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tv   WBZ News  CBS  September 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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now at 11 back at home after dramatic rescue, his mother still missing. what he says went wrong and why police searched his home. the money missing from a local football program where some kids are playing with cracked helmets. honking mad over messy geese. the new push to get them out of city park. live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news at 11:00. > mystery se. >> i saw a lot of water. >> a boater rescued but his mother still missing. >> i was calling and looking around and i didn't see her. >> after hearing that story investigators searched his home. what they found and why he's been investigated in a mysterious death before. nathan carman is back at home for the first time since he set
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quote, i would like to thank the public for their prayers and concern for both my mother and myself. and i would like to thank the crew of the ship that rescued me both for rescuing me and for treating me very well. wbz's louisa mueller is live in wake hills rhode island where there are still a lot of questions. >> reporter: police say surveillance footage from this marina here in rhode island shows mother and son setting off on a fishing trip looking seemingly normal, mo nathan's behavior on that day led them to search his vermont home and a possible crime of reckless endangerment. as nathan carman arrived at his coast guard base in boston investigators were digging deeper into the mystery that left his mother 54-year-old linda carman lost at sea. monday police executed a search warrant at his vernon vermont home and came away with a motive.
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notes. >> i was bringing [ indiscernible ] one of the bags -- the books dropped out from under my seat. >> reporter: the 22-year-old told the coast guard his story after he was found by a trader floating off the coast of martha's vineyard in a life raft. he and his mother embarked on a fishing trip from point judith the rhode island a week earlier. off the coast ofne chickenpox took on water and in the chaos he lost her. >> when i saw the life raft i did not see my mom. have you found her? >> reporter: a police affidavit indicates that linda and nathan had different intentions. as to the final destination of the fishing trip. linda thought they were going 20 miles of shore. nathan according to people he spoke with before he left had other plans. to take them roughly 100 miles
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which are around the island. >> reporter: he struck up a can work under -- a casual conversation with nathan hours before he left the docs. >> i didn't see any fishing poles or any food. >> reporter: the affidavit also states that the boat may have had engine issues. it needed to be repaired. nathan was trying to repair them himself. making it potentially dangerous to operate. live in wakefield, louisa nathan carman was considered a suspect in connection with his grandfather's murder three years ago. wbz's nick giovanni is live in the satellite center, and that crime is still unsolved? >> that's still the case. carmen's grandfather was murdered in 2013. his body found inside his home four days before christmas. now we understand warrants were issued naming nathan carman but
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the murder of 87-year-old john scheck awaits is now considered a cold case in windsor connecticut. a source confirms to our sister station his grandson nathan carman was once the primary person of interest in his death. according to court documents obtained by the hartford comment windsor police went as far as submitting an arrest warrant for carmen on a murder charge. the warrant was returned unsigned a day later requesting for further information. a search warrant his grandfather. the night before his body was found. this is not the first time he and his family have been in the news. in 2011, he then -- the 17-year- old nathan who has asperger's syndrome disappeared from his connecticut home upset over the death of his horse. he was eventually found in virginia. so that search ended but again the search for his grandfather's killer has not.
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arrest in that case. reporting in the satellite center, nick giovanni, wbz news. clouds have moved in, the wind is next. eric fisher here now. seems like gray and cool the theme of the week. >> i think so. northeasterly winds kick in. low clouds of the ocean. bonus rainfall, the wettest spot across the region. still showers and downpours, that's going to be the main spha brushing the elbow of the cape and around horowitz and chatham. temperatures not moving much, throughout the day they can see the northeast wind up bringing all the low ocean moisture. drizzle, light showers and not expecting a lot of heavy rainfall during the day tomorrow. more of the same on thursday. chance for more drought rain by friday. we'll time that out for you looking up. we have breaking news tonight, former israeli prime
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one of the last surviving members of israel's founding generation, perez served almost every leadership role in israel and shared the nobel peace prize with yasser arafat. died at the hospital after having a stroke. he was 93 years old. campaign 2016 now, it is a record. 81million people watched the first presidential debate. will there be a second debate? tonight one of donald trump's surrogates saying to be some big changes if trump is to agree to debate hillary clinton again. wbz's liam martin here in studio with us to explain. >> rudy giuliani made those comments saying he felt lester holt was unfair to trump. trump's campaign to this point says he's going to debate but some say it's another sign that last night put him on the defensive. >> ? donald trump rallying supporters in melbourne florida insisting he didn't lose monday's debate. >> for 90 minutes, i watched
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also holding back. i didn't want to do anything to embarrass her. >> reporter: betting markets and scientific polling show many believe clinton had the edge monday. heading trump's on his treatment of one of the former beauty pageant contestants. >> he called this woman miss piggy. she has a name. >> where did you find that? >> trump tried to explain those comments about the former beauty queen on fox. >> she gained a ma of weight. and it was a real problem. >> reporter: on tuesday alisa machado told reporters she was devastated. >> for me, these elections are like a bad dream. you know watching this guy doing a stupid thing and a stupid comment. >> did anybody see that a debate last night? >> reporter: hillary clinton campaigned in north carolina with an extra spring in her
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with former rival bernie sanders to try to make college debt-free. >> we are also going to work so that you can refinance the debt you already have at much lower rates. and get it paid off. >> reporter: now we wait to see if the debate is actually going to move the poles. polling showed the race is extremely tight. history suggests candidates perceived as the winner of the debate does see a slight bump in the polls. >> we'll be watching. thank you. a new paul reveals just what local voters think about the candidates. pollsters put together a so- called word cloud of adjectives that voters use most for their candidates. trump got words like racist, idiot, you can see here, crazy, dangerous, and liar. positive words were leader and honest. clinton's brand has problems as well. look at how many people used the word liar to describe her.
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dishonest. all of them in the word cloud. positives were strong and experienced. tomorrow we will reveal the results of our exclusive poll on question four. are baystate voters ready to legalize marijuana? find out tomorrow. new at 11:00 honking mad over messy geese. people of all ages are fed up and they say the birds are fouling boston park. as ken macleod its planes, one counselor says it >> is nothing new to these soccer players in brighton. >> always goose poop around. >> reporter: so many landmines you can't dodge them all. >> you've got to watch out when you get home. not too happy. >> reporter: mom isn't the only one grumbling. >> it becomes a public health issue. >> reporter: city counselor george a mother of four boys city -- if we want to save our
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we get serious about ridding the monkeys. the birds have certainly been known to hit back and bite folks who get too close. but poop is the main problem. each goose can excrete up to three pounds a day. >> not much you can do. not taking care of it. you just kind of have to play through it. >> reporter: canada geese but most of these birds are not migratory. they hang around all year reproducing, eating and pooping on ball fields and jogging paths citywide. >> pretty much used to it w. it affects the youth and seniors and every person that wants to enjoy our parks. >> reporter: bullard -- a border collie's and defect -- tomorrow, counselor george will ask her cohorts to summon some experts on the subject. >> we need to make sure we
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those are our parks. >> reporter: some soccer players would be among the grateful. >> we got to fight through. >> reporter: ken macleod, wb scene was. >> how many times can you say poop in one-story? >> we may ask -- we may have to ask. >> no hazmat situations. salacious ads hitting a local campus. the students who are being targeted by rich men online. the i-team looks into questions about a local youth football league. parents play in but where is the money going? and is player safety at risk?
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special interests that oppose question 2 claim district schools lose money to charter schools. that's "absurd," says the boston herald. "outright lies," reports the lowell sun. charter schools "don't siphon off state dollars" from traditional schools, says the boston globe. in fact, public schools get more money. the truth is question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. please vote yes on question 2.
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new ads soliciting college
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local campus on alert tonight. officials at unh say the ad is not illegal, but they do have some concerns. the service connects young women with rich strangers online . no confirmation that any students have actually signed up for the service but they have been warning students about it. tonight an i-team investigation into a local youth football league. serious questions about the way the league is spending their money. ryan kath shows us he >> reporter: on youth football fields across massachusetts, concussion awareness is getting more attention than ever. >> i want my child to be safe. >> reporter: when some of the kids started the season without helmets and others received ones that were scuffed, cracked or several years since their last recertification, parents got angry. >> why did you feel it was time to speak out?
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kids, parents and coaches asked the i-team to hide identities. >> what are you spending on? >> reporter: those questions are targeted at jackie penn. after taking over, she quickly ran the league into the red zone. a surplus of 11 thousand dollars evaporating into a negative balance a couple years later. other youth programs have plenty of cash in the bank. $13,000, swan has got 22, denver 25 and ipswich 52 grand. what was your reaction when you started looking through some of those tax returns? >> my initial reaction was i don't understand why anyone would steal from children. >> reporter: on one year's tax returns there's almost $17,000 listed in fundraising expenses but the documents do not show a single dime actually raised. a nonprofit form filled out that year for the attorney general asks if the organization tried to solicit contributions.
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>> doesn't seem right. something doesn't seem right. >> reporter: this coach wonders about the thousands of dollars listed for banquets and trophies saying he and team leaders have paid for those out of their pocket. >> you never received any money from the league for trophies or banquets? >> never. >> reporter: also stiffing a longtime sporting good store in town. the owner had to chase the league president to small claims court to get her to pay up merchandise. >> what do you want to see happen here? >> i would like people held accountable. and answer the questions that are asked of them. >> reporter: at first the president agreed to speak with the i-team but after delaying several times and then canceling altogether, -- >> we want to give you a chance to respond to some of the concerns we've heard. >> the i-team cut up to her during practice. >> reporter: terrence believe money from the league is missing. what's your response to that? >> i don't have any response. >> reporter: there are concerns
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what about the safety of the kids? why won't you answer any questions about the money? >> when you can't put the numbers together, there's a problem. >> reporter: a problem that parents and coaches want tackle before someone gets hurt. >> i want to see justice. i want to see new equipment for these kids. they deserve it. they deserve better than what we're giving them. >> reporter: board members running youth sports leagues have an obligation to let parents know how their money is being spent. if you have concerns and aren't getting answers, contact the attorney general nonprofit division. for the i-team, ryan kath, wbz news. police are concerned about this, a reminder to slow down on wet roads. a police officer caught this crash on his dash camera happening in july but with rain in our forecast, day after day, this is video they want us to see. i feel like this cool gray
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little more vibrant. >> exactly. they were awfully dry before. who knows what the drop is going to do? >> i totally agree with the foliage. definitely -- looks more vibrant. drought makes it brighter and shorter but brighter as well. there is potential for a really quick show but a really good one as we head into october. today's rain nice to see, centerville three quarters of an inch of rain fall. plymouth at almost a half-inch. a quarter in bellingham danvers, one of those spots north of boston, misses out on a heavy rain every the time. once the rain moves out, what a sunset out there. what a scene on the beach. looks like it's close to mayflower. this picture from wayne, monument beach, chaotic sky he called it. very bright colors. nice way to end the day. bonus rain tonight, showers downpours moving across nantucket, the biggest totals
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fall before all is said and done. clearing moving in from west to east, but as we head toward daybreak, low clouds are going to start to move in off the ocean. that will be our weather for tomorrow. this big swirl moving down the great lakes is the low that's going to sit over the mid- atlantic and slowly whole weather works down. so that things don't move much over the next few days. bottom line is tomorrow and thursday are similar. mostly cloudy skies, drizzle, skies brighter across new hampshire, into vermont and maine as well, travel take you there over the next couple expect some sunshine and some good foliage starting to show up too. for most of southern new england, sucked into the clouds. for most of wednesday, thursday. high temperatures stay in the upper 50s to low 60s. wind coming in off the water. wind direction will dictate our temps and keep them from moving that much. in terms of wins, 10 to 20 miles per hour out of the northeast. tomorrow and thursday. both are very similar days but not a lot of actual rainfall stacking up. when it comes to rain that we
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increase on friday especially late friday. and into saturday. we could actually see some rain adding up and providing a little bit of trout relief. still a scattered shower or two lingering sunday. then we slowly start to unwind out of this pattern. it's a little bit of light drizzle, couple showers for wednesday, thursday. a better chance of showers on friday. highest overall chance of rain is going to be on saturday. sunday, patriots of course at home taking on the bills. chance for a couple showers right now does not look like a washout and temperatures in the low 60s. also watching the tropics. the system that is not named yet but when it gets a name it will be matthew. track off to the west right into the central caribbean. then after that, something we'll have to watch. uncertainty still, ultimate destination but up the east coast potentially in play, wouldn't be anywhere near here until columbus day weekend. accuweather seven-day, cool stretch, a lot of clouds out
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none. over to you. >> all right. appreciate it. champagne on ice. it was ready for a party. red sox hoping to clinch the division in enemy territory. it came down to the final at- bat.
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we were all gathered around the tv ready for it to happen. we had our own champagne. but no. dan roach can't come home until they do clinch. >> is that true? >> no champagne tonight. beat the yankees in the bronx or toronto had neither one happened. right from jump street david price didn't have it. bottom of the first, gary sanchez, he loses it, belting his 20th long ball of the season. moved to the top of the seventh. shall we? 4-2 new york. aaron hill pinch-hitting for brock holt. solo shot to left for his first ever pinch-hit home run. 4-3 yankees. later, jackie bradley jr. on second and two outs, dustin
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down the line and left. we're tied up at four. but john farrell stuck with price to start the bottom of the seventh. the lefty giving up his third home run of the night. two-run shot by tyler austen and just like that yankees back on top 6-4. top of the ninth, two on and two out for david ortiz. but no magic from big papi tonight. he goes down swinging to end it. that's it. 11 game winning streak snapped. clinching the division with let's go out to the bronx. where dan roach will have to wait another day as well. >> reporter: steve, a lot of excitement coming to this one. good feeling 11 game winning streak coming off, day off, rested and ready to clinch the american league east crown. but they didn't get it done. disappointing night for david price. tough night for big papi as well. it all adds up to disappointment here in the bronx.
11:26 pm
clearly. but with david price it was a matter of getting in the strike zone. >> been throwing the baseball well. past couple starts into -- to have a chance to clinch the division for us here, not acceptable. and scoring four runs, i feel like i should be able to win. that hasn't been the case a lot of times this year. and that wasn't the case tonight. >> reporter: a lot of of the david price in the postseason talk coming up. just 2-7 in his career despite being the great pitcher that he is. that didn't calm any fears here tonight when it comes to what he did at yankee stadium. tomorrow night clay buchholz will go again. a win or a toronto loss and the the rents -- and the red sox will clinch. here nrg stadium, dan roach, back to you. hopefully they can clinch it tomorrow. to football.
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patriots are back on the practice field gearing up for sunday with the bills. here was a good sight, yes. both jimmy garoppolo and jacoby brissett back on the practice field. they seemed to be having a great time. his thumb was wrapped up but he gave it the thumbs up anyway. danny amendola said he did not know who would play quarterback. we shall see. for a preview of the pats and bills, check out patriots al access -- all access. right here on wbz. kickoff at 1:00. and then th postgame show. that's sports 40 oh. one more day. >> one more day. bring danny home to celebrate. >> thanks. incredible journey next at 11:00. how a dog from florida ended up in massachusetts and the really unique way he is no homeward
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a dog that left home in florida wound up in massachusetts, just wagged his way through a reunion thanks to volunteers who turned the drive into a relay. and animal patrol officer found apollo on the side of the road. then discovered owner. in jacksonville, florida. and she didn't have the money to get him home so volunteer drivers took different legs of the journey to florida to get apollo back to his very happy
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little bit of drizzle out there, a little windier and temps near 60. >> okay. >> and now on voter registration day, an important message from "late show"." listen. >> you need on vote. >> you need to vote. >> you really need on vote. >> you need to vote. cause nose bleeds. >> it doesn't cause nose bleeds. >> it almost never causes nose bleeds. >> all those people in 2004 already had nose bleeds when they went in there. >> voting makes you strong. >> strong. >> strong. >> strong. >> i was strong enough to move my house. it's by the beach now. >> voting made my kids proud. >> proud. >> my kids were really proud. >> joseph gordon levitt's kids were really proud of me.


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