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tv   WBZ News  CBS  September 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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preparation. hillary clinton holed up with her inner circle over the weekend to practice. her running mate, tim kaine, said that the format will work to her favor. >> just a moderator and 2 of you on stage. you can run but you can't hide. we'll see tonight about donald trump. can he give details about anything? >> reporter: trump's running mate, mike pence, said that he will speak from the heart and mind. >> they'll hear broad shouldered leadership that will america safe again and make america great again. >> reporter: a poll find that is 2 out of 3 voters will tune in. but a vast majority, 87% said that it's unlikely to affect how they vote. this professor of political science said that gender will be a factor. >> when it sounds like is expectation for women are higher. they have to illustrate they can be tough.
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rowdy political events, the debate audience has been warning to refrain from the disruptive behavior. the audience has been told not to cheer or applaud, and the moderator will not use any audible device to let them know it's time to wrap up their answers. craig boswell, now on wbz, jon keller here with results of a new poll looking at the presidential race in massachusetts. off the bat, democrats traditionally do very well in the state. >> they don't call it the bluest state for nothing, lisa. but our polls show that even here in staunchly democratic massachusetts, we're not immune
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race. the wbz-umass-amherst poll finds clinton with a 13-point lead over trump. liberatarian gary johnson with former governor bill weld pulls just 2%. and senator barack obama won this stage in 2008 by 25 points and husband bill clinton won by 33% in 1996. so that's a substantial but in complex, surprisingly small. >> given that history and the fact that hillary clinton has heavy hitters, something in the state, why isn't she doing better? >> i think the answers are in the poll cross tab when is you look at her abysmal favorable rating with fifty 56% having
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she does enjoy to men who back hereby a narrow margin. while those numbers for women mean 19% of female voters who haven't trump backers can't yet bring themselves to support her and in a way, perhaps the most surprising finding even here in massachusetts, too many women remain skeptical gotta come out of this making people feel better about her. >> and 90 minutes, no breaks, and you can watch it live at 9:00. david? >> thank you, lisa and jon. hillary clinton will appear with bernie sanders on wednesday afternoon and donald trump will campaign in bedford on thursday. we are following breaking news at 5:00. federal investigators say that
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were subject to harassment and discrimination. let's get to liam martin with the latest. >> reporter: david, the ruling was that boston latin violented the civil rights act and mishandled complainted from students about racism they experienced from other students. a male student used a racial slur to a black female student and threatened to, quote, lynch and officials say that they did not handle that properly recommending training for students and staff and hiring a new diversity officer and conducting an annual survey of the race climate. tommy chang said that the school system is, quote, fully committed to implementing the regulations and make sure any allegation is addressed
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to keep this in our memory banks because we have a gloomy stretch coming up. eric fisher is here with a first look. eric? i don't think we have said that since may or june but changes are coming with the clouds coming in from the west over what has been a gorgeous day, all sprawled out down to the southern states. this will bring us a chance for rainfall heading into the day tomorrow. tonight, dry past midnight and tomorrow morning, getting some f most of them concentrated around the morning commute. the bottom line is tomorrow morning, give yourself extra time and bring the umbrella heading out. massachusetts and the cape is where we'll see the best total bus moving fast and they will be moving out to sea with temperatures rebounding into the low 70s. sun tomorrow and then the clouds real move back in for the rest of the week.
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>> eric, thank you. a man convicted of killing an army vet will head to prison for the rest of his life. peter castillo was found guilty of gunning down the former army sniper in 2012. >> the victim served in iraq and afghanistan. >> he was the love of my life. he was my biggest source of laughter. and i will never hear >> reporter: stephen perez's loved ones remember the 22-year- old army veteran whose life was cut short. his killer, peter castillo, sits and listens as his sister mourns her brother. >> we will never get a chance to see our brother get married or hold his children in our arms. we will never celebrate a holiday as a complete family. the emptiness is there.
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the boston theater district during an altercation of two groups of people. last week, castillo was convicted of first-degree murder. >> ironically, he made it through two tours of iraq safe and sound. >> reporter: family members say that perez's dedication to public service was far from over. at the time he was killed, he was pursuing a career in law enforcement. >> stephen he defended our country and was on his way to protect our country further. >> reporter: today, castillo was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. perez's family and friends say this day gives them a sense of closure but nothing will take away their pain. >> i have not yet smiled wholeheartedly since the day he
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join out other side. >> reporter: castillo's lawyer said that they plan to appeal. reporting from the suffolk county courthouse, wbz news. tonight, a weymouth woman is recovering after a woman shot her. officerssay when at a arrived, they found a woman with a large knife and they told her to drop it. she di hospital, she will face assault charges. new details. a man floating in the water for a week was found alive but his some other missing and presumed dead. the two left rhode island on a fishing trip, the crew of a freighter that found the 22- year-old 100 miles off martha's vineyard. jim smith has an update from the coast guard. >> reporter: lisa, this is an incredible story of survival. but the sad truth tonight is
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believe that linda carman could still be alive, so the search for her is basically over but her son has miraculously been found and the coast guard is trying to piece together details. >> he was found in a life raft with a lifejacket on. >> reporter: nathan carman's rescue was the story of survival and a nautical mystery. about a week after he left rhode island on a fishing trip with his mother, he was found miles south of martha's vineyard. where is his mother linda? she remains missing. >> he said that the ship was taking on water and he got the life raft and looked for his mom to get in the liferaft and couldn't. >> reporter: linda carman said she and her son would take their boat, the chicken pox, out for a fishing trip.
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hope for linda and where heroin -- what happened. >> reporter: in 2013, linda carman's father was found slot to death in his connecticut home and nathan carman has asperger's syndrome. after the death of his horse, he went missing and days later in virginia. >> when nathan carman comes back to shore, he will be in the -- met by coast guard officials to get a clear understanding of the case
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this all went down. jim smith, wbz news. the motive behind a mall shooting. plus, no more middle school? the idea that could shut down schools in boston. >> drugstores say it's time to get your flu shot but you may be better off waiting. >> through the tip o'neill tunnel.
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one in eight women will face breast cancer.
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9 people just driving to work shot and wounded houston. investigatorssay that the suspect was a lawyer who had issued with his law firm. three people have been treated and released. a 20-year-old turkish immigrant confessed to the five kills ing a washington state
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cancer survivor to a 95-year- old woman. >> reporter: a judge informed arcan ceti stood silently as a judge informed him he was charged with murder. investigatorssay that he opened fire in a shopping mall north of seattle killing four females and a man. policesay that cetan removed a rifle from his trunk and in and shot all the victims in a few minutes, first, a teen aged girl near a clothing rack and then the cosmetics counter where he shot a man and three more females. the victims range from a teenager to a 95-year-old. he was arrested about 30 miles
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saturday evening. >> he was nothing, like zombie like. >> reporter: his stepfather said that his stepson had problems. >> he had mental health issues. that's all can i say. >> and we know that he had had other runins including two domestic violence charges. david, high waters threatening homes are causing causing -- evacuations. i hesitate to use this word because a lot of people will
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cold, cold is the word. >> not cold enough to convince my son to wear a coat. it would have to be really cold. >> we breakers because it happens so fast. they were testing the snow guns in new hampshire. the cold nights get the fall foliage started. we have reports of moderate color with the high effort elevations, 100 mile wilderness, seeing good color. the last few nights have done their job. the temperatures rebounded into
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watching the clouds increase. the next weather maker is a cold front moving in from the west and a chance of showers for tomorrow morning's drive across western new york and pennsylvania and west virginia. tonight, those will arrive after midnight with increasing clouds and temperatures holding in the 50s, not nearly as cold as last night and an increasing southerly breeze. tomorrow morning, when you wake up, the i think the steadiest, heaviest showers will be towards the south coast and cape and islands and it will be focused during the morning commute time. so give yourself a few extra minutes to get to your destination. tomorrow afternoon, those will be moving out and sunshine from west to east and temperatures will jump up above 70, and then
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clouds and drizzle and consistent on shore flow. the temperatures, close to 60, and we are drying out in many spots and then sunshine from lunchtime on ward for the high temps, and we'll have the onshore flow wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday. and we have all this gloomy weather but not a lot of actual rain, all showery stuff, and on sunday, the last of the showers will move through, and here is the glimpse of how much rain we'll see tomorrow through
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and a half, and it will not take a lot of energy out of the landscape or make things try out more. it's not a big dent in the drought. it's more nuisance, gloomy weather. here is the accu-weather 7 day, close to 60 wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, and the best chance of rainfall on wednesday and saturday as the system mo through. how many days with clouds? >> august 21 i think it was. >> thank you, eric. could boston middle schools be going away? and ahead of tonight's presidential debate at hofstra university, we talked with the cbs news contributor bob schieffer on the candidates'
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on the bz feed, boston could change how your kid guess
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and high school would begin with seventh grade. but the move would aim to retain middle school students who are increasingly, according to the district, moving to charter schools. >> i think i need to spend more time in school to figure out who it helps and who it doesn't. you wonder if it's semantics, changing the name of the building. we'll keep you posted. would you start drilling into internet told them to do it. it says that they can add a headphone socket by simply drilling into the bottom of their phone. this video has been watched almost 10 million times. we don't know how many people have tried it, but some have. the video was put together by a well-known prankster who said he enjoys, quote, smashing technology. he is saying if you put the hole in there, there is a port
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>> just putting a hole in your phone-- and you can find information about your favorite actors online but aids may not be one of them. >> california has passed a law to help prevent aids discrimination. from now on, a performer can ask it be removed. the screen actor's build supports the law. criticssay it's censorship and will have no affect. >> it's interesting. when i do that -- like anne hathaway. i don't know her age. we know. she was born in 1982. david and i will be back at 6:00. liam has a look at what's ahead. liam? thank you, lisa someone is driving up to women in one local town, jumping out and stealing their purses. there is a search for him. and fire destroys a former school in fitch burg, and moldy machines? which front-loading washers are
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a warning for women in quincy. someone has been driving up to the women and stealing their purses and driving away. good evening. i'm paula ebben. >> and i'm liam martin.
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jumps out of the vehicle scaring the women. christina hager has more. christina? >> reporter: liam, this is like a drive-by purse ?amping and witnesses have described different looking men doing this in different vehicles and that's why police think this could be a group of thieves working together. >> it's scary, really scary. >> reporter: melissa monroe talking about the changing the way she totes her bag. >> it's harder to grab it like this. >> repte the string of drive-by purse grabs, women walking around the north section of quincy. a quarterbacking pulls up, someone jumps out, grabs a purse and takes off. >> minimize when you are carrying. a cell phone and a wallet, just put that in a pocket. >> is it feasible to not use a purse? >> not at all.
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life is in there? >> my life is in there. >> reporter: a purse snatched, and in at least one case, a woman was injured. >> i will have to think about how i do this. >> reporter: hearing about it, would you my shopping cart like i just did. >> reporter: just what quincy police want women to do. but what they real need are good witnesses. >> we have had witnesses seeing it happening and have come to the victim's aid but unfortunately, no one has been able to get a license plate or anything. >> reporter: so the advice from police for women, keep your eyes open. if you have to carry a bag,


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