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tv   WBZ News  CBS  September 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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in a life raft, 22-year-old nathan carman arrived at the coast guard base in boston. his 54-year-old mother, linda carman, lost at sea. officials drove him to a building on base for a lengthsy interview call aid survivor debrief. the coast guard is trying to figure out what went wrong during what was supposed to be an overnight fishing trip with his moth rhode island in the 31-foot boat, the chicken pox. when they didn't return, people in their hometown hung yellow ribbon. then after the coast guard called off the crew, nathan was found clothing in a raft with food and water with him and said that his boat have taken on water off the coast of new
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found. nathan carman who has asperger's syndrome, has gone missing before. in 2004, he was dependent over the death of his horse. and then his grandfather was shot to death in his connecticut home. that case was ruled a homicide, still unsolved. now we are just getting this is the transmission between nathan carman and coast guard officials after the freighter rescued him from his life raft. >> mom and i, two people, myself and my mom were fishing. and there was a funny noise in the engine compartment.
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water. i had my mom bring in the reel. i guess she stepped forward. when i saw the life raft, i did not see my mom. have you found her? >> no. we haven't been able to find her yet. . >> reporter: his story, the coast guard officials and those moments at the end asked, why you found my mother? and you heard the answer there. the many aspects of the story is developing as we speak. we'll be back with the latest at 6:00. for now live from the boston coast guard station, christina hager, wbz news. to campaign 2016 and candidates used a springboard last night, and today, the candidates were back out
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across the country, 84 million across the country, made it the most watched event in history, more than the super bowl. who won? both are declaring victory. hillary clinton celebrated her performance with a mid-day rally in north carolina. >> did anybody see that debate last night? one down, two to go. >> reporter: her rival, republ was upbeat in another battle ground state during a roundtable meeting in little havana. >> it was a fascinating period of time. we won virtually every poll. >> reporter: last night's debate found both candidates sounded off on topics from national security to job breathe and others controversial issues. >> i will release my tax returns against my lawyer's wish when is she releases her
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deleted. >> it must be something, really important and terrible that he is trying to hide. >> reporter: heading into the debate, clinton led trump on polls over who was most qualified and trump is continuing to reach out to latinos. >> we're leading florida right now. yeah. and we're doing that because of the hispanic community. >> reporter: while clint open goes after middle income families. >> what kind of want to root for 9 million families losing their homes? one who should never be president is the answer to that question. >> reporter: so, while the candidates are claiming victory, the pundits seem to favor clinton. 62% of our poll give it to clinton and 38%, trump.
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surrogates have been working so hard today, john, to convince us of what we felt last night. [laughter] >> reporter: that's right, and over the years, surveys found some voters make up their minds based not on what they saw but others say after the fact. let's take a skeptical look at the messages that supporters are trying to plant. let's start with clinton's running mate senator tim kaine wh campaign thinks is a crucial trump weakness, his temperament and the way clinton appeared to get under his skin last night. >> fur that rattled in a debate -- he didn't give details about anything. he didn't answer a question about his taxes, for example. >> reporter: actually, trump did give details about his
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foreign trade deals, and even why he won't release his tax returns, like them or not. kaine's goal was to try and paint clinton as melting under pressure, and the key clinton measure in the campaign, throw it against the wall and see if it sticks and see how house speaker paul ryan tried to spin things. >> i thought hillary did a polished, well-rehearsed defense of the status quo which 7 out of 10 americans don't like. i saw donald trump give a spirited voice to those of us who don't like the status quo. >> reporter: not sure where the speaker was getting the numbers, but the president's job approval ratings have outweighed his disapproval numbers since march. the gop's problem said that trump's spirited voice as ryan
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color, and even fellow republicans. so he has work to do and so does she, spin notwithstanding. >> thank you, jon. and clinton and trump will meet in the second of 3y 3ye debates, sunday night, october 9 in st. louis. you can watch that right here on wbz. david? lisa, a convicted killer, only a teenager at the time, will spend at least five more years behind bars. rod matthews' petition for parole has been denied. in 1986, he killed classmate shaun ouillette. and a grand jury has indicted a massachusetts state trooper, joseph flynn. he is charged with simple assault. he and former trooper, andrew monaco, were caught on camera kicking a man after a police
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the man's medical bills and flynn is suspended without play. we have seen a day-long battle with the clouds and sun and the gray clouds are winning. it seems like there is a theme building here. eric fisher has the forecast. yeah, more clouds than not. as we look into the weekend, as a matter of fact, and the good news is beneficial rain from the clouds and scattered showers and as expected, lower totals farther north bigger totals, toyota, -- on the cape, and we will have a nice mild evening with the showers pushing offshore. the best chance overnight tonight on nantucket. temperatures in the low 70s for most of us. the sun has tried to come out and the clouds will come back in tonight. the winds will turn to the
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clouds fill in airs of drizzle forming. a better chance of rain moves in for friday and in particular, saturday as we kickoff the weekend. so a chance for drought relief but not many chances f or sunrise. we'll have a look at the tropics which is looking more interest coming up. >> thank you. it's the end of an era, a fun era. david ortiz's yankees. >> the patriots in their understated way also have to be celebrating their quarterback news. steve burton has more. steve? we still don't know who will start as quarterback for the pats on sunday, and don't expect bill belichick to make that announcement but it was good to see jimmy garoppolo and jacoby brissett at practice,
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injury, and brissett played against the texans. thumbs up from both of them and that's good. meanwhile in the bronx, the red sox have a chance to clinch the al east division crown. we have more now from yankee stadium. dan? >> reporter: david ortiz is to yankee fans like jeter and rivera were to red sox fans. you hated when they beat you but respected them as pls. thursday night. but one fan started a website, moonbigpap asking fans to moon him on wednesday night. ortiz wrote if 50,000 people moon me, i promise you two things. first, i'm going to laugh so hard i might start crying, and then when the tears dry, i'm
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train. some players were born to be yankees. i was born to play against the yankees. boston is not just my team. it's my city. i consider myself a bostonnian, it's the thing i'm most proud about. yankee fans, one final thing to tell you. thank you. for real. when you boo me, it's part of the best things in the world. just three more games for ortiz in the bronx. what would be sweeter if you are ortiz to clinch the american league east here at yankee stadium, home of the yankees. >> oh, boy. this is fun. what do you think he will be received? >> yankee fans, they will cheer against him but they love him. >> boo him and love him? >> he is so lovable. he is so lovable. he has the utmost respect
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going. >> i'll bring the orange juice. [laughter] >> okay. a new trend in trick or treating. >> the new change when it comes to the most popular halloween costumes for kids. >> and a father and son accused of breaking into an atm. >> a house explosion kills a veteran firefighter. what investigators found inside moments before the blast. >> and coming up, disturbing fliers targeting young women one local college town. one in eight women will face breast cancer. early detection can mean the difference between life and death. planned parenthood gives new hampshire women
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the picture's just incredible, a house with a secret drug lab inside exploded in new york city, killing a veteran fire department. michael fahy was a 17-year veteran of the department. this morning, firefighters rushed to e the bronx for a report of a gas leak. they called police and that's when there was an explosion and a fire. >> i heard a boom. it was like a sonic boom. the whole building shook. it was a massive explosion. >> it kind of happened in slow motion like the roof came up and out. and i know they just walked in, too. >> chief fahy was hit by debris and died later at the hospital. four police officers and a civilian were also hurt.
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caused at least 300 homes to be evacuated. california is in the middle of a heat wave. on the flipside in iowa, the problem is too much water but barriers are preventing serious flooding in cedar rapids. more than 10,000 people there were told to river crested 6 feet above flood stage. cranberry growers in massachusetts are facing a different crisis, not enough water because of the drought. costs are up and crop values are down. >> and the drought is threatening to make it harder for the growers to flood their bogs. >> as i see it, if we don't get a good rainstorm or several
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to harvest. >> reporter: commercial cranberry production on cape cod in massachusetts is celebrating its 200th anniversary. juice and sauce sales have leveled off but cranberrys are still as popular asifier. harvesting season is just getting underway in massachusetts. >> we are dealing with a surplus and low commodity prices. every operation has gets about $11 per barrel. and the production costs are $30 per barrel but he doesn't want to give up. >> it's a thought every day if i should exit or not but my gut feeling is if you take a bog out of production, it's never coming back into production. >> cranberries are routed in
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generating $1.4 billion every year. we did get rain this morning but just not enough of it. >> it fell and at times, it was heavy and it cleared out by 9:30. we have a shortage because it's a two-year drought. a couple of years of cumulative dry weather and the retention ponds are very, very low. we need, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8" of rain and that's a tall order. >> too much at once through and it would be and some rain today, good totals out there. we've had showers and episodes of rain over the last couple weeks, helping to ease things a bit. but we have dug such a big hole it will take a ton of rain spread from months and months
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offshore and the best chance of showers and downpours across man -- nantucket. this will slow everything down and we'll get days of similar weather and in this case, it's very gray weather. so it's really nice outside tonight. we had sunshine breaking out and mild, and as we look towards tomorrow, low clouds filling in and scattered areas of drizzle and low clouds but it wo same on thursday, but not a lot of appreciable rain. on thursday, a better chance for sunshine. gloomier here in southern new england. and in case you're going hiking or on a road trip, much drier. the temperatures, 50s and clouds filling from overtime, and the winds off the ocean
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little. 50s north of boston and low 60s south of boston tomorrow with the clouds. the winds turn to the northeast tomorrow morning and will freshen as well. so winds at 10 to 20 miles per hour through the day but stronger gusts, 25 to 30 miles per hour at the coastline and will add extra chill to the air and continue for wednesday and continue into our thursday also and likely into our friday, too. a lot of on shore wind keeps the temperatures from moving. highs in the upper 50s through this upcoming weekend. v in terms of actual rain, getting it to add up and put a dent in things, a better chance of showers friday and saturday and a few more will be scattered on sunday. so a chance to stack up a little more rainfall. otherwise, it's just frustrating. for the patriots taking on the bills, mainly cloudy skies and a chance for a couple of showers and temperatures in the 60s. we'll update that as we get closer. this is not a depression just
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expected to become one in the next 24 hour and moves through it is lesser antilles tomorrow and then in the caribbean where tell remain for five days. if it gets a name, it's going to be matthew. we'll talk about math -- matthew in the next hour. david and lisa, over to you. thank you, eric, and tonight, a unique opportunity with in america. >> the pharmaceutical figure is giving you a chance to punch him in the face. >> and a massachusetts soccer player subjected to racial taunts. and a robot giving nurses a helping hand. ginger anticipates when they
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y of bleeding in the brain, or severe liver problems. tell your doctor about bleeding, new or unexpected shortness of breath, any planned surgery, and all medicines you take. >>talk to your doctor about brilinta. i'm doing all i can. that includes brilinta. if you can't afford your medication, astra zeneca may be able to help. okay. we're not violent people but on the bz feed f you have enough money, you could punch martin shkreli in the face. >> he is the head of the pharmaceutical company that raised the price of life-saving drugs 4000% and now he is trying to help a boy fighting cancer offering a slap or a
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friend. he agreed to match the don't eggs egg -- donation to eye certain point and you can even record it. >> and he is actually doing something for someone else. that's what i take away from it. >> someone said what if you hire mike tyson to do it? >> he said, fine. and super heroes and action figures are in high demands overthrowing halloween which reigned for 11 years. others include animals, characters from batman and anything from star wars. americans are expected to spend $3 billion on costumes. my husband is a big halloween spender. >> really? such a huge holiday for adults. >> definitely. cute photo, check.
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check, check. >> a twitter follower sented me -- sent me a picture of his daughter walking through the stroar with a clip board and making check marks. but even he can't figure out what earns the check mark but the hardware section of sears earned the most checks and bella explaining later, wow, this store gets a lot of checks. clip board wielding bella earned 86,,000 likes on twitter. >> so a check is a good thing? >> yeah because at 1 point she said, yeah, this is a good store. dad and i -- dad and i? lisa and i will be back at 6:00. here is paula. >> i can see that. okay. orchards on alert, appleseeds are blending in with the pickers. and family ties to crime? a local father and son charmed
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and an atm but someone crashed their bonding time, and then lost in florida and found in massachusetts. a network of volunteers helped this wayward dog find his way
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now at 5:30, an atm robbery on the south shore. policesay it's a family affair,
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accused of breaking into a cash machine. i'm paula ebben. >> and i'm liam martin. investigators call these two professionals. bill shields reports. >> reporter: police say he has passed along his trade skills to his son. >> yeah. like father, like son. what a disappointing family life that must be. >> reporter: early saturday morning, police say dexter iii used a blowtorch to break the drilling out the steel to open it when someone saw him and called police. a k-9 unit found him nearby and all of this in his backpack including 2-way radios. his father allegedly had the other two-way radio in a nearby car. he was, apparently, the lookout and get away driver. >> the father had control of the bmw and had dropped his son


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