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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  September 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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. breaking news at 4:30, police and protest heers clash in charlotte north carolina. deadly shooting that sparked thedemonstrations. >> we are following a developing story in brock to a 2-year-old rushed to the hospital after being hit by car. >> and two dogs tied up and abandoned in bos answers. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning everybody. thanks for joining us. i am kate merrill. >> i am chris mckinnon. it's wednesday september 21st and it feels like summer again. >> i like it. we are on repeat danielle. it's nice and warm and feels like summer. we are not-- we are going to ignore october is around the corner. >> fall begins tomorrow can can you believe it?
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continue for the next several days. if you like the warmth and enjoy the stretch while it last. 07 in boston right now. -- 70 degrees in boston right now. 06 in tawpt oins. mid-6 -- taunton. mid-60s and 50s across central new england. fog locally he dense so be aware of that. the lower connecticut river valley and back down towards the cape and islands. quarter mile visibility on the vineyard and nantucket. and it's patchy over looks cloudy but there's some high thin cirrus clouds that will decorate the sky make for a nice sunrise. as temperatures climb out of the 60s, a few of the wispy clouds through midday. 76 degrees. the difference is the humidity will be lower today. beautiful for the ride home. 82 with the sunset at 6:42. there are big changes coming up. we will talk about them coming up in a few. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. nothing to slow you down.
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some construction happening right here on 93 south. as soon as you get inside the o'neill tunnel you will notice the two right lanes are closed exit 20a and b are closed. this exact same closure was in place yesterday morning construction wrapped up around 5 a.m.p so we expect -- a.m. so we expect it to open up around the same time today. breaking news from north carolina overnight, violent protest in charlotte hours after a deadly shooting there. police say 12 officers were injured in the demonstrations. one of them hit in the face with a rock. you can see some of the protesters jumping on anddamaging the police-- a police car. officers in riot gear fired tear gas to break up the cloud a major interstate was closed and a fire flared up. it's response-- it's in response to shooting of keith lamont scott they were looking for a different man at a apartment complex yesterday
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scott gout out-- got out of the car with the gun. >> as they engaged him he is armed with a handgun that we found on the scene as well. makes threats to them and because of that, at least one of our officers fired. >> scott's family disputes the story saying he was in his car reading a book witting for his son's school bus. scott and the officer who shot are black. the officer is on paid leave. a standard procedure in an officer-involved shooting. developing news a 2-year- oly life-threatening injuries after he was hit by a car in brockton. this happened around 7:30 last night on market street. the toddler was hit a few doors down from his home. family and neighbors rushed to help and the driver did stop at the scene and stayed there. residents tell us this is nothing new. >> it's not the first time this happened a lot of people get hit and people running crazy and driving and think it's a highway or something. >> police looking at the driver's cell phone to see if
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the time of the crash and right now this appears to be a horrible accident. a developing story in dorchester, police investigating a deadly shooting near a playground. they say a man was found in the car on downer avenue. he was rushed to boston medical center where he was pronounced dead. mrs. say there's been 24 deadly shootings in boston this year. federal -- police say there's been 24 deadly shootings in boston this year. federal charges beenfiled against ahmad rahami. liam martin has new details. >> reporter: 28-year-old bombing suspect ahmad rahami faces federal charges including use of a weapon of mass destruction and bombing a place of public use. in the 13 page complaint, investigators say he bought the bomb making materials off ebay this summer. it also says he is seen on video blowing up a device in a
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least two days before the bombings. his father says he warned the fbi about his son in 2014. >> i called the fbi years ago. >> and what did you tell them? >> reporter: the fbi says their meeting kale after a neighbor over-- came after the neighbor overheard the father call the son a terrorist and when the fbi questioned him he said it was in anger and not true. the fbi never questioned ra checked data bases and closed the inquiry after it found nothing alarming. investigators say they found a blood spattered notebook when they apprehended rahami with a bullet hole and radical views. one police source describes it as jibberish and rahami quotin osama bin laden and wrote about pipe bombs and oppression by the west and said he wanted to
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one of two officers shot during the gun fight. he returned home from the hospital tuesday afternoon. >> feeling like got shot in the head i am glad to be alive and home. >> reporter: and authorities say rahami is not cooperating with their investigation. authorities are look into his international travel including a 201 trip to pakistan where he stayed for nearly a year. in the satellite center liam martin wbz this morning. >> the fbi is wife she took off days before saturday's explosion. official found her in dubai as she was trying to fly back to the u.s. and they say she is cooperating with investigators. a police shooting at foxwoods casino. this morning there are questions about how and an armed man really died. state police in connecticut say this was a outstanding warrant for the suspect when tribal police confronted him in the casino parking garage he pulled a gun and officers say he
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>> the subject fell off the fourth level of the fox tower parking garage on a paved driveway below. >> an autopsy will determine whether he died from a gunshot wound or from the fall. cities police are investigating. it was business as usual formost of the casino but manypatrons were locked down for three hours unable to goat r investigation. the new hampshire people are scoter -- supreme court will decide whether a murder victim's sexual past should remain private. convicted killer is appealing the sentence. er inly the new hampshire supreme court said information about his sex -- her sexual activity that was sealed during the trial should be made public during the appeal. court will hear arguments today. animal control is searching for the owner it would have
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arboretum. they were found tied to a tree on saturday. officials say one of the dogs has burns on her paws from the hot pavement. they are now in the care of boston care and-- animal care and control and workers pout a plea for information. >> we have had interest and we spot posted something on facebook to get the public's help and there doesn't seem to be a owner coming forward. >> the dogs are in good condition and pit bull mixes very sweet. we are told they have been named shelly and shelby by the city of boston. if you have information, call boston animal control. well, the patriots game plan is still up in the air for tomorrow's showdown with the texans. no surprise the team is staying tightlipped about who will get the start at quarterback. wbz sports director steve burton now with what the pay patriots are saying. >> bill belichick has not ruled out jimmy garoppolo he was
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at practice yesterday but we didn't see him on the film. photographers on the allowed to film the first portion of practice but he was nowhere to be seen we only saul gentleman could by brissett. ed team was dressed in shorts and shells. question is could garoppolo play tomorrow after injuring his right shoulder just three days ago. belichick wouldn't say. >> i am a football coach not a medical staff i coach the team and merchandise cal people handle the injuries. they don't call plays, i don't do surgery. we a v a great deal there and works out good. >> everybody is doing their job. rob gronkowski was on the practice field and says he is getting better every day. gronk has yet to play this season because of a hamstring yr gentlemen-- injury. that's sports for now>> if he did surgery he would do it the best i am sure.
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>> oh man. >> the best. coming up on wbz this morning, clearing your commute of potential problems. >> what the mbta is doing on the green line today to help reduce delays. >> also ahead lost in translation. the one letter that led to a very confusing emergency call. >> plus we are talking holiday shopping. yep. why it had cost more to send
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well dom back. -- welcome back. 4:43 on your wednesday. help arrives for samsung customers and ice cream delivered to your door. >> sounds nice and fedex announcing big changes. jill wagner is live with those stories and decision day for the fed jill. >> reporter: yeah that's the fed wraps up the policy meeting this afternoon. it's expected to say not quite ready to raise interest rates and investors had look for insight about when the next rate hike could be coming. fedex is raising price i by 4% starting january 2nd. they are expecting a record holiday season fueled by more online shopping. last year, fed ex faced a lot ofbacklash because they didn't get the package to the destinations in time for the
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replacement galaxy note 7 phones in stores today. it's not enough -- it's enough to replace about half of the devices recalled for battery issues. the company will have replacements for the rest of the phones by the end of the month. so far about 25% of note 7 owners in the u.s. have exchanged the devices and baskin robbins is testing delivery with the help of the delivery company dore dash. the ceo says delivery is the feature for baskin robbins and dunkin massachusetts, the ce he o says people want convenience for now deliveries only available in l.a. and chicago. at least this summer when it is warm again hopefully he. >> you are spoiled because in new york you can get literally anything delivered. so this is probably nothing as exciting as it is for us probably nothing for you. >> reporter: you have post mates? >> no.
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then why why-- yes you are right. post mates you are use a service and you can get anything delivered. it's quite wonder newly we are jealous yet again. jill appreciate it. i guess we have to go to the google for that-and figure out what it is. >> the google kate. >> danielle i no doesn't know what she is talking about. >> i like how you are looking at no don't think we know what that is. weat about the warmth. it's been sticking around for the last couple days and we are talking about 80s again this afternoon. sky gazers look up this morning international space station is going to flyby at 5:18. so under an hour from now it's going to be bright and visible with mainly clear skies and you will be wanting to look to the west northwest it will be traveling to the east southeast it is visible for 8 minutes and temperatures right now are comfortable for viewing too. 70 in boston.
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still a little humid. out the door right now for a lot of us, but there's less humid air that's going to be working into the region today. 63 in worcester. 61 keene and that lower humidity is working into western and central new england. so we too will get into that during course of the day today. it won't feel sticky as it was out there yesterday afternoon. satellite and radar quiet too. we have a few high thin clouds but there's patchy fog and the patchy fog is locally dense. today, it's it canly ug particularly through the lower connecticut valley and cape cod. rain is pushing through the midatlantic through virginia and north carolina with an area of low pressure. this is going gradually work northward. but it's going to stay to the south because high pressure is building in from the the west. that's going to provide us with the dry stretch over the next couple days. so where do we go in terms of temperatures? 80 to 85 for many of us. it will be warm with lowering humidity upper 70s on cape cod.
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so we are well above average again. mostly clear tonight. chilliest suburbs the till cap spots norwood and taunton and bedford into the upper 50s-- 40 toss mid-50s. 63 -- 40s to mid-50s. at the coast around 80. a sea breeze kicks in mid-80s through the interior again. no weather issues for tomorrow night at gillette stadium. mostly clear and pleasant. nid-70s and 70s and fall back into the 60s. great night nor a -- for a game. friday morning, next chance for wet weather, we will be dry to start but late in the day we get a chance of a brief shower. friday let's say late afternoon and evening ushering in cooler air for weekend. karl has weakened but we now have tropical storm lisa way out near africa that will stay out to sea. don't have to worry about that but it's been busy in the tropics. fall starts tomorrow and it
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storm on friday and look at highs for the weekend. an early morning shower on saturday and only in the 60s. bright sunshine will be a chilly start on sunday morning breana. >> reporter: two right lanes on 93 southbound inside the o'neill tunnel are closed. right here you want to be on the look out. exit 20a and b is closed and this is planned construction. notice patchy fog for the morning commute. if you are coming up cape and up route 3 into the city and the fog lights. mbta is tackling trees. starting today an arborist will survey the conditions of the trees near the green line and crews will remove dead dying or damaged trees that are at risk of falling on the tracks. this will be happening on the d line from fenway to riverside. this year alone, the t says 21 trees or branches have fallen on the tracks or overhead electrical wires causing
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chris and kate. an update post mates delivers from any store hike chicago poll tay -- chicago poe tay or -- chipotle and we do have it in boston. >> thanks jill. >> thanks jill. a bizarre call for a dispatcher he a woman accidentally called from another continent. >> she was trying to report a car accident when the dispatcher realize there had was a big mix up police department in massachusetts. >> yes. >> massachusetts? >> yes massachusetts. >> there's no way you can help me is there. >> we are exactly are -- where exactly are you calling from? >> england. >> yeah. well, it's a different town. it's twin with barnstable england. >> oh. >> but yeah.
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>> yeah. i am sorry. oh never mind. bye, bye. >> okay bye, bye. >> she was so sweet. bye, bye. the woman was trying to reach the police in england and she is a smart -- she used a smart program that routed her call to cape codch dispatcher met the woman via skype through an interview on the bbc which is hilarious. >> that close because normally it's the opposite of whatever i ask. >> it would be can i call l.a. >> right. >> ahead this morning, two local moms in trouble with the law. >> the pair arrested outside a mall. how police say they put their infants in danger. >> plus the cambridge start up trying to turn gardening into a high tech hoppy inside your--
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officer cleared in the confrontation with a pedestrian caught on camera in the back bay. police commissioner now says the department investigation found the officer didn't do anything illegal. new video lee reese -- released shows officer edward barrett chasing milton gurin down the street in may. police now say gurin tripped and fell and was never tackled to the ground. commissioner says the evidence didn't point to a case of excessive force.
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investigation and the video and all the witnesses and even the coworkers even mr. gurin sort of all say that you know, he was not injured and he was not tackled and his head was not slammed to the ground and i don't know how much clearer that gets to tell you the truth. >> you have an officer saying this is what we are trained to do and that's terrifying if you are training your police officers to jump on people who are you know of the age mr. gurin and put your knee in the back and all worrisome because no crime was committed. >> gurin hit the officer's window of the car with the umbrella as he turned on arlington street. gurin was upset the officer cut him off in the crosswalk. police arrested two mothers who they say were so drunk they couldn't take care of their babies. officers say the women were in the parking lot of the mall at rockingham park in salem new hampshire on monday a. police say one woman was lying in a puddle holding her baby over the head.
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other family -- they are. >>-- they are now with other family members. mass shoes senator elizabeth warren getting atension for the grilling of the wells fargo ceo. he testified on capitol hill apologizing after employees secret thely opened unauthorized accounts to meet sales goals and promised to help any customers hurt by the scandal. but senator warren didn't hold back. >> if one of your tellers took a ha out of the cash drawer, they probably would be looking at criminal charges for theft they could end up in prison. but you squeezed your employees too the breaking point so they would cheat customers and you could drive up the value of your stock and put hundreds of millions of dollars in your own pocket. >> regulators fined wells fargo 185 million dollars.
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this could be the future of gardening and you can control it with your smart phone of course. it's called sprout dio created by a m.i.t. grad. boston business journal says it helps you grow produce year- round without soil and you control the lighting and watering from a app on your phone and u.s. you can customized how bitter or sweet it is. kick starter program starts today and early buyers >> what if you can't keep a regular house plant without killing it. >> maybe this is the new way. coming up exsetting the bar high. >> up next a local teen with a shot to break a national record
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i called for help as soon as i saw her. i found her wandering miles from home. when the phone rang at 5am, i knew it was about mom. i see how hard it's been on her at work and i want to help. for the 5 million americans living with alzheimer's, and millions more who feel its effects. let's walk together to make an even bigger impact and end alzheimer's for good.
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in an impressive national sports record could be broken this week. there's a chance to break a wins last year we profiled the the team. tomorrow they play at wilmington high at 3:45 with a a-- with a chance to seat report of -- record of 107 consecutive wins. >> i hope they get into awesome college and it helps the the rest of their lives. top stories weather and traffic are ahead on wbz.
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>> and breaking now protest turn violento night. people in north consider violent overnight. violent overnight. people in north carolina fill the streets. >> a 2-year-old hit by a car in brockton. what police are looking at. >> two dogs tied up and i bandobed in -- abandoned in boston of the. the search to find owners. >> this is wbz this morning. >> good morning at 5 thanks for joining i it's wednesday september 21st. still a steamy day feeling pretty good as we go outside. >> if you like the warmth it's for you again. we are talking about highs in the 80s. again this afternoon and for the first day of fall. it's shy of 70 so it's 69 at logan airport. 63 in worcester and 60 in keene. most of us are running in the 60s. there are 50s in the map but you have to go through the


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