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tv   WBZ News  CBS  September 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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livan reid is standing by live with more on the other guys that won't be hoping to be playing tonight. levan, take it away. >> tell his teammates that he's going to play. what's the deal? jacoby brissett would like gronk in the lineup. right now, he remains a game- time decision. he's doing everything he needs to do to get back on the field. now >> definitely going to be a coach's decision. just doing everything i can right now. improvement every, single day. basically, just day by day right now. >> go. >> high tower said nothing to our lisa hughes about playing or not. so we have no idea. we have no idea if dont'a hightower will play. i'm hearing from sources that
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if he would come back out on the field. back to you across the field. >> reporter: i'll tell you one thing, they are all itching to play. gronk wants to play. dont'a hightower wants to play. tonight in the meantime, let's turn it back over to lisa and david. >> steve burton, thank you so much. there is a certain buzz in the air whether it be monday night football, sunday night football, or thursday night football where the patriots seem to be doing . times in the history and won the past six in a row. in addition, they have never lost at home to the houston texans. so this is great tonight. they will be pumped up when they walk out on this field. they are already geared up, the fans, that is. >> nick giovanni has been out in the parking lot talking to the tailgaters. i don't know if you have seen
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they may not have been a huge seller, but maybe after tonight. >> reporter: take a look. tailgaters as far as the eye can see. 2 1/2 hours before kickoff, and when you think about it, we're in unfarm territory out here. the patriots underdogs at home and starting a rookie quarterback. jacoby brissett was 9 months old the last time they did just that. is that phasing anyone out here? i think not. revving up the game day routine. patriots nation packed the parking lot early. the patriots are bringing in a lot of fans from as far away as seattle. the 2-0 patriots and 2-0tle itens. >> it's going to be tough for both teams. >> reporter: tailgaters found themselves in unfamiliar territory. the patriots are underdogs at
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>> we're ready for brissett. thinking he's going to play great. i'm enjoying the pre-season and enjoy tonight. >> couldn't help but question the qb contingency plan. watching garoppolo go down in week two. around this building, the next man up is more than just a motto. it is a source of comfort for patriots nation. >> no uncertainty. still a team. the quarterback doesn't make the team. >> bill belichick wins then they'll need to rename the lombardi trophy the belichick trophy. >> reporter: you know it is a patriots party when someone breaks out the lobster. how about six 6 pounders. i'm going to park it right here to see if i can squeeze in room for one more. i mean, succulent. i'll just say that. oh, oh, it's like that? it's going to be like that here in the parking lot.
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that assignment. he is very smart. >> they have red wine and lobster. >> the full spread there, i love it. >> you mix in thursday football and rush hour traffic. i know from experience, you are bound to have a few problems. >> the mad dash is on to get to gillette before the kickoff. brianna has been watching the maps for us. how's it looking? >> reporter: it is 2 if you are taking 128, there are triple digit lines. david and lisa? >> okay. >> thank you, brianna. i was thinking in my head how many unusual things are going on here. you have a third string quarterback starting the game. it's september and it's considered to be a big game, and the weather is incredible.
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it gets a little windy from time to time. just a little. >> of course you have the open end zone on the northwest side, so we have a south westerly breeze this evening. all told it's gorgeous. it is the first evening of fall. take a look at the current conditions at gillette. we're expecting it's it it as you move tailgate is near 80. that is not bad by late september standards. but fall is here, and we'll start to feel it. tomorrow afternoon, rain showers into the evening and behind it, the cooler air with many of it angling for full pumpkin spice. for now, david, lisa, back to you. sounds good, eric. so happy to have thursday night football for you. our coverage here is getting
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minutes. we'll tell what you goes into putting a big broadcast together like this. that and more coming back live from gillette until now. let's send it back to liam martin. guys? >> david, lisa, we'll see you then. we want to get right to breaking news now tonight in stoughton. >> police responding this evening for reports of shots fired. sky eye over the scene on washington street just about an hour ago. cbs released a statement just a few moments ago saying there customers inside of the store near the front checkout. the store temporarily closed. we have a crew on the way there and we'll bring you an update as soon as we get them. also, out of tulsa, oklahoma, the white police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man has been charged with first degree manslaughter. it shows terrence crutcher with his arms in the air. officer betty shelby's attorney
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reaching into his suv for a gun, but police did not find one. in other news tonight a guilty plea from a rhode island man charged with terrorist 25- year-old nicholas rasinski admitting to con firing to help isis. prosecutors say he had a plan to behead a conservative blogger. under the plea deal, he will face 15 to 22 years in prison. he will be sentenced next march. stillest come, our -- coverage. >> coming up, why they need to specifically need bounce back. >> -- specifically bounce back. >> and the patriots' new look for tonight's game and the famous group who will be
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welcome back here to gillette as we get ready for thursday night football on wbz. >> kickoff at 8:35 tonight. a lot of excitement here. safe to say they saw the caliber of the patriots over the years. all kinds of frequent flier points. >> they often cover the number one team that patriots for the past 15 years. one of the things i returned yesterday when i took a behind the scenes tour of what goes in to putting on a broadcast like this. home turn for the patriots is a familiar term for the sports crew. >> we have close to 80 or more games over the last 12 years.
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the technical wiz. >> cameras that spin all friday an incredible image. he doesn't have to do this show in the snow. the team is good so we're always doing big games here. i feel like we're here all of the time. this is the first time remember weather like this. you know this is highly unusual. >> as unusual as this game, brady suspended, garoppolo injury of injured. belichick recently told us with a heavy dose of sarcasm how he feels about story lines going into a big game. >> i'm really concerned about the story line. there's nothing higher on my list than the story line tomorrow. >> reporter: so what is it like
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the broadcast. >> reporter: the broadcast team always meets with the head coach and belichick, he says,always accommodating. >> he has been a great friend to me. he's been a great friend to our crew. >> reporter: he also meets with the starting quarterback. which quarterback do you sit down with? >> we sit down with the guy who came in at the end of last week. >> reporter: so brissett? >> yeah. >> no jimmy g.? >> no. >> reporter: do you have secrets you are holding? >> no secrets. i'm an open book. >> when i heard it yesterday that he talked to brissett, you knew we wouldn't be seeing jimmy g. i said do you have any inside information? i meant about the game. he said oh, like restaurants that bill belichick tells me about? i said no, but then he told me a few that belichick told him
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>> you may here the referee system here. eric, if there were a night to wear a hawaiian shirt, this would be it. >> it's a warm evening and fells like summer with the first night of fall. let's look at some of the currents around the region and talk about changes that will be moving for us. right now, 69 in boston with the winds coming in off the harbor tonight. much warmer inland. then you see the bluer shades locked up in eastern canada. that's the air mass we're watching. away from the water, 78 and 80 degrees right now. nashua is very warm, 82. the air is dry. maybe clear skies falling into the 50s and low 60s in downtown boston with a southwest breeze. tomorrow, bright start, bright skies. we head toward lunchtime.
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degrees. even topping it past noon. we dress for summer and have a jacket ready for the commute home. it will be significantly different. we'll look at that hour by hour. great for the beach first half. day. the warmest temperatures are going to be from the south shore to the cape to the islands. the seacoast and cape ann will get into the cooler air and clouds faster tomorrow. so here is a look at the hour by hour. the clouds increasing during the afternoon with a chance for a few scre rumble of thunder into tomorrow evening. i don't think it will be very widespread. we will see the clouds. those move offshore saturday morning. bottom line for the weekend will be brightening skies. much cooler, drier air. the first real blast of the crisp, fall weekend is right on schedule. the first official weekend of fall will feel really nice. look at the dew point drop from the mugginess tomorrow to dew points in the 30s for
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are going to get chilly. looks like our coldest night will be sunday into monday morning. look at the 30s. there might even be a patchy fog north and west of boston. the cold nights are going to look for much brighter colors. umass and gillette stadium checking on mississippi state. looks like a great afternoon for football. the phantom gourmet fenway park zanoun to 4:00 upper 60s with a breeze out of the north-northwest. the cool air is centered on sunday and monday. a bit of a warm-up on tuesday. the elusive heavy rain event region-wide is still exactly that, elusive. certainly no rain tonight. a picture perfect night.
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the patriots are one-point underdogs. even once we know who the starting quarterback is, what does he do later in the game? >> that says a lot about the patriots. let's go to steve burton with the latest on what's happening here at gillette. i feel good about this, steve opinion. >> reporter: all signs are pointing to jaco being the starter tonight. is reporting jimmy garoppolo is not even going to dress for tonight's game. so brissett will be the man. this means julian edleman will be the backup tonight. seems like the logical choice. belichick was asked about it
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the field. you have to know that some of the guys are still sore from miami. these quick turn-arounds are tough mentally and physically with so little time to get ready. >> it's always tough to prepare in the nfl. a shorter week puts the bigger emphasis on the film room and moving past whatever happened the day before studying the players. >> those in little league are also here tonight. levan is on the sideline with more on jacoby brissett. >> reporter: it is about a half hour before the injury report comes out. brissett will be the starter
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they'll ask you is he ready? he came in sunday and kept the patriots offense somewhat moving. defense is ready for the next step. >> it's been a learning process since i've been here. he's a smart, young kid. i know he hasn't been in the nfl for a long time, but he seems, you know, to really grasp what the offense trying to do. he learns, and i'm excited to see what the future holds. >> when jacoby takes the field, he will be the first african- american quarterback in this franchise to start and the first rookie quarterback since 1993. you can name that guy, his name is drew bed so he. danny? -- drew bledsoe. danny? >> reporter: the patriots defense struggled against miami
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defense with a subpar performance against the dolphins. take a look at the second half where the patriots defense allowed them to erase a deficit with 20 unearned answered points. the pats held on to win the gale, yes, but the defense wasn't too pleased. >> you know, it was just you didn't play well or like always, watch the film and try to fix some things that going forward and then just moved on. >> reporter: remember, coming up at the top of the hour, much more on the matchup on patriots game day. kickoff at 8:25 immediately followed bit fifth quarter post game show over on my tv 38. we send it back down to the field with steve burton. i can tell you everything is flowing quite nicely at the cbs team so far. hopefully things could be
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team? yeah, our baseball team in boston are red hot. they swept the yankees. they are looking for their eighth straight win. unbelievable. the magic number is now down to six. lisa and david, how good do we have it around here? >> pretty good. thank you, steve burton. i have to say, i haven't even seen a play yet, but jacoby brissett here, jacoby ellsbury here. >> all right. when we come back, the new look
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. >> back here live at gillette stadium. when the patriots take the field, they will be sporting a new look. >> we could show you the picture of the color rush uniforms. it means that the teams are
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color. patriots uniforms are blue. the patriots tweeted out this picture showing them all lined up in the locker room as they promoted their new gear. to help promote the blue color, the blue man group will be in the stands tonight. oh, i don't know. now we know the real reason. we'll take a quick break.
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. >> a live look tonight at gillette stadium. in just about two hours, texasens will be taking on the patriots for thursday night football. >> 30 minutes from now, they'll have the injury report out, the official final injury report. we expect that it will sega ron low is out.
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about 30 minutes. it's going to be a great game on cbs. >> when the game is over, you can watch the fifth quarter. every time a new charter school opens in massachusetts, it takes funding away from regular public schools in that area. this year alone, charter schools will take more than 400 million dollars away from neighborhood public schools. that's not right. instead of draining even more money from neighborhood public schools and giving it to charters, let's devote public resources to all of our students... not just a select few.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: now it's a criminal case. the the tulsa police officer who fatally shot a black motorist is charged with manslaughter. >> a warrant has been issued for her arrest. >> pelley: also tonight, the national guard moves in to charlotte to try to prevent another night of violence after black man there. a cbs news investigation. did a general delay important intelligence meant for the president? more hack attacks. the white house is a target, and so are half a billion yahoo! accounts. and the president honors the man who put the mo in motown ? baby love


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