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tv   WBZ News  CBS  September 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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breaking right now at 11, police protests turning violent in charlotte. at least one person shot as hundreds take to the streets. new video showing rescuers missing a wrecked suv that teenagers crashed. a woman walks right into the path of an oncoming duck boat. why she never saw it coming. this is up -- at 11. breaking news here at 11, chaos tonight on the streets of charlotte. police protests have taken a violent turn. one man shot by another demonstrator. dozens of people are under arrest. officers right now are pleading for peace. but clearly protesters are not listening. want to give you a live look at just how tense the situation has become in charlotte. very close to the ups to -- and the upscale on the hotel.
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trying to push the protesters back. liam martin joins us live with the latest. >> reporter: there were conflicting reports about the shooting of the protester. but the city of charlotte moments ago released a tweet saying that that black protester who was shot during a confrontation by another civilian is on life support at this hour. not dead as had been reported earlier. this was after a night of chaos in north carolina's largest city. the situation on the streets of charlotte turned abruptly from marching to running and then charlotte police setting off teargas and flash bangs near the omni hotel, police forming a barricade. someone through fireworks, a police helicopter hovered above. arresting several people and unleashing more teargas. the violent protests rocked part of the city after scott's
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of what led up to the shooting are only adding two tensions. police maintained officers in the area looking for another man encountered scott with a gun. when he did not respond to commands, they say that's one officer brantley vincent opened fire. >> a weapon was seized. a handgun. i can also tell you we did not find a book. >> reporter: family members and the woman who recorded this video moments after the shooting say scott, a father of seven, was reading in his car when officers approached. >> i saw the book fall off his lap. >> reporter: pic yet released video from that shooting. the shooting as keith scott, followed the shooting death of another black man in tulsa, oklahoma. there have been no charges filed in either case but police departments are investigating both. live in the satellite center, liam martin, wbz news. >> thank you. another look at the protest in charlotte. the crowd has dispersed somewhat. it has been a violent night. the charlotte observer
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support, at least one other person is hospitalized and seven police officers, keeping a close eye on one of the very tense situations, we'll have the very latest starting at 4:30 on wbz news this morning. new video justin that shows rescuers actually lifting a wrecked suv off of a group of teenagers who were accused of stealing it. those teenagers are in the hospital. and witnesses are describing a frightening scene in roxbury. katie brace is live tot. katie? >> reporter: the owner who owns the stolen suv tells me she saw a group of teens steal her villa call and she called 911. their joyride ended when they spend around this corner and flipped the suv down the street. and boston police are saying tonight that one of the teens involved has life-threatening injuries. cell phone video shows first responders struggling to lift a
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this witness did not want to be identified. >> they tried to flip it up. they held it. >> reporter: the owner saw the kid steal it in jamaica plain and called police. she described the driver as looking about 14 years old. >> we got a stolen car. it's going towards wash park. someone is chasing it. >> reporter: she stayed with officers as she says they chased the suv into roxbury. other witnesses also describe it as a car chase but boston police stopped short of calling it that. >> you't so he's flipped over. >> reporter: the land rover was speeding when it turned from mlk boulevard or -- it hit a white van. driven by brenton forbes. witnesses described one of the teens jumping out of the suv. they say he's the one handcuffed in this video. backpacks were stacked up nearby. john mohammed who has lived here all his life wonders why had before 2:00 p.m.
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school. again at 14 years old, back in my time they had truant officers. >> reporter: investigators worked late into the night. many witnesses short -- shook their heads. >> it is tough. i mean, you know, what can you say? >> reporter: boston police are releasing very few details about this crime at this time. we do know five people were taken to the hospital and one of the teens has been treated and released already. reporting live in roxbury, katie brace, wbz news. backup, the patriots coming up with a new game plan less than 24 hours before tomorrow night's game and guessing what bill belichick might do is a dangerous game. but it does appear that jacoby brissett will be the starting quarterback in this primetime game. here on channel 4. let's get right to our steve burton, for the latest. steve? >> thank you very much. looking more and more likely that jacoby brissett will make his first start when the patriots take on the texans.
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injured his right shoulder during the second quarter of sunday's game against the dolphins and did not return. he's been listed as limited parts -- participation the past few days but those practices have been more like walk- throughs with no contact. earlier today bill belichick told the sports hub he was not sure when there would be an official announcement. >> that's a good question. it might be as early as this afternoon. might be as late as when we turn in the inactive tomorrow night. anytime you have a short week, you have a few players banged up that are working their way back. and where exactly they'll be on gametime, a lot of times you don't know until thursday night. >> certainly looks like the rookie will get the start. coming up, duron harmon tells us why reset will be well prepared for his first start. >> thanks. a live look at gillette stadium now, the home opener coincides with the first day of
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just about everywhere else. eric has the details. >> less than 12 hours from the equinox at 10:21. summer weather holding on strong, 83 in boston. well above average this time of season although more comfortable tonight because the humidity is lower. many times back into the 50s. low 70s in the city which will fall back into the 60s. dew points in a more comfortable zone. compared to the start of the week. a really nice morning and then we're going to see warming temperatures, a lot of head into the afternoon. humidity still in check. coolest temperatures toward cape cod and islands with southwest breeze. screen fall but the forecast does. lisa and david? >> thanks, erik. new cameras on the boston duck boat captured this, a woman walking right off the curb and into the path of the vehicle. never even looking before she
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few months ago after a deadly accident involving a duck boat in the back bay. wbz's louisa mueller is live in boston tonight. louisa? >> that woman suffered nonlife threatening injuries but you saw that video. it is pretty scary and unfortunately it's not the first incident of its kind. a duck boat surveillance camera was rolling. when this woman seemingly unaware rambled right into its oncoming path and the two collided. >> i just saw people gathering >> reporter: it happened in the busy back bay just before noon wednesday at the intersection of boston and arlington street. the video shows the woman was not in the crosswalk. >> seemed pretty concerned. >> reporter: the latest in a series of incidents involving the city tour company. first in april, when a moped driven by alison warmuth was crushed by a duck boat killing the 28-year-old. after that, boston duck tours
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must's parents to improve safety. >> we pray there will not be another tragedy like this one. >> in july another woman was struck by a duck boat in back bay. the company said she did not have a crossing signal. in august, a duck boat crashed into a drive overpass, the driver reportedly diverted because beacon hill was blocked off. matt dexter says this incident is the result of the kind of careless judgmen all the time. >> i see cars honking at pedestrians running in front of them all the time. people trying to double park right here on this corner. with cars whipping around the corner. >> reporter: boston duck tours released a statement saying in part the company is committed to operating safely but pedestrians have to do their part too. live in boston, louisa mueller, wbz news. a 52-year-old woman was hit
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pharmacy. sadly has died now. sky eye over the scene this afternoon, paramedics took the driver to the hospital. that crash remains under investigation. police have not identified the victim. family members of a sniper murdered in boston now say the healing can begin. a jury today convicted peter castillo up shooting and killing stephen perez, gunning him down in an argument caught on video. this happened four years ago when two groups stte district. perez served tours in iraq and afghanistan. castille will be sentenced to life in prison. there is a search for two mystery men who were seen on camera around the time of the bombing in new york on saturday night. they are seen removing an on detonated bomb from a piece of luggage and then walking away with the actual luggage leaving behind the bomb. investigators are not calling
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talk to them and they want that piece of luggage back as evidence. also getting a gloves tonight a first glimpse of the bloody journal of the bombing suspect, he was carrying when he was captured. investigators say the notebook is full of terror related ramblings. by the way, he is recovering tonight in a new jersey hospital. we are told he has not been cooperating with police and investigators say his wife will be returning back to the u.s. soon. david, tonight a troubling look at what the opioid crisis is doing to families and a loca this next video is disturbing. a shopper at a family dollar store in lawrence shot this cell phone video. that's a mother who has overdosed, lying unconscious on the store floor. her 2-year-old daughter is crying and trying to get her mother to wake up. paramedics revive that mother with narcan. police worry this little girl has actually witnessed this before. >> very, very disturbing. to see someone obviously --
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overtake someone to the point where they're not able to take care of their child. >> that little girl is with the department of child and family services. they may be the underdogs tomorrow night but don't count them out. next at 11:00, patriots fans with high hopes tonight, that the team will still win. talking about summer weather that does not want to go, couple more days in the 80s but you want the crisp feel, it's on the way. full forecast coming up. keeping a cl of violence in charlotte. police trying to control anti- police protesters in the streets tonight. we do know one person has been shot by another protester during this caye caulker --
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the pictures coming out of charlotte have been tough to watch. this is breaking news throughout the evening. a man shot during police
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condition. that man was shot as police in riot gear protected an upscale hotel in charlotte. these are live pictures right now. you can see at the top of your screen, the line of police and you can see protesters still scattered about the streets there. protesters very angry about the police shooting of keith lamont on tuesday. investigators say he had a gun while neighbors and his family say video of the shooting has not yet been released. the police shootings this week in charlotte and in tulsa oregon making racial tensions and violence a major topic in the presidential race. >> we're going to rebuild our inner cities because our african-american communities are absolutely in the worst shape that they've ever been in before, ever, ever. >> in the united states of america the greatest country in
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is created equal. >> [ applause ] >> hillary clinton and donald trump face off in their first debate monday night at 9:00. you'll be able to watch it right here on wbz. believe it or not the patriots are actually underdogs tomorrow night in their game against the texans. >> you don't see that often. fans not worried. in their last 11 games, as underdogs, the pats are 9-2. no problem. shawntae lands is live in foxboro. doesn't even matter who's at quarterback? backing jacoby brissett saying he is poised and totally capable of getting the job done. >> i'm really excited to see third string quarterback go in. >> reporter: jacoby brissett has-beens -- catapulted into the spotlight. >> he's got poise and he should do well. >> reporter: the rookie will likely be the new the patriot starting quarterback thursday against the houston texans. he is the replacement for tom brady replacement jimmy
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that shoulder. >> reporter: pats fans, now back brissett. >> i'm not worried about how it's going to pan out. >> third string quarterback, not worried? >> not at all. >> reporter: the pats have not officially announced who will start but all eyes are on preset. >> definitely some challenges but it's not a scary game necessarily. it would be scary if we had you know, back. >> reporter: preset could be under center until brady returns in week five. >> it's actually fine because he's resting and he'll be fresh legs whereas other teams have four games under their belt and they've been beat. >> reporter: with no brady and now nogueira below, the pats will face familiar faces now in texans uniforms. >> they've got o'brien, romeo, a lot of our guys. so they know our system. >> reporter: seems like the pats are not the underdogs.
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in bill we trust. learn to not get nervous about this team. maybe that's a bad thing but we'll see what happens. >> it's quiet out here right now. in the parking lot and the stadium, but this time tomorrow, it will be packed with fans. >> reporter: live at gillette stadium, shawntae lands, wbz news. >> all right. i'm not even remotely worried. >> i'm not either. >> i'm excited for this game. this has been a great week for sun sets. >> eric has logged many steps racing up to the roof know if those of the pictures you are showing us tonight. >> a secret latter. all the way up to the top of the building. i don't think anybody else goes up there. you been sending in these awesome photos, 3-3 on sun sets. this one from wayne over the cape cod canal, gorgeous guy tonight. this one from whalen lake in lunenburg. perfect reflection in the water. the sky was on fire. and then one more, this one from nick out on breakwater
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last sunset of summer. it was beautiful. in terms of temperature, nice comfortable night, not as humid as it has been. 73 in the city but most towns down through the 60s. 50s by tomorrow morning. the colder air, blue shade, still locked up in canada. and then we're going to start to see that shift towards fall. as for rainfall, that is off to our south. remnants of julia still spinning. looks like that will stay to our south. the only complaint in our forecast moving forward, very fe morning, sunshine warms up into the 70s by lunchtime, into the 80s tomorrow afternoon. forecasting 82 in boston, 87 in bedford, jeffrey up to 83, light southwesterly wind during the afternoon. temperatures in the 70s closer to the shoreline. first day of fall, why not go to the beach? 76 to 82. southeasterly breeze at most of the shoreline, 5 to 10. so looking at overall another warm day.
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for the patriots in the parking lot, low 80s, kickoff at 8:25, 74. dry air in place and then toward the end of the game, expecting 60s. friday is our day of transition. through the morning we'll have sunshine, going to warm us up pretty quickly and many towns topped 80. especially along and south of the pike. through the afternoon, this front is going to charge down from northern new england and bring in much cooler air and we look towards new hampshire, the main coastline, pretty quickly in the day falling into the 60s and 70s. mainly cloudy and in the 50s and 60s so a big change by friday evening. also going to bring in a few rain showers. those showers move offshore early on saturday morning, cooler air just pours on down from canada. if you been waiting for that first really crisp cool weekend of the season, this one is it. upper 60s on saturday, clearing
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afternoon, lower 60s on sunday. chilly breeze and really dry air. humid stuff is taking a break. dew points down into the 30s for sunday, monday which means we could have patchy fog in the area on monday morning. coldstart, coolest stretch of whether since may. it has definitely been a while. but the ac going to turn off. over to you. >> sounds good. the red sox reducing their magic number and pulling away from baltimore and the re
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increasingly clear that the red sox are never going to lose ever again. they are on the street now. we've come to expect it and they are keeping that up for the time being. >> this is one hot baseball team. >> on fire. sizzling. just got finished sweeping the yankees. a chance to do it again in baltimore. they have won seven in a row. this game is fun to watch. top of the six, trailing 1-0. two outs, slowly grounds want
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away. a rare miscue from the first baseman. that allows two runs to score. next batter, see you. gone. gone. two-run homer. second big league home run. just like that, 5-1 socks. all five unearned. clay buchholz got the start. looks great. just one run on three hits, wa he continues to impress. 5-1 for the season-high seven straight win. this team is just on fire. more good news, blue jays just lost so the sox own a five game lead over toronto and six over baltimore with just 10 games to play. magic number now down to six. patriot nation, the question everybody wants to know, is jimmy j going to play against the texans? he's got a 25% chance of
11:26 pm
on garrotte below to be ready to go as quickly as possible. reminding him that tom brady has played through similar injuries throughout his career. earlier today we asked the sports hub if that type of thing goes on in nfl locker rooms. >> if you go in and take a ct scan or x-ray and it comes back negative, we've done this with gronkowski and edelman. then it becomes about tolerance and the guy prior to him has done it for 17 years. i can't tell you the amount of times brady has gotten shot up and attempted to play. jimmy is going to do everything he can and if he could somehow numb the pain to get out there. >> so with garrotte below lightly out, jacoby brissett will make his first start tomorrow night. he played well enough against the dolphins after jimmy j went down but still a rookie. earlier this week i sat down with ron harmon and asked him about the quarterback situation. >> you are 2-0. you've got one quarterback left.
11:27 pm
left. right now. >> yeah. >> are you guys all right? >> i think we're going to be all right. i'll say this, man. you know more than anybody else here we have that next man up mentality. and he's the quarterback. jacoby. we have all the faith in him. we know josh is going to do his job of getting him ready. all we can do is focus on what we can do as fa stopping the run, limiting big plays and tackling. >> you can see the rest of my one-on-one with harmon tomorrow night on patriots game day at 7:00. kickoff at 80:25 followed by the fifth quarter postgame show over on my tv 38. it's going to be a fun night tomorrow night. all of us will be here. >> we will be there with you. red sox fans hungry for every last moment. with david ortiz. >> this one is an especially good one. what went into making this
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we are pretty blessed around here. >> yes, we are. >> they will win tomorrow night. >> i hope so. >> stephen: jeff twitty! hey, man. >> hey. >> stephen: don't get up. >> okay. ( laughter ) >> stephen: anyway, i'm so glad you're coming on show. i'm a huge fan. >> thanks, stephen. i'm also a huge >> stephen: i see you like keeping your guitar close. >> wherever i am, you will ally find my guitar. >> stephen: lucille. >> excuse me. >> stephen: lucille, your guitar. i know exactly what you mean. i gotta have my music close, too. that's why i always carry around my little lady. >> you play harmonica?


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