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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  September 20, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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piece of soap. >> or nothing. >> or nothing, that would be another idea. >> man, what's wrong with people. >> come on, give it back. your top stories straight ahead here on wbz. >> the news at 5:00 starts right now. right now at 5:00, new details about the man suspected in the new york bombings. the new evidence linking him to the tsarnaev brothers and how police in massachusetts are stepping up security. >> and developing this morning, a threat made against school buses. what officials are doing today to protect after allegations of domestic abuse. the questions this morning from parents. 0. good morning to you. it's 5:00 right now. >> it is tuesday, september 20th. and danielle niles, it is still pretty steamy out there for the almost end of september. >> isn't it crazy. fall is just a couple of days away. we'll be feeling the summer
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it is still steamy out there. we're tracking a couple of showers. the last of the showers at least for now have pushed off the outer cape. there are a few more that extend to block island. they will be moving up to buzzards bay. that's where you want the umbrella this morning. temperatures in the 60s. 67 in boston right now. most of us mid to upper 60s. there's a bid of fog. notice visibility is okay in the southeast part of boston. booster thick fog at the airport right now. can barely see in bortz moth. otherwise your planner goes this way. out of the 60s we climb, 78 by midday. the trend increasing sunshine, there may be a shower that lingers along the south coast through midday and then we're warm and still a little bit humid for the ride home with temperatures in the lower 80s. i'll let you know how long the warmth is going to last coming up. >> new overnight, crews are
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break in chelsea. that break shutting down part of revere beach parkway near murray street. no word yet on how long crews will be out there repairing that. checking out traffic in other parts of the city, it is quiet. this is a live look at 93 southbound lanes exiting the o'neill tunnel. there is some construction happening in both directions inside the tunnel this morning. the two right lanes are closed on both 93 north and southbound inside the tunnel and on 93 southbound exit 20a and b are both closed. >> thank you very muc suspect here in the u.s. the afghan immigrant suspected of setting off bombs in new york and new jersey may have referenced the boston marathon bombers. according to cnn, a handwritten note found next to one of those bombs contained rambles that referenced previous terrorists. meanwhile a source tells cbs news that ahmad ram hammy is not cooperating. >> this as officials are considering terror charges against him after he was
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the very latest this morning. >> reporter: he is in custody this morning facing five counts of attempted murder of police officers and gun charges. this cell phone video shows the 28 year old handcuffed and laying on the ground in linden, new jersey yesterday. president obama who was in new york for the u.n. general assembly preyed the officers. >> it's just one more reminder of sacrifice and courage of our law enforcement officers. >> reporter: authorities say they've directly linked rahami to saturday's explosions in both new york city and new jersey. and connected him to five more bombs found sunday night here in -- near a new jersey train station. they're also looking into whether he had any ties to terror groups, a senior law enforcement official tells cbs news rahami traveled to his native afghanistan at least
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as the investigation continues to unfold, people who live here along the street where the bomb went off are returning home, and businesses are back open once again. >> all we could do is be vigilant and clean up the mess. >> this is not a block you would think of as a target. it's not time square or the world trade center or grand central station. so it is strange it happened here. >> reporter: officials say there is no evidence of an extremist cell in acted alone. meanwhile, here in massachusetts, officials are stepping up security patrols and it comes amid reports the suspect may have been inspired by the marathon bombers here. our nicole jacobs is live in south station with more on this. nicole. >> reporter: kate, the bomb that was planted in elizabeth, new jersey, was planted near a transit station. now local and state police here in massachusetts are stepping up
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experts say the idea of loan wolf -- lone wolf terrorists is unfortunately the new normal. massachusetts residents know the terror all too well. it was three years ago pressure cooker bombs went off at the marathon finish line. >> it's just a sign of the times that we live in. >> reporter: wbz security analyst ed davis was the police commissioner then. a part of the investigation into lone wolf terrorists. >> isis has been very effective in activated peopling that are mental health problems, people who are upset with the government. >> reporter: ahmad khan rahami now in custody after allegedly setting off and planting bombs in new york and new jersey. a u.s. citizen who had traveled to afghanistan in the past, authorities say. questioned upon each return but never on a watch list radar. the bombs he allegedly designed set with a cell phone trigger. >> there's some real sophistication there. it's a very different type of device than what we saw.
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the most recent scare, residents say they've become numb. >> i feel like you just hear about it way too much nowadays. and it is an issue, yes, but i feel that we just need to continue going about our lives. >> reporter: davis has prosecutoring the war overseas and doing preventive work here in the u.s. should go hand in hand in fighting this local war on lone wolf terrorists, if will. he also says that we must remain vigilant and pay attention to what's going on around us. we're live at south station this morning, nicole jacobs. >> thank you very much inch the presidential candidates addressing national security in response to the bombings. trump said he would fix what he calls, quote, a broken immigration system. while hillary clinton says she has proven leadership and experience. >> i'm the only candidate in this race who has been part of the hard decisions to take
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>> we have seen how failures to screen, who is entering the united states, puts all of our citizens, every one in this room, at danger. >> national security will be one of three topics at next week's first presidential debate. we'll bring you live coverage monde night right here. police -- monday night right here. police want to know more about the notify behind these attacks and whether others were involved. stay with wbz both on air and online. investigators in minnesota wounded nine people at a mall acted alone. isis has claimed responsibility for the rampage in st. cloud on saturday. the fbi is investigating the incident as a terrorist act. the attacker who is from somalia was shot and killed by an off-duty officer. the police chief said yesterday that officer was in the right place at the right time. inch this morning, the justice department is investigating after a tulsa police shot and killed an unarmed black man.
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vehicle stalled in the road on friday, new video from dash cam and helicopter, show terrance crutcher with his hands in the air. he drops to the ground after being shot with a stun gun. then a female officer opens fire. that officer is on paid leave. his family says the police prejudged him as a threat. they're calling for peace during the investigation. now to a developing story. there will be extra security at all public schools there today after a threat against school buses. wbz's anna meiler is live with the very latest. this is interesting where police found this threat. >> reporter: and chris, that threat was in the form of messages scribbled on shotgun shells found in front of a local woman's home. even though police believe this threat is most likely a hoax, they're taking it very seriously. police say a resident called them around 6:00 monday evening, saying she found a bag of shotgun shells on the sidewalk
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house, on those shells referencing terrorism and a bomb planted on a bus in town. police alerted the massachusetts state police and federal authorities. the state police bomb squad thoroughly searched the vicinity and all four of the town school buses. investigators say no danger was found but police have a very strong message saying they will prosecute whoever is behind this threat. police say even if a hoax, this incident calls under terrorist threats which a felony carrying up to 20 yea police are urging anyone with information to give them a call. for now reporting live in maynard, anna meiler, wbz this morning. new this morning, school officials responding to concerns about student safety at wilmington high school as a teacher returns to work there. the superintendent says anthony altieri is returning to his position as the gym teacher and school officials do not believe he poses any threat to students or staff. he was placed on paid
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domestic assault. just about 5:ten right now. 15 cases now dismissed over compromised evidence testify braintree police department. the globe reports the latest case dismissed yesterday was a 2010 drug charge against a hyde park man who is facing heroin and cocaine trafficking charges. last week an audit revealed, drugs, money and guns were all missing from the evidence room at the braintree police department. a 911 problem, resident in huntington and chester couldn't call 911 from their state police urged people to use their cell phones instead. now they say 911 service for landlines has been restored but no word yet on what caused that outage. he may be down with a serious injury, but don't count garoppolo out yet. this morning, tom brady is weighing in. steve burton has more. >> reporter: well good morning, everyone. there's been no official word on
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thursday night. it looks like rookie jacoby bring set will get start. brady talked on the radio last night about watching garoppolo get hurt. >> it's tough. you know, he made a great play to escape the pocket and made a great throw on the run on a third down-play. linebacker hit him and landed on top of him. you see that quite a bit in the nfl. it's a tough injury, especially your throwing shoulder. i feel for him, it's a tough injury, but i know he will be back out there as soon as he can. >> know more today. coming up this morning, a new plan to vamp up the red line. >> a closer look at what the mbta wants to do and what it means for commuter. >> local researchers make a historic find overseas, -- the clues they hope to unlock a shipwreck. good morning to you. so there may be some clouds and a little bit of fog, a fuel lingering showers this morning. but look at the overall trend,
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i'll let you know how long the summer warmth will stick around
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lot about the past. well you know what, fall is almost here. if you look at the cal tar it sure doesn't feel like it, though. it's steamy. >> yesterday felt a little fall-like but then the mugginess came back. >> we're in the 80s for the next several days. it's going to stay a little humid today, then it turns less humid tomorrow. if you like the cooler air you have to wait until the weekend. that's when we'll see some 60s for high temperatures. so big shift on the way. until then, if you like the warmth, soak it up, you kno high resolution doppler looking at showers lingering along the south coast. there's one batch that's south of the bay, these showers clipping now on the south side of new bedford, going to push back up southern bristol and myth om county. a couple sprinkles hugging the coastline. others, we're drying out. temperatures 67 in boston right now. same in laurens and manchester. pretty uniform across southern new england with the low clouds and patchy fog in places.
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too. so the air is still muggy. these documents won't really go anywhere during the day today. the front that came through yesterday, guess what it's done? it's stalled. it is not moving across southeastern massachusetts, and that's focusing on a few additional showers here coming up from the south and west. we are waiting on a cold front back to the west and -- in the great lakes right now. there is not a lot of moisture with it. what it's going to to is shift the wind around and bring in less humid air the day tomorrow. so aside from a shower or two, plymouth, bristol county between now and early afternoon, the overall trend is going to be for increasing sunshine during the course of the day today, warm and humid with highs in the 80s. check it out. right around 80 at the coastline. a light sea breeze may try to kick in. mid-80s through the interior. so a well above average day. 66 overnight tonight, some of the suburbs may dip in the 50s. there may be some clouds that
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the rest of us will be mainly clear overnight tonight. look at this, very similar to tomorrow. highs, low to mid-80s, plenty of sunshine and less humidity. so that will make a difference t will feel a little bit more comfortable in terms of the humidity levels. high pressure building in. it stays with us on thursday, even though a warm front does approach, it looks like any clouds and showers from it will be focused across northern new england. so we will be dry on thursday and thursday night. ea stadium. 75 degrees with a southwest breeze. we're also keeping an eye on the tropics, by the way. tropical storm carl is out in the atlantic showing some signs of strengthening. we now have tropical depression 13 off the coastline of africa. this depression could become what is tropical storm lisa by later on today. carl's track, though, going to watch this closely as it curves towards bermuda and then takes a sharp right hook out to sea. at that point as a category 2
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the weekend, though. speaking of the weekend, look at the big cooldown on the way. it gets ushered in by a few showers and thunderstorms friday evening and night. a few of shows showers may linger into early saturday. highs only in the 60s right on through the start of next week. >> it's still really quiet out on the roads. the only thing you need to know before you head out the door is there's some closures and construction right inside the o'neill tunnel. the construction is happening in both directions, so as soon as you go into the tum right there on 93 south -- tunnel right you'll see two lanes are closed. exit 20a and b are also closed. with the mbta has a new plan to vamp up the red line. the globe is reporting that officials want to replace 86 red line cars rather than refurbish them and add an additional two dozen train cars. now they claim this move could allow the red line to carry 50% more passengers per hour and
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three minutes. they already set aside about $200 million to upgrade the cars. no word on how much it would cost to replace them. double trouble for a jet blue plane. it was diverted for an equipment issue and then the weather added some drama. >> yeah, we just took a bolt of lightning for jet blue. >> in addition to lightning, the pilots had trouble with the plane's radar. flight 1731 was on its way from new york it landed safely at logan. the faa is now investigating. kurt schilling paying up. he's agreed to a multi million dollar settle over his failed video game koichlt he will pay $2.5 million to the state of rhode island. officials learned 38 studios with $75 in loan guarantees. when the company went bankrupt, the state was left on the hook for that money. after 12 dierks the nuclear
5:20 am
running at full capacity. it was shutdown to repair a valve and other maintenance. the public was never in danger. it is the only power plant in massachusetts. it's slated to close in 2019. it is the first new hotel in watertown in 50 years, and it is opening today. a ribbon cutting will be held this morning at the new 150 suite residence in by marriott watertown. the new hotel is at the site of the former in the united states. a.m. son planning to re -- build a store. a post on their website says they are looking to hire staff for a bookstore at legacy place. it's unclear when that store will open. a new celebration of william shakespeare's life and work is coming to boston 400 years after his death. shakespeare's here and everywhere features historical
5:21 am
from romeo and juliet. it is open through february. pretty cool. coming up next, the latest on jimmy garoppolo's shoulder injury. >> plus tom brady weighs in. what he says about his back-up's potential in the nfl. >> and getting hot at the right time. david ortiz and the red sox in the midst of a winning streak. steve burton has highlights from
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. tom brady weighing in on jimmy garoppolo's injury. >> steve burton has it all for us in the morning sports. >> reporter: lets me by saying this. red sox, cubs world series. we can only hope. it's a long way off. red sox are doing their in baltimore. their pitching, their hitting, they're getting it done. betts he has owned camden yards this year. 31st home run of the year. wow. top of the fifth we go. david ortiz, cranks one out of the yard for another two-run shot. 35th home run of the year for number 34. red sox cruising.
5:25 am
please don't retire. rick porcello only needed 89 pitches to pitch a complete game. gave up two run, four hits. his major league 21st win of the year. sox win it 5-2. and now have a four-game lead in the al east. well last night tom brady did his weekly interview with jim gray. before jimmy garoppolo got hurt, he was lighting it up big time. brady was asked if jimmy g. has a big future in the nfl. >> schillings i think that's going to be -- well, i thinkth him. i think the way e. started it's been a great start to his starting game in the nfl. he's a very hard worker and, you know, i'm just proud of the way he led the team and like i said, to be 2-0 at this point when the original teams are 0-2, you know, it's really great for our team. i know he will be fighting hard to be out there this week, and hopefully by the next week, you know, he's done a really great job. >> reporter: it is a short week
5:26 am
access tomorrow on wbz. the pats host texas on thursday night football here on wbz. we'll start with patriots game day at 7:00. kickoff 8:25. the fifth quarter post game show after the game. that my friends is sports for now. guys, back to you. still to come in the next half hour, details about a deadly crash. >> the driver facing a judge, what the driver says caused the crash and what attorneys on both sides are revealing. >> also ahead, hundreds of immigrants set to be of the country made u.s. citizens. a closer look at the mistake. >> good morning. so we have some low clouds, a little bit of fog to start. kids at the bus stop, drying out, though, after the rain yesterday and the sun breaks out. 70s by recess. bus ride home will feature temperatures in the 80s. we're dressing for summer the next few days. i'll let you know when cooler air arrives. we take a live look over the city of boston this morning. stay with us, you're watching
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400 million dollars away from neighborhood public schools. that's not right. instead of draining even more money from neighborhood public schools and giving it to charters, let's devote public resources to all of our students... not just a select few. don't lift the cap on charter schools. vote no on question 2. . right now at 5:30, new dedetails -- details about the man suspected of planting bombs.
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>> a new investigation launched as video is released of police shooting an unarmed man. >> plus the driver in a deadly crash at a pizza shop faces a judge. what he says caused the accident. accident. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. >> it is tuesday, september 20th. we dealt with the rain yesterday and now feels like summer again. >> i know, i love it. because weno around the corner. fall is just days away. >> you know these days are numbered. so yes if you like the warmth then enjoy these next several days. we're talking about temperatures well above average. drying out this morning except for a few leftover showers, one little sprinkle, right along the coastline, hugging from hyannis back towards chatham. there's one more batch of shower in writs tol -- bristol county. i'll keep the threat for shower on cape cod this morning. the rest of us though, low-level
5:31 am
fog. but notice the clearing that's been coming into a northern and central new england. so we, too, will see increasing sunshine during the day today. 68 in boston right now. same in taunton. most of us in the middle to upper 60s with that deck of low clouds, the fog is thick in spots, particularly north of boston. so places like laurens, port smith, portland, maine, we're seeing a little improve: just be aware of that as you head out the door. the patchy fog burns off by morning for most of us. increasing sunshine. 78 by lunchtime. there may still be a lingering shower along the south coast to cape cod. it's warm and staying humid for the ride home, temperatures in the low 80s. sunset at 6:44. >> well, danielle, new overnight, crews are working to repair a water main break in chelsea that. break shutting down the westbound lanes of revere beach parkway. that's route 16 westbound after route one. we know that right now only the right lane is getting by.
5:32 am
now all morning we've been telling you about the construction and closures inside the o'neill tunnel. construction has just wrapped up. all the lanes have reopened in both directions inside the tunnel as well as exit 20a and b southbound. this is a live look at the expressway as you make your way to the tunnel. it's building out there, but it's still moving and you can expect norm a.m. drive times. chris. >> thank you very much. new details about the new york terrorist suspect this morning to tell you about the the man accused of setting off bombs in new york and new marathon bombers. a handwritten note found next to one of the bombs referenced ramble that's referenced previous terrorists. rahami is now charged in connection with his capture. he faces five counts of attempted murder of police officers. he's still in the hospital this morning recovering from a gunshot wound. law enforcement sources say he traveled to his native country of afghanistan multiple times. as standard procedure, he was questioned every time he
5:33 am
here in massachusetts, security is being stepped up at regional transportation centers and public transit stations. state police say they also plan to increase at thursday night's patriots game just like they did for sunday's game. police want to know more about the motives behind these attacks and whether others might have been involved. stay with wbz both on air and online for the very latest. 5:33 right now. this morning the justice department is investigating after tulsa police shot and killed an unarmed black man. vehicle stalled in the road on friday. well new video from police dash cam and a police helicopter there show terrance crutcher with his hands in the air. he drops to the ground after being shot with a stun gun. then a female police officer opens fire and killed him. that officer is on paid leave right now. crutcher's family says the video shows police prejudged him as a threat. they're calling for peace, though, during the
5:34 am
korea. the north says it successfully carried out a ground test of a new engine for a space launch vehicle. the u.n. views the project as a cover for a test of missile technology. officials say this latest test could indicate the country is working on a long-range missile launch. more than 800 immigrants who were supposed to be removed from the country are now u.s. citizens instead. the department of homeland security says those immigrants used a different name in their slipped through the cracks because their fingerprints had not been digitized into government databases. those u.s. citizens could be denaturalized. homeland security says it's working to address the issue. the man accused of crashing into a newton restaurant killing two people has been released on personal recognizance and ordered not to drive. brad casler was arraigned yesterday on two counts of manufacture homicide in connection with the sweet tow
5:35 am
connection with the sweet tomatoes crash. casler insists his brake pedal was stuck. >> the braking system was fully functioning, as well as the accelerator on his vehicle was fully and appropriately functioning. >> i think i said very clearly in court that the gentleman suffers from multiple sclerosis, he has for about 27 years. and we all know the effects of multiple sclerosis. >> casler pleaded not guilty, his next court date is set for thursday. a child in chelsea hit b driver who police say weaved around a stopped school bus. the 6-year-old boy was clipped by the side mirror yesterday morning of that car. paramedics took him to the hospital with minor injuries. that driver was cited. a driver goes off the road and nearly ends up on the beach. police say the sea wall managed to stop the car yesterday morning. no one was hurt. the driver doesn't know how the car wound up like that, police, though, are now looking into it. the navy will be honoring
5:36 am
u.s. n.s. robert f. kennedy. a ceremony will be held this morning in boston. the secretary of the navy along with ethyl kennedy and other members of the kennedy family will be on hand. still ahead on tuesday morning, using ways to help you park. >> plus, saving at the pump, is there really a benefit to that premium gas versus regular? >> plus, police are increasing security in schools because of a bomb threat targeting school buss. where that threat was discovered
5:37 am
i called for help as soon as i saw her.
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starting tomorrow. regulators recalled the smartphone last week. note 7 users can pick up their free replacement phones from samsung. their wireless carrier or the store where they bought the phone. a new way to relieve parking anxiety plus a heads up for anyone who uses diploma yum gas. >> and wells fargo ceo heads to capitol hill. jill wagner is live now from the new york stock exchange with today's money watch. good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning. the ceo of questioned today on capitol hill. john stump's expected to apologize to customers and congress for the scandal at the bank. regulators say workers created millions of fake bank accounts to meet aggressive sales goals and get bonuses. paying more for premium gas could be a waste of money. aaa says its research found that premium gas does not increase horsepower or fuel economy, especially if your car is designed to run on regular gas.
5:40 am
emissions. premium gas can cost about 50 cents more per gallon. some high tech help for drivers who are looking for a parking space. the traffic app is launching a new feature. it tells you where to park. it looks at real time parking traffic and then directs drivers to the best spot. it also lets them know the price. chris and kate. >> i love that app. that's the hardest part sometimes, especially in boston, jill, is finding parking. >> reporter: new york, no better. i'm with you. >> i guess that' 40 minutes to drive when i was -- i worked on long island. it used to take me longer to find a spot than it did to actually do the commute. >> that's why you should move to boston. thanks, jill. appreciate it. >> seriously, that's sometimes the hardette thing. >> seriously, leigh new york, come to boston. coming up, a local teacher returning to work after being placed on leave. >> the allegations he faced and what school officials are saying
5:41 am
security presence at transportation locations. it's how massachusetts is responding to the bombs in new york and new jersey. i'm nicole jacobs with a live report coming up. >> checking in with weather watchers this morning. temperatures in the 60s right now for most of us. james checking in with 67 degrees in fitchburg. he said just over three quarters of an inch of rain that fell during the day yesterday. we are drying out today and stays warm when we come back. what's for dinner tonight? wegmans ez meals. dinner's not just delicious, it's done. [mmmm] chicken cacciatore...
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. a cat saved inside -- he's looking for a new home. >> meet callahan, a state trooper found the cat last week on the side of the road inside the tunnel. he appeared to have been hit by a car. the state cat to the mspcas plane. the cat didn't need surgery and should be ready for adoption in the next six weeks. danielle, i say go for callahan. >> danielle deserves callahan. >> it looked like a big cat, though. didn't it? >> i know. i just -- you know what? i think that's a sign. someone has to adopt that kitty cat. >> you know how i feel about cats. >> we're teasing you this morning. >> glad he's okay. i'm more of a dog than a cat person but i'm glad callahan
5:45 am
just not in mine. >> there's a little bit of color starting to kind of pop here across the aron tacks up and down the spine of the green mountains, northern new hampshire and northwest maine, you know that color bleeding southward over the next several weeks and even over the next month or so. so if you are taking any trips to northern new england, that's where you'll start to see some splashes of the oranges and reds out there and yellows as well. we are drying out this morni leftover sprinkles up near brewster and there are a few additional showers near buzzards bay. these are going to continue to move out. they're making northeastward progress. visibility is reduced, quarter mile in laurens right now. same in bedford. most of the fog is focused north and west of boston.
5:46 am
same in taunton. 64 in wooster. it is a mild start and muggy start. the humidity is going to be staying with us today. you notice north and west, though, we are starting to see some clearing. we, too, will get into increasing sunshine today. what's going on is the front that came through with all the rain yesterday in spots has now stalled out. it's not moving. and it's waiting on this cold front through the great lakes to get a little bit of a push out of here. this cold front also marks the leading edge of less humid air that will come back into the mix tomorrow. so rea chance o between now and let's say early afternoon from plymouth back down to let's say around or just south of taunton, down to the cape. and then clearing does work in. and that means the sunshine will be coming out. it will be warm, summer kind of like a mid july or august day here. right around 80 at the coast. mid-80s through the intearor. all the way from the merrimac valley. 85 in fitchburg. 70s on the cape and islands.
5:47 am
and clouds too. tomorrow looks gorgious. less humidity. you'll feel the difference. 83 degrees tomorrow. so the summer warmth continues as high pressure builds right on in. that will stay with us for the start of thursday, too. any clouds and showers with this warm front should stay focused across northern new england on thursday. keeping an eye on the tropics, we have carl which is a tropical storm and also tropical depression 13. we don't have to worry about those. better mu day may have to an eye on carl. big cooldown for the weekend. a few thunderstorms come through friday night, may linger into early saturday. and that cools us off. we'll see highs in the 60s for the weekend through monday. brianna. >> danielle, i love you callahan, i'm allergic. we don't love accidents at the braintree split. this isn't very good. it's on the route 3 north side on the split. there is stop and go traffic back to the union street exit. this is the only thing that will slow you down. it's only going to slow you down 5 to 10 minutes.
5:48 am
gets. this is really right now when the morning rush hour kicks off. we'll keep our eye on this and how it impacts you. a threat against school buses in one local community. >> plus new details about the suspect in the new york and new jersey bombings. here are your top stories on this tuesday morning. the afghan immigrant suspected of setting off bombs in new york and new jersey is now facing charges with his capture. ahmad rahami faces counts of attempted murder. he's being held on $5.2 million bail as prosecutors consider what charges to file against him. a source tells cbs news that rahami is now cooperating with investigators. >> reporter: i'm live at south station this morning. transportation locations like this one are experiencing higher security because of those
5:49 am
new jersey. the bombs planted there. ahmad khan rahami is now in custody after allegedly setting multiple bombs designed to go off with a cell phone trigger. a much more sophisticated make-up, according to wbz security ed davis. davis also says combating lone wolf terrorists is something that should go hand in hand with prosecuting in the war overseas. state and local police, again, are stepping up patrols like locations as well as at the patriots game on thursday. they're also urging everyone to remain vigilant. we're live at south station, nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. police are increasing security at schools in maynard today because of a bomb threat targeting school buses. police say they received a call from a resident around 6:00 last night to report a bag of shotgun shells on the sidewalk in front of her home. messages were scribbled obtain those shells referencing
5:50 am
a bus in town. police alerted the massachusetts state fuse center and federal authorities. the bomb squad thoroughly searched the vicinity and all four of the town's school buses. investigators say no danger was found but police say even though the threat is most likely a hoax, they are taking it very seriously. the strong message they're sending to the person behind this threat coming up. live in maynard, anna meiler, wbz this morning. new this morning, school official responding about student safety at wilmington high school as a teacher returns to work. the superintendent says anthony altieri is returning to his position as the physical education teacher and officials feel he does not pose a threat to students or staff. he was placed on leave for several days after allegations of domestic assault. new reports of price gouging as gas pumps run dry in the south. a pipeline leak in alabama is
5:51 am
and the carolinas. some people reported paying more than $5 a gallon yesterday. crews are building a temporary pipeline. a massive wildfire in california causing problems in the ground and in space. you can see the thick smoke and flames burning near vin burg air force base. crews say the fire jumped roads and containment lines scorching more than 4500 acres. this fire also forced officials to p of a rocket. meanwhile, a wildfire burning for near two months on the coast is now the costliest wildfire in u.s. history. crews have spend more than $206 million in costs when the fire was at its peak it costs as much as $8 million a day to fight. costs are expected to keep climbing because the blaze is only 67% contained. some good news in the fight against zika.
5:52 am
a zika hot zone. officials say thanks to aggressive bug control there has not been a new infection in the last 45 days. the cdc is lifting its travel warning to that area, but they warn zika is still spreading. a big -- the first ever treatment for the disease. the globe is reporting that cambridges pharmaceuticals has developed a medicine which will did you say 51. the decision requires the company to conduct a two-year stud toy confirm that its treatment can improve motor function. new this morning. a warning if you have eggo waffles. they're being recalled in massachusetts and in 24 other states because of possible listeria contamination. the voluntary recall impacts only kellogg's egg owe nutri-grain whole wheat waffles.
5:53 am
november 2017. you should throw out any effective packages and contact them for a full refund. some new guidelines are expected to be released this morning for the testing and development of self-driving cars. those new rules detail how the vehicles should be forming and a 15 point safety assessment. the new policy would also seek to have automakers sign and submit assessments to certify their vehicles are safe. officials say their car regulations would be updated annually to keep up with ch conference calls for work be coming closer to us. experts are saying with advances in technology we could be using virtual reality in the workplace. they say virtual business meetings have begun testing in some offices worldwide. and the new way to hold meetings could be in offices within the next few years. >> virtual reality taking over the real world. >> do it all on your phone or computer. >> i guess so. still to come, a rare sight
5:54 am
>> the local college where a corpse flower is set to bloom
5:55 am
5:56 am
. it is both beautiful and very stinky. a rare corpse flower is getting ready to bloom at dartmouth college in new hampshire. crews at the greenhouse think it will open up on friday.
5:57 am
to get a whiff. the flower hasn't bloomed since 2011. when it does, it gives off a smell that's been compared to a decaying animal. i don't need to smell that. i've smelled, you know, like a thing that has died in your walls, you know, how awful that is. >> you said when started that script, it's both very beautiful and stinky. i'm like who is she talking about? >> nobody you know.
5:59 am
6:00 am
. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. >> it is tuesday, september 20th, and we're following breaking news right now. new arrests in the terror attack in niese france, who police just tont suspected of planting bombs. was he inspired by the boston marathon bombers? we'll have the very latest. >> we're also following developing news this monk the threat against local school buses. what's being done to protect students this morning. but first we want to get a check of that forecast here on a tuesday morning. not as rainy as yesterday danielle, but you know what? it is steamy. >> the humidity is going to stay with us today. eventually the drier air works enter tomorrow. that's when you'll feel the


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