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tv   WBZ News  CBS  September 25, 2016 11:30pm-12:05am EDT

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in her mother's name. you'll find $5 million in there. when you shot her, the first round was a blank. she insisted we make her disappear after the transaction. it was non-negotiable. and me? she wanted you unhurt, but hey... she understood it might get messy, if necessary. you got enough? (computer trilling) what did you do? (growls) check the last call on that. it's going to be nikki. (riley scoffs) eliza pittsinger. i would have chose beyonc? as an alias, but hey... call her. (phone dialing) (line ringing) nikki: we shouldn't be talking right now. (typing rapidly) kendrick's voice: i took care of your friends.
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e bothering us anymore. nikki: don't call me again. i'll see you in new york. (phone beeps) (computer beeping) sorry. call was voice over ip, routed using tor. no way to trace it. there were planes in the background. she's at an airport. all right, i'll look for cell towers at san francisco international. no, no, she's not at sfo. those engines were too small to be commercial. i heard a bell ranger. i think we're looking for a private airport, one that services planes and choppers. (computer beeping) san carlos, ten minutes from here. call thornton, tell her to ground all airplanes in the area. we can't let that virus leave the city. (tires screeching) (horns honking) hang on. (tires screeching) mac!
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where's mr. wizard going? i think he's going to stop that thing. (panting) how'na stop an airplane? getting coddled sure, macgyver: yeah, i know what you're thinking. this is insane. and guess what? i'm afraid of heights. but, this is one of those man-up moments in my line of work, that sometimes can't be avoided. (knife clicks) co-pilot: all right, we got a problem. landing gear retraction has failed. manual is not responsive either. pilot: san carlos airport control,
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hey! riley: congratulations. your friend just beat you in the mad dog crazy department. i'm glad you're talking to me again. don't get cocky. you're the only other one here. good point. come on, come on. (grunts) (door opens) drop the gun, nikki. now! or i swear to god, i will put one in you for real this time. you want to shoot him, you're gonna have to go through me. go ahead. you already had me killed once.
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where is it? (sighs) tear this place apart. you got it. was everything a lie? not us. macgyver: then why? i thought you died trying to do something good. you were always the hero, mac. it's not here, is it? guys, stop looking. (exhales) she already sold it. woah. this samsung activewash with touch controls from lowe's
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may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. now's the time for a better moment of proof.
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i saw it on kendrick's phone, but i didn't realize it until now. pittsinger wrote a poem in 1907 on the anniversary of the san francisco earthquake. over 3,000 people died in the fires. sometimes a purge is necessary to fix what's broken. you did this for a payday. mac, did you ever ask yourself why our government wants that weapon? what are they planning on doing with it? we're running out of time here, mac. even if you find it, the people i work for will stop at nothing to get it back. we'll see about that, won't we? no more games. where's chen? you should leave. well, that's not gonna happen. i'm not going anywhere and neither are you. so, chen will release the virus here,
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so what's it gonna be? ? ? there it is-- the truck nikki said chen was driving! yeah, i got him. ? ? ? some folks are born made to wave the flag ? ? ooh, they're red, white and blue ? ? and when the band plays ?hail to the chief? ? ? ooh, they point the canon at you, lord ? ? it ain't me, it ain't me ? ? i ain't no senator's son, son ? ? it ain't me, it ain't me ? ? i ain't no fortunate one, no ? ? some folks are born silver spoon in hand ? (grunts) (speaks mandarin) ? lord, don't they help themselves, oh ?
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? to the door ? ? lord, the house looks like a rummage sale, yeah ? macgyver: uh, jack, we got a problem. what kind of problem? the kind you don't want to be anywhere near. chen's using an i.e.d. to send the virus airborne. it'll kill millions. well, can you stop it? i don't know. you should probably get out of here, though. jack: ah, you know i'm not gonna do that. if you go kaboom, i go kaboom. this is what the army trained you for. you can do this in your sleep. yeah, okay, i can do without the pep talk right now. okay, that's cool. just trying to do my part, you know. ? ? great. that doesn't sound very encouraging. yeah, well, you know how you always have to pick between cutting the blue wire and the red wire? yeah? well, i've got about 12 wires down here and they're all green. well, you better pick one quick. someone's coming down the chimney and it ain't santa claus.
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(grunting) hey, mac! i'm a little busy right now. catch! (gagging) (beeping continues) that's not exactly what i had in mind. thanks. yeah, save it for happy hour. you still have work to do. (beeping continues) mac, talk to me. stopping the bomb is out of the question. then get the virus and get out of there. (rapid beeping) mac? i got it. good. now jump! i can't risk shattering the container
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though the alternative isn't any better. 30 seconds on the clock. d.i.y. or die. take one canvas top, add some tie-downs, little wind resistance, and you got yourself a parachute. (car horn honking) (explosion) (distant sirens wailing) (explosion) (sirens wailing) mac! you all right? yeah.
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oh. (laughing) my man, saving the world in style! good job, brother. ? ? jack: mac? yeah. are you busy, kemosabe? riley: i told him to knock. we're family. family don't knock. am i right, bozer? jackie boy, what's happening, man? i haven't seen my bestie in awhile. jack: ah, we're gonna change that. bozer: you look good, son. uh, not as good as her, though. excu-excuse me. now, who is this little ing?nue? yeah, riley meet bozer. bozer meet off-limits.
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cutie. you do any acting? i'd love to put you in my movie. baller, you better get to work. those fries won't cook themselves. (laughs): oh, yeah. this is gonna be fun. all right, i'll catch you all think tank geeks later. and you, jack. (chuckles) so, check it out. boss lady says we can keep this little rascal right here. can you not refer to me like i was a pet? hey, remember, you're still on probation, little lady. yeah, thank you for reminding me for the sixth time in the last half hour. you're welcome. ou doing all right there, pal? (chuckles softly) i will be. okay. first of all, i just, i wanted to thank you. you're welcome. no, seriously, you... you said if i did the right thing, i'd be thanking you later. and this is later.
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second, what's this? jack: i think you've asked enough questions for now, right? this we got in cairo. you were in cairo? no. yeah. can't wait to hear that story. thorton: guys, cairo can wait. oh, director thornton. what are you doing here? as of 24:00 hours, we're shutting down dxs. what nikki did compromised our covert operation, so we're folding up the tent and moving on all think tank personnel, tactical support and your team to a new location. same job, new name. and you get to pick it. i like the three amigos. that means three guys. uh, you should brush up on your spanish. my second choice... ...thunder stallions. mm. phoenix. jack: come on, bro. we don't want to name our new super crew after a bird. not just any bird.
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stronger than it ever was. that's us. i like it. me, too. to the phoenix. foundation. (laughter) (indistinct chatter) ? ? (door closes) captioning sponsored by cbs
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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is the news at 11:00. >> i am ken macleod. first tonight, breaking news. the woman is recovering after being shot by police in weymouth. jim smith joins us from the scene right now. jim, investigators say she was armed with a large knife. >> reporter: she did have that large knife and when she allegedly refused to put the knife down, that is when an officer shot her. tonight, friends and family say this woman has mental health issues and their wondering if police could have found another way. >> units, she still has the knife. >> drop the knife. >> shots fired. >> reporter: broad daylight on a sunday, a weymouth police officer shoots and wounds a suspect. investigators say she had a knife in her hands. the 46-year-old woman was hit in the stomach area by a shot.
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she was like laying on the ground. her shirt was like ripped open. she had blood all right here. the bullet came in somewhere around here. it went out the back. >> reporter: police got a 911 call from the woman's mother saying her daughter was trying to kill herself with a large knife. in a statement, weymouth police say the officer was forced to back away toward the street and the suspect followed him, brandishing a knife while ignoring his orders to drop the knife. questions. >> i just don't understand why it couldn't be diffused. i am emotional about it because i don't think she should have got shot. but i am not in his shoes. >> reporter: this shooting comes at a dog time when -- delicate time when police are under a great deal of scrutiny. one neighbor who does not what his face joan had comments. >> i would be in -- who doesn't
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comments. >> i would be in jail right now. i won't be where he probably is which is either home or at the police station getting caught old -- coddled. >> reporter: a relative told me tonight that the woman shot has had mental health issues for years. she is at south shore hospital tonight but she also faces charges of assault with a dangerous weapon. authorities in newhampshire are not saying much about what led to an officer fatally shooting a man in claremont just before 5:00 this morning after police were summoned to the home. a small child was hit by his home on tenmile drive this morning. no other details have been released the police are investigating. said news from the golf world. demand named the king, arnold
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for broke style golf to the mainstream. with multiple pj championships, he became one of the first big celebrity pitchman. palmer struggled with heart problems and died at a pittsburgh hospital. arnold palmer dead at 87. a developing story in greenfield where four people including a member of state police have died in a fire. crews responded to meridian street one victim, brayan tower, had been a state employee for 20 years. his wife, her son and another five-year-old boy also died. no word yet on a cause. a boston fire fired -- firefighter is recovering after battling a firefighter in roxbury. nine people from 24 elm street are staying with friends and family. the flames went through the basement to the attic and
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police are still hunting for the suspect who stabbed seven people in boston's theater district overnight. we are told one of the victims has critical wounds. chantee lans joins us live from tremont street. >> reporter: again, two people were stabbed in their next at this -- necks at this bus stop . ripped clothes litter the streets after a flight leaves several people stabbed on tremont street. >> a gigantic brawl right by that bus stop. 20 or 30 people. >> reporter: joe miller who works at a nearby parking garage saw the whole thing. >> i see fights with these nightclubs. it happens. but that was pretty crazy. there was yelling. i couldn't make out anything. i couldn't even tell who was fighting really. it was just a gigantic mess. >> reporter: a mess that
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stabbed in their necks. >> one was over there. the real bad neck one. that was one of the security guards who found him. >> reporter: mayor marty walsh wants to see a change. >> activity in the past in that particular area, we are going to take a look at it today and tomorrow and see if anything needs to be done better there. >> reporter: sources tell tran02?, a witness told police -- wbz a witness told former employee at one of the nearby clubs. >> it is scary. people are trying to have a good time. not everyone has that same intention. so, it is wild. >> reporter: and all of the victims were taken to nearby area hospitals. all are expected to survive. live in boston's theater district, chantee lans wbz a man who spent a week adrift in a raft was found alive. nathan carmen rose found this afternoon about 100 miles off
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he was alone and in good condition. carmen and his mother went on a fishing trip last saturday leaving rhode island and didn't return. his mom is still missing. let's turn to our weather. another frost advisory tonight. this one affects more areas. here is a live look outside. pamela gardner joins us with a first look at your forecast. >> it will be a frosty start for some if you're heading to the bus stop or to work. 2 am patchy scattered areas of frost affecting more folks than last night. the frost advisory for worchester, norfolk, and northern bristol county's and plymouth county. this includes brockton. boston is not included but temperatures around the metro area will see low to mid 30s. a lot of locations still in the bigger cities in the 50s and
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44 degrees in boston tonight but many suburbs dipping into the 30s. your school they bust up, 44 degrees and 65 degrees for the drive home but we are tracking a very unsettled weather pattern and multiple waves of rain. those details in just a bit. >> we will see you in a few. strange plays and strikeouts in tampa as the red sox went for their 11th straight win today. steve burton joins us now with a first look at sports. >> they sweep the yankees, the orioles and now the raise -- rays and today they did it with dustin pedroia dancing around the plate. what an effort by eduardo rodriguez. he was practically unhittable in 5 1/3 innings. 11 outs and a dominating performance. a record-setting one as well. he becomes the first team in history to strike out in opposing team 29 times in nine
11:59 pm
david ortiz reps one into the gap. dustin pedroia racing around the ball. dietzen by a mile. check it out. he does a dance move. the catcher drops the ball. he gets tagged, drops the ball. are you kidding me? watch this again. that's the winning run. the red sox win their 11th straight. the magic number is now down to two. coming up on sports fina here? the patriots are undefeated and guess who is coming to town next? rex ryan and the buffalo bills. it's perfect. >> we do have a great. campaign 2016, the stage is set for the first presidential debate in new york. crews are busy setting up for less than 24 hours. the candidates spend -- spent some time prepping today but they also was met with the
12:00 am
with benjamin netanyahu in trump tower. trump said the pair discussed israel's border security fence. hillary clinton had her own sit down with the prime minister later sunday. sent in and trump are pushing each other's buttons on the eve of their debate. sent in is putting trump critic mark cuban on the front row and trump threatened to bring had an affair with bill clinton. >> we have not invited her formally. we are going to talk about the issues. >> we just want hillary to have an opportunity to to explain her plans. >> reporter: they will be in close proximity on the stage. experts say it's important each candidate stays in their own space and commands attention. >> i coach students in competitive speech and to be's -- debates. >> reporter: doctor robinson says two qualities to finance access. >> clearness and likable and
12:01 am
>> reporter: she says the loser will lose their cool first. craig boswell, cbs news. >> and you can watch that debate live at 9 am -- 9 pm monday night. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will appear together at the university of new hampshire on wednesday afternoon. they plan to share their belief that cost should not be a barrier for anyone who chooses higher education. state police are investigating a deadly hit and run the victim was alberto santos florez of somerville. the driver hit the man en route 16 sunday morning and apparently took off. police do not have a description of the vehicle. a park opened in medford on sunday dedicated to the victims and survivors of the marathon bombings. paul burton takes a closer look inside the crystal campbell
12:02 am
>> reporter: a remarkable oasis, a place of peace. the crystal campbell peace garden opened, a tribute to a young woman who gave so much of herself. >> the celebration continues. >> reporter: she was a medford high school graduate who died in may 2013 marathon bombings. it's the tribute to the four people killed in the attack. along with hundreds of survivors and first responders. >> it's going to be a place that brings us all together. i know our senior center is right next door and they are already adopting it. >> it provides an opportunity for our young people to reflect on what is important. >> reporter: a garden of sunflowers and flowing waters. the fountain is these special -- central feature. plaques embedded by bronze and with defining words such as leadership, dignity and honor. inspired by a young woman who
12:03 am
>> whose love reaches far beyond her time on earth and gathers us here today. joe crystal's parents gathered with lisa hughes. on sunday, they were on hand for this haven in downtown medford. >> i really enjoyed it. i am so grateful it came out as well as it did. >> reporter: $1.5 million to maintain, but its impact will last forever. >> it is not only part of the healing process but also memorial to spread peace upon the earth. >> reporter: in medford, paul burton wbz news. coming up on wbz news, tragedy on the water for jose fernandez. how he and two other people died early sunday. boston common turns into a temporary parking lot for vintage vehicles.
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