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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  September 23, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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now. >> right now at 5 the next man up delivers. gentleman cokey brissett leads the pats to a huge win over the texans. levan reid is here with the reaction and action. >> curfew goes into effect in charlotte north carolina. >> a teen shot inside a local cvs. the search for three suspects this morning. >> live from the studios in boston, this is wbz news this morning. >> good morning thanks for waking up with us. i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kate merrill. it's friday september 23rd a beautiful day yesterday. barry burbank is here and hopefully another beautiful day today. >> yea think we will get another warm day before it cools off. weekend will be fine but it will feel like fall. this morning it feels like fall in a couple spots in the low lying places like norwood and
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but otherwise low to middle 60s. more cloud cover coming down from the north as a front approaches from the north and sends temperatures down late this afternoon. so there are showers mainly across the northern mountains. and there's a slight chance of an isolated sprinkle but clouds will thicken the sunshine will be doing sort of a dimming act as clouds come down. building clouds this afternoon we go to 81 to 84 and then turns cooler late in the day. showers move the like -- most like weekend forecast is coming up. traffic and weather together good morning breana. >> reporter: watch out for construction crews this morning on the expressway left two lanes are closed from mass avenue through the tunnel to the zakim bridge. they are supposed to be reopening any moment. there's construction southbound the right lanes are closed inside the tunnel exit 20a and b is closed as well. we will let you know when that reopens but for now drive slow around the workers.
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your step pats win. >> reporter: you know it. >> patriots giving houston a problem. jacoby bringette leading the pats to a 27-0 win and running right here for his first career touchdown. check out the move. and check out what he does next. brissett brought the touchdown ball over to the sideline and handed it over to the coach belichick and after the game coach gave it back to brissett. this picture tweeted by nascar driver kyle busch. what win for the pats quarterback. >> texans shut out for the first time since 2003. levan reid joins us this morning with the highlights and post game reaction. good morning. >> good morning. don't you think it was random kyle busch was in the locker room like chilling. he is like i am going to send out this picture and bill belichick is cryptic. but no problem. so here's question which patriots quarterback is going
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tb12 comes back in a little over two weeks the answer who kaisers. no one -- cares. no one thought the pats would play this well without tom brady. thursday night under the lights, pats up 3-0 and brissett calls his number and gone. 27 yards to the house. and he had 8 carries with 48 yards on the night pats up 10-0 at break. let's close it out. blount he does the honors. 2 games in a row pay dirt. 105 rushing yards and two touchdowns on the night. pats win with ease texans are like this is. [audio not understandable] it was 27-0 the pats improve to 3-0 on the season. >> so proud of the way the guys competed and just tried to do everything we asked them to do. and they really worked hard and happy for the success that they had tonight. >> did you have any nerves at all through the game.
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part of a great organization and great team. a lot of the veterans players stepped up and helped me out a lot. just giving me confidence and coaching staff gave me confidence and everything went from there. >> that's a good question by that guy. check this out after the first touchdown brissett gives the ball to belichick and afterwards we found it it's a belichick tradition for first touchdown. >> we give him the ball to makesure they don't go >> that's his first touchdown ball. >> look at coach smiling he hikes winning but more he likes beating his friends. smiles foreone. brissett -- for everyone brissett made history being thefirst african american quarterback to start for the pats and first rookie since bledsoe in 1993a great night for the rook and a team right there. coming up, we will look at how the defense shined and that's later in the show. kate. >> all right levan thank you.
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his latest mock newspaper on facebook. the tv times reads pats mets with texans see him particulareling with the feather. >> every pats fans were messing with texans. patriots nation are waking up with smiles. >> fans are pumped and we caught up with some. anna meiler has more a lot of people are happy about this one anna. >> reporter: and chris this was the first time in a that pats fans showed up having no idea what to expect. but they didn't leave des appointed. no brady no garoppolo no problem. the patriots pull off win number 3 of the season with third string quarterback jacoby brissett at the helm. >> he is amazing. backups backup the way he played are you serious. i mean, the way he ran the first touchdown i was blown away. >> reporter: unstoppable team
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fans celebrated in the parking lot after the big win. >> first timers patriots fans we love belichick he is awesome. he is the master. no one can beat him. no one can beat him man. >> reporter: this was a lot ofuncertainty leading up to thursday night with tom brady on game 3 of the suspension and jimmy ga ropely suffering a sprained ac in the throwing arm the first rookie to start since 1993. >> we want and if he puts us on the road we are all about it. >> reporter: fans partied in the parking lot decked out in pats gear one group showing support with giant lobsters. all of them shutting down the idea of being the underdog. >> this is it. we are all for gentleman could by here. >> reporter: -- jacoby here. >> reporter: and the fans were right once again the patriots undefeated so far this sea heson. now it's on to the bills the
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stadium anna meiler wbz this morning. >> big smile from you too. thanks very much. the pats now have a little time off. next game is sunday october 2nd against the bills at gillette stadium. you can see all the action right here on wcb kick off at one -- wbz kicking off at one. there was heavy police presence and some travelers reported seeing men in militaryn patrolling the area. unattended vehicle was towed away and is under investigation. the airport has reopened. also breaking demonstrators on the streets of charlotte north carolina despite a curfew in effect for another hour ending at 6 a.m. police say as long as the protests are peaceful, they will not force people off the streets. the city's mayor put the midnight to 6 a.m. curfewn effect after -- curfew
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violent protests. >> the protests involve the vote shoot afg unarmed black man -- involve the shooting of a unarmed black man. the family was able to view thvideo from and the family wants the video to be released to the public. in oklahoma a white police office here shot and killed an unarmed black man is manslaughter charges. dash cam and helicopter video shows terence crutcher walking away with his arms in the air when officer betty shelby shot him. her attorney says he was not following police orders and reached into his suv when shelby fired the single shot. new overnight a civilian traffic officer working in a construction detail in lexington was hit by a vehicle it happened at fallen road and pleasant streetch the vehicle
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driver did stay to get help. the man will be okay. he went to the hospital with a leg injury. a developing story in stoughton a teen shot inside a cvs store. the search is is now on for the suspects right now. wbz any he coal jacobs is live in -- nicole jacobs is live in stoughton. what are police saying. >> reporter: i spoke with the police and they say there's no update they can provide at this time but last night the interim chief made it very cl transpired inside the store because of surveillance video. skyeye above the stoughton cvs store where thursday afternoon there was a shooting. >> everybody came running out of the store. >> reporter: wbz learned there were a number of customers inside the store along with employees. they were not injured. >> it was a customer that was inside the store three individuals walked into the store today and had an
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chief says an 18-year-old was shot in the shoulder area and taken to good samaritan hospital. >> certainly this bothers me. it was not a random act. >> reporter: authorities are not revealing much about what transpired here only saying they are interviewing witnesses and looking at surveillance. this woman saw the aftermath. >> it looked like he was resisting and they threw him on the ground and they put him in that car. >> reporter: the store remained closed while investigators processed the scene. >> i act -- brazen act because people were in the store and other potential victims and be thankful there were not other victims. >> reporter: at this point police say no arrests have been made and as for that 18-year- old who was shot, we are told he is expected to be okay. live in stoughton nicole jacobs. >> thanks very much for theupdiet. investigators have not -- update. investigators have not questioned the man suspect in the new york and new jersey
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injuries. ahmad rahami has been unconscious and incubated for most of the time he underwent surgery. he might have cased the neighborhood he targeted in advance. moon while his wife is expected -- meanwhile his wife is expected in the united states. she is said to be cooperating with investigators and they have not said whether she is considered a suspect. a warning this morning if you have a yahoo account the company is dealing with a massive security breach and what could be the largest cyber attack ever. hackers mail addresss phone numbers birth dates and passwords of 500 million users. all users are told to change passwords and change the security questions immediately. not just on yahoo but any account with a stim lar -- similar password and first lady mi shoal o-- michelle obama may be the victim of a hack. information about her passports
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president were posted. just about 5:12 on your friday morning. a boston man's big plan. why he wants to swim the english channel. >> a update in the search to arway ward manatee spotted off the cape. >> and the housebreaking the bank in brookline. see what 90 million dollars will get you barry you got 91 million. >> i got 91. anyway good morning chris and kate. hi everybody. here's what's happening. we have shores across northern new england over the nort some of the showers could arrive here and i will tell you how warm today will be and how the flip side how col the weekend had be. i will see -- cool the weekend
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if you have 9 a million deldoll -- 90 million dollars you want to spend and look for a home it could be yours for that price in brookline. it belo and the 26,000 square foot home is situated on 14 plus acres inside, you are look at 24 bedrooms d. looking at 24 rooms- - looking at 24 rooms anthrax run 338,000 a year but you will be neighbors with robert cast and tom brady who both -- kraft and tom brady who live in the area. >> the cleaning of that house alone is the reason i wouldn't
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pick it up. >> it would take a year to clean the whole house. >> all those bath rooms. and the realtor coldwell banker if they get the typical 5% that's 4.5 million dollars in commission. >> okay. >> not too shabby. >> no. >> not at all. >> you might want to get into real estate. >> yes. i live next door and i have a half acre. >> and a tent. >> all right what are it's beautiful. >> it's gobbing warming up today to the 80s and then we lower the boom a little bit. it's going to feel like fall this weaning. so autumnal weather is on the way. let's see what's going on with the map. we have a tropical storm out there and i will be right with him in one second because if you look at that tropical storm it's heading into bermuda going through time. and it's going to actually cause tropical storm warnings
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hitting them probably along about tomorrow night or sometime over weekend. so, that's bermuda and we have tropical storm karl heading towards bermuda but for us we don't have to worry about karl because it's going way out in the atlantic. september another day with above average temperatures yesterday. plus 7 so the mean temperature for month is plus 3.8 and near normal it's not that cool this morning across northern new england where it's in the 60s. a lot of cloud cover has rolled down there in fact it's raining across the northern mountains. it stayed clear much of the night and radiational cooling and cooled off to near 50 from norwood and taunton lower 50th southeastern massachusetts. and 48 -- 50th in northeastern massachusetts. 48 in the vineyard. it is going to be warm today. and then really dry air is
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so it's not going to be humid today but it's going to be warm and nice but it's going to be as sunny as yesterday was. despite the lack of a lot of bright sunshine, the temperatures will go up to 08 to 84. and -- 80 to 84 and fall back later this afternoon. you can trace the warmth where this is the hottest weather in the tennessee valley and great plains and low and even middle 90s there. they are going to stay hot there. there's karl in the atlantic and it will make a run at meantime, we have the slow moving across new england. an outside chance of a sprinkle in southern new hampshire but as the low brings the cold front down the showers in northern new england will move across northern new england and we get the cloudiness around here into the afternoon but then it starts to develop showers by late this afternoon into the evening hours as you can see. some local downpours possible this evening. and the cool dry air takes over. the wind shifts by late this afternoon and cools off.
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to 82 to 84 this afternoon. first part of the afternoon and cools off late in the day. we get showers and isolated thunderstorms late this afternoon especially the first part of the evening. and then by morning it is pretty much cleared up andp we will have patches of clouds around tomorrow especially -- and we will have some paps of clouds around tomorrow. 64 on sunday and chilly start around 46 and cool the beginning of next week with more ran along about tuesday morning. that's it -- rain along about tuesday morning. that's it. >> reporter: all that construction on expray tunnel wrapped up. now we are back to watching the busy morning spots on the commute. traffic on the northbound lanes of the expressway right now you can see it's moving right along no problems even the braintree plight is in good condition and so is route 3 by union street. we will let you know when that changes which will be 5:0. >> thanks very much. 5:19. the search is on for the driver of a black four-door mercedes hit and killed a motorcyclist in lawrence. this was a terrible chain of
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motorcyclist hit two pedestrians on route 114 and then the motorcyclist was hit by the car that police say didn't stop at the scene. they tell us it's possible the driver didn't realize he hit someone. the two pedestrian hes were taken to the hospital both -- pedestrians were taken to the hospital both expected to survive. massachusetts is one of several states suing a british drug maker he. the lawsuit claims the company conspired with a new jersey firm a try to corner the on a medication to use to treat people hooked on heroin or pain killers. so far neither company has commented. summer is officially over but some cape visitors are not taking a hint. they are sticking around. atlantic white shark conserve advanceies say 6 great whites were spotted yesterday all have been tagged and their names sean luke sandy omar warrior and mr. frisky. >> mr. frisky is my favorite.
5:21 am
way ward manatee that was spotted swimming in the cool waters off the cape this summer. and a tip led rescuers to fall mouth because they were looking -- falmouth because they were look for it and they fished it out. it will be esam wait -- evaluated and transported to the mistic eye squareium and eventually -- aquarium and eventually sent back to florida. >> back to warmer waters. coming up next, fans loved it but who's fronting a big bill for a late springsteen concert. >> more from bill belichick and the patriots big win. >> they are not the only ones celebrating. red sox continue to clean house
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wbz sports is driven by mmw. advice us --bmw 5:24. red sox keeping the brooms handy doing something they n' delivering for the pats. steve burton has more for us from gillette. >> good morning. last sunday you know the patriots jump out to a 24-0 lead and turned out to be a 31- 24 nail biter against the dolphins. that was not the case last night. they jumped out to a 27-0 lead and they never let up with third string quarterback jacoby brissett they beat the texans by a score of 27-0 and it was
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after kibing a field goal -- kicking a field goal. kick off brissett took advantage. runs it in himself for the 27- yard touchdown and that gave the pats a 10-0 lead. and pats had two teak aways on special teams -- take aways on special teams and one interception. and blot was -- blount was huge. return. rushing for 2 touchdowns this from # 1 yards out in the fourth -- 41 yards out in the fourth. 27-0 becoming the first team to improve to 3-0 this season. competed and tried to do everything that we asked them to do. and they really worked hard at it and happy for the success that they had tonight. >> did you have any nerves at all through game. >> no. you know i mean we are part of a great organization and great team. a lot of veteran players stepped up and helped me out a lot and giving me confidence and coaching staff gave me can have deeps and just everything
5:26 am
everything went from there. >> red sox and orioles are a merse with the 29th -- ramirez with the 29th home run of the season. price gets the 17th win and sox take it 5-3. the 8th win in a row. back to back four game sweeps of the yankees and o's last time they did that was july of 1968. sox lead the jays by 5 1/2 toronto was off. o's are 7 back and red sox magic number to clinch the east is 5 with 9 games to go. so how great is it to be a boston fan? patriots undefeated red sox won 8 in a row. boy things are looking up in new england. that's sports for now i am steve bort burton back to you. bruce springsteen fans may have enjoyed the super late concert last week but the kraft group is looking a at $22,000 bill. >> foxboro extended the quare
5:27 am
curfew from 11:15 to 11:30 but the show didn't end until midnight. why the nb -- fbi is getting involved in the brangelina split. >> a boston man channeling his energy. why he is trying to swim the english channel today. barry good morning. >> good morning. we have a few showers across northern new england right now across the northern mountains. i will give outtiming of when we will get showers here and how cool it will be this weekend. see you with the forecast in
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one in eight women will face breast cancer. early detection can mean the difference between life and death. planned parenthood gives new hampshire women access to life saving cancer screenings. but ayotte voted to defund planned parenthood six times. why? because ayotte opposes a woman's right to choose. in her relentless effort to overturn roe v. wade, ayotte puts critical cancer screenings at risk, hurting new hampshire women. kelly ayotte: putting her personal interests ahead of your health care.
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right now the patriots rookie quarterback making his nfl start leading the team to a big win over texas. >> also following breaking news overnight. a curfew in effect in charlotte north carolina. what police are saying to protesters still out >> and a warning this morning if you have a yahoo account. details on a massive security breach and what you need to do right now. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston this is wbz this morning. >> i am kate merrill. >> i am chris mckinnon friday september 23rd first full day of fall but sounds like summer will stick around. >> yesterday was awesome and today more of the same and fall
5:31 am
fall this weekend no question about that. good morning. but not today we have another warm day ahead of us. we have a cool in a few spots this morning like in taunton and down as the -- down at the vineyard. for the most part off to the north and west it's in the 60s because more cloud cover which was protect and didn't allow that much cooling. behind that a band of showers as well across northern mountains. heading to the bus this morning, you will find around the lower 60s or so average temperature. by recess up around 80. with a lot ride home this afternoon in the 70s. doesn't look like we will have showers until late this afternoon. and this evening when we get the showers and then the temperatures will be falling. but highs today low to even some middle 80s. traffic and weather together good morning breana. >> reporter: good morning. an accident is up on 4 the 5 south in -- 495 south in haverhill two trucks crashed by the merrimack rest area. debris is in the roadway the
5:32 am
backup yet. it happened minutes ago. but keep it in mind and we will keep our eye on it. >> thank you. the ate rots giving -- participates rots -- patriots giving houston a problem. brissett leading them to a 27-0 win over texans and running for the first career touchdown. after last night's game brissett said this was a team effort. >> the pats totally dominated this one. let's go over to levan reid who is back and the pats made a statement last night. >> you gentleman could by brissett got the job done but he got a lot of help especially with the defense. texans gnt det a snap in -- didn't get a snap in pats territory until the fourth quarter. who are the defensive stars? two sacks and three total tackles. defensive end was a disruptive force and he found himmest is in the backfield prier uring
5:33 am
does only jammy collins things. a bunch of hard hitting tackle and interception. pats defense played poorly at the end of the miami game of the last night they played lights out. >> coach always talks about points are the biggest thing keep them off board don't let them score no matter what happens you hold a team to deero points you have a good -- zero points you have a chance to win defensively we came out and did our job. >> now i can hear the anybody in quarterback and win maybe keeton merrill -- kate merrill. the pats prepare better than every team and that's why they win. has nothing to do with kate merrill. kate. >> it has everything to do with kate merrill nowhere near that field. thank you levan. in other news this morning we are following two breaking stories overnight. demonstrationors are on the streets -- demonstrators are still on the streets despite a
5:34 am
police say as long as the protests are peaceful they won't force people off the streets. the curfew was set to end at 6 a.m. also breaking overnight -- also breaking down a suspicious vehicle shuts down a term in the a -- terminal at laguardia. there was a heavy police presence and travelers reported seeing men in military uniforms armed with long guns patrolling the area. the unattended vehicle was towed away and is under investigation. the aret re-- airport re gathering information about brad pitt amid claims he abused one of his children. the bureau has not decided whether they will open a formal investigation but people magazine reports a incident took place on september 14th on a private plane. lapd confirms pitt did speak with investigators. extreme drought conditions are causing private wells to dry up in southern new hampshire. one town is getting through it together. the elation hair salon in kingston is offering free hair washes to those in need.
5:35 am
their -- allowing people to fill up at their spigot and a high school is offering hours to the public many roxanne moore's well dried up and is relying on neighbors and friends for help moo i have friends that come and-- >> i have friends that come and give me water and someone else does my laundry. i go to people's houses to bathe. i mean, you got to make it work. >> a ban on all outdoor burning is also in glouts today a boost -- notice. today a boston man will take on the english channel. 49-year-old is a try athlete in his pair -- triathlete in his pair sometime and says it has always been on his bucket list and decided to combine that with a mission to raise 1 up hundred for dana-farber he has been training in the waters off maine for a wet suit for 10 hours at time. boy from medford is
5:36 am
off at logan airport. >> mickey minnie and other characters escorted hi as he went to board the flight to disney world. he suffers from a life- threatening heart condition and his mom says that disney characters cheer him up during multiple surgeries e says he is looking forward to one thing. >> -- he says he is looking forward to one thing. >> being >> looking forward to being a normal family for a week and see everybody here for him and seeing him happy and smiling. it's great. >> the make a wish foundation made this trip possible. >> what a cute guy. >> he has been in and out of hospitals thinks life but this week he is going to go to disney and have a ball. >> have a whole blast with the family. >> i hope he gets the big turkey leg. so good. >> you are right. all right trait ahead, a -- straight ahead a. massive
5:37 am
>> tesla putting a brake on the auto pilot. the change of what drivers have to do behind the wheel. >> reporter: an 18-year-old shot inside the cvs store. could surveillance video lead police to an arrest? that story is coming up. what's for dinner tonight? wegmans ez meals. dinner's not just delicious, it's done. [mmmm] chicken cacciatore... boneless chicken in our very own seasoned tomato sauce with peppers, mushrooms and basil. braised to perfection thanks to our unique ez oven packaging. it's ready to cook. just pop it in the oven and dinner's ready. delicious, fresh, easy. wegmans ez meals.
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welcome back with the major league baseball play ousts around the corn. tickets to possible games -- playoffs around the corner.
5:40 am
togames will be available today the tickets range from 50 to $195. >> you might as well try for some reason i have a good feeling. >> very good feeling. >> and i am not going to say anything that's going to you know. >> jinx it. >>. i am just saying. >> i get it. >> all right. tesla new plan to make sure drivers are paying attention. >> and a massive security breach for yahoo users. ll today's money watch. good morning jill. >> reporter: good morning chris and kate. yahoo says the personal info from half a billion accounts was stole hen in a digital -- stolen in a digital break-in and blame it on state sponsored hackers and the company says users of yahoo fantasy sports and finance are part of the breach. the hack data includes names e- mail address and birth dates not bank account info.
5:41 am
change passwords. tesla is updating auto pilot system. it sounds an alarm if a driver doesn't keep its hand on the wheel forking the driver to take full control of the car. that -- forcing the driver to take full control of the car. that's after one deadly crash involving a tesla on auto pilot. >> all right jill thanks appreciate it. coming up, the crash on a construction detail overnight. >> and he got the first career touchdown one of could by brissett's teammate rushing to talk about his performance. >> happy friday and we are looking at this extreme drought across the region. we have two shots at rain coming up over the next several days. i will tell you when that will happen ahong with my weekend forecast.
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breast cancer. early detection can mean the difference between life and death. planned parenthood gives new hampshire women access to life saving cancer screenings. but ayotte voted to defund planned parenthood six times. why? because ayotte opposes a woman's right to choose. in her relentless effort to overturn roe v. wade, ayotte puts critical cancer screenings at risk, hurting new hampshire women. kelly ayotte: putting her personal interests ahead of your health care. independence usa pac is responsible
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>> yeah don't mess with us. >> yeah. >> how about a nice day friday. patriots won last night. gillette looks very happy. >> gillette locks like it has big smile on its face this morning. >> they get depressed when we don't have a good game. look at that beautiful stadium feeling good after last night's win and the weather was awesome at the game. perfet for the folks in the stands the weather is going to be nice today.
5:45 am
will have the summer feel sticking around. barry burbank is in for danielle. >> how you doing. >> great how are you. >> everybody has big smiles had morning not only because it's friday us about the big win yesterday. drought index we continue in this extreme drought across much of the region from southern new hampshire through a good chung of mass shutes. but -- goose good chunk of massachusetts. -- good chunk of massachusetts. in the will be -- we have a 40% chance of showers late this to zeros through the weekend and monday as well. and we jump up to 80% shot of showers here on tuesday morning. showers this morning across northern mountains but we may get showers developing here in massachusetts and extreme southern new hampshire late this afternoon and this evening as a impulse comes from the atmosphere and energizes the front as it comes through here. so, that's what we are hoping for. yesterday we had warm weatherch weather warm -- weather.
5:46 am
reported temperatures between 86 and 88 so it was warm yesterday. won't be quite that warm today. we will off by a few degrees but we are starting out warm in northern new england in the 60s. cloud cover rolled in to protect the temperatures from going down too much but mostly clear in southern new englandch temperatures in the upper 40s and lower 50 -- england. temperatures in the upper 40s to lower 50s. clouds are rolling in and dew points on are the low side so humidity won't ramp up ahead ofh late this afternoon when temperatures start to to fall. before that the even though the cloud cover thickens and filters and dims the sun we have a pretty good shot of going to 820 to 84. not as hot as the rest of the nation from philadelphia southwestward. 88 to 94 in most of those places. on the weather map out here at tropical storm karl in the at the lantic we will look at karl because it looks like it's a threat to bermuda and a
5:47 am
hurricane center for bermuda for litter -- later today and tomorrow morning when it could make a close path with 70-mile- per-hour winds and intensifies into a hurricane onehurricane but may be a minimal hurricane by the island tonight and tomorrow. this front will sag south and so the showers will initial showerswhich are up there now will move across northern new england and fizzel away. there's a slight chance of a sprinkle or light shower from that but as the fr into new england tonight, it is going to get active behind the front a band of showers this evening across southern new england and moves south and clears out after that. and here's the 7-day accu- weather forecast calling for showers most likely very late this afternoon and evening after the temperatures start to fall behind the front which is kind of unusual. then, mix of clouds and sunshine tomorrow and 68, 64 on sunday and a cool start in the 40s and very chilly start on monday on the upper 30s and
5:48 am
that's it traffic and weather together. >> reporter: hi. drivers should watch out for some debris in the roadway on 495 south in haverhill. two trucks crashed by the merrimack rest area. the right lane is closed for cleanup. this doesn't seem to be causing any backup but we will keep our eye on it. in andover there's slow and go traffic on 93 south between exits 45 and 43. that's typical for this time in the morning. kate. >> thank you. breaking overnight, curfew is about to north carolina. it took effect at midnight. still some demonstrators stayed in the streets. police let them stay as long as they stayed peaceful. >> reporter: i am nicole jacobs live in stoughton where a 18- year-old was shot in this cvs store yesterday. we will get you to video of the scene as this was unfolding yesterday afternoon. again, that 18-year-old shot in
5:49 am
consider this shooting to be random. no customers or employees were injured during the shooting. right now, we know police are interviewing witnesses and looking at surveillance video. at this point no arrests have been made and we are told that 18-year-old is expected to be okay. that's the latest from stoughton nicole jacobs wbz this morning. new overnight a civilian traffic officer working a construction detail in electrickington was hit by a vehicle. this happened around 11:30 last -- leto vehicle. this happened around 11:30. the driver stayed to get help. man will be okay. he went to the hospital with a leg yry go -- injury. patriots shut out texans. check out the picture from after the game. take a look. team celebrating. apparently along with nascar driver kyle busch in the locker room and tweeted this picture. and the rookie warter -- quarterback getting a lot ofsupport from teammates. >> he helped some of them step up their game.
5:50 am
>> is this the same spot that steve had the tussle with the alligator? >> yes. >> and he was like i am. >> yes. yep. so just watch where you step. >> i love this spot. so last week jimmy garoppolo was under center and last night gentleman could by brissett got the start and blount kept at it. two strong running games. he was running for 105 yards and 2 touch dops downs and -- touchdowns and brissett can had a 27 yard run he couldn't let that stand. the 41 yard dash gave him bragging rights. >> i said i couldn't let gentleman could by have more yards rushing than me they will kill me in the meet ings. >> pats are 3-0 and have sometime off until practice and they get ready to tay on the bills and after -- take on the bills and after that welcome
5:51 am
>> let's check with anna meiler who is live at gillette. >> reporter: pats fans are saying no brady no ga rope loy no problem after -- garoppolo no problem after the pats shut out the texans. there was so much uncertainty leading up to the game with brady on game 3 of the suspension and garoppolo recovering from the first rookie to start since 1993 and fans were thrilled knees amazing for a quarterback back up back up. the way he played are you serious? i mean the way he ran the first touchdown i was blown away. >> reporter: the pats heading to game 4 against the bills undefeated and it's the half the game without tom brady. for now reporting live at gillette stadium anna meiler wbz this morning.
5:52 am
friday morning. coming up next, the biggest stories making headlines. >> we will look back at the week that was.
5:53 am
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welcome back. 5:54 on friday. state of emergency after days protests plus a shocking hollywood split. >> and quarterback question here.
5:55 am
>> federal charges have been filed. >> he is not cooperating with police. >> police vetting a deadly motorcycle crash. >> one person died as a result two people injured. >> state of emergencies in charlotte. >> unrest and reaction to a deadly officer-involved shooting. >> a hollywood power couple calling it quits. >> sorry to hear that. >> searching for the owner of two dogs abandoned at the around arboretum. >> who will be the >> belichick has not ruled out jimmy from playing. >> meet callahan. daniel i say go for callahan. >> you know how i feel about cats i love you but many alearning ic. >> a real hive bat mobile. >> that's what i got you for your birthday. >> watertown field hockey team has a chance to seat record. >> i won't bring up the tennis team i was on that has the most 16 state championships because
5:56 am
that out. >> you are allowed to brag. >> coca cola-- speaking of the watertown girls we are happy to report they broke the record. >> that's right they beat wilmington high yesterday 2-1 for the 107 consecutive win. eclipsing a record that stood for 37 years so a huge shout out. >> the girls are amaying. think espn -- story about them. let's get over to barry it's friday and it's almost 6:00 in the morning. and we don't have a complaint today. >> no we don't have complaints at all. it's going to be warming up to the low and middle 80s again today for the first full day of fall but there are showers on the way. and those showers will be introducing the cooler air which will come down late this afternoon. and initially the showers moving across northern new england and mainly over the mountains. we will pretty much stream east
5:57 am
here an outside shot of a sprinkle in southern new hampshire. later this afternoon when the showers start redeveloping again across massachusetts and especially this evening. the front may actually go by and cool us off. than we get the showers forming which is unusual. but that's going to be happening this evening. my weekend forecast is minutes
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news this morning. >> good morning thanks for joining us i am kate merrill. >> i am chris mckinnon. >> breaking news at 6, an overnight curfew about to expire in charlotte north carolina. we will have the latest developments on protests there. >> and a developing story that we are following this morning. a -- inside a local cvs. >> and next man up delivers. gentleman cokey brissett helps lead -- jacoby brissett helps lead the patriots over the texans. >> first we want to check forecast on this first full day of fall. >> barry burbank is in this friday morning and things are looking very nice again. >> they are certainly for today. it's going to be another warm one. good morning to you and happy friday. we are looking at temperatures starting out in the 60s in many


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