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tv   WBZ News  CBS  September 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. breaking news tonight at 11:00a toddler hit by a car rushed to the hospital. we're live on scene. the new york bombing suspect facing new charges and who the fbi is investigating tonight. plus the call to help to police from england. the confusing long distance call. live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news at 11:00. news. a little boy hit by a car in brockton. video in from the scene shows distraught friends and family. we are told that 2-year-old boy was taken to the hospital. >> we want to get to nick live on the scene. >> lisa and david, police just cleared this scene moments ago but you can see the realm in a remnants of it directly behind
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involving that 2-year-old boy. >> the sounds of a grief stricken grandfather echoed down the street. >> i just heard screaming and crying. >> upon hearing those screams heidi was one of several neighbors who dropped what they were doing and ran to the scene. >> i saw the mom going crazy. she fell down on the floor. >> police say hit by this toyota camry and critically injured. >> this is not the first time it happened. a lot of people get hit around here. people are driving crazy. >> the driver did stop and stayed at the scene as a accident reconstruction team worked to see he what happened. this while the boy was med flight to do a boston hospital.
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good. >> and we're still working to find out how that boy is doing at this hour. we are told his injuries were life threatening. more breaking news now. homicide investigators are on the scene after deadly shooting. the victim was found in his car on downer avenue. he was rushed to boston medical center but did not survive and police tonight are not releasing his identity. >> patriot games or is jimmy gore appear although really on the mend. just don't ask bill belichick what the prognosis is. you have to believe that the coach is happy that the doctor let him practice today. >> it means we have to wait. bill belichick has not ruled
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g was listed as a limited participant at practice today. however we never saw him on the fields. photographs are only allowed to film the first part of practice and at that point he was nowhere to be seen. today was more like a walk through. the question he is could he really play on thursday night after injuring his shoulder bill belichick couldn't say. >> i'm not a doctor. i coach the team. the medical people handle the injuries. they don't call plays, i don't do surgery. we have a great deal there. it works out good. >> could rob be out there as well? he has yet to play this season but he was at practice. i would like to see him back. steve, thank.
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not use excessive force in this confrontation. the police commissioner said found that the officer didn't do illegal and in fact what he did disrupted the peeves claim. also -- previous claims. you see the officer didn't throw milton to the ground and that he actually tripped. >> i think that the in the video, all the witnesses and even his coworkers, even mr. geren all say that he he wasn't injured. he wasn't tackled. his head wasn't slammed to the ground and i don't know how much more clearer that gets. >> you have an officer, if you are training your police officer toss jump on people who are of the age mr. geren is and to put your knee in their back,
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>> david: now the altercations when geren hit the officer's window with the umbrella. witnesses say he did not slam geren into the pavement. new federal charges have been filed tonight against the suspected new york city bomber. 28-year-old is now facing several charges, including using weapons of mass destruction. and tonight we have learned that the fbi is questioning someone else in the case. let's get right to liam martin. >> his wife took off just days before saturday's explosion. officials have found her in do dubai. she was trying to fly back to the u.s. and say she is cooperating with investigators. >> 28-year-old bombing suspect now faces federal charges, including use of a pep of mass destruction and bombing a place
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in the 13 page complaint investigators say he bought the bomb making materials off e bay this summer. it also says he is seen blowing up a device at least 2 days before the bombings. his father saying he warned the fbi about his son in 2014. >> i called the fbi. >> and what did you tell them. >> but the fbi says their meeting came heard the father call is son a terrorist. but he insisted it was said in anger and not true. the fbi did not talk to him but found nothing alarming. investigators said they found a blood spattered notebook with a bullet hole and some radical
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he wrote about pipe bombs and cooker bombs and oppression by the west. he also wrote that he wanted to live in peace. pete hammer was one of 2 officers shot during the gun fight. he returned home tuesday afternoon. >> feel like i got shot in the head. i'm glad to be alive. >> authorities say ra hammy is not cooperating with their investigation. >> they are looking international travel including a trip to pakistan where he stayed for nearly a year. the last days of summer could be the warmest day of the week. erik tracking. >> we're going to take a big move toward the weekend. for tonight, the only issues the fog. this will become more
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well. dewpoint 70. that dryer air is going to be moving into the area tomorrow. once that lifts the air dries out and we reach the low 80s tomorrow afternoon yet again. a few days of summer. fall starts on thursday, it's the warmest day of the week, but big time changes after that. we'll see you then. developing now, state police are ve police officers at fox wood casino in connecticut. live near the casino tonight. ken, officers say they were forced to fire. >> that's what they he say and authorities have not released the dead suspect's name or given specifics about why they were trying to arrest him in the first place. tonight the upper decks where this happened are still off
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them. >> when gunfire he erupted some parts of fox wood were shut down. >> our waitress came over to us and told us we need to evacuate immediately. she didn't know why. >> it began late this morning when tribal police spotted a patron for whom there was an arrest rr >> the police ordered the subject to drop his weapon. however, he did not comply. >> it is not yet clear if the suspect ever fired or if he was hit when officers shot at him. whats clear is that he then either fell or jumped to his death. >> the subject then fell off the 4th level of the fox tower
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the gambling rolled on but other parts were sealed off. >> there was a security guard there that wouldn't let us go down there. no real explanation, we didn't know exactly what was going on. >> indeed not the kind of gambling junk that anyone expected. >> it doesn't sour the trip. it seems like it was an isolated nothing related to anything else else. >> an autopsy should determine if the suspect was fatally shot or died from the fall. no cops were hurt. state police are investigating. they used to be in charge here but they handed that duty over to the tribal police about a year ago. live in connecticut tonight. all right, ken, thank you. we want to take you to some breaking news happening in north carolina.
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a little out of control as these people are surrounding a police car. these protests have been going on for much of the night. these people are protesting a shooting earlier today. we are told they have been confronting police, throwing water bottles and chanting black lives matter. the suspect was armed and had threatened officers. that's a continuing story we. outrage after this deadly police shooting caught on camera in tulsa. tonight the officer is defending her actions here. video clearly shows an unarmed black man walking toward his car that was broken down with his hands in the air. then moments later he falls to the ground. officer betty shelly's attorney said she was afraid that terrence was reaching for a weapon. >> he he gets to the window of the suv and has his hands in
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car at officer shelby and his left hand goes into the window. officer turn bow also saw it. both of them reacted simultaneously. >> the officer is on leave but the victim's family is demanding the prosecutor charge officer shelby and tonight city officials are calling for a calm there in tulsa as they investigate. >> typically when the play date gets out of hand it's the kids that cause police arrested 2 mother's that police say were so drunk they couldn't take care of their babies. one woman was lying in a puddle holding her baby over her head. the babies, one month old and 4 months old weren't hurt. they were turned over to family members. this was one very confusing call for help. >> a woman called 911 and connects to the dispatcher
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quits. angelina jolie filing for divorce. so what's behind this. 2 dogs found abandoned and tied to a tree. why police are having a hard time finding out why. dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to live a full life. but living for today doesn't mean forgetting about tomorrow. most people spend more time planning their vacation than they do for retirement. but i like to think of retirement like it's a 30-year vacation. so how are you going to get there? don't worry. it just takes some planning.
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kelly ayotte: putting her personal interests ahead of your health care. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. tonight officers searching for the person who left 2 dogs tied to a tree in the arnold ash reteum. animal control says one of the paws from the hot pavement. they say the dogs are gentle and very sweet and are about 4 years old. >> we have had a lot of interest since we posted on something facebook asking for the public's help but we haven't had any information. there doesn't seem to have an owner coming forward. >> we are told both dogs are in
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>> to a 911 dispatcher from barn stable england. >> massachusetts? >> well, it took a while before the two of them discovered that yes, there was an ocean between them. >> tonight we are learning from the 911 operator that answered the call. >> there was something very off about this phone call. >> so you stable police department in massachusetts. >> massachusetts? >> sorry, there's no way you can help me then, is there? >> where exactly are you calling from? >> england. >> that's right. an accidental phone call to dispatchers in cape cod from the wrong continent. >> apparently she used something similar like siri and said police department and it came up this number.
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veteran patrol man mark mcwilliams. what started as a woman calling for a car accident turned to complete confusion. >> between where? >> mutter ford. >> muddy ford? >> yes, muddy ford, that's between barn stable and. >> i really thought it was a prank an knew or somebody, you know, calling in for something else. >> until that playful moment he realized that for the first time in his department's history they were communicating across the pond. >> our response time is going to be about 6 hours. >> yeah, i'm sorry. go ahead and laugh. >> oh, never mind. bye-bye. >> and we learned that woman's name is theresa saunders, she
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tonight through an interview on the bbc. love that story. >> new friends. he just can't help other out. >> we don't really do anything ourselves any more. you talk into the phone and that's the type of stuff that happens. >> but we pay attention to your forecast. >> i never get asked by the crew here, so what is the weather going to be like tomorrow. we all relax, take in beautiful pictures like this one. a gorgeous sunset. promised you it would be a good one out there. this one, a little reflection in the water and not a whole lot of rain in the forecast. now, what caused that beautiful sunset tonight, the remnants of julia and the clouds always makes for a really nice show.
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60s and we will also see some fog in. once that fog starts to lift the humidity is going to lower and then we're going to have a beautiful day. temperatures will be warm but the humidity will be falling and many towns make the low 80s tomorrow. i do think some sea breezes are going to develop near the shore. but as you work inland, 7 # in worster. so the warm weather just keeps on going. certainly a beach day once the fog lifts. now, a look toward thursday. it's a bit of a repeat performance. high pressure is still in control. one to our south and one to our north. the end result for us is mainly sunny skies on thursday.
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the he can equinox is thursday. many of us in the mid to upper 80s, which means even a kick off at 8:25 we're looking at temperatures near 74 degrees. which will be warmer than the average high for this time of year. friday is where we start to see some changes. we'll start the day with sunshine. we will see many towns even breaking 80 degrees. but as we head toward midday a back door cool cool things down. by the evening that cooler air will be invading the whole area. there are chances for a couple of showers as that front moves through and maybe even a lingering shower on saturday although i think it's mainly dry. this weekend, sharply cooler air. sunday is going to be the
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see 80s and this weekend, 65 and breezy. if you needed something to get you into that fall spirit, this weekend is going to provide. thanks, erik, this is a hollywood ending. angelina jolie and brad pitt are splitting up. they have been together for 12 years and they have six children together. jolie is reportedly asking for full custody. in a statement tonight up. david ortiz leading the
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i don't know who to talk about first. 201 hits, most of them majors. david ortiz hit his 36th homerun tonight. they beat the orioles 5-2. bets picked up his 200th hit of the
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-- single in the 3rd 3rd. same score s top of the 4th. drives in one deep to right center. his season is now 2-0 red sox. he got the stop of the sox. bottom of the 6, now 2-1. went 6 7 strike outs. big popping, delivered. crashing to center. putting the sox in front 5-1. they go on to win it 5-2. this team is on fire. fox now has a 5 game edge against baltimore. just because a player wants to play doesn't mean he's going to play.
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the doctors. and the coach is not going to give his hand. the media was only allowed to film the first part of practice. however, once the cameras were turned off go rope low apparently took the field. what we do know is we're set for anything and his teammates, they believe in him. >> it's been a learning process since i got here. it's going to continue to be throughout my career so just taking this week like any other week. >> i'm not really a quarterback. i don't really have the tools. i think he's like every other young player that's come in here. >> he's a great dude. ever since he's been here he's been improving every single team. we have got a very tough texans
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>> and that was rob grone gronkowski. the the big tight end has yet to play. says he is progressing. >> it's going to be a coaching decision but just doing everything i can right now to be as healthy as i can be. improvement every single day and basically just day by day now. taking it one day at a time. >> wbz has the fastest -- tomorrow nit 7:00 and then on thursday it's game day at 7:00, kick off at 8:25. the post game show over on my tv38. should be a great night. student athletes getting honored for their team work to have field. >> see the clever way they rescued a cat from a very tight
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their coach is calling them the mvps. >> talking about 2 players that saved a it's all on video. they heard a cat screeching from a sewage pipe. so they quickly grabbed a crow bar, they he used the bucket to fish the cat out safely. at practice today the coach huddled the team together to tell them about their mvps, their most valuable people.
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love fall, just wait for the weekend. >> thanks for watching. see you tomorrow. >> good night. >> stephen: hi. >> can't go in. >> stephen: i just want to say hello to flotus. i brought her a lot >> i want to see flotulc, and you can quote us. >>iment to kick you in the scroatus. >> stephen: i'm going to get your name. you're on notice. >> it's otis. >> it's "the late show with stephen colbert." tonight, stephen welcomes first lady michelle obama. and america ferrera. featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now, from the ed sullivan


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