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tv   WBZ News  CBS  September 28, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston this is wbz news at noon. >> breaking news three people killed when a car jumps the median on route 195 in westport during the morning commute. police say a livery car crossed into oncoming traffic and collided with traffic head on. thanks for joining us i am part of the highway was shut down for hours this morning while police investigated. breana pitts is following the breaking news story and has update. >> reporter: moments ago all lanes on 1 the 5 -- 195 reopened. the crash happened after 8 by the westport darth mouth line. cell -- dort mouth line. -- dart moth line. a pre-- dartmouth line. the livery vehicle hit a car
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two people in the vehicle died with the driver that was struck head on. their identities are not being released at this time. 195 east was completely closed between exits 10 and 11 and traffic was diverted on route 88 but all lanes east and westbound have reopened. breana pitts wbz news. also breaking a former priest and altar boy faces a decades old accusation of child rape. the 79-year-old was this morning. anna meiler is live in boston with the details for us. >> reporter: prosecutors say michael walsh sexually abused a child over the course of 3 years starting in 1988. that victim now 38 years old just came forward to police earlier this year. 79 creek old michael walsh pleaded not guilty to charges of child rape and indecent assault and battery that allegedly occurred between 1988
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he used his position as an altar boy coordinator in dorchester and coach with cedar grove baseball to gain access and sexually abuse the victim. prosecutors say the abuse happened all over the city of boston including walsh's house in dorchester his car and office and even at a hotel during a baseball team field trip to coopers ton new york. in 2002 walsh moved to michigan and became a priest but rei relieved one month because of sexual abuse charges arose. another church had close ties with. he was released on his own recognizance and ordered to wear a gps and not to leave the state and stay away from the victim. a trial date is set for inept september. anna meiler wbz news. >> thank you very much. the man at the center of a mystery at sea, is now speaking out. this as investigators search neitheran carman's home in
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disappearance of his mother. we have learned this is not the first time-- the first mystery that has surrounded carman. christina hager has more for us. christina. >> reporter: chris, nathan carman spent the night back here at his home in vernon vermont. the home is still under construction and police served a search warrant there a couple days ago. we know authorities left with a computer modem a gps sim car nathan carman. this is what he said to us this morning. >> i just want to thank the public for their prayers and for their concern for both myself and my mother. >> reporter: nathan carman back home in vernon vermont after his ordeal at seymour than a week on a -- at sea. more than a week in a life raft his mother lost at see and --
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for both rescuing me from the sea and for taking such good care of me. >> reporter: that freighter spotted him off the coast of martha vineyard's a couple days after the coast guard called off the search. for the missing mother and son. coast guard official released the covers with-- conversation with him after rescue. >> when i saw the life raft i didn't have you found her? >> no we haven't been able to find her yet. >> reporter: since his return authorities raised questions about his role in the boating mishap. police interviewed rhode island boater. >> i didn't see fishing poles and i didn't see him with food. >> reporter: and even though linda carman said they were headed for a overnight trip near block island police say her son was apparently intent
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>> i thought he said the canyons. >> reporter: a day before carman arrived safely in boston police searched his home. the affidavit says he's been doing his own repairs on his problematic boat which could have potentially rendered the boat unsafe for operation. nathan intend to go fishing further offshore in a different location than what were his mother's intention and understanding. carman had his home searched in connection with a criminal investigation before. several years ago police searched his home in connecticut where he lived at that point and that was in connection with his grandfather who had been shot to death that homicide still unsolved. live in vernon vermont, christina hager wbz news. >> thanks very much for the update this noon. another dreary day out there. we will look live outside over the sit they of boston. lots of clouds hanging on and
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pattern for a while. danielle niles has the first check of the forecast. >> don't expect a lot of sunshine the next few days. we are socked in the clouds and got a little light fog and touch of drizzle in a few spots. 57 in boostan and we have been falling all morning until midday. 57 in lawrence and 53 in worcester. this is well below average we should be in the upper 60s and are low 60s falmouth to chatham and temperatures won't go up. we are staying around 55 to near 60 through the rest of the day and we are below er next week so a cooler than normal stretch a cloudy stretch wean may see a few peeks of sunshine later on tomorrow. winds gusty too. off the ocean. over 20 miles per hour. a lot low clouds locked in but not a ton of rain a patch of drizzle here and there you may need the wipers on but mainly dry through the rest of the day and tonight maybe a shower or two tomorrow morning, patchydrizzle but look what happens late in the day
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massachusetts -- particularly in northern massachusetts late in the day. we have tropical storm matthew that formed near the winward and leeward islands. 60-mile-per-hour winds moving to the west at 21 miles per hour. i am going talk more about matthew's track coming up and as always keep an eye on the weather here at home and in the tropics at cbs boston weatheran with current radar and --weather app with current radar. hot button issues on the november massachusetts voters. question four is what we are talking about legalizing recreational marijuanap we want to bring in jon keller what are voters talking about here. >> reporter: well, we would be the 5th state in the country along with the district of columbia to have this, chris, and a yes vote on question 4 would allow adults to grow up to 6 marijuana plants and keep up to 10 ounces in their homes as well as possession up to 1 ounce in public.
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oversee licensed pot stores. and according to the wbz umass amherst poll of 700 likely voters, 63% support legalizing recreational pot with 40% opposing it and 7% still undecided. now support for legal pot is consistent across almost all demographic groups with the exception of conservatives and voters over age 55. so that's looking pretty good for them right now. >> so even though with the majority in our polls once it is legalized if it is. >> reporter: there's a opportunity for the antiforces to still prevail here chris. look at what voters said when we read a list of potential impact of legalized marijuana. 61% said it would bother them if they saw people using pot in public. 52% said they wouldn't want to see ooheds for -- ad for pot and more than 4 in 10 would be
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the neighborhood. some of the state's most powerful people the governor and house speaker deleo are opposing question 4 so look for a hard fought campaign during the final 4 or 40 or so days and lots of -- 40 or so days and lots of tv ads newly be very -- ads. >> and you will be very busy. >> reporter: it's my super bowl todain it's about two hours away that democratic presidential hopeful hillary clinton will be in durham with the one time rival bernie sanders. this as republican nominee donald trump hauls in big fund raising money. craig boswell reports. >> reporter: donald trump courted americans during a morning campaign stop in chicago. >> the polish people are great people. we trump administration will be
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>> reporter: hillary clinton is a new -- is-- is in new hampshire for a joint appearance with vermont senator bernie sanders. clinton's e-mails were again the focus of a hearing on capitol hill where james comey defended his decision not to prosecute for mishandling classified e-mail while secretary of state. >> if anybody else had done this like a soldier or serviceman who did virtually the same thing they would have been prosecuted and were but not hillary clinton and that's a they would be in big trouble in the fbi you would not be prosecuted that wouldn't be fair. >> reporter: campaigns are still reeling. the fallout happened when trump said a misuniverse gained a massive amount of weight. >> what we have never seen is a presidential nominee with some regularity attacking a private citizen.
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craig boswell cbs news the white house. >> and the secretary of three presidential debates will be held next sunday night october 9th at washington universityin st. louis watch it live here on wbz. tributes are pouring in from around the world for shimon peres. one time president and prime minister died last night two weeks after suffering a stroke. he earned a noble peace prize for his role in peace talks with the palestinians. presen has gone out but the hope he gave us will burn forever many according to the foreign minister president obama will attend acloning are president and hillary clinton. peres was 93. coach bill belichick says we will get an yule date on patriots quarterbacks after practice -- we will get a update on patriots quarterbacks after practice. brissett's thumb was wrapped
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to play a bigger role in the offense this weekend when the patriots take on the buffalo bills. >> you know about hamstrings you have to be careful. you have to progress and you can't hop right back in and be full go 100%. i wish it was like that i mean i can't wait to i am going crazy out there again. so, just progressing myself in it and just feeling better every day. >> for a preview of the pats and bills all access friday night at 7:00 here on wbz and you can see the pats take on the bills on wbz as well sunday at 1. right after the game, stick around for the 5th quarter post game show. coming up on the wbz news at noon, russia responds. what they are saying about a report that a russian missile took down a malaysia flight.
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one in eight women will face breast cancer. early detection can mean the difference between life and death. planned parenthood gives new hampshire women access to life saving cancer screenings. but ayotte voted to defund planned parenthood six times. why? because ayotte opposes a woman's right to choose. in her relentless effort to overturn roe v. wade, ayotte puts critical cancer screenings at risk, hurting new hampshire women. kelly ayotte: putting her personal interests ahead of your health care. t of this advertising. we are following a
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of california. an unarmed black man shot and killed by police outside san diego. police in el cajon say the man was acting erratically and pointed an object in a shooting stance at two officers right before he was shot. the object turned out not to be a weapon. also developing russia denying a brand new dutch investigation that finds a russian missile shot down malaysia airlines flight 17 inukraine. investigators say the rocket launcher was returned to ia russian missile systems have crossed the ukrainian border and called the dutch report biased and politically motivate and it exploded calling all 297 people on board. boston city counselor says canadian geese are ruining the parks and fields and she wants to do something about it. this afternoon she will call for a city council hearing to discuss how to cut down on the geese population in and around boston
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pounds of waste a day and she calls this a public health issue. the geese are nasty. they will attack you and hiss at you when you walk on run by. >> they were nice me when they crossed soldiers field i gave a honk and they moved along. >> that's nice you are so close to stopping but in the parks not so fun. >> i know. it's been cloudy and cool and we can see a couple drops on the lens look over boston moisture and a little bit of light drizzle in a couple spots. you count -- you will encounter pockets in eastern massachusetts. more like a end of october day. 57 in boston right now. dew point is in the lower 50s. the wind has been active all day coming in from the northeast off the ocean at 16 miles per hour. and it is gusting occasionally higher. it's a raul fee. 53 in worcester mid-50s in manchester. 57 in lawrence and low 60s over
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of the year. low clouds yeah they are pretty socked in so they are not going anywhere today or overnight tonight and we will be mainly dry through the remainder of the day just a few patches of drizzle and through the afternoon and you may need the wipers on intermittently for patchy drizzle be a fog tonight too and we will talk -- and fog tonight too and we will fall back. the wind gusting tonight and tomorrow. 55to 60 is it for tomorrow. watch what happens through the afternoon. the rest of the day today doing fine a pocket or two of drizzle. cloudy and cool. tomorrow morning again the coastline has the best chance of picking up that patchy drizzle and late in the day, see what happens, now this may be a little optimistic but you get the idea. we should get some drier air trying to nose its way down here and that may help to erode the cloud a little bit. late in the day tomorrow particularly in northern massachusetts where we should
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the cloud will fill back in for friday. areas of rain arrive friday night into saturday. notice it's generally light for the most part but that's the next shot at at least steadier rain arriving to new england. we will keep a threat for showers around too. for the-tire weekend including for sunday. 1 p.m. kick off at gillette. pats and bills mainly cloudy a few showers keeping you post on timing. 63 for a high temperature during the afternoon. and that eastern wind still coming in off the ocean. here is tropical storm matthew.h per-hour winds right now. matthew is moving to the west. pretty good clip 21 miles per hour. matthew will continue into the caribbean and over the next couple days, will strengthen to a category one storm. this is sunday at 8 a.m. so here's the end of the weekend. matthew is going to take a curve to the north and there's cuba. we will be watching places like jamaica and dominican republic and matthew may strengthen kind
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the north. the question is the uncertainty is when does it turn north how sharp does it turn and we will be on guard across the eastern seaboard anywhere from places like florida to here in new pgland but the time frame of concern for potential impact for math new england but the time frame of concern for-- new england but the time frame of concern for potential impact for matthew last night game against the red sox andrew fox tried to propose but got down on one knee and pulled out ring and dropped it and it was broadcast on centerfield video screen. everybody scrambled to find it but they found it in the cuff of her pants. andrew tried again and this time it went off without a hitch. she said yes. the man trying--
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cars with driverless cars and setting sights higher elon musk's quest for mars and the warning for anyone who wants to
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a mission to mars elon musk the man behind tesla and spacex is ready to colonize the red planet saying has a plan to established a self-sustaining city on mars complete with pizzerias and he wants to make the first unmanned trip by 2018 and send the first humans in 2024 but has a warning for anyone thinking about volunteering. >> i think the first rising of fatality rb -- risk of fatality will be high and there's no way around it. >> but if there's pizza why not is in the cost would be about $200,000 per person. musk says spacex started to work on the fleet destined for mars. still ahead, papi under cover the red sox legend takes a swing at a new occupation. the surprise ride for boston
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lock looks like big pap sigh trying to figure out -- pabi is trying to figure whiewt to do bush papi is trying to figure out what-- papi is trying to figure out what to do. >> have you been to the park. >> i am going to the red sox
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a big baseball fan it's so long. >> i know right when you went to the red sox game you notice any of the players. >> what's his name the panda guy. >> you like panda? panda. panda. panda. >> so ortiz revealed himself to the passengers who were apparently surprised. danielle was saying no way. >> i would have been-- i would have been papi really. >> his voice he has a very distinct voice. >> very recognizable >> shades were normal. >> he didn't just get in and say papi. anyway a lot of clouds the next couple days cooler than average too. not much rain patches of drizzle here and there. a dreary stretch friday night into saturday we will get periods of lighter rain and showers around for sunday. >> sounds good maybe a dry out for early next week. the next newscast is today at
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[ rhythmic knock on door ] >> michael: hey, there. >> phyllis: [ chuckles ] well, look at you, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. >> phyllis: yeah, right. >> michael: [ chuckles ] well, you're conscious. good for you. and it's nice to see you're feeling well enough to check your messages. >> phyllis: yeah, no messages. just memories. >> michael: yeah. i think you should forget about everything and concentrate on feeling better. >> phyllis: yeah, well, dr. rayburn said i am well enough to be released today. >> michael: that's terrific.


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