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tv   WBZ News  CBS  September 27, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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. developing right now at noon, a man rescued after a week alone lost at sea, drifting in i alive raft is now back on solid ground. a passing freighter spotted him and picked him up days after the coast guard called off its search for him and his mother. good afternoon are afternoon. >> thank you for joining us. 22-year-old nathan carman is with the coast guard in boston. his mother is still lost and presumed dead. anna meiler is following this developing story. live from boston. >> reporter: family members are meeting nathan here at the coast guard bae and will eventually bring him home but first he's speaking with officials who are
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went wrong. after several days stranded at sea, nar than carman arrived in boston safe on dry land at last. he's escorted in a -- into a car and taken into a building on base where officials will hold a survivor debriefing to try to figure out what we want wrong when he left an overnight fishing trip with his mother from rhode island ten days ago. after one day at sea, the pair ran into trouble somewhere off the coast of new york. >> it was reported that he -- when the water his life raft, he went looking for his mom to get in the life raft and he could not find her. >> reporter: one week after the boat sank, crew members on board a freighter spotted carman 100 nautical miles south of martha's vineyard. >> he was found in a life raft with a life jacket on and food and water. >> reporter: this morning a coast guard boat met the freighter and brought nathan back to shore.
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didn't sur voy and they will not resume their search. >> water temperature, the enact linda carman was unproteched she had no food and water. >> reporter: this isn't the family's first tragedy. several years ago, nathan went missing after his horse died. he turned up days later in virginia. in 2013 his grandfather was shot and killed inside his connecticut home, a crime that is still unsolved. this latest loss has friends and family feeling helpless and confused. >> we have a lot of quens sans some of them. >> reporter: coast guard officials say there was never any kind of distress signal sent out that will likely be one of the questions addressed here today. reporting live from boston, anna meiler, wbz news. i have a winning temper. i know how to win. >> secretary clinton. >> woo. okay. >> the gloves come off and the fireworks flying last night in
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weigh in on what they thought of the first face-off between the candidates. >> our country is suffering because people like secretary clinton have made such bad decisions. >> donald, i know you live in your own reality. >> both sides are claiming victory. donald trump questioned whether hillary clinton is fit to serve as president. >> she doesn't have the look, she doesn't have the smi businessman won't release his tax returns because he has something to hide. >> maybe he doesn't want the american people all of you watching tonight to know that he's paid nothing in federal taxes. >> reporter: this morning clinton told reporters she was thrilled with the debate and said the choice is clear. >> it's demeanor his temperament, his behavior on the stage could be seen by everybody. and people can draw their own conclusions. >> donald trump demonstrated the restraint and the temperament
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debate was an opportunity for both to energize their base and convince undecided voters. frank luntz asked unduded voters what they thought of trump's perform glance strong start, weak finished. >> lost opportunities. >> reporter: and clinton. >> prepared, firm. >> powerful. >> same old, same old. >> reporter: the next desituate scheduled on october night's debate show it had more viewers than the first debates of the last two presidential campaigns, and not only includes people watching at home, it doesn't include people watching at a public place like the students at northeastern who gathered for a watch party. after the debates they weighed in on what they saw from the hour and a half back of forth. >> clinton had a very uplifting, you know, hopeful message, and trump had just doom and gloom. >> i really think that something
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the polished. >> nationwide this race is a virtual tie right before the debate, democrats historically have an edge here, the race is closer than you might expect. the results from our poll show hillary clinton with a 13 point lead over donald trump with libertarian gary onand green party candidate jill stein far behind. our survey also shows both clin tone and trump with low favorability ratings in massachusetts, well behind that of president obama's current approval rating. you can see the put results of our poll on our website and coming up tonight at 6:00, what words do voters think of when they hear each candidate's name. not surprisingly they are not positive. jon keller will show us what our exclusive wbz umass poll found and whether the candidates did anything to improve those opinions in last night's debate. by the way, the second of three debates is on sunday night october 9th at washington university in st. louis. you can watch it live right here
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start this morning. a live look now at boston where the sun is just struggling to peek through the clouds. this could be the last we see of the sun for a few days. danielle niles is here with the look at our forecast. danielle where is the sun? it's not out there. >> at least we've had some brightening of the skies. however, there's not going to be a ton of sunshine through the rest of the day today. the clouds are thing just a bit. you'll see peeks here and there. quarter to half an inch of rain if he will in most communities since midnight, s this morning. and it's now pretty much done. notice here on the satellite and radar, just some leftover rain on the islands and the outer cape. there are still some clouds in place but these two have been sitting just a bit and the trend will be for some peeks of sunshine to continue to emerge through the afternoon. still some light rain all the way to eastham, a couple downpours right over nantucket. this too is moving east. it will be out in the next half
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we should be right around 70 this time of the year. we'll gain a few more degrees between now and the end of the day as the sun breaks out in spots. so 72 for your ride home. sunset 6:32 tonight. any sort of partial clearing that takes place, the clouds are going to fill back in. overnight lows in the 50s. a little patchy drizzle may develop at the coastline. tomorrow, definitely a dreary feel. cloudy, cool, patchy drizzle, even a couple of light rain showers with temperatures only around or just over 60. we'll time ou for tomorrow, coming up in just a few. you can track the weather any time with the cbs boston weather app. you'll get radar, forecast and alerts all for free. you can find it in the google and apple stores. developing right now, boston police are searching for a killer after a deadly shooting on center street in jamaica plain. this happened just before 1:00 this morning. near the jackson square t stop. >> boston officers are now looking for surveillance video that may have captured the
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plain with the latest. >> reporter: brianna, i tell you throughout the morning we've seen people come and go at the apartment complex. many of them unaware of the incident that happened here overnight. but if you take a look at this video, you can see it was an active scene when police were called here just before 1:00 this morning. reports of a man shot in the area of 267 center street in jamaica plain. we've since learned a man in his 40s was shot several times, taken to the hospital police have not released the man's name, nor have they releaseed information regarding a suspect or a motive. we know they were speaking with someone earlier this morning who was a witness to this crime. they're also further working the area. >> we are trying to sort out what occurred here, obviously the -- we do canvass and checking for video in the area. >> reporter: taking another live look here at the mildred c.
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man in his 40s was shot and killed. police are appealing to the public asking anyone with information to come forward. that's the very latest. nicole jacobs, wbz news. also developing this noon, a new york city firefighter killed when a house explodes, authorities say they were called to the home for reports of a gas leak but when firefighters arrived, they say they found what look to be a drug lab in that home. a short time later, a blast ripped through these sending debris up and down the street. that debris hit the firefighter. six police officers were also injured in the explosion, but are expected to recover. new at noon, a massachusetts state trooper indicted in a violent arrest. a grand jury indicted joseph flynn on simple assault charges, flynn and former new hampshire state trooperer andrew monday acowere caught on camera hitting
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police chase. monday acopleaded guilty and was ordered to pay the man's medical bills. a pedestrian is rushed to the hospital with serious injuries after being hit by a car in needham. police say the person was struck by a car along the railroad tracks on may street just after 6:00 this morning. according to officers, the pedestrian looked to have had head injuries so far no charges have been filed. controversy in mill bury, a home has been condemned but the plan who lives there, can't leave because he's on house arrest. chris bernard violated his probatioro arrest, but the board of health says he can't live in hiss house. they say it's filthy, infested with bugs. so he's been living in his driveway in a van. >> it's not bad. i have a heater, coffee maker, a cot. >> i thought it was strange being to be quite honest with you. because i think the court knew the house had been condemned. >> he has to wearing a gps
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that sale could close next month. right now, the town manager wants to make sure that $20,000 in back taxes gets paid. . a new development in this fire at an abandoned fitchburg school. investigators now saying that it was arson. the blaze at the former brown middle school started yesterday morning. authorities are now looking for anyone who may have seen something suspicious around the building. if you have any information, you can call the state's arson a bicyclists get caught up on the highway riding through boston's tunnels. a new warning after this video spreads online. >> big papi's big message for yankees fans and what he wants to hear from them tonight in the bronx. >> and boston latin under fire for how it ponded to racist threats. the new steps being taken by the
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/spopbld /-d to racist threats. the new steps being taken by the
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school. . a federal civil rights investigation finds evidence of discrimination and harassment at boston latin school. it finds the school violated the civil rights act by
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headmaster calls the investigation purely political, he says that's why he resigned. >> there is no discrimination at boston latin school. the claim there's a civil rights violation on a case that we did handle in which a student was actually punished seems to me really reaching pretty far. >> boston latin officials have agreed to sweeping reforms including training for students and staff, hiring a new an annual survey of race climate at boston latin. the superintendent said the district is it fully commitment to implementing the regulations. well, caught on camera, this man riding his bike not in a bike lane but in the break-down lane. another driver took this cell phone video of the unusual sight on sunday. you can see the bicyclists
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>> it's so outrageous that he's doing it's almost funny at the same time, you can't believe someone is actually doing this. >> just a few hours earlier, cameras caught another bicyclists riding through the pru tunnel. -upway posted a statement on facebook saying, in part, it is extremely dangerous and definitely illegal to ride a bike on 93 or any area highway. do not do it. so if you look closely at that video, he's wearing headphones. >> no helmet. >> and he i understand people want to beat traffic. >> so much wrong with that. >> he didn't get killed. >> do not do it. that's the key there. so we had some welcome rain this morning. >> yes. >> most of us got like a quarter to half an inch. now there's still some clouds but the skies are brightening just a little bit. it's one of the days where you kind of almost need the sunglasses because the clouds are thinning out a bit. but the sun isn't shining just yet. we will get some peeks as we
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afternoon. steve reports .43 inches of rain. .37 inches. peter in cambridge picking up just under .20 of an inch. few for the weather watchers for your observations that you send in every day. what are we looking in now in a couple of sprinkles left over. a couple of these heading east now. a few sprinkles on the south side of the vineyard. a couple more on the north side to the east soft this front came through us, it's now offshore. what it's going to do is stall out here. what's going on as you see this counter clockwise spin, back in central canada, right, but this is a big upper level low. it's going to dive southward here, kind of stall out to our south and west and keep us in this unsettled pattern over the next several days with an onshore wind and clouds and showers and drizzle as well. so any sort of partial clearing that we get for the rest of
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so they fill back in, there may be a shower or two around. 59 for an overnight low. most of us drop back in the 50s. look at this rebound. not much, tomorrow, right? highs only, only in the upper 50s to low 60s. so definitely a cool kind of raw feel. what's going to add to that is that wind. see that coming in off the ocean. 10 to 20 miles per hour tomorrow. so you'll notice it. it may gust occasionally over 20 at the coastline. highs in the lower to middle 60s on cape cod. here is the hour by hour for tomorrow. i just w through. clouds, a few showers, greatest risk on cape cod. as people kind of splotches of green showing up here, maybe a chance of a shower right on through the afternoon. so i don't think it's a day where you need to kind of be decked out in wet weather gear, but have el umbrella with you on standby. tomorrow evening, scattered showers should fill in. they'll be generally light for the most part. again, plenty of dry periods through our day on wednesday, too. thursday, area of low pressure kind of stalling out to our
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on thursday, a lot of clouds. very similar to tomorrow. plenty of dry times. then eventually, it looks like this slug of moisture is going to come in with a period of rain on friday and perhaps into the start of the weekend, too. keeping an eye on the tropics, not -- this area of cruster, really showing some good organization in the last couple of hours. formation is likely later on today. getting hungry for some spaghetti charts. take a look in a westward track here in the s northern curve. that will be towards middle and end of next week. something to watch for sure. seven day forecast, at or below normal temperatures for several days here. at or just about 60 degrees with pockets of rain and drizzle into the weekend we should turn a little bit bright, chris on sunday and monday. >> let's hope for some drought busts. thank you. some big changes in the catholic church to tell you. pope francis signing off on new rolls making it harder to become
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and instead of just needing a simple majority, two thirds of the experts now have to approve those miracles. all right. coming up, the countdown is on for the return of tom brady. >> what we're learning about how he's soaking up his final days
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. well today the patriots are getting back to work after preparing for sunday's game against the bills. >> the team is 3-0 without tom brady. and that's despite some surprising set backs so far this season. brady said it's a testament to the greatest of coach bill belichick. >> i definitely think so. i think whatever hand he's been dealt, he finds that's the marker of a great coach. sitting in those meetings the last 16 years and watching him prepare the team, there's no coach i would ever want to play for, it's a privilege to play for him. i look forward to being back out there and getting yelled at by him. >> sunday, you can catch the bills and patriots right here on wbz kick off is at 1:00. after the game stay tuned for the post game show. >> the bills game is the last one without tom brady. by the looks of things, he's
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>> the new york post reports brady was sunbathing in the buff while on vacation last week. he told west wood one radio the trip was a great chance to get away. turning to the sox now, we may be getting a hint of what david ortiz will do in retirement. he's testing his skills as a magazine editor. the slugger took over this week's sports illustrated. he's also a cover model. this is the first time a sports illustrated -- in history an athlete has been a guest editor. inside, heks everything, including his biggest accomplishments and biggest disappointments. well he is also opening up in a letter on the website written for his last visit to new york as a player. ortiz writes, quote, boston is not my team, it is my city. i consider myself a bostonian and it's the thing i most proud of in the world. he goes on to address the yankees and their fans say, quote, peaks i have one final thing -- yankees, i have one
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best feelings in the world. ortiz bins thinks -- begins his final clash with the yankees tonight. the sox are in the bronx taking song the evil empire as they look to secure their spot. our dan roche will be there starting tonight at 5:00. is he really sure he wants to go? >> i don't think so. but i like how he loves the haters in new york. it fuels him. >> we're hoping to clinch it tonight. up next on wbz news at noon, a wedding day surprise. >> a moment proving you really know what you'll get in
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for the content of this advertising. . a wedding crasher one couple won't pictures when tom hanks ran by. he stopped and even snapped a few pics with the couple. get this, he also offered to officiate their welding, revealing he's an ordained minister. the couple was taking pictures right after their ceremony. >> hilarious. >> it's so great. >> awesome memories. we'll be back today at 5:00. >> see you tomorrow morning.
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>> lily: i like the way her hair is flowing. it's very sexy. >> cane: yeah, and the setting is a, uh, green screen. >> lily: green -- yeah. >> cane: exactly. so we can change the background if you want, you know, from the bow of a ship to a castle, beach, you know, whatever we want. >> lily: i love when you talk about work. it's so sexy. >> cane: yeah? >> lily: i wish i was at the very wifely, make sure that model didn't get any ideas. >> cane: well, let me tell you one thing, all right? you can come to any shoot you want. >> lily: [ chuckles ] >> cane: and when she looks in my eyes, she knows i'm in love with my wife. >> lily: mm-hmm. good answer. >> cane: so, what do you think about the setting? what do you think we should do? >> lily: i mean, i think just go for it, you know? try different backgrounds and don't move on from this setup until you get what you want. >> cane: okay. >> billy: what's going on? >> cane: i'm just getting a woman's take on the commercial. >> billy: well, that's great,


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