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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  September 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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rieive from the channel 4 studios in boston this is wbz news this morning. >> good morning thanks for joining us i am kate merrill. >> i am chris mckinnon. wie appreciate you -- we appreciate you being here. a young man rescued at sea speaking out as investigatorser is of aer is -- serve a search warrant at his home. >> new overnight an assault leads to revere. >> and a brand new hotel turns into a crime scene. the investigation and danger on the rhode island water front. >> and wbz political analyst jonkeler is here with an he can collusive new poll. >> what massachusetts voters think about heelizing marijuana but first danielle niles is here with a check of the forecast. another gray day out there. >> it's going to be kind of dreary the next several days chris and kate. good morning. 60 in boston.
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couple 40s on the map. springfield vermont at 48 degrees. most of us 55 to 60 and no change in term of our temperatures today. we may come up or down by a degree or two and that's it. kind of what you see is what you get day. low 60s for most of us on the south shore to the cape. low clouds filled in a couple showers on nantucket in the outer cape and a sprinkle on nantucket but otherwise plenty of dry periods today. there may be patchy drizzle here or there with an isolated shower. teer the day today. i will take you through the weekend coming up. let's get you on the roads breana. >> reporter: north shore traffic picking up from 93 south. you will hate couple pockets of traffic and be stop and go through andover and woburn but it should slow you down 15 minutes. to the south the expressway is jammed from furnace brook parkway to clop yeah -- columbia road this is slowing you down 15 minutes. traffic is heavy on 128 in
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bogged down this morning from avon up to 128 and there's about a 15 minute delay there.a deadly crash in east boston at least one person was killed when car ran off the road at route 1a and curtis street around 2:30. police are investigating one lane on the southbound side remakes closed. kate -- remains closed. new twist on a mystery atsea. investigators are going through items taken taken from the hof maman seen arriving in boston after being rescued off the massachusetts coast. he rushed to his vermont home yesterday. this morning his mother is missing and prosupped dead. >> carman was once a suspect in the murder of his grandfather. -- propree supped dead. >> carman was once a suspect in the murder of his grnd father. you spoke with nathan. >> reporter: he he -- grandfather. you spoke with nathan.
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on what happened over the last 8 days when he was lost at sea but he did say this. >>i just want to thank the public for their prayers and concern for both myself and my mother. and i want to thank the crew of the ship especially the captain for both rescuing me from the sea care of me. with giving me food and blankets and so forth while i was on board his ship. and i want to thank the public for the prayers and for their continuing prayers for my mother. >> reporter: and he just wanted to leave it there as he continues to try to process everything that happened and, of course, his mother's loss. i can also tell you that the
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issued for this home. authorities are getting kind of a clearer look as to the location and the specific location that fishing trip was planned and whether or not that may have contributed to his more's presumptive death. 22-year-old nationan carman is safe at -- nathan carman is safe at home after arriving at coast guard base in boston. questions mount about what happened at sea that left his 54-year-old mother linda carman presumed dead. >> i thought he canyons. which around black island. >> reporter: mike spoke with nathan before he and his mother left point judith rhode island for what was suppose to be an overnight fishing trip. >> i didn't see any fishing poles. i didn't even see him with food. >> reporter: but in his own words nathan told coast guard officials sunday. >> i was bringing the line and my mom bringing the reel and i
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[audio not understandable] >> reporter: he was discovered off the waters of martha's vineyard float og and raft after he said -- floating on a raft after he said his boat the chicken pox took on watter. >> when i saw the life raft i didn't see my monday have you found her. >> reporter: his mother has not been found a search warrant executed for his home produced amodem sim card and letter written by nathan. the documents reveal different intentions for mom and son she thought the trip wo miles offshore and he 100 miles out. authorities are look into whether or not the boat encountered engine issues which reportedly he tried to repair himself. nicole jacobs wbz this morning. 6:05. we have learned police consider carman a suspect in his grandfather's murder. 87-year-old john chakolos was
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sister station in hartford naights nathan carman was the primary person of interest in the murder -- nathan carman was once the primary person of interest in the murder. police submitted an arrest warrant for carman on the arrest charge but the warrant was returned unsigned requesting more information and the search warrant named carman as the last known person to see his grandfather alive. new overnight police investigating a assault outside a are a veer club. squire lounge around 10. investigators couldn't tell whether the assaults happened inside or outside the club but the hern who was -- hurt did -- person who was hurt had to go to the the hospital. a suspected drug lab and police are searching for four men spotted inside. hotel staff called 911 when smoke was spotted coming from the room. the hotel was evacuated and
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dye inside the room. the dea is taking over the investigation. breaking overnight an unarmed black man shot by police in a san diego suburb has died. police in el cajon released this image overnight showing the man moments before he was shot. police say he pointed oop object in a shooting -- an object in shooting stance at two officers. the object was not a weapon. police have not said what it is. they say they first tried to subdue him with a stun gun and police were initially called out because the erratically. the shooter drew some protests overnight. tributes are pouring -- tributes are pouring in forshimon peres the one time president and prime minister died last night two weeks after suffering a stroke. he heard a noble peace prize for the role in the peace talks with palestinians. president obama said a light has gone out but the hope he gave will burn forever. according to israel's foreign minister president obama will
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and hillary clinton. he was 93 years old. campaign 2016 returning to new england. bernie sanders will join hillary clinton on the campaign trail in new hampshire as clinton gets a new endorsement from a prom innocent republican. former virginia senator john warner will campaign with clinton's running mate tim kaine and clinton and sanders speak at unh. warner is former secretary navy secretary and senate arms committee chairman saying clinton is the best candidate onat will be in new hampshire tomorrow holding a rally at the sports plex in tabored. today he has events in illinois iowa and wisconsin. the trump campaign is raising money for advertising blidz running through november. a 84 million people watched the first presidential debate monday night the second of three debates will be held sunday october 9th at washington university in st. louis. and you can watch it live here on wbz.
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brand new poll on one of the fall's most controversial ballot questions. >> wbz political analyst jon keller joins us and jon this would be would make massachusetts the 5th -- one would make massachusetts the 5th state to legalize recreational use. >> reporter: four others states and district of columbia has similar laws and yes vote on question 4 would allow adults to grow up to 6 marijuana plants and keep up to 10 ounces in their homes as well as possess up to 1 ounce in public. it wou oversee licensed pot stores. and, according to the wbz umass amherst voters 5 #% of likely voter support legalizing recreational pot that's yes vote with 40% opposing and 7% still undecided. now, support for legal pot in our poll is consistent across almost all demographic groups with the exception of conservatives and voters over
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believe legal pot would harm individuals and society, 30% of supporters say it's not as dangerous as other drugs with another 19% believe enforcement of current pot laws is too costly and problematic but the battle over question four is far from over as the associate director of the umass amherst poll points out. >> asking could you -- asking the question do you support legalization of marijuan ask people to think about it they may have reservations. >> reporter: and look at what voters said when read a list of potential impacts of legalized pot. 61% said it would bother them if they saw people using in public. 5 2% said they wouldn't want to see ads for pot on tv or billboards or hear them on the radio and more than 4 in 10 said they would be concerned to see a pot store in their neighborhood. so what happens next?
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governor baker house speaker deleo and boston mayor walsh are opposing question 4. so look for a hard fought campaign during the final 40 or so days before election day. get ready. >> jon thanks very much we appreciate it. we will watch that one as we get closer to election day. coming up on wbz the new england aquarium may be expanding. >> details on a plans for a makeover inside the aquarium and along >> reporter: a growing goose problem in boston. one city couple ies -- coble says they are ruining parks playgrounds and fields and plans to do something about it. more on the action she plans ontaking. >> a yankee fan nearly strikes out in the stands he tried topros poll to his girlfriend but things took a bad turn. >> probably because they are yankees fans. 60 in boston this morning. look at this. we are only going to whoever
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temperatures later this afternoon. patches of drizzle not much wet weather and i will take you through the hour by hour when we come back. ?
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air oar -- error hand yew fox and his girlfriend -- andrew fox and his girlfriend were in the stand and he pulled out a engagement ring and dropped it. it was broadcast on the screen but he and the other fans spent 5 minutes searching and found it in the cuff her pants and got down on one knee again and happy to report she said yes. >> that poor gu sweating it out. >> panicking. >> do you remember when you got engaged? it's a blur to me. >> no you are so i didn't know what was -- what was happening and you bank out and wait -- bank out -- blank out and then what happened. >> they have a video to remember it forever. >> he can't imagine if it fell throughout tiniest crack in the bleachers and was gone forever. it would serve him right for yankees fan. >> i wish it was the sox fans
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>> it's pretty-- >> what are we looking at the. >> it's pretty nasty well it's not nasty what you see is what you get type of day. temperatures are going to be pretty steady right on through the afternoon for what we have right now. 06 degrees. stuck in clouds. periods of showers and drizzle but not a ton of rain the next few days. we may get into some steadier rainfall on saturday. we are watching the tropics closely. matthew is likely to develop as we ad potentially 48 hours. down near the caribbean the lesser and tilly islands and we will talk about that in a second. 06 in boston and dew points in the -- 60 in boston and dew point in the mid-50s. the wind is going to be cool and raw and persistent coming in off the ocean over the next several days. 59 in lawrence right now. 58 in manchester upper 40s in keene and 55 in worcester and upper 40sin north adams as
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and these are afternoon temperatures we may rise by a degree or two. we will stay steady upper 50s low 60s that's it. low he clouds -- low clouds in place and not a ton of sunshine the next several days. there's patchy areas of drizzle that tries to develop. light green here on the map a few pockets here and there you may need wipers on for intermittently but overall not a ton of wet weather today or tomorrow. but a very similar forecastch the evening -- forecast. this evening there may be a few pockets drizzle. tonight patchy fog and drizzle continues. what do you know 54 for an overnight low onshore wind continues 10 to 20 miles per hour. similar tomorrow. 55 to 60. well below average for this time of year. we may get late day breaks of sunshine but clouds fill back in on friday and the big eper level low will stay -- upper- level low will stay there and
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weekend. here's tropics here are the western antillies so matthew trying to organize. it's not a named store yet but will likely become a tropical depression and storm later on today. westward track and is uncertain. there's some models end kateing it may take a cur to have the north. east coast will have to watch this closely but the time frame will be towards the middle and end of next week so we have a ways to go for us here at home a gloomy stretch. we see gradual improvements by the start of next ek 93 south up in methuen you are stop and go about a 10 minute traffic day this and you get nice pocket of where you can cruise down but you hit more congestion in wilmington all the way through woburn and another 10 minutes slow downp ride in from the south is jammed. check out 24 north crawling from brockton up to 128. route 3 is slow and go from weymouth to the split and you will need the brakes on 128 in braintree. the he expressway is crawling
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chris and kate. >> thank you. boston residents honking mad over an influx of geese. many saying they are messing up city parks. >> anna meiler is live this morning one city council says we have got to do something about this. >> reporter: that's right. one city counselor says there's a growing goose problem and says something need to be done about it and plans to take action at a city council meeting later today. these okayer splays in say there's nothing -- the soccer players in brighton say there's nothing they can do. >> the ball rolls through it we have to fight through the poop. >> you have to wash off cleats and your mom is not too happy. >> reporter: mom is not the only one who is unhappy. >> it is a public -- public health issue. >> reporter: she says it's time for something to be done about the cannon of geese that can consume up to 4 pounds of grassa day and produce 3 pounds of fecal matter's day.
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and aggressive nature is a concern. >> it affects our able to fully enjoy the parks whether me with my four kids or those visiting boston we have really shut them out of the most beautiful places across the city. >> reporter: on wednesday she is calling on the boston city council to hold a hearing to discuss ways to cut down on the number of geese in boston. methods used elsewhere border colies pyro techniques or deactivating the eggs. >> i want to hear from the professionals and the financial implications. >> reporter: some of the soccer players say they hope to see less geese on the field soon. >> there's goose poop around we smell it too. >> reporter: if approve the city council will hold a public hearing so residents has a chance to share input on the issue. reporting live from boston anna meiler wbz this morning. ahead the down side of an expansion at boston children's hospital. >> one group raising concerns why they say it will cost patients more. >> reporter: and -- nosh and we
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the manatee rescued off cape cod. my prescription costs keep going up. it's more expensive every year. ada. kelly ayotte voted to block consumers from buying safe medicines from canada. and voted against lower cost generic drugs. kelly ayotte gets all that money from the big drug industry. hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions. when you take all that money it just changes you. kelly ayotte's not working for us.
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welcome back. 6:24 on your wednesday. a warning one agency says health care costs could go up if boston children's hospital moves toward with a controversial dollar expansion. the watchdog gruel group health policy commission says adding beds and outpatient facilities to children's will likely drop patient -- draw draw patients from other providers and since children's has some of the highest price in the state it could increase spending by more than $8 million per year. jeb bush is heading to harvard. he will be a visiting fellow at harvard's kennedy school a guest instructor focusing on
6:25 am
discussing problems with economic and social mobility in the u.s. a controversial ad putting a campus on alert. the officials at the university of new hampshire says the ad is not illegal but officials say they have their concerns. the service connects young women to rich older men and there's no confirmation any students have actually signed up. the new england aquarium could be teaming up with developer to create new park along the wooter front. the proposed blueway clause park stretching from the rose kennedy greenway but that project needs support from the developer who owns the boston harbor garage which is seeking approval to baled 600 foot tower on the site. the aquarium tells us it would support a building that was "appropriate size" but didn't offer specifics. the prossal includes -- the proposal includes a expanse
6:26 am
rescued off cape cod? we learned she is expecting. the manatee named washburn is in connecticut at the mistic aquarium enjoying the warm watt erin endless supply of lettuce. the staff discovered she is pregnant. the jest station period for manatee is one year -- jest station period -- gestationperiod for a manatee is one year. >> gland they found he they found here. >> one year of being pregnant. >> and all you eat is lettuce. >> poor thing. >> lots more to come in the next half-hour including a big chicken nugget recall. >> and allegations of racism at a local girl's soccer game. >> and would you move to mars? elon must something banking --
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y life and the lives of my children. i can't tell you how important it's been to me. right now at 6:30 an eye a- - assault investigation at a late nightclub in rear. >> a young man rescued at sea speak out as investigators
6:30 am
-- developments in the case of two people charged in the death ofbella bond. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston this is wbz news this morning. >> good morning. thanks for joining us. i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kate merrill. it's wednesday, after a dreary day that tuned turned out not so bad -- turned out not so bad yesterday but a little more of the same today. >> cloudier and cooler. we won't see a lot of sunshine. kids dressing for upper 50s low 60s to the bus stop around or just shy of 60 today. recess i think will be good to go outside. there won't be a ton of wet weather but a few patches of drizzle here and there. cloudy skies temperatures in the upper 50s and that's where we are right now. 55 to 60 for most of us. 60 in boston. 59 in lawrence and we have a cool -- few cooler pockets from springfield vermont to keene sitting at 47. low clouds will stay with us and there's shower activity
6:31 am
but we -- nantucket but we don't have to worry about that. mainly a dry day which we could use the rainfall but an isolated sprinkle perhaps and patchy pockets of drizzle that develop at the coastline and there's a gusty northeast breeze. out of the northeast at 10 to 20 miles per hour gusting higher many so a raw feel with temperatures in the upper 50s still for the ride home cloudy and cool with a few patches of drizzle here and there. we will go through the weekend coming up. let's get you on the roads. >> reporter: there's an accidentin south that's blocking the shoulder after exit 45 at marston street. doesn't seem to affect too much traffic but there's slight slowing down in that area. there is las two-car crash -- there is also a two be car crash. it's just blocking the shoulder at the eastbound lanes at the auburn street overpass. kate. >> thank you. new overnight police are investigating a possible assault at club in revere. it happened around 10 last
6:32 am
was taken to the hospital and it's unclear if it happened inside or outside of the club. a new twist in mystery at sea of the investigators are going through items taken from the home of nathan carman. young man arriving in boston after he was rescued off the massachusetts coast. he returned to his home yesterday. nicole jacobs is live in vernon vermon with the latest on the investigation -- vermont with the latest on the investigation. nicole. >> reporter: nathan carman arrive at his vermont home morning. you will hear from him in a little bit. i can tell you it's also the same home where vermont authorities issued a search warrant as they tried to learn more about the mother and son fishing trip i want to get you to video of hem arriving at a boston based coast guard location yesterday. he was found sunday floating on a raff off the coast of
6:33 am
while he made it on the raft his mother didn't. 54-year-old linda carman is now presumed dead. a search warrant was issued for the vermont home ace mentioned as authorities -- as i mentioned as authorities are trying to learn more about what happened at sea on what was supposed to be an overnight fishing trip. nathan didn't want to speak specifically about his time on the water but he did say this. >> i just want to thank the for their concern for both myself and my mother. and i want to thank the crew of the ship especially the captain for both rescuing me from the sea and for taking such good care of me. >> reporter: it's clear nathan is processing everything that
6:34 am
days lost at sea and then found by the freighter so a lot going on right now. i can tell you according to the affidavit they are looking into whether or not the boat encountered a engine issue which we are told nathan may have tried to fix himself. live in vernon vermont this morning, nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> thank you very much. we have learned police considered carman a suspect in the grandfather's murder 87- year-old john chakalos was ki windsor connecticut a source confirms to our sister station in harford nathan carman was a primary person of interest. acoreing to court documents windsor police submit an arrest warrant on a murder charge and it was returned unsigned requesting further information. the current reports a search warrant named carman as the last known person to see his grandfather alive. funeral service will be held friday for a former
6:35 am
prime minister died last night. two weeks after suffering a stroke. he earned a noble peace prize for the role in peace talk with the palestinians. according to israel's foreign minister president obama will attend along with president clinton and hillary clinton. peres was 93 years old. 6:35. the mother of baby bella will testify against her ex- boyfriend. michael mccarthy and rachel bond face charges in the death of bella bond whose body was found in a trash bag on de the child and bond the girl's mother is accused of helping him cover up the crime for months. her attorneys tell the globe bond is desperate for the chance to testify against mccarthy. grand jury says there is enough evidence to move forward with the case against a massachusetts state trooper. joseph flynn faces assault charges after he and a former new hampshire state trooper were caught on camera hitting and kicking a man following a police chase from massachusetts to new hampshire.
6:36 am
details in the sweet tomatoes crash in newton that killed two people in march. in court documents released yesterday, a witness says the vehicle was traveling extremely fast in the middle of the roadway approximately 70 to 80 miles per hour and that she heard a wind sound as the vehicle passed her. the documents also show pizza ovens which have a combined weight of nearly 4,000 pounds removed 3 1/2 to 4 feet after impact. the driver casler pleaded not guilty to two counts of motor vehicle homicide. his attorney argued to keep the documents sealed. the judge did allow details to be blocked from public view. this morning faa is investigating a fiery helicopter crash in new hampshire. the chopper within the down yesterday afternoon near rivers edge road in andover. state police say the pilot was the only one on board. the chopper caught fire but the pilot was able to escape. he was taken to the hospital but is expecteded to be okay.
6:37 am
police in are warning you to be on lookout for coyotes. several people walking their dogs have spotted coyotes near herds farm this is the time year when they start to leave the family pack and coyotes are timid and will usually run away if they see humans but if one comes towards you make noise but don't turn your back. we have a chicken nugget recall to tell you about this morning. tyson foods is recalling more than 132,000 pounds of nuggets. plastic in them. the 5 pound bags of fully cooked panko chicken nuggets were sold at costco stores nationwide. for more details about to cbs geeses are ruining boston parks playgrounds and ball fields. that's the melingsage from one city -- message from one city counselor and now she wants something done about it. anna meiler is live in boston with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning kate. a city counselor says there's a
6:38 am
parks and fields like this one and she is planning on doing something about it when the boston city council meets later today. she says geese can consume up to 4 pounds of grass a day and produce as much as 3 pounds of fecal matter's day which is she says is ruining parks walkways and ball fields and she calls it a public health problem. she says they are territorial and aggressive nature is also a concern. on wednesday she is calling on the boston city council to hold a hearing to discuss ways to cut down on the geese. >> it really affects our ability to fully enjoy our parks and whether it's me with my four kids or those visiting the city of boston, we have really shut them out of the most beautiful places across the city. >> reporter: if approved city council will hold a public hearing so that residents will have a chance to share their opinions on the issue as well. reporting live from boston anna meiler wbz this morning. >> thanks very much. investigators are looking
6:39 am
girl's soccer game in western massachusetts. last week the hole yoke team -- old observing team -- holyoke team played a game and official say it's concerning and distressing. the man behind spacex and tesla want to send people to living on the red planet. breana pitts is here withdetails. >> reporter: he wants to make the first unmanned trip to mars by and send the first humans there in 2024 but has a warning for anyone thinking about volunteering. >> i think the first trip will be dangerous and the. >> reporter: as for the cost it would be initially be $200,000 a american. person many march tellous bennett said catching up up on
6:40 am
elon musk let's do it. not so sure about that. >> any time they say fatalities will be high, sort of takes me out of my interest. >> you know it might be at that age we may be like we are old might as well try it 2006 2060. >> who you calling old. >> i am not calling any body old but come on. >> a check of top stories including breaking news from east boston. >> also coming up hillar endorsement from a republican as she heads to new hampshire. >> this little piggy is lost. police need help to find the owner. danielle. >> in the meantime, checking in with weather watchers a gloomy start to the day. temperatures right now running in the 50s to lower 60sch let's he check in north -- 60s. let's check in north of boston. 59 with clouds. and we have hover around 60
6:41 am
special interests that oppose question 2 claim district schools lose money to charter schools. that's "absurd," says the boston herald. "outright lies," reports the lowell sun. charter schools "don't siphon off state dollars" from traditional schools, says the boston globe. in fact, public schools get more money. the truth is question 2 will give parents more choices for public education. please vote yes on question 2.
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6:43 am
police in hadley are look for this guy's eastern posted the picture on facebook page of a potbellied pig they found on mountain road and anyone who knowser with came from should call police. i can't tell which end of the pig that is the front or the back. >> that's just me. after all the eating this week birthday eating and the cake. >> he did go to pairs so he is
6:44 am
and i am like. >> those were the ears okay. wasn't sure what it was. >> and the snout. >> the official anatomy of a pig. here we go. temperatures out the door this morning 55 to 60 degrees right now and we are going to be staying steady on through the day today. it's 60 in boston currently. 48 in keene. 45 in worcester. kind of a gloomy cool raw feel these next few days. patches of drizzle may develop too today. again right around 60 with the northeast wind 10 to 20 miles per hour gusting higher at the coast of the low clouds you see on the satellite can have light gray shading has filled n so don't and tis ate -- anticipate a ton ofshine. hour by hour a little light green -- of sunshine. hour by hour a little area of light green a pocket of two or drizzle at the coastline for the ride home. a lot of clouds but there may be peeks of sunshine inland.
6:45 am
very -- familiar? very similar forecast. during the second half the day we may get drier air that works in off the ocean briefly for partial clearing tomorrow late in the afternoon. clouds fill back in on friday. the rain right now there's been uncertainty in terms of timing but the steady rain looks like it's going to hold off on friday. there may be pockets of drizzle again but it locks like we get some of the moisture to come up over us for the start of the weekend. saturday may feature pockets of rain and it doesn't great weekend overall. and areas of rain on saturday in the upper 50s. low 60s on sunday. and leftover catered showers -- scattered showers and breaks of sunshine at that point. we will see gradual improvements for the start of next week. that means we will keep a chance of showers for now. for gillette stadium and pats and bills 1 p.m. kick off sunday afternoon. 63 the winds will be continuing off the ocean. same time we watched the tropics it's likely to become
6:46 am
depression matthew. spaghetti plots what do they represent? different model. matthew or what becomes matthew will track westward and takes a northern curve. the point is that the east coast is going to have to stay on alert and keep an eye on the tropics. the time train to be alert -- frame to be alert is not until the middle or end of next week. so a ways away keeping an eye on it. temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. and may see a few lingering ow more breaks of sun. >> reporter: an accident on 93 south in andover brocking -- blocking a shoulder at 495 before exit 44. there is stop and go traffic. back up to route 13. look at 93 south heavy traffic basically from tewksbury through the o'neill tunnel. this is going to slow you down 40 minutes. also watch out for a two-car crash on eastbound breakdown
6:47 am
auburn steed overpass -- street overpass. a deadly crash in east boston. at least one person was killed when a car ran off the road at route 1a and curtis street around 2:30 this morning. police are still investigating. also breaking overnight an unarmed black man shot by police in california has died. police in el cajon released this image showing the man moments before he was shot. police say he pointed an object in the shooting stance at two officers and that object turn out not to be a weapon. police have not said what it was. they say they first tried to subdue the man 6:47. your top stories this morning. new england man rescued at sea says he is grateful for the prayers he received. >> when we spoke to nathan carman he said he is doing well but still processing the presumed death of his mother who was also on the boat with him. investigators have searched a search warrant on his -- served a search warrant on his home taking a modem and sim card and he was once the suspect of the murder of his grandfather.
6:48 am
possible -- investigating a possible assault at a club in revein veer. one person was taken to the hospital. it's unclear if it happened in or outside of the club. bernie sanders will join hillary clinton and she gets the new endorsement from a prominent republican. john warner will came and i with the tim kaine today and clinton and sanders speak at unh at durham. donald trump will campaign in new hampshire tomorrow. till i division. >> and it came down to the final at bat with big. >> a happy sight for pay the -- with big papi. >> a happy sight for patriots
6:49 am
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wbz sports driven by bmw the test drive a bmw today at your massachusetts bmw center or visit us at the >> 6:51 red >> the winning streak end last night against the yankees. dan ropee hass -- roche is in new york with the missed opportunity and reaction. >> no champagne no he can sim. the 11-game winning streak comes to -- sham no excitement. the 11-game winning streak comes to an end. sox offense kept them in the game and they had chances. to the top of the 9th.
6:52 am
papi. 53 career home runs would he get it done? no. ball game over he strikes out or tees. tease -- ortiz 0 20r 5 -- 0 for 5. they don't get the american east crown. >> we do a great job of fighting back and we missed some opportunities clearly but with david price it was a matter of mislocating within the strike zone. >> i been throwing the ball well the past couple starts and to have chance to clinch the division for us is not acceptable and i feel like i should be able to win and that hasn't been the case a lot of the times this year and that wasn't the case tonight. >> one thing i know david ortiz will be ready to come back david price anxious to pitch saturday and into the play ousts. clay buchholz will be on the mound.
6:53 am
clinch the or a red sox win. >> patriots practice at gillette stadium again today. garoppolo and brissett both on the field and seem to be having a good time brissett's thumb was wrapped but gave us a thumbs up. it remains to be seen who starts on sunday. pats and bills at one on wbz and stick around for the 5th quarter post game show. the big thee of the patriots listed as some of >> the most influence figure may be -- influential figure may be least popular number one roger he goodell followed by nba commissioner adam silver and john skipers president of espn patriots owner robert kraft number 10 and tom brady 30th and coach belichick at 47th. influential roger goodell yeah unfor the pleatfully -- unfortunately so.
6:54 am
what he coming up at 7. >> gayle king has a look. >> good morning kate and chris. ahead on cbs this morning we will talk about how the campaigns have changed and the controversial technique that led to a baby with three genetic parents. the news is back in the morning. we will see you at 7:00
6:56 am
6:57 am
governor baker get a sweet care named. first graders in billerica singing out the town designated yankee doodle town. it's been the nickname the song originated in 1775 when a billerica man went to boston to buy a gun was british and covered in tar and feathersed and paraded through town and it was all based in billerica. >> and it has a real meaning behind it. >> i know. crazy the kids are so cute riding the horses and eating macaroni so cute. so we are staying bloomy -- gloomy don't expect a lot of sunshine. we will stay pretty steady in tells of temperatures. much cooler than average. right around 60 today. maybe a shower or two spotty
6:58 am
get into a few more showers for start of the weekend especially on saturday. and then we will see gradual improvement key word for the start of next week. so, yeah, break of sunshine or two later on tomorrow is possible. otherwise just be prepared. we haven't seen a 7-day like that in months. >> yeah. all right thanks cbs this morning is up next. >> see you in 25 minutes. have a great morning. we dance on the salsa team together, and it's like a lot of power in what we wear. when we're practicing if i don't feel good in what i'm wearing i don't look good. t.j.maxx has that variety. i can get a lot for my money. it's like "yay t.j.maxx!" if you're feeling it, just go for it, don't wait.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, september 28th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? world leaders pay tribute to a founding father of israeli who became a warrior for peace. former president, prime minister and nobel peace prize winner shimon peres died overnight at age 93. >> hillary clinton talks about donald trump's past comments. see the tense moment between trump and alicia machado during an interview. >> are other banks resorting to the same tactics as wells fargo?


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