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tv   WBZ News  CBS  September 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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him off in the crosswalk. new video shows the officer chasing the pedestrian down the street and contrary to previous reports, they say guran was tripped and fell and his head never slammed into the ground. the commissioner said that all the evidence did not point to excessive force. >> i think the video, i think all the witnesses and even co- workers, and even mr. guran all saying that, you know, wasn't injured. he wasn't tackled. his head wasn't slammed to the ground. i don't know how much clearer that gets. >> reporter: outside police headquarters, guran stood next to his attorney and disputed the account. >> you have an officer saying this is what we are trained to do. that's terrifying. if you are training your police officers to jump on people the age of mr. guran and put your knee in their back, that
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committed. >> reporter: the internal investigation is over and the controversy is ongoing. we asked point blank commissioner evans if there was requesting he would like to have seen his off-duty officer do differently and he said he should have identified himself earlier on in the video and under go counseling. he will not be disciplined. wbz news. >> ryan, thank you. and breaking news on the patrio garoppolo did attend practice. >> what does that mean for thursday night's game? steve burton is live with the breaking details. >> reporter: tell you what it means. it means a big question mark. bill belichick always has something up his sleeve. he may know that jacoby brissett is the starter but he is not showing his hand. but i will say that garoppolo
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the only quarterback on the field for extra was brissett with no sign of jimmy garoppolo but once the cameras were turned off, he took the field, and he is listed as a limited participate apt on the injury report. who knows what jimmy g was able to do. but we know it was a short type of day with a walk through. so no contact. that's good news. hopefully, jimmy will play on thursday night and we are playing awaiting >> the suspense for the matchup. >> reporter: exactly. exactly. >> steve, thanks. thursday, we'll have complete coverage. our team will be live at gillette stadium and remember. patriots' fan day on at 6:00, and kickoff at 8:25. after the game, flip over to my tv 38 for the 5th quarter. the latest on the terror attacks in new york and new
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prevented. the suspect's father making shocking claims that he told the fbi his son was a terrorist. >> we're learning more about ray mad rahami and what may have led to the attacks. >> reporter: we learned that the bombing suspect's father told police his son was a terrorist two years ago after ahmad rahami was arrested for stabbing his brother in the leg his father then told fbi agents he was angry and didn't mean what he said but today, he said he tried to warn the authorities. >> i called the fbi two wreerg. >> and what did you tell him? >> reporter: sources tell cbs news they recovered a handwritten note and a note from rahami with a bullet hole in it and included references
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and new information on the rode island man who is accused of trying to help isis. paula ebben has more. paula? >> reporter: lisa, this is a scene that shocked police. a man lunged at police officers with a knife. that man was shot and killed by police and authorities later said he was plotting to kill officers and a conservative blogger. now, a prosecutors say, conspired with raha ami is pleading guilty. prosecutorssay that the man plotted with rahim who was under investigation when he attacked police outside the cvs. and rahim's nephew, david
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is awaiting trial. from foxwoods casino, one person is dead after a police involved shooting in a busy parking garage in the middle of the day. tribal police confronted a customer about a warrant when the customer took out a gun. the customer fell from the 4th floor from the garage. police are not sure if the shooting or the fall killed hi casino has been lifted. the wilmington superintendent said that the a gym teacher is back on the job after school officials do not believe that he poses a threat to student or staff. he was placed on paid leave after he was accused of domestic assault. vowing to speed up your
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it will be expensive. the globe reporting that they want to replace 86 red line cars instead of the original plans which was to refurbish them and they want to add an additional two dozen cars to carry 50 more passengers per hour. the t has set aside $200 million to upgrade the cars but it's unclear how much replacing the cars would cost. governor baker is no the most popular governor in america. the news website ranked baker as the nation's third most popular governor. number one, south dakota. number 2, maryland's governor. governor baker has a 70% approval rating according to the site which is considered exceptional. this is a dramatic rescue caught on camera. hear from the man saved in this car and the voice he said that kept him alive.
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tonight, we have rare footage of a local rescue as it's happening. >> a witness began recording after the car crash in taunton and what he caught shows the ue paul burton has the story. >> you are alive. >> thank god. >> reporter: with cuts and bruises, 70-year-old joseph reads his bible and counts his blessings after a car accident. he said he was on his way home when another car accidentally smashed into him and the rescue was caught on cell phone by this man.
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like a bomb. >> reporter: two good samaritans stayed by joseph's side. >> started speaking to him. it wasn't an off duty nurse and off duty firefighter. it was an angel in the picture. >> she monitored him and kept him calm. >> reporter: joseph, in and out of consciousness, barely remembers the voice. >> it was we will get you out. >> there was no getting him out. he was pinned in the vehicle. >> reporter: joseph was in the car for 20 minutes before he and first responders deserve all the praise. >> you could only pray they would be there for you. >> reporter: joseph is a retired mbta bus driver and he was in a few accidents in his life and today, he is fortunate to be alive and thankful for the people who came to his aid. >> i am very thank.
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remains under investigation. i'm paul burton. >> and imagine the two people who came to your rescue to be so qualified to help you. >> nice to hear from them, too. a good follow up. >> yeah. and let's talk weather and what was another steamy day. >> it was. and it doesn't feel like september, at least not yet. haven't had a lot of the days that scream fall, and i think we will turn the corner as and we have been above average but we will take a hit. this weekend and next week are looking cooler. so we are seeing changes. the long range forecast, plenty warm, 70s to 80s, and one of the cool spots, logan airport at 70. the humidity is in the air. eastern massachusetts, 495 and towards the cape especially and lowering dew points to the north and west and slowly, the
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drier air will move in, not extremely dry air but a big change and then an uptick on friday before more dry air moves in this weekend, and we're watching the remnants of tropical storm julia. we are on the periphery. the cloud cover might be too dense for the cape. but keep an eye on the sunset tonight. it should be a beautiful one with the cirrus clouds. the overnight and the humidity, not as big of a factor in the morning. in the valleys, we may have to wait a few hours for the fog to lift in the morning. but beautiful sunshine and a good day to have lunch outdoors. in the afternoon, low 80s and 70s at the coastline after light sea breezes develop.
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low 80s. the humidity, lower tomorrow. the peaches, 74 to 79 and a southeasterly breeze and the water temperatures, starting their cooling trend, and then we'll follow up with another great day on thursday between two weather systems that will give us bright skies and warm temperatures for the equinox on thursday. and of course, thursday night football. looks like a great night. even at 8:30, low s weather issues. friday, a day of change. friday morning, we warm up into the 70s and 80s and a back door cool front will drop down. even by lunchtime or early in the afternoon, the sea coast, much of new hampshire, it will cool down dramatically with a few showers. the warmest temperatures, along and south of the pike, a longer wait before the front drops in. but if you have friday night
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atlantic. with it, a few showers, otherwise, this weekend, all about the blast of much cooler air. so if you are thinking of decorating for fall, grabbing a pumpkin, the weather will match the theme. here is the accu-weather 7 day, mid-60s and breezy on saturday and low 60s on sunday with a mix of sun and clouds and 30s here for monday morning. so david and lisa, changes are brewing. >> kids will wear coats whethe for people who are blind or have impaired vision, missing the bus is more than a minor inconvenience. >> getting to the bus stop in the first place would be difficult but now, there is an app to help, blindways, that was officially launched at the perkins school for the blind and uses navigation to give
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inspired by a woman who said she kept missing thes -- the bus and knew there had to be a better solution. >> that's what perkins is about, figuring out how to make travel more independent for blind people. >> the mbta said they need your help making the app better and rely on people to enter the landmark clues because there are more than 7800 bus stops throughout the system. anyone can download the app free. that is just awesome. >> what a gift for so many people. >> you don't think about it. and steve burrton, big news. jimmy g showed up to extra. >> you were not able to see him but we know he was there. >> the invisible man. >> reporter: the patriots, not only do they win but win with drama. the patriots come out and
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you just every 99. lev an has more. >> reporter: we are two days away from the thursday night game and coach belichick is slippery when are it comes to naming his starting quarterback. the only thing he did mention with certainty is he is not involved in medicine. >> i'm a football coach. i'm not a doctor. the medical staff is the medical staff. i coached a team. the medical people handle the injuries. they don't call plays. i don't do surgery. we have works out good. >> reporter: here's what we do know. the patriots held a walk through practice and jimmy garoppolo was not at the media session. jacoby brissett was on the field. >> it was a learning process since i've gotten here and it will continue to be throughout my career and you know, just taking this week the same as any other week. >> reporter: as for rob
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day and every week, and that's all i can ask for. obviously, you don't wake up at 100%. >> reporter: we were hearing about julian edelman being the backup, and he was here throwing and came out with pads. but he put them to the side meaning after we were gone, he put them back on. >> the backup for the backup. who is the backup for edelman? that won't happen but probably aj derby. number 86 in your roster, the third backup. and danny amendola also. >> all the receivers. >> everybody plays every position here. >> all right, lev. thank you very much. do your job. we have the pats covered for you with the texans tomorrow night at 7:00. patriots' game day starts off
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and after the game, the post- game, the 5th quarter show. tonight, game 2 of the 4-game science against the orioles in baltimore for the sox. two mvp candidates came up big last night. mookie bets with his 8th homerun this season and the sox up 2-0. and then in the 5th with the score 3-1, big papi, da shot to left for his 35th long ball and put the sox up 5-1. they win 5-2. sox with a 4-game lead over the orioles and the blue jays with just 12 games left to play. the magic number to clinch the division is down to 9. great sports teams all the way around. guys, back to you.
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the bruins. all good around here. the cbs evening news coming up at 6:30. >> scott pelley is joining us live with a preview. scott? >> reporter: lisa, david, great to be with you in boston. on the evening news tonight, we'll have an investigation into donald trump's charitable foundation. there is evidence that he has used some donated money to settle lawsuits that were filed against him and his businesses. that could be illegal. we'll have the details for you and the coming up in about 10 minutes. >> all right, scott. we'll see you then. coming up next, a story you won't want to miss, a 911 call many miles off course. >> you have called the barnstable police department. >> yes. >> in massachusetts? >> massachusetts? >> yes, massachusetts. >> and then coming up tonight on the wbz news at 8:00 on my tv 38, an important milestone
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the company tomorrow and the company defends itself from the backlash over selling phones
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when 911 dispatchers answer the phone, may never really know what will be on the other end. >> this barnstable dispatcher could not imagine >> coming from barnstaple. >> if you are from around here, you are probably thinking you have no clue where she is talking about. >> it took a few minutes. >> you have called the barnstable police department. >> yes. >> in massachusetts. >> massachusetts? >> yes, massachusetts. >> sorry. there is no way you can help me then, is there?
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calling from? >> england. yeah. [laughter] it's a different town. it's twins with barnstaple, england. yeah. our response time will be about 6 hours. [laughter] >> i'm sorry. so i'm lost? oh, never mind. bye-bye. >> okay. bye-bye. >> i am guessing it wasn't an emergency. >> and he was a good sport, and that someone called in from norway and made a pledge, and i was like norway! and on commercial break, it was like it's just 5 miles away. [laughter] we'll be right back with
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we tell you about the rain, so you don't have to feel guilty about just delighting in the weather. a little bit of rain helped out. gorgeous weather tomorrow and thursday and a few showers friday and tropical storm lisa
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to sea. >> good. we're behaving. >> she was nice. >> friendly. >> back here at 11:00. every delicious bite, and every way hood has brought everyone to the table for over 160 years. ? because not only is it rich and creamy -- it's just 30 calories per tablespoon. ? so every meal can be made easy and delicious.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the early warning about the bombing sudden. what ahmad rahami's father told the authorities two years ago and why that case was closed. also tonight, the wells fargo fraud scandal. the top man at the bank is called to account. >> i am deeply failed to fulfill our responsibility to our customers. >> pelley: the costly mistake a.a.a. says that millions are making when they fill their gas tank. and brangelina, it's all over. hollywood's ultimate power couple splits. this"cbs evening news"


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