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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  September 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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live frl channel 4 stewed -- live from the channel 4 studios in boston this is wbz news this morning. >> good morning thanks for joining us i am kate merrill. >> i am chris mckinnon it's monday september 26 into the right now at 6 a young man miking -- missing a the sea -- 16. >> right now 569 a young man missing -- right now at 6a. youngman missing at found. >> a woman shot in weymouth. >> and we are in new york counting down to the first presidential debate between hillary clinton and donald trump. >> but first, it's a downright cold start out there this morning. and we want to check in with danielle niles. it's chilly chilly. >> it's really chilly we need a coat. >> you do. we have got frost advisories that are in effect for all the areas shaded in blue until 8 a.m. so he it includes western and central massachusetts away from
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massachusetts as well. so you want the fall gear. 48 in boston. the coldest since may 18th. it's been a while. 32 in norwood and taunton right now. 37 in new bedford. 32 in keene as well. we will have a touch of frost in the locals as well. satellite and radar quiet. we are in for bright sunshine today. grab the shades because you will need them sun rides at 6:36 -- sunrise at 6:36. 63 by midday staying below average in the mid to the mix later on today. 62 for the ride home. sunset at 6:33 and enjoy the sunshine changes are on the way. let's get you on the road. >> reporter: that accident in quincy has cleared so route 3 has really improved. traffic is heavy on 128 in braintree and look at the, pressway -- expressway an zen at columbia -- accident at columbia road. that is multivehicle crash and it's in the northbound lanes at
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exit 8 at furnace brook parkway and a live look at the backup at the gas tank 15 minutes. one person rushed to the hospital after a stabbing on dorchester avenue. it happened around 2:30. police were searching the area overnight. no word on the suspect but emergency officials telling us the victim was taken to a boston hospital. >> now to a developing story young man missing at the sea is found safe. two days after the coast guard called off the search. >> he was spotted floating on life raft 100 nautical miles offthe vineyard. anna meiler is live with the latest. anna. >> reporter: and kate that 22- year-old is on a freighter expected to arrive in boston tomorrow. but his mother is still missing. after a week of searching for linda and nathan carman the coast guard called off the search for mother and son who went missing while on a fishing trip off block island. >> i am afraid and scared.
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do you know. i can't go out looking for them. >> reporter: sharon says linda and her son who has autism go fishing together every year. and she says linda sent hear message with the plan before leaving on the trip on saturday september 17th. >> she just says you know, about when they are going out where they are head and what time they expect to be back. >> reporter: they were supposed to return 8 days ago but never did. the coast guard launched a search scouring more than 62,000 sar from south of block island to the canyons off new york. linda and nathan are nowhere to be found and yesterday about a week after they disappeared a freighter spotted 22-year-old nathan on a life raft about 100 miles south of martha's vineyard. family and friends are holding out hope they will find his mother. >> hopefully people will be on look out for a ship that's either drifting or perhaps a raft. >> reporter: the coast guard says nathan is in good condition. the boat they were fishing on
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boat called the chicken pox. reporting live from along the boston harbor anna meiler wbz this morning. 6:0 4. grove counselors are expected at several -- grief counselors are expected at several schools. officials say the child was hit by car near his home on samuel drive they have not released the name of the boy or driver but this appears to be a terrible accident. according to the worcester telegram the boy was a kindergarten student. grief counselors are expected another school where his older siblings are students. this morning a woman recovering after being shot by police in weymouth. and officials are explaining why they say the officer was forced to fire. nicole jacobs is live with the details for thus morning. nicole. >> reporter: chris, that 46- year-old woman was shot in the abdomen area by police. she is currently here at south shore hospital where she is under arrest charged with assault with a dangerous weapon
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towards them refusing to drop the weapon. chaos in weymouth sunday morning on keene avenue. a police officer firing his weapon shooting a 46-year-old woman. >> i came running out and then like i seen her and she was laying on the ground and her shirt was ripped open and she had blood. >> reporter: a 911 call brought them here a mother claiming her adult daughter was threats especially to kill her -- threatening to kill herself when the police arrived she had police released a statementreading in part the officer wasforced to back away and suspect followed him brandishing the knife ignoring his orders to drove the knife. >> -- drop the knife. >> the bullet went in around here and went out the back. >> reporter: the shooting comes at a time when police nationwide have fallen under scrutiny any don't understand why it couldn't be diffused and i am emotional because don't think she should have got shot
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emotions from neighbors like this man who asked not to be identified. >> i would be in jail right now with cuffs i wouldn't be where he probably is which is home or at the police station getting codeled you know what i mean sure he might feel bad that's too bad he should feel bad it's amazing she didn't get killed. >> reporter: police have not identified the officer involved in this shooting. i can tell you it is still under investigation by weymouth police state police and live in weymouth nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> thanks very much. there's also an investigation in a deadly police shooting in new hampshire. 25-year-old cody lafont was shot just before 5 yesterday morning when officers responded to a call at a home. police say they are investigating the circumstances that led up to the shooting and an autopsy will be performed today to determine the exact cause of death. the world is mourning the passing of a golfing legend
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as the king. -- he was known as the king he made golf popular building a fan base. he he won 62 titles and 7 major championships including four masters. he he was also a trailblazer in sports marketing. paving the way for other athletes to reap millions in endorsement deals. he died in pittsburgh yesterday of complications from heart problems. he was 87 years old. and fellow golfer jack nicholas posted several palmer on his facebook page saying we were great competitors who loved competing against each other but we were always great friends along the way. arnold always had my back and i had his we were always there for each other. that never changed. he was the king of our sport. and always will be. and president obama tweeted this picture of palmer in the oval office saying here's to the king who was as extraordinary on the links as he was generous to others. thanks for the memories arnold. checking in on campaign
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presidential debate tonight in new york. tonight's showdown between hillary clinton and donald trump could draw the largest television audience for a debate ever. both candidates have been busy preparing. jammy yuccas has a preview -- jakey uke -- jamie yuccas has a preview. >> reporter: hillary clinton and donald trump are in a dead heheat heading into the debate. the experts say the republican until. >> he has policy. >> anything that being a sense waits her trustworthiness and global disorder. >> reporter: and clinton will need to overcome trust questions. >> overwhelming number of the american people think the country is headed in the wrong direction and she has a huge disadvantage. >> reporter: that has not stopped the two from going after each other before taking the stage here at who have hofstra. clinton is putting mark cuban in the front row and trump threatened to bring gennifer flowers who said she had an affair with bill clinton. trump camp says she won't be
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will be on a wide variety of issues including national security economic growth and the country's direction. the vice presidential candidatesspent sunday talking about the best scenarios for the running mates at the debate. >> need to hear from the two candidates and i hope and trust that the moderators will facilitate that. >> you will see him have to get in the specifics and hillary too right fair is fair you have to hold them to an even standard. but we are going see who can answer the specific questions. >> reporter: the buildup do the 90 minute more viewers than carter versus rageon in 1980 with clinton and trump close to each other on debate stage and rade to rumble. jamie yuccas. >> and the debate will last 90 minutes with no breaks. watch it live at 9 right here on wbz and coming up at 6:30, wbz political analyst jon kel other on what each needs to prove tonight. and fresh off the debate
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they plan to address student debt and college affordability and republican vice presidential candidate mike pence will be in new hampshire. he will hold a rally in milford at 1:30. it is in the town's auditorium new hampshire is key because it is a battleground state despite only offering 4 electoral college votes. 6:10, coming up on wbz changes could be coming to boston schools. >> a proposal for a shakeup to the grade levels. >> ahead did someone elementary school playground. we will tell you about the investigation underway after two fires. >> first there was the ice bucket challenge today massachusetts is launching a new way to support als research. >> plus the happy meal getting a makeover. that's very morning friendly. >> good morning. bright sunshine out of the gates this morning ants sun will stay with us. temperatures on the cool side chilly start this morning. and 60s by early afternoon. we have 70s on the way for tomorrow but i am tracking some
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we will time out the rain when it arrives and how it will impact your commute tomorrow when we come back. one in eight women will face breast cancer. early detection can mean the difference between life and death. planned parenthood gives new hampshire women access to life saving cancer screenings. but ayotte voted to defund planned parenthood six times. why? because ayotte opposes a woman's right to choose. in her relentless effort to overturn roe v. wade, ayotte puts critical cancer screenings at risk, hurting new hampshire women. kelly ayotte:
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franklin park zoo a corpse flower is expected to bloom. it's 54 1/4 inches tall and named pugsly. >> the rare flower only blooms every couple years and stays open for a day of course it gets the name corpse flower because of the bad smell when thinking to myself i would love to see it but i am more interested in those that want to go and smell what a dead body smells like who are those people. >> you said you wanted to go didn't you? >> literally i was joking. >> i want to smell it. >> really? so that's-- danielle is the person that goes to smell. >> i am not going to but i foal look i want a know -- feel leek
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your birthday it's chris' birthday so we will take a trip to the corpse flower. >> as long as i get a ice cream cone or something. >> oh my gosh we are getting a great sunshiny day for the birthday. we will have changes the rest of the week so it looks like we turn unsettled for the rest of the week. chilly frosty start today. crisp and bright afternoon. area of rain will arrive tonight. could be a wet morning commute tomorrow. so plan accordingly. unsettled with the rest of the week are clouds showers and drizzle. rain through the middl of the week. any rain is welcomed news. 48 in boston. cold hest since may 18th. 33 in concord. 32 in plymouth. 34 in bedford. we are at the freezing mark from norwood to taunton. 37 in bedford and same in the vineyard and 42 hyannis and clear skies overhead. bright sun shine today. once it comes up. over 15 minutes from now actually 21 minutes officially and grab the shade as you head out.
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new york. we will get wispy clouds later today the clouds ahead of showers a band all the way from michigan stretching back down through indiana and illinois. that is cold front that is going arrive to new england tomorrow. high temperatures today mid to upper 60s. cooler than average but the wind is not that strong so given the time of year it feels pleasant below average today. tonight won't be nearly as cold because clouds advance in and rain arrives after midnight from west to east. 57 for a overnight low even coolest rb let's time out the rein by the way. rain starts to advance into western new england after mit night. 3 or 4 into metro west tomorrow morning. pockets of rain generally light for the most part but south of the spike along the south coast to cape cod there may be downpours and a thunderstorm possible mid to late morning. 9:30 notice where the rain is southeast of boston from the south shore to the cape. we will start to dry out at this point.
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until early afternoon for outer cape from chatham to nantucketbreaks of sun through the interior. highs tomorrow will come into the 70s after most of the morning rain pushes through. and so it's changeable weather day. i would have the umbrella and raincoat in the morning and you will be able to get rid of the fall jacket with late temperatures in the the low 70s. rest of the week looking a little unsettled not a ton of sunshine. wednesday next wave of low pressure goes by. and there will win pockets of showers and drizzle and have the umbrella on stand by for the rest of the week. you will see it in the 7-day forecast. cooler he than average temperatures in the low to mid- 60s. pockets of rain on thursday. and stale few showers around on -- still a few showers around on friday and no washouts but scattered showers around on saturday. and on sunday. breana. >> reporter: expressway traffic is extra slow this morning. due to an accident after exit 15 columbia road in
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this is a live look at the backup from the crash by the gas tank. backup goes all the way to exit 8 at furnace brook parkway adding about 15 minutes right now to the morning commute the number will probably grow. there's heavy traffic on 93 south and wilmington between exit 40 and exit 34 at spot pond and slowing you down about 21 minutes. kate. >> thank you. boston considering doing away with middle school as the district fights the decline in enrollment. according to the globe superintendent tommy chang is discussing principals. it would create elementary schools that go from kindergarten to 6th grade and high school begins at 7th. the city exam schools which begin at 7th wouldn't change and boston has been losing students in middle school to expanding charter schools. and a apparent arson investigation at a can opt -- canton school playground. two small fires at the kennedy elementary school sunday morning appeared to have been intentionally set. they are checking all canton public schools but say there's
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with information should call canton police. first there was the ice bucket and then governor baker will announce a new way to support als research. check out als one license plate a first ever massachusetts plate help to raise awareness and funding for als. the group is taking applications for plates for more information check out the website uber rolled out a security feature requiring drivers to confirm their identities with a selfie before each shift. it's good for drivers account account and it's good for passengers because the driver you called is actually the one who will show up. not someone using another driver's credentials. and mcdonald's testing kids happy meals for breakfast. it's just in oklahoma right now. they will come with either two mcgridels or egg and cheese mcmuffin without bacon or but ther in the meals. and if it launches nationally it will be the first new entree for the happy meal in more than 30 years. >> my kids don't care about the
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that's the most important. >> that's the fun thing. >> the most important part. the red soke are the hottest team in baseball. >> and they are making history too. improbable way they run the 11th straight game. >> this is jon keller. my helpful tips on how to prepare for monday night's clinton trump debate are coming up when wbz this morning continues. i'm a public school teacher in massachusetts, and i've reviewed question 2. it will make public education even stronger, because question 2 would allow more access to public charter schools, so parents have more choices for their kids' education,
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from public education. in fact, question 2 will result in more funding for education in massachusetts. please vote yes on question 2
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my prescription costs keep going up. it's more expensive every year. it would be a lot cheaper to buy my medication from canada. kelly ayotte voted to block consumers from buying safe medicines from canada. and voted against lower cost generic drugs. hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions. when you take all that money it just changes you. kelly ayotte's not working for us.
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wbz sports is driven by bmw. test drive a bhw today at your massachusetts bmw center or visit tonight the marlins take the field playing in honor of jose fernandez who was killed in boating crash on sunday. fernandez and two friends were killed yesterday when the boat slammed into a jetty off miami
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they say speed appears to be a factor in the crash. team canceled the game on sunday and teammates and fans gathered to remember the 24- year-old. david ortiz was a friend of fernandez and reportedly asked the tampa bay rays not to celebrate him at sunday's game but honor fernandez. ortiz clearly emotional during the moment of silence before the game. ortiz tweeted out this photo and said, i don't have the words todescribe the pain i feel for the loss of my friend jose. good-bye pry end in. it's the last week of the by baseball season and red sox are on a winning streak. steve burton has more. >> they sweep yankees and orioles and now the rays. sox they are the hottest team in baseball and won 11 in a row and yesterday they did it with dustin pedroia dancing around home plate word can't describe it you have to see it. but before that we have to talk about the pitching. what an effort by rodriguez yesterday. he was practically unhittable
6:25 am
last 11 outs all strike outs. dominating performance. and a record setting one for the sox as they became first team in history to strike out an opposing team 21 times in 9 innings. pedroia the 10th tied at 2. ortiz ripped one into the gap dustin racing around the basesbut the ball beats hmm by a mile and a sai dead duck but never gives up. he dances and avoids a tag and gets tagged but the catcher drops the he is safe and that's a winning run. sox win 11th straight magic number to clinch the division is now down to 2. sox heading to new york for three games starting tomorrow be pretty sweet if they could clinch at yankee stadium wouldn't it? steve burton for wbz sports. >> lots more to come in the next half-hour including the first sign of winter in new england. >> i hate that first sign. also coming up late night fight ends with 7 people stabbed. investigation underway now in
6:26 am
and reflect. the new peace garden opened in honor of the marathon bombing
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right newt 6:30 a young -- right now at 6:30 a young man who survived more than a week missing at sea is on his way back. >> a woman armed with a knife shot by police. why some question the officer's decision to shoot. >> the count down to the first presidential debate. set to take the stage tonight. wbz political analyst jon keler is hwi >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news this morning. good monday morning it's about 6:30 i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kate merrill aid chilly start to your work -- it's a chilly start to your workweek and cool. -- school. danielle niles has check on that and you want to change your wardrobe. >> kids as they head to the bus stop listen to parents we are in the 30sin some spots. it's a chilly start.
6:30 am
for areas shaded in blue. we have a lot of 30s and 40s on the map and dipped to 48 in boston. this is the coldest since may 16. it's been a while. 32 in taunton. and low to mid-30s concord to nashua at 35. 34 in bed foreat the freezing mark -- bedford at the freezing mark. 44 in chatham and 54 in provincetown. we have been allowed to cool off with calm winds. bright sunshine in the forecast today. grab the shades out. morning rush quiet conditions midday crisp fall air. mostly sunny and 63 degrees. so a cooler than average day but pleasant by fall's standards. a few clouds coming in for the ride home. 62 sunset at 6:33. enjoy the sunshine we will have big changes for the week ahead. >> reporter: we have a live look over the accident on the expressway right lane is blocked at columbia road in dorchester. this was a multivehicle crash after exit 15. and it hooks like a couple -- looks like a couple cars and
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backup from this is all the way to the braintree split. you will sit in 30 plus minutes of stop and go traffic until you get past this point. leave the house early and give yourself extra time this morning. chris and kate. >> thank you. developing story young man missing at sea is found safe two days after the coast guard called the search off. >> he was spotted 100 miles off the vineyard on a life raft. anna meiler is live along the hashar and he is on his freighter expected to arrive in boston sometime tomorrow but his mother is still missing. linda and nathan carman left on a fishing trip off block island on saturday september 17th. they were supposed to return 8 days ago but never did. the coast guard scoured more than 62,000 square nautical miles from south of block island to the canyons off new york and they called off the search on friday. yesterday, a freighter spotted
6:32 am
about 100 miles south of martha's vineyard. friends and family hope his mother will be found safe. >> hopefully people will be on the look out for a ship that's either drifting or perhaps a raft. >> reporter: the coast guard says nathan is in good condition and the boat they were fishing on is a 31 foot center console boat called the chicken pox. reporting live, anna meiler, wbz this morning. state police are investigating a deadly hit-and- run 41-year-old alberto santos flores was hit on route 16 just before wellington circle around 5:30 yesterday morning. police have not released information on the vehicle that hit him. a house fire in greenfield kills four people including a little boy and an employee of the state police. when fire crews arrived on meridian street the home was engulfed in flames. ryan tower who worked consider brian tower who worked with-- brian tower who worked with the
6:33 am
the fire. investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a weekend house fire in roxbury. they say flames burned through the pipe chases of the home on elm hill avenue early on sunday morning. from the basement up to the attic. damage is estimated at 750,000 dollars. 9 people did make it out safely and are staying with family and friends. one firefighter was taken to mass iron ear to be checked out. a woman is recovering after being shot by police in weymouth and officials are explaining why they say the officer nicole jacobs is live in weymouth with the details. nicole. >> reporter: kate that 46-year- old woman is under arrest here at south shore hospital where she is recovering from the gunshot wound she received from police. we will get you to video of the scene yesterday. police say they were called to king avenue yesterday morning for a woman threatening to kill herself. they arrived to find the 46- year-old woman holding a knife
6:34 am
put it down. police shot the woman when they say she came towards them with the weapon and she was shot in the abdomen area and then of course this brings high eee motion from those in the neighborhood. >> i don't understand why it couldn't be diffused and i am emotional about it because i don't think she should have got shot but i am not in his shoes. >> reporter: the situation is under investigation by weymouth police state police an district attorney's office. the officer involved in this shooting has not been named. live in weymouth nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> thanks very much. 7 people are recovering this morning after being stabbed in a late night brawl. we have learned two victims were stabbed in the neck. the fight happened near a bus stop on treemont street in boston theater district. several clubs were letting out early sunday morning when witnesses say between 20 and 30 people started to fight. a tufts parking garage worker says he saw the whole thing.
6:35 am
nightclubs but that's pretty wild. it was crazy. this was yelling and i couldn't make out anything. you know, couldn't even tell who was fighting who really it was just a gigantic mess. >> the victims were taken to area hospitals. all are expected to survive. so far police have not made any arrests. campaign 2016 and the first high stakes showdown between hillary clinton and donald trump. the two will come face-to-face in a first presidential debate at hofstra university. of issues including national security, economic growth and the country's direction. a record breaking audience is expected to watch the 90 minute debate on tv. >> wbz political analyst jon keller looks closer at what to expect from both candidates. >> reporter: good morning. let's go over the debate party check list for monday night. tv set to wbz check. chips and salsa, the favorites snack of hillary clinton check. steak sandwiches made from
6:36 am
gop nominee, check. looks like you're good to go for monday night's first showdown but what can you expect to see? for donald trump this debate is all about appearing presidential. that is one of the biggest polling gaps between him and clinton. she is perseek as having the temperament and experience a handle the job he is not. and with yawning gender gap as a hurdle for trump he has to be careful not to got too fasty when the first female ma but no one expects trump to recite the tax code from memory or to go into mr. rogers he has to display knowledge, poise and tact. more so than he has through long stretches of this race. a little humor wouldn't hurt either. no one expects humor from clinton but she better be ready with some good zingers to put trump in his place if he gets fresh. and when he hits clinton on some of her glaring faults her
6:37 am
negligence for instance or bugeling of the benghazi response she needs to do more than just counterpunch by talking about trump's sketchy charity or hidden tax returns a touch of humility in the form of honesty about her flaws could help diffuse them as campaign issues. this has been an ugly race and hard feelings are running high on both sides. so maybe there's one other bit of prep need for your debate party. a safe room with pill your guests can retreat to chill out. talk back to me via e mail at or use twitter at keller at large. >> watch the debate live at 9 tonight here on wbz. the suspect in a deadly mall shooting in washington state will make his first court appearance today. arcan cetin was arrested after a nearly 24 hour manhunt. police say the 20-year-old armed with a rifle opened fire
6:38 am
friday killing 5 people. the victims one man and four women include a 16-year-old cancer survivor. no more curfew in charlotte. the city's mayor lifting the midnight to 6 a.m. curfew after protest over the weekend remained peaceful. national guard is still stationed in the city. the weekend police released dash cam and body camera video ofkeith scott shooting the death sparked the protest last week. a emotional day as park dedicated victims and curs viver of the marathon bombings opens >> peace is forever. for every one. >> it's called the krystle campbell peace garden named after the medford grad who died in the marathon bombings and honors four people killed in the attacks and aftermath. martin arichard lingzi lu and sean collier and hundreds of others and first responders. chrisel's -- krystle's mom says
6:39 am
it. >> -- daughter would have loved it. >> i am glad it cameous as well as it did. >> sid is surrounded bywords that define them courage strength and dignity leadership and honor. a race to remember a winchester man killed in the benghazi attacks about 1200 people took part in the run for glen koherty 5 and -- doherty. he was working to american mission. >> again was about bringing amazing people together for a great cause and that's what we are doing here and having a really good time doing it. >> this is the fourth year for the glen doherty foundation for the run proceeds go to help service members trance fer back into -- transfer back into
6:40 am
day's top stories including the loss of a legend. >> a look back at the life of golfing great arnold palmer. >> and we are following breaking news. police investigating a stabbing overnight. we will have details on that. and danielle good morning to you. >> good morning kate. we have weather watchers up and checking in with the chilly temperatures this morning. we get a lot of 30s on the map as you step out. a feel of fall in the air. we have dipped into the tewksbury 32 says doug. a lot of low to mid-30s out the door out want the fall jacket on the -- out the door. you want the fall jacket. rain is on the way. i will let you know about the hour by hour timeline when we
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:43 we are few days into autumn but a sign of winter fell into new england. we are talking about know. this is mount washington observatory at the summit. who doesn't like seeing a parka in september. two thumbs up they posted this picture and said winter is coming. hashtag winter is coming. >> i don't like to see a parka in september don't. >> i got a new jacket when i was over in france and i was
6:44 am
like i won't break it out because it's a windser coat. >> what's the threshold for boston 40? >> yeah. >> yeah probably. >> we are 48 so you made the right decision this morning leaving that at home. but some of the suburbs want to the fall -- want the fall jacket. we get a lot of 30s on the map. 33 in plymouth and concord. 39 in beverly and coldest from norwood to taunton comes the typical spots that are and calm wind. 37 in new bedford and 39 in falmouth. variable on the cape because of the -- because of the wind. a breeze is helping to keep atmosphere mixed up a bit. we have clear skies the sun now shining. it's up and it's going to be with us today. a few high thin clouds across new york will increase later this afternoon. and we are waiting for rain. focused from illinois stretching back up through
6:45 am
now. and northwest ohio. this is a front that's going to be approaching us and arrive tomorrow. so, until then, beautiful today. below average but, still messant the wind not that strong. 64 to 65 beverly to boston middle to upper 60s with sunshine and crisp fall air in place and mid-60s plymouth to taunton and most of us in the middle to upper 60s on cape cod. it's not going to be nearly as cold overnight tonight. 57 for downtown boston but the suburben that's it. clouding up with ran arriving after midnight let's time it out west to east it comes in and as the clouds thicken up, 3, 4 a.m. area of ran arriving metro west and into the city of boston. tomorrow morning's commute 7 a.m. and wet in a lot of spots. this band of rain pushes through quickly so by 8 or 9 we are drying out north and west of boston. and the focus of rain still from essex back to the south shore and cape cod. that's where we may see
6:46 am
enjoy breaks of sunshine that emerge particularly through the interior during the second half of the day on tuesday. so how much rain is going to fall? we need it. it doesn't look like a ton places like boston north of town. maybe a 10th of an inch but less in spots. focus plymouth back to the cape quarter to a half inch. locally higher amounts in any of those down pours and isolated thunderstorm possible. rest of the week, looking unsettled. next area of by. we lock in clouds and onshore wind and pockets of showers and driese and periods of rain through -- drizzle and periods of rain as a upper-level low sits and spins so that's going to keep a lot of clouds around and some pockets of rain. no day looks like an extremewash out but below average temperatures low to mid- 60s through the upcoming weekend brianna -- breana. >> reporter: biggest challenges is the expressway.
6:47 am
right down here. this was a multivehicle crash that happened early after exit 15. back up from this is to the braintree split you will sit in 30 plus minutes of stop and go traffic on the expressway. to the south we have a very tough commute as well bumper to bumper on 24 north to 128. stop and go traffic on route 3 from hingham up to the split. all right thank fire tears through a school. crews are still on scene right now. we have learned because of the fire school is canceled today for student at the middle school. also breaking news overnight, one person ribbed to the hospital after a -- rushed to the hospital after a stabbing around 2:30 on dorchester avenue. police were searching arian no word on a suspect -- area and no word on a suspect. checking our other top stories grief counselors will be at several schools following
6:48 am
>> the child was hit by a car near his home on samuel drive yesterday afternoon. they haven't released the names of the boy or the driver. but they say it appears to be an accident. according to the worcester telegram he was kindergarten student. grief he counselors will be at his school and another cool where -- school where his older siblings will students. a young man missing at sea on his way back to shore. a freighter spotted 22-year-old nathan carman a hundred naught call miles off vineyard. he and his mother left block island on a fishing ago but never returned. his mother is still missing. and an investigation is underway into a police-involved shooting in weymouth. police responded to a 911 call sunday morning. they say a woman armed with a knife came towards an officer and he fired once when she refused to drop the weapon. the woman was shot in the stomach and she is in the hospital this morning and charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. shooting comes as police are under renewed scrutiny for using deadly force. and the world is mourning
6:49 am
he helped to make golf pop narrate 60s building a -- popular in the 60s building a fan base known as arnie's army. he won four masters and he also was a trail blazer in sports marketing. he died in pittsburgh yesterday of complications from heart problems. he was 87 years old. and president obama tweeted out this picture of palmer in the oval office saying here's to the king who was as extraordinary on the links as generous to others thanks for th 6:49. still to come hockey presea -- to come, the hockey preseason is getting underway tonight. >> but one player will not be on the ice. >> little prince george doesn't
6:50 am
it was doggie destiny was mr. bonejangles expecting the perfect toy at an amazing price? of course not. he's a dog. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find,
6:51 am
6:52 am
wbz sports driven by bmw. test drive a bmw today at your massachusetts bmw sent other visit bmw winning 11 in row red sox may not want a day off but start a series against the yankees tomorrow. yesterday, the score was tied at 2 in the 10th against the rays. ortiz rips this double to right centerfield and dustin pedroia scores from first. trying to score but totally outthrown but guess what, stands around and is tagged out but the catcher drops the ball and he is safe. >> oh my gosh.
6:53 am
sox win 3-2 and the magic number to clinch the division is now at 2. >> that's unbelievable. >> yeah. bruins play the first preseason game while a bruins player is stoat undergo surgery. frank vet rano will have -- vatrano will have surgery and recovery time could take up to 3 months. he appears in 39 games with the bruiseons and recorded 8 goals and with lee nareo dicaprio next -- leonardo dicaprio next week to discuss climate change and joined by a canadian climate scientist. and afterwards the documentary before the flood will take place on the south lawn part of the fest rail -- festival of ideas. coming up at 7 on cbs this
6:54 am
rose. >> ahead on cbs this morning one of the most anticipateed presidential debates -- anticipated presidential debates ever. and john dickerson and above chiefer in studio 357. news is -- schieffer is in studio 57. the news is back in the morning.
6:55 am
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n. kelly ayotte: putting her personal interests ahead of your health care. independence usa pac is responsible
6:57 am
prince will why am and kate -- william and kate mid illton has shown a common touch in raising the family but 3-year- old prince george may have cran the line the -- have drawn the line. the prime minister tried to charm the young prince with a high and low five george would have none of it. >> he did shake hands with president obama on his visit to england and greeted president dressed in pajamas and rope he's went to bed. >> you can't get kid to perform no -- kids to perform they won't do it on command. >> prince john has the perfect side eye going too like i don't think so. >> he is cute but the pictures i am like what is she wearing. >> she is perfect. >> she is. >> weather is pretty perfect today. sun is going to be shining in the mid-60s. some rain and arrives overnight tonight so tomorrow morning
6:58 am
and tapers off by late morning and early afternoon on the cape. and wednesday thursday and friday look at that a lot of clouds and showers and drizzle pockets of rain and looks like the showers will linger into the weekend with temperatures in the low to mid-60s. we need it for the drought. >> yeah. >> the only sunny day is today for your birthday happy birthday. >> enjoy it. >> thanks very much. >> birthday boy. cbs this morning is coming up next on bz. >> see you in 25 minutes.
6:59 am
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, september 26th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? we are just hours away from what could be the biggest debate in the history of presidential politics. mi expected to watch. donald trump and hillary clinton face-off and we are covering all angles. >> clinton's campaign manager and trump's senior communications adviser will join us. plus former debate moderators john dickerson and bob schieffer and bill o'reilly is in the studio.


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