here on wbz. >> tune into that. he is helped his michigan high school football team for four years as the water boy. >> this weekend he went from water boy robey heel suited up as part of the team in prearranged plan the coach called a play for robby. he caught a pass at the 30 and ran it in for the touchdown. moment made more special when the fact his mom who is battling cancer was there to see it all. >> the team is just been so instrumental to help me get him to practice like when i am in chemo and it really takes a
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this village is really been outstanding. >> the team's coach says robby brings infectious enthusiasm and manages to make the team smile. that's awesome. >> great story. right now, we are following some breaking news. >> that's right a man wanted in connection with the bombs in new york and new jersey bombings in new york and new-- bombings in new york and new jersey in police custody. new video coming into the ruse room coming up
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v.o.: kelly ayotte says she's on our side, but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump. trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. v.o.: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that, defund planned parenthood. and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. ayotte: well i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. planned parenthood votes
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want to update you on breaking news this is new video show showing the man wanted for questioning -- showing the man wanted for questioning for the bombings in new york and new jersey has been custody. ahmad rahami was taken away on a stretcher. he was found sleeping. >> bar hallway when police approached he pulled out a gun and started to shoot. two officers were hurt emwas shot in the leg and arrested and we will continue to follow this on air and online and we will have the latest at 5 on wbz news. >> wet day out there danielle. >> we will dry out later this evening. the sun comes back tomorrow and we will be in the 80s. >> all right. thanks for watching. the next newscast is today at
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oh it's captain chaos! (evil laugh) i love creating chaos wherever i go! blizzard! what?! warning! this is a national weather emergency! lets see them handle flash floods! nooooooo! what about the flu? ahhhhhhh! emergencies can happen at anytime.
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but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump: trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. vo: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that - defund planned parenthood. and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. ayotte: i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: ...there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. vo: ayotte and trump: wrong for new hampshire women. women vote is responsible for
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>> nick: hey. i've been trying to get ahold of you. were you upstairs visiting someone? >> summer: yeah, i've gotten your messages, dad. >> nick: why didn't you call me back? >> summer: i don't know. i've been busy. >> nick: [ sighs ] did you hear about your mom? >> summer: yeah, it'd be kind of last night and has not slowed down this morning. so, anyway, i'm on my way home. >> nick: summer, your mom's gonna need us right now. >> summer: we need to be worried about jack right now. >> come on, come on, phyllis. why did you sleep with your husband's brother? >> victoria: [ sighs ] billy. >> billy: why do you look so surprised to see me for? >> victoria: i'm kind of wondering what you're doing here right now. >> billy: well, i'm here because


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