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tv   WBZ News  CBS  September 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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breaking right now, the red sox celebrate clinching the american least -- and the american league east. a woman rescued in weymouth, we are live as police investigate how she wound up in a ravine. what the rescue -- of the rescued boater is saying about his missing mother and murdered grandfather. a little girl and over her younger sister. her mother handed the girl the keys. >> li news at 11:00. we begin with breaking news tonight the boston red sox are the american league east champus -- champs. they had to back into that title. we're going to talk about that in a second but we are happy they did it. >> i'm david wait. they lost in stunning fashion tonight against the yankees but somehow were still smiling because they clinched anyway. let's get to steve burton.
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again but who cares? the champions, how does that sound, that's what the red sox are. they captured the crown before the game. they can think the orioles for that. they lost the game but 1 the division. inside the clubhouse it took a moment to sink in but once it did the champagne was popping. and the party was on. red sox finished dead last a year ago and back on top tonight. you look these guys celebrate. they lost the game in 5-3. they were up 3-1 but here's the thing. they are celebrating. only for -- only four games left and the red sox are champions. more coming up in sports. live from the bronx. guys? >> he is in the locker room. he is getting drenched. >> he's got all the plastic over him and everything. we'll get to dan roach as soon as we can.
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injured in a roadside ravine. right now there is a large crime scene set up along route 18. >> that's what police are trying to figure out how she got into that ravine in the first place. we are live in weymouth with the very latest. nick? >> reporter: lisa and david we're still working on those answers right now. i can tell you information limited out here on route 18. just at the exit for route 3 but if you look behind me you can tell scene. has been so since about 9:00 this evening. you can see weymouth firefighters and police officers standing right there. if you look closely, there is a rescue rope leading down into a ravine just behind us. we estimate it's about 30 to 40 feet down, is where this rescue happened. we are told if you take a look at the pictures we have a little closer shot of exactly what we're talking about. they did have to carry a woman out from about that area. what we were able to notice
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where the investigators were spending a lot of time. really have been searching with flashlights since we got here. around 9:00. the circumstances surrounding this what exactly led to that woman actually being down there in that ravine we still do not know. information again very limited on that front right now. as far as her condition that also is something we are working on right now but again you could tell ongoing investigation. so we are going to stay out here and keep you posted as soon as we learn more information. live in weymouth, nikki giovanni, wbz news. >> thank you. the rescued boater says he had nothing to do with his mother's disappearance. nor anything to do with his grandfather's murder. nathan carmen was the last person to see both of them alive. his father is defending nathan calling that a tragic coincidence. wbz's louisa mueller is live outside the home in vernon vermont.
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his background. >> reporter: lisa, court documents state carmen had a rifle that was similar to the one used in his grandfather's death. and that he had a history of violence as a child but carmen says he loves his grandfather and his mother. >> i just want to thank the public. for their prayers and for their concern. for both myself and my mother. >> reporter: a day after the coast guard returned him to associated press that he did not harm his mother. 54-year-old linda carman who finished at sea and had absolutely nothing to do with the death of his grandfather. whose murder is still unsolved. his father saying the same. >> two closest people to my son in the world. and let me just say that there's no way he would ever injure either one of them.
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the life raft he said he had been floating in for more than a week. he told the coast guard he lost sight of his mother when his boat sank during an overnight fishing trip that the to sit out on from rhode island. >> when i saw the life raft i did not see my mom. have you found her? >> suspicions started swirling when on monday police searched carman's vernon vermont home. leaving with a computer modem, gps and card and letter handwritten by him. according to the se offshore then she had planned. documents from connecticut also state police suspected carman was behind the shooting death of his grandfather in 2013. he was known to be the last person to see his grandfather and a search warrant says family members were so afraid of nathan they hired armed private security to protect their home. prosecutors would not sign an arrest warrant citing the need for more information.
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they pursued, they've been hounding him for this for the past three to four years. and it's unfair to the poor kid. >> reporter: nathan carman's father confirmed his son has asperger's syndrome. carman has not been charged with anything at this point. police say he is still a person of interest in his grandfather's case. live in vernon, louisa mueller, wbz news. new developments in the shooting at an elementary school in h killed his father and then began firing on the school playground. he wounded to two kids and a teacher. wbz's liam martin live in our center -- satellite center. a hero firefighter took down that gunman. >> reporter: that's true. the suspected shooter called his grandparents before the act. they then went to the home to find the teens father dead. crime scene tape wraps around town bill elementary school after a gunman armed with a
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afternoon. police say the homeschool teen shot two 6-year-old boys and a female teacher. >> this individual pulled into the parking lot in his vehicle and probably got out of the vehicle, fired immediately. >> reporter: a firefighter subdued the shooter and deputies took him into custody. >> i can only say at this point it's because he was confronted. >> reporter: one of those boys jacob hall is in critical condition. the other student and teacher have been released from the hospital. parents rushed pick up children but most were evacuated on school buses to nearby oakdale baptist church. >> the school basically filled up with police officers. ems. basically we were told at that point it was on lockdown. we saw helicopters come in. >> the sheriff credited frequent drills for minimizing the injuries. >> as y'all have heard, one of our firefighters did that. and probably saved a lot more lives.
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inside the body of the alleged gunman's 47-year-old father, police are still trying to figure out why the teenager went on the shooting spree. classes are canceled for the remainder of the week. and counselors will be on hand there. live in the satellite center, liam martin, wbz news. tracking the topics tonight right now tropical storm matthew is gaining strength and actually could become a hurricane tomorrow. eric fisher is tracking the latest path there. latest stats, city five mile- per-hour winds moving up to the west into the caribbean. something to watch of the course of the next week or more. as it moves westbound, north side of aruba in curacao. tropical storm force conditions. as it becomes a hurricane places to watch include jamaica as well as haiti and cuba in line for a likely hurricane landfall or very close path. what we're watching here is
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certainly imminent threat as we head toward this weekend early next week. any plans toward the bahamas or florida on alert. watching the progress of the storm very closely. next week kind of a wildcard still. a lot of uncertainty as to where this is going to head. east coast we're watching right now no need for immediate action but something we have to update over these next several days. short-term, chance for some tomorrow, talk about that coming up. >> sounds good. thanks. campaign 2016, new video justin of hillary clin tonight, she held that private event at the fairmont. tonight donald trump and his team say they'll be changing the way they prepare for the next debate. we want to get right to katie brace for those details. >> reporter: you mentioned hillary clinton spent the evening at that private fundraiser at the fairmont. and earlier she tried to raise support among young voters at unh. donald trump ramped up his last rally of the date in wisconsin. >> thank you!
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bernie sanders joined her. some in the audience admitted clinton doesn't give them the energy sanders once did. >> she's not new. >> reporter: clinton and sanders aligned over the issue of free tuition at public colleges. with a jab at donald trump's tax cut proposals. sanders tried to make it clear trump is not a friend of pollock -- college students. >> when you have republicans telling us that it is ay of dollars in tax breaks to the richest people in this country, do not tell me that we cannot afford to make public colleges and universities tuition free. >> reporter: for clinton it was part tutorial on how students could save money in her administration. >> donald trump finished up a day of campaigning in the midwest focusing on himself as an outsider. >> people are disgusted with our government. >> reporter: he took on the
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going to love donald trump. we're going to have safety. >> reporter: and went on the attack. linton urged students to vote. especially in the small swing state where she holds a small lead. >> none of this will happen if you all don't turn out and vote. >> donald trump will rally supporters in bedford new hampshire. katie brace, wbz news. >> all right. thank you. a little girl accidentally runs over her younger sister in grazing ghosts attacked by a dog at a local park. rain returning by the end of friday and the weekend. we'll talk about the totals coming up. live pictures of our celebrating red sox. they lost the game but they clinched the a.l.
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special interests that oppose question 2 claim district schools lose money to charter schools. that's "absurd," says the boston herald. "outright lies," reports the lowell sun. charter schools "don't siphon off state dollars" from traditional schools, says the boston globe. in fact, public schools get more money. the truth is question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. please vote yes on question 2.
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new at 11:00 a mother's frantic moments. her 7-year-old runs over her 2- year-old in the driveway. >> ma'am, we can't understand you. i need you to take a breath. >> reporter: the woman gave her daughter the keys. police are deciding whether to press criminal charges as wbz's 10 -- ken macleod reports this is not the first time that mom let her young daughter start the car. as the green ford focus set in its usual spot tonight, some neighbors fumed. >> that's unacceptable. the parent parent should be held responsible for it. >> reporter: it was summertime tuesday when when the cars owner gave her 7-year-old daughter permission to go outside and start it by herself. something the girl had apparently done before. >> which makes this even probably a little bit more frightening is that it was 100% preventable. >> reporter: a panicking mom
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>> her 7-year-old daughter i believe ran over her 2-year-old daughter with the vehicle. >> reporter: police say the 7- year-old not only started the car but somehow nudged it into reverse. running over her 2-year-old sister who had followed her outside. >> i saw the baby trying to open the door and it was an opening so she's going behind the car and the car was going back and it hit her and she got hurt ly saw the whole thing. the car didn't stop until it hit a neighboring mobile home. >> she was screaming and crying. >> reporter: the 2-year-old was lifted to broken -- to the hospital. her mom's 911 call is almost incoherent. >> we can't understand you. i need you to take a breath. >> reporter: police are contemplating child endangerment charges against that mother. police here have not yet released the mother's name. a neighbor tells me she recently saw the woman at the local school bus stop freely offering others advice on
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the go -- two of them were attacked by a dog that was off leash and running free. here are photos of the goats. they are expected to recover. animal control and boston police are investigating the dogs owner. the goats are pretty scraped up too. >> yeah. i mean, keep your dog on a leash. let's talk to eric about the weather. it is in the middle of the gloom right now. >> right. although something about th for a little bit. especially as we head toward the afternoon. a break from the otherwise very gloomy stretch. tonight 58 in boston. dew point of 52. northeast wind at 24. coming in of the atlantic. it is a rotten evening out there. 40 degrees, 52 in worcester, manchester at 53. all of us in the northeast breeze and a bit of the gloom, low clouds in place and there is a heavy mist on the red sox game at yankee stadium.
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that's going to sit across the mid-atlantic and really slow down the whole weather pattern. doesn't change all that much over the next few days. tomorrow is our best bet for sunshine. morning mainly cloudy skies. midday we are starting to break in that son. during the afternoon it's cool but brighter. cloud cover hour by hour. we start with low clouds in place across the region. as we head towards lunc across new hampshire and northern massachusetts should get into the sunshine, fairly crisp feeling. northeasterly breeze, i do think the clouds are going to persist across southeastern massachusetts tomorrow. south of boston, toward the cape and the islands, likely to stay socked in for the majority of the day. a little cooler staying in the 50s. north and west of the city into the 60s with more sunshine and less influence from the atlantic ocean. cool day but brighter skies. wind is going to hang with us
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tomorrow, friday turns a bit more easterly, still on shore. should get a little bit stronger as well. very gusty friday afternoon and evening. also where we start to bring in another chance for rain. friday morning sun is going to get covered up by cloud cover. and then the showers should develop toward the afternoon and especially evening time frame. right now looks gusty and wet for friday night plans. more rain showers should move across the area on saturday. still a few more lingering into sunday. again the idea is for mainly ov a good one to get some chores done inside. watch a little football. then the patriots on sunday afternoon. a few scattered showers but it won't be raining all day. best chance for a soaking rain over an inch would be toward southeastern massachusetts. that's friday through the weekend. right now around boston areas north and west a half inch to one inch of total rain. big papi's last homestand and we're going to be battling wet
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into saturday. i don't think we're going to see washout but there might be delays to contend with. very cool at fenway park. mainly cloudy with a few showers for the patriots on sunday. watching the tropics over the next week plus. we talked about matthew. tropical storm that will become a hurricane tomorrow and move to the west. the path of it ultimately down the road look into next week is still very uncertain and something we need to watch but we don't need to be acting on just yet. a lot of t accuweather seven-day, temps near 60 all the way across. hopefully after tomorrow is done getting some sun by monday of next week. pretty gray stretch. >> yeah. it is. i couldn't tell if you said gray or great. >> i guess it depends on your perspective. >> there you go. [ laughter ] happy to see it. this is the party for the champs. the red sox celebrating the american league east title in grand fashion. and in new york we're live
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the mantra tonight is not how you clinch but that you
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as long as we live, we will never see the yankees win the game with a grand slam and then watch the red sox celebrate. >> you predicted this. did you? >> i did. >> and then you yelled at him. >> you did yell at me. >> you did a great thing. >> unbelievable. >> thank you. don't predict anything else. >> can you win and lose on the same night? the red sox have won the east division title and they can thank the orioles for that. they did lose to the yankees in dramatic fashion. the game was scoreless until the eighth. when with bases loaded, betts grounds the chopper to third base. down the line, hernandez and pedroia score, 2-0 socks. later, gary sanchez can't handle the pitch and gets away. check out david ortiz charging home and scoring, 3-0 socks. now up to toronto. at 10:11 p.m. the red sox clinched the east after the orioles topped the blue jays 3-2. ball game over.
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craig kimbrel could not get anyone out and then with one out joe kelly gives up the game- winning grand slam to mark teixeira. just like that, yankees win it 5-3. making things awkward for the sox who can't celebrate on the field until they win their eighth a.l. east title, quite a turnaround after two straight last-place finishes. we take you inside the clubhouse. took a little while for the red sox to get going. to realize what happened but yes, they did win the american e so they pop the champagne bottles, spray it around. having fun. there's only four games left. by the way, the postseason will start october 6. for the red sox. let's go down to the bronx. standing by live. danny, you are right there. you saw it all unfold right before your eyes. >> reporter: yeah. you never get tired of these celebrations if you are a red sox fan. it was not the prettiest of days or nights but what have
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from last-place to first place. after getting it done over the course of 150 something games now, the red sox are indeed american league east champs. >> what's this journeymen like for you guys from spring training day one until you come here and atone for the last- place finish last year? >> it's been a great journey. we're not done yet but to do something like this with this group of guys has been the best thing and i think brotherhood in here for sure. and i think you guys see that on the field. >> obviously if you play well, you're going to win. that's what we tried to do. obviously we have a different team. different guys but we found a way to put it all together. >> extra meaning because is david's last year. what does that mean to you guys? >> you know that you've got -- we just got to keep bringing the same energy every day. >> what does this mean to this
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to do it with each other. this is like a family. >> anything to say to the fans in boston? >> we appreciate you guys. ups and downs but here we are, celebrating. so celebration number 1 anyway. >> there you have it. red sox get it done, they are american league east champs and they hope this is the first of what would be four celebrations inside a victorious clubhouse, red sox did it back in 2013. again here one more time, get a chance run going with this red sox team. with tori lavelle oh, and everyone else here, good job, i'm dan roche. wbz sports. back to you. >> almost wiped out behind you but that's okay. red sox needed a win or a toronto loss. david ortiz will be going back to the postseason in his final season of baseball. game one of the postseason is
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who the opponent is not yet. >> back to you. pretty good story. thank you, steve. >> who is that moonlighting mystery man? the new career that had his passengers doing a double take. ? keep on smiling with dunkin's delicious reese's peanut butter doughnut square. frosted with chocolate and filled with reese's peanut butter buttercream. taste the fave you crave today.
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you should like him. >> that's what everybody says. i like him because they tell me. >> did you notice any of the players? >> what's his name? the panda guy. >> you like the panda? panda. panda. [ singing ] do you know any of the players? >> that's david ortiz on the right-hand side. >> what? come on. >> it really is. >> [ laughter ] slightly undercover. surprised passengers in boston as the driver for lyft and you believe it, passengers didn't know until he pulled off the weight. >> [ laughter ] i'm skeptical.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios, this is ryan. i know it's in, it's in but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that's going to let me see what you're seeing. really? mcenroe. see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh, absolutely. i like that.
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no matter what the weather brings tomorrow we're going to feel great about the red sox. >> that's right. and it's national coffee day tomorrow. you got to get that. we've got some sunshine.
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>> don't worry about it. >> see you tomorrow. captioning sponsored by cbs >> founder of spaced x.says, yes, he says a colony of humans could be living on mars in 150 years.


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