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tv   WBZ News  CBS  September 28, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston. this is wbz news at 5:30. now at 5:30, a horrific head-on collision killing three people. i'm paula ebben. >> and i'm liam martin. a vehicle crossed the divider, slammed into a car going the state police barracks. >> reporter: the state police are still being very quiet about all of this, but judging from what one witness saw, it sounds like there may have been a medical issue or maybe a mechanical issue with a dodge caravan. the end result, three fatalities. >> so i was in the house and i heard a crash. >> the bank that he heard turned out to be a head-on crash that killed three people. it was about 8:00 a.m.
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caravan with three people in it and it crossed the grassy median hitting a bmw. the driver of the white bmw was killed, identified only as a 23- year-old woman from new bedford. the driver of the dodge caravan was killed along with one of his passengers. alex ferrera spoke with the driver who was behind the dodge caravan. >> there was somebody swerving between the middle lane and the high-speed lane, swerving for about a quarter-mile. they slow down. they didkn he came across the median, sideswiped a car which actually straightened him out and hit the car. the major one was head on. >> at any rate, three fatalities. the state police have yet to release the identities of anything. i'm bill shields, wbz news.
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breaking news now. police in townsend, south carolina say the teenager who shot two students and a teacher -- and a teacher at an elementary school killed his father first. that teen is in custody. one of the students shot in the leg, the other in the first. the teacher was shot in the shoulder. we will have more coming up at 6:00. and itmack investigation. uncovering alarming fiia youth football league. >> we discovered thousands of dollars in questionable expenses. >> reporter: documents show the leak is broke. parents want to know what happened to all of the money. on youth football fields across massachusetts, concussion awareness is getting more
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>> i want my child to be safe. >> so in peabody when some of the kids started the seasons without helmets and others received ones that were scuffed, cracked, or several years since their last recertification, parents got angry. >> why did you feel it was time to speak out? >> because it was a safety issue. >> parents and coaches asked the itmack to hide their identities. >> what's going on and what are you spending this on? >> those questions targeted jackie pens. after ng forms reviewed she quickly ran the leak into the red zone, a surplus of $11,000 evaporated into a negative balance a couple years later. other youth programs have plenty of cash in the bank. danvers 25, if 622 grand. >> what was your reaction when you first started looking
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don't understand why you'd steal from children. >> there's almost $17,000 listed in fundraising expenses on one year, but the documents do not show a single dime actually raised. and a nonprofit form filled out that year for the attorney general asks if the organization tried to solicit contributions. the box is checked no. >> it just doesn't seem right. something doesn't seem right. >> this coach nd thousands of dollars listed for banquets and trophies saying he and other team leaders have paid for those out of their own pockets. >> you never received any money for trophies or banquets? >> never. >> the owner had to chase the league president to get her to pay up for the $2500 of merchandise. >> what do you want to see happen here? >> i'd really like to help people. i guess just hold
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them. >> the league president agreed to speak at first, but after delaying several times and canceling altogether, -- >> we just want to give you a chance to respond to some of the concerns we've heard. >> the itmack caught up to her during a practice. >> parents believe money from the leak is missing. what is your response to that? >> i don't have a response. they make you know there are concerns about the helmets and the safety of the kids. what about the safety of the kids? why won't you answer any questions about the money? >> when you can put numbers together, there's a problem. >> a problem that parents and coaches want tackled before someone gets hurt. >> i just want to see justice. i want to see new equipment for these kids. they deserve it. they deserve better than what we are giving them. >> after we first reported the story, parents started circulating an online petition today that asks the president and other board members to resign immediately. tonight there are already more than half way to the goal of 100 signatures. wbz news.
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was charged today with attacking a boy decades ago. prosecutors say in the 80s and 90s, michael walsh used his position in the church to abuse a boy and an elementary school. the victim came forward this year. walsh is now free on his own recognizance but must wear a gps bracelet. the town of blackstone now owns the former site of a home with three dead babies. demolition cr house of squalor in 2014. the town has seized the lot for nonpayment of taxes. erica murray lived in that home with her boyfriend and two children. murray faces two counts of murder in connection with the deaths of two of her babies. a brookline woman is suing to massachusetts companies after she contracted e. coli. the woman says her parents purchased ground beef from eva's organic butcher shop, which was applied by adams farm
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after eating the beef, the woman became sick. that has been linked to an e. coli outbreak in massachusetts and four other states which sickened seven people. the body of former israeli president will lie in state at parliament in jerusalem tomorrow. perez died last night two weeks after suffering a stroke all around the world the 93-year- old being remembered as a true visionary who worked for peace. he won the nobel peace prize. israel's foreign minister says president obama as well as president bill clinton and hillary clinton will attend the funeral. samsung phon >> now there is apparently a problem with washing machines. and is your birth control dragging you down? the serious side effects that may come with contraceptives. >> and scrambling. a swing and miss for one baseball fan looking to put a ring on it. a look at the forecast. a little more missed and the chance for real rainfall toward the weekend. we take a full look at the
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[ clock ticking ] time. you only have so much. that's why we wanna make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all... we should fit into your life.
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on the money watch, first it was smart phones, now samsung may have a problem with exploding washing machines. safety regulators are looking into reports that samsung top loading washers can blow up sending parts flying. the consumer product safety commission says customers should only use the washer on the delicate cycle when washing bulky items while it investigates. the machines were sold between march 2011 and april of this year. there is also a recall for a when a child goes into the water. officials say the smart pool alarm may not work because the on/off button switch is reversed. customer should contact the company for a free replacement. a major insurance agency is going to help some of its customers by an apple watch. it's going to subsidize the cost of the apple watch for some customers, and it'll create health tracking apps
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watch is geared more toward fitness tracking and they believe it could help keep customers healthier and therefore cheaper. tomorrow is national coffee day. you can get some good discounts on your favorite pick me up. cumberland farms is offering a free cup with a mobile coupon. dunkin' donuts will give you a medium hot coffee for just 66 cents. to commemorate the company 66 anniversary. and you can get a free medium with the purchase of any fresh food item. >> we live on coffee. let's be honest. could acne actually be good for your skin? >> coming up, why the problem pimples might actually hold the fountain of youth. and lisa hughes. coming up at 6:00, while we try to read the patriots practice to figure out who is playing quarterback on sunday, rex ryan used the uncertainty to play a prank on julian edelman. the prank involving this conference call coming up at
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not what you want to see on your driving to work. an overnight water main break. cause a sinkhole to open up on that busy highway. you see it blocked most of the northbound lanes causing huge delays during that morning commute. >> it is moving day for an old church in the chapel in chesterfield township moose to half-mile across the street to a historic village. >> nice-looking church. more than 1300 students showing the importance of friendship creating the largest human formation of the word friend. the event is part of a bullying prevention program. forget self driving cars. nissan unveiled its self driving chair. the chairs have sensors that
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the one in front of them. >> eric and i will have the same reaction to this, you've got to be kidding me. you can't even stand. i just don't even know what to do with that. >> kind of gloomy but we might catch a break tomorrow. >> at least a few hours of sunshine especially north overall a chilly and gloomy stretch for us. temperatures in the 50s, that went right off the water. that northeast breeze coming down out of the gulf of maine bringing in some atlantic moisture which gives us the clouds. all those clouds sucked in, meanwhile, it's very nice across northern new england. more of that tomorrow as well as friday. hiking around mansfield, a better chance of sunshine there.
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mid-atlantic. this is going to set up a nasty flood event in and around washington dc. that something will have to watch over the next couple days. for us it's just missed and drizzle and fog and temperatures back into the 50s. the cool northeast wind. tomorrow the chance for sunshine. we start with clouds and it's going to be a damp start to the day. there are indications dryer air will build down from the north and maybe bring us sunshine. the best chance for bright skies will be acros think it's likely most areas south of boston across connecticut and rhode island stay in the cloud cover through out the day tomorrow. expect mainly cloudy skies there. we are all into the gray skies and drizzle. toward midday, some breaks starting to develop to the north and for the afternoon and evening, brighter skies especially north of the pike and the cloudy skies to the south. high temperatures close to 60 and a gusty northeast breeze. with winds off the water, temps don't move. basically, you could write a
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the way through sunday. not a lot of changes when it comes to air temp. in terms of rainfall, we do have some changes. especially late on friday, should see a band of showers and rain lifting up across the area. looks like a damp friday evening and overall highest chances for rainfall looking like saturday as we start the weekend. that could be more of a widespread rain. very cool, very great day. sunday will see scattered showers around the region. all told, the best chance for soaking rainfalle drought. i think the biggest totals will be cape cod, the islands, and that is especially late friday, saturday, and into sunday some rainfall. it'll keep fingers crossed that maybe it over performs. temperature wise, close to 60 both days. scattered showers for the
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will be a washout but it will be some showers to dodge and mostly cloudy skies. when it comes to the tropics, we have a new tropical storm. it's name is matthew. just move off to the west of barbados. it will continue to track west over the next few days. water here is real warm, and it's very deep in terms of that warm water, which means this could intensify very quickly. i'd not be surprised if this becomes a majohu cuba, and haiti should be preparing for hurricane. after that it is still uncertain. i don't want to get anyone worked up about it yet but it is way off into our future. here's your accuweather seven day. temperatures close to 60 all the way through. a rather gloomy stretch. the summer warmth is out of the picture for now. paula, over to you. >> thanks so much. on the healthwatch today, could your birth control be making you feel depressed? if it has hormones in it, it's possible. this could affect a lot of women. >> this is going to affect a
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use hormonal contraception. most take a birth control pill, but there are also implants, injections, patches, and rings. those who use hormonal contraception increase the risk for depression and the use of antidepressants by about 23 percent. the risks are even higher for teens. experts say women, especially young women and their this possible side effect. doesn't mean that you shouldn't be taking them but if you are starting to feel down, talk to your doctor about that. >> somebody might be confused. that's the answer for them. i love this information. for people who get pimples, they might get the last laugh. >> which i still get. >> it's so useful. >> anyway, dermatologists have noticed the skin of people who
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younger longer and they may know why. research suggests the skin of acne patients ages slower in general so there are fewer wrinkles and listening. it boils down to your dna and the white blood cells. turns out over time the dna of people who had acne may be better protected against deterioration. so i think you have adolescent girls and i have a tween who is starting to get some temples. i'll be able to reassure them. >> is it too simplistic to say people with oily skin? >> they thought it might be due to the oil production but now it turns out it's probably on a cell >> thanks so much. liam? tonight on wbz, the second season premiere of code black. the hit drama takes place in the busiest, most notorious emergency room in the country. a new costar this year, rob lowe. the department of defense senses character to the hospital to teach other doctors the techniques and technologies used on the combat field. >> his sort of worldview of medically shoot first, ask
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don't really know what that is, but it's his pursuit of saving the patient over protocol or politics has really cost him. >> the season premiere of code black is tonight at 10:00 here on wbz. stay with us for wbz news at 11:00. i think it's going to be pretty good. >> he's a handsome doctor who shoots from the hip. a ballpark follow. >> and the error caught on camera that had those in the stands scrambling. how he managed to turn it around next. and coming up, he was gone without a trace. it's been exactly 20 years now since six-year-old jesus de la cruz vanished. a look tonight at the mysterious disappearance of the new images they hope to solve the case. bernie sanders joins hillary clinton to talk about her student loan plan.
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and how donald trump would handle the cost of college. the stories and a lot more
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interviewer: what would you do with five minutes to kill and a smartphone? man: check the scores. woman 1 : uh, probably post a pic. woman 2: text a friend. interviewer: how about register to vote? man: really? galvin: you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts driver's license is all it takes
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woman 2: done. i just registered. man: that was easy. galvin: register by october 19th. it's a wedding proposal fumble at yankee stadium. a man hoping to pull off the perfect proposal for his girlfriend's birthday botched it big time. he bought the ring, paid extra for the announcement on the jumbotron. >> but that's when everything went terribly wrong. tonight the couples special moment is getting a lot of attention for
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>> they literally can't find the ring. >> and heather didn't look happy. but she felt terrible for her almost fiancee. >> the only thing that i could think of was that he was going to put on the board happy birthday heather. i had no idea he was going to propose. >> before he could even pop the question, he dropped the ring. >> he's like, i dropped the ring. i was like, no, you can't. it was a complete panic. >> i didn't know where it went. everyone in the seats around us were looking. they felt as bad as we did. >> about five minutes went by. drew was crestfallen. the crowd in the stadium couldn't believe it. >> this is awful. >> heather started shaking their jackets, checking her
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>> and the ring was in the cup of her jeans. >> i went from the saddest moves in my life to instantly the happiest. it was ridiculous. >> i said yes. >> he thinks when he dropped it it bounced from the concrete. >> can you imagine if she said no. >> gre s grandkids. stay with us. much more still had. >> the news at 6:00 starts right now. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston. this is wbz news at 6:00. we begin with the developing story first at 6:00. nathan climbing telling the -- nathan climbing telling the associated press that he did not kill his grandfather and didn't harm his mother. strange new details continue to emerge about the man rescued
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carmen went on a fishing trip with his mother. tonight she is still missing and is presumed dead. good evening. i'm david wade. >> i'm lisa hughes. family members were so afraid of him they hired armed private security to stay safe. christina hager is live in vernon, vermont near his home. >> reporter: nathan carmen only wanted to talk about one thing when we spoke with him today. he wanted to thank those who helped him. shortly after he left his home, he has not been back since. >> i just want to thank the public for their prayers and for their continuing prayers for my mother. >> a day after he returned safely to shore, nathan carmen went on to tell the associated press he did not kill his grandfather, nor did he harm his mother, he said. his father is also defending him against suspicions over how 54-year-old linda carmen vanished while the two were alone at sea, almost three years after her father,
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home, and unsolved homicide. >> they are the two closest people to my son in the world. >> they rescued him from the life raft he'd been floating in for more than a week. he told the coast guard his mother disappeared when his boat supposed to be an overnight fishing trip off rhode island. police searched the home where the 22-year-old lives alone in vernon, vermont, a foreclosure dot with the promise of rehabbing it. a computer modem, sim card, and letter hand written by nathan carmen. neighbors watched the search and wondered. >> i think that it's very suspicious. >> according to the search warrant, he took his mother further offshore than she had planned and made boat repairs, which could've


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