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tv   WBZ News  CBS  September 26, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston this is wbz news at noon. >> right now at noon breaking news. 9 are hurt when man opens fire. >> texas parking lot. witnesses say the man was targeting cars until policeshowed up and he turned his attention to the officers i am kate merrill. houston police say he was shot and killed by officers. we have the latest on the braybreaking news. >> reporter: the suspect is a lawyer who had issues with the law firm. it happened in a strip mall parking lot near the shooter's home. according to office he, the man started to fire around-- officers, the man started to fire around 6:30 and targeted passing cars and when officers arrived he turned the fire
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bomb squad is examining the man's car and investigators will then search his home. mrs. say they are planning on looking at the man's social media and authorities say this is row minder to remain vil lent. -- vigilant. >> we tell people to be alert of their surroundings and we do do training on active shooter situations. we ask people to if they can run away from the scene immediatel t then hide. >> in all 9 people were hurt one is in critical condition and fiveers are hospitalized three -- and five others are hospital identities. breana pitts. the campaign showdown that we have been waiting for. the stage is set in the two presidential candidates -- the two presidential candidates are making final preparation before facing off in the first debate tonight of the we will look at hofstra university where cline tone had been trump will come
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face-to-face a record number of viewers are expected to tune in as the race is nearly tied. jamie yuccas reports from new york. >> reporter: the audience for tonight he's televised showdown between-- tonight's televised showdown between hillary clinton and donald trump could reach 100 million viewers. clinton's numbers are slipping putting her in a virtue tie with trump. >> clinton knows she needs to earn the voters trust. >> reporter: they spent most trump on the other hand devoted less time but the campaign says he is ready. >> as long as he is talking about his message and focused and the cotp contrast between the two where he wants to go versus clinton it hab win. >> reporter: political experts say in this debate trump has to show he is presentation and clinton has to get supporters excited again. >> it's not that people are switching over to donald trump or going back and forth. it's that her voteers are less
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likely to vote. >> reporter: on the campus students want to hear about the issues. >> i am waiting to see. that's why this debate is important because so many people their decision is up in the air. >> reporter: leaning one way or the other? >> no you know i am really just still waiting to hear and see what both candidates really have to say. >> reporter: both candidates will have plenty to say as the 90 minute debate focuses on security and economic growth. jamie yuccas cbs news hempstead new york. >> the debate will minutes were no breaks live at 9 here on wbz. and ahead of the debate republican vice presidential candidate mike pence will be in new hampshire. the indiana governor will hold a rally in milford at 1:30. and that's at the town's auditorium. this noon a man convicted killing an army vet in boston theater district learns his fate as the victim's family speaks out in court. anna meiler is live in boston where pierre castillo was
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serve without the possibility of parole. a very he emotional day here in court for friends and family members of stephen perez who spoke tearfully about his life and his military service. >> the world became a darker place the day stephen was taken away. >> reporter: the sister of stephen perez confronts the man who killed her brother. >> we will never get a chance to see our brother get married or hold his children in our arms. we will never celebrate another holiday as a the emptiness is always there. >> reporter: perez was an army snipe here served in iraq and afghanistan. his family says he planned to continue his public service here at home. >> stephen had so much ahead of him. he had defended our country and was on his way to protect us further by being a policeman and keeping the community safe. >> reporter: but in april 2012 his life was cut short. last week peter as iteeo -- castillo was convicted for
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during a altercation of two groups of people and castillo fled to the dominican republic and was captured in 2015. he said nothing in court when he was sentenced. the sentencing provides closure for the family and friends but say without him the lives will never be the same. >> i have not yet smiled whole heartedly since he left and i will not until i rejoin you on plans to appeal the verdict. and ha meiler, wbz news. >> -- anna meiler, wbz news. a police-involved shooting in weymouth is under investigation. >> the woman shot the by police is recovering in the hospital and authorities explain why the officers was forced to fire. nicole jake sobs live with the latest. nicole. >> reporter: -- jacobs is livewith the latest. >> reporter: we have learned
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administrative leave. an investigation now surrounds an officer-involved shooting at the center a 20 year veteran at weymouth police department we are told. and a 46-year-old resident who neighbors say had mental struggles. >> not a harmful person but needed some help. >> reporter: but police arrived to find the grandmother of two with a knife and they were called by the woman's mother. fearful her daughter would kill herself. >> she still has the knife. >> shots fired. >> reporter: shots were fired and the 46-year-old was left wounded. >> i seen her and she was laying on the ground like her shirt was ripped opened and she had blood here. >> reporter: nabs along king avenue are trying to understanding -- neighbors along king avenue are trying to understand how and why it happened. >> wasn't the policeman in the street and she was in her apartment and she what knife and he what gun. >> reporter: but the officer was forced to back away towards
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suspect followed brandishing the knife ignoring the orders to drop the knife. >> you hear about things everywhere else that's terrible right now but you never picture it to be in your hometown. >> reporter: all this of this -- all of this comes at time when police and tensions are high. >> i am emotional because it bought u u -- because i don'tthink she should have got shot but i am not in his shoes. >> reporter: state and local police say because of the woman's medical condition, she is not officially been booked but she is charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. that's the latest from weymouth. nicole jacobs wbz news. >> thank you. another investigation is underway in a deadly police shooting in new hampshire. 25-year-old cody lafont was shot before 5 yesterday morning. officers responded to a call at home in. police -- clairemont. police are investigating the
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shooting. an autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of death. a connecticut man missing for 8 days is found safe on a life raft. 22-year-old nailingan carl --nathan carman went on a fishing trip with his mother. the boat started to take on water and sank. the coast guard spent 6 days searching with no luck and called things off and two days later he was spotted clinging to a life raft by a freighter. family friend and friends are excited and holding out >> we are going to keep praying and putting our positive energy together and hopefully linda will make her way back soon. >> nathan is in good condition and will be returned to land in the next day. all right turning to the weather now, this noon, bright blue skies theis shining. perfect fall day out there other than a little chill in the air but the clouds will be coming back and rain is moving in tonight. >> danielle niles is here with the accu-weather forecast this noon. quite the change than what we
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but a beautiful fall day. temperatures 61 had boston right now. upper 50sin worcester. cooler than average for sure but at the least the wind is not that strong. so it makes a difference when the sun is shining feels nice. 62 in concord and lower 60s manchester to nashua. low 60s on the map and 64 in norwood. what a rebound after star starting in the 30s and the low 6 -- 0s for most of us -- 60s for most 6 us. satellitd few cirrus clouds that will mix in later today. what we are waiting on for tonight and tomorrow this band of rain of the back through central ohio and now just coming into western new york and western pennsylvania. this will make slow eastward progress and arrive after midnight tonight. so the clouds thicken up. 4 a.m. tomorrow morning early riser's couple showers in metro west and the steadiest rain by far comes through during the commute. so it will be a wet start to the day. pockets of rain even a few downpours rumble of thunder can't can be ruled out.
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boston. and then some showers and downpours may linger into early to mid afternoon on cape and islands. clouds will hang tough maybe a break or two of sunshine. ride home tonight no issues. and 57 overnight not nearly as cold and rain tapers to showers during the day tomorrow and temperatures in the 70s. a lot of changes for the rest of the week we will outline those in a few. >> thank you. a former school destroyed by fire in fitchburg. flames broke out brown school around 2:30 last night. fire quickly tore through the abandoned building burning off the roof and the cool was canceled for students at a nearby middle school. and a busy day for fitchburg fire fighters who fought a house fire on cotage street around 8 this morning a woman was pulled from the home but later died. the fire is under investigation. today grief counselors are at several grafton schools after the death of a 5-year-old
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of the boy or driver but say this appears to be a accident. according to the worcester telegram the boy was kindergarten student with older siblings who are students in grafton. and this noon, the search is on for a boston university student who went missing in new york. zachary camehigh was seen last sunday at the w hotel he was in new york to pick up an instrument he is a musician with a history of mental illness. >> hotel room a go to the bathroom which seems it was his way of getting away from the person who was taking care of him. >> his friends have started a social media campaign to help spread he the word and hopefully find him and they will remain in new york for the next few days to continue the search. coming up, on the wbz news at noon a. change for boston schools. why your kids may never have to go to middle school. >> and honoring victims of violence with peace. the garden that opened after
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welcome back. boston is considering a major move and it could change how your kids go to school. superintendent tommy chang is considering doing away with the district's middle schools. the proposal would create elementary schools that go from kind her garden to 6th grade. while high schools will be begin in 7th grade. city examine schools start in 7th grade and boston whose been losing stewedets in middle school -- students to middle school grades to charter schools. park dedicated to the survivors and victims of the math >> peace is for everyone. >> it's called a krystle came pel peace garden named after the medford high grad that died in the bombings and honessors the three other people killed in the attacks and the aftermath martin richard lingzi lu and sean collier. it's a tribute to hundreds of survivors and first responders. krystle's mom says her dot we are have loved it.
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well as it did. >> the founder is the -- fountain is the central feature and plaques with the names are surround bywords this define them courage strength dignity leadership and honor. >> time to talk about the weather and it felt chilly. >> a perfect day for your birthday. >> the only sunshiny day of the week. >> the brightest day this week so we have a upper-level low moving in towards the end of the week to bring weather. we will get to that in a second. a couple sewerous clouds mixed in with the sunshine as you look over the charles river. beautiful fall day on the cool side a couple cirrus clouds and quincy elementary school look live at boston. 60 degrees winds 6 miles per hour. not that strong. it makes you feel a little better and humidity is low too. air is nice and crisp and dry and that's going to be the case through the rest of the day
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48 was the coldest reading at logan since may 16th. but we were at or below freezing in several cities and towns. keene 31. taunton 31. 32 in concord and spots dipping into the 30s and making a decent rebound. 64 in taunton right now. lower 60s currently concord and manchester and nashua. upper 50s a little cool from jaffrey back to worcester at 58. and lower 60s for most of us in the eastern massachusetts and same foe nice fall day out there with the bright sunshine and couple clouds mixing in. the clouds come out ahead of rain. rain that's now advancing into just the northwest corner of pennsylvania and new york right now. this is with the front that's going to push through tomorrow and bring us the wet weather we have been talking about. clouds arrive tonight and woanl be nearly as cold because of that. 57 downtown but even the suburbs will probably dip into the load to -- low to mid-50s.
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after midnight. overnight period clouds advance in 3 or 4 a.m. scattered showers advancing from west to east. it will be a wet morning commute in a lot of spots tomorrow. at 7 m have -- at 7 a.m. have the coat and a rumble of thunder between mid to late morning. and by midday a lot of the rainshipping out of here a fueling rain showers and downpour ace long the -- along clouds around but peeks of sunshine techly inland -- particularly inland. how much rain will fall we need it because of the drought. 10th to a quarter of an inch. you get the general trend here. more than a quarter of an inas much likely for parts of the south shore back to the cape. and an inch for places like vineyard and nantucket with some of the locally heavier downpour that is may push
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kids will want the raincoat with areas of rain in the morning for the bus stop and we start to dry out by recess and ride home maybe a peek or two of sunshine but a drier afternoon with temperatures in the the lower 70s at that point. so, it's a pretty normal day by september standards. in terms of temperatures tomorrow. low 70s for a lot of us including boston fitchburg and jaffrey most of us end up about 70 to 74 degrees for the tuesday. and 71 in plymouth right around 70 on the cape and wind down here is going to come from the south and thhi the west behind the front and here's what happens. the front stalls to the east and the next wave of low pressure comes in. this is going to be moisture with it on wednesday, we lock in the clouds and we lock in periodic showers and that's the case allot-- a lot of the rest of the week. periodic rain for the middle and end of the week with temperatures in the low to mid- 60s and looks like that mid and upper-level low spins which means we will keep the threat
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chris with temperatures in the mid-60s. >> gee what fantastic forecast. >> sorry. >> i am kidding but it's bet are than this. a few days into autumn by winter is just around the corner. that is picture from mount washington war wintry mix fell. mount washington observatory has some of the harshest weather conditions. >> i am not ready i am not ready. from ice buckets to license plates. >> still ahead this noon, the new way to show your the fight against als. >> and here's what's hot right now on the website.
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one in eight women will face breast cancer. early detection can mean the difference between life and death. planned parenthood gives new hampshire women access to life saving cancer screenings. but ayotte voted to defund planned parenthood six times. why? because ayotte opposes a woman's right to choose. in her relentless effort to overturn roe v. wade, ayotte puts critical cancer screenings at risk, hurting new hampshire women. your health care. independence usa pac is responsible
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first there was the ice bucket challenge and soon another way to support als research. check out als one license plate the first massachusetts plate to help raise awareness and funding for als. the group is taking applications for the plates. for more information check out the website cbs he he helped bring-- he helped brit game of gol to have the -- bring the game of golf to the masses.
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and palmer helped to make golf pour lar in the 1960s building a fan based known as arnie's army. he was a trail blazer in sports marketing. paving the way for other athletes to reap millions in endorsement deals. arnold palmer died in pittsburgh yesterday of complications from heart problems. he was 87 years old jack nicholas posted several photos with palmer on his facebook page last night. saying in part we were competitors who loved competing against each other but always great friend along the way. arnold had my back and i had his. we were always there for each other that never changed. he was the king of our sport and always will be. and president obama tweeted out this picture of palmer in the oval office saying here's to the king who was an ex-- as extraordinary on the links as he was generous to others thanks for the memories arnold. up next royal arrival.
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why a prince is not impressed
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i just want what's best for my kids. when i hear arguments that massachusetts needs more charter schools, i think: what about the students in all of our schools? every new charter takes away more money rs, just last year. we can't afford to drain even more money from our kids' schools because they're already losing so much. i'm not just standing up for my own kids; i'm fighting for yours, too.
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coming up on the wbz news
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and flu season is not far away but can you get the flu shot too early? dr. mallika marshall gives us the best time to get the vaccine today on the wbz news at 5. today the royals are in canada. >> prince william and kate middleton arrived with their two kids and they were agreeted by the canadian prime minister left hanging. take look he bent down to give the little prince a high five and a low five right there. and got nothing and tried get a handshake no nothing that's what happens when you try to get a kid to perform it won't happen. >> he is like i don't know. i missed that. didn't know where you were going. >> he is adorable. >> we should do a story about what she is wearing every day. >> sunshine the rest of the week unsettled and rain. tomorrow morning commute don't forget the raincoat. >> the next fuse cast is today
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>> phyllis: so, what do you think, doc? am i gonna live? >> stitch: your ct scan shows no bleeding, no swelling. your vitals are strong. everything points to a mild concussion. >> billy: so you're gonna be okay. >> phyllis: so, can i go home? >> stitch: i'd like to keep you for observation, at least for a night, especially given your medil other symptoms develop. i'll be back later to check on you. >> billy: thanks. >> phyllis: thank you. [ door opens ] >> billy: thank god you're okay. >> phyllis: why are you here? >> billy: when i saw you lying at the bottom of the stairs, so still... where else would i be? >> phyllis: you were at the house? what were you doing there? >> billy: i wanted to talk to


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